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Date: July 27, 2003
Location: Rio Rancho, NM, USA, Ann Henry’s home
Teachers: Tomas and Athena (A Celestial Artisan)
Topics: Living Life as You Find It – Finding Divine Pattern
If not the Teachers, Who will promote your work?
Whose Project are you, anyway?
Living Under the Creative Influence
Q & A: Where does this Creativeness come from?
The New Phase is a "we" kind of thing
T/R: Gerdean

TOMAS: I am Tomas, with the regular entourage of celestial associates.
And we are not so far removed from you as to overlook the undertaking of
the fellows in your group not in attendance today
in a material sense,
but very much a part of our community in a spiritual sense. We are
mindful of the necessity to Live the Life as You Find it. And thus we
honor the details of the human life, such as relocating from one
residence to another – much like relocating from one Universe to another
is a part of the Overall Pattern of Possibility and Design in the
Universe. These accepted changes are ways in which our thriving Community
of Consciousness in the universe operates.

It is always a joy to hear you relate your stories, your exchanges, for
in this we find a reflection of the Divine -- even in your most material
perspective. Your anecdotes are often filled with depictions of scenes
from life, or portrayals of symbols of these depictions. Like the
"Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" (which Menopah had recited spontaneously
prior to opening our session) or the propensity to lay awake all night
rearranging furniture in your new house (which Janet and Gerdean had
talked about prior to the session). These also have – and demonstrate – a
reflection of how the Industry of an Evolving World functions.

Inasmuch as Change is everywhere – not only in your life but throughout
the Universe – it is no wonder then that the Celestial Artisans are so
much a part of the furtherance of Creation and that their sometimes
Symbols of Universe Pattern wind they way into ways in which you are able
to better understand the Divine Nature. The nature of our configuration
today, and this moment in time and eternity, calls forth a friend many of
you have known, some of whom have worked with: Athena, a Celestial
Artisan, and I will let her prevail. With that introduction now, I will
take my leave and the next voice you hear will be that of Athena.

ATHENA: Gracious listeners, good afternoon. How wonderful it is for me to
have an opportunity to be a featured guest with you today. I am hoping,
by my visit, to reveal some elements of Truth, Beauty and Goodness that
you would not find coming from you Group Teacher, for that is also a part
of the make up of the Universe, that individual orders of beings have
fairly well-designed avenues of operation, and by and large we stay
within our "job description."

An Artisan, however, is not completely limited, and so within the
framework of Artisanry we are quite able to extend our skills into all
manner of projects and undertakings that are brought into being or
conceived as prospective Creation because the "gods" have always been
interested in the mortal outpouring. In fact, if and when possible, your
work makes far greater an impression than the work of the ‘gods’
themselves, which work is often overlooked or regarded as out-of-reach,
but if you have an idea or a concept and if you have carried this through
to fruition -- be it an invention, a premise, a concept or whatever -- it
is more likely to have an impact on your world.

Midwayers have long worked with human beings who have sought to uplift
the mortal plight, and many Midwayers as well as Artisans have had an
opportunity to work with the more earnest individuals in keeping with the
fundamental Universe Laws, such as were taught by Jesus, which would be
such things as "seek and ye shall find," for those of you who ‘seek’ to
better the world, or your standing in the world, are assisted by Universe

There has been conversation of late as to why the Teachers have not
promoted the projects of the Students of the Teaching Mission. It is
because that is not their job. The idea might be compared to your
understanding of Nepotism, it would seem, if your Teacher were publicly
sanctioning your individual Service Projects. It could be construed as
making ‘brownie points’ with the Teacher or showing favoritism to the
Student. And so, by-and-large, the Teachers stay removed from the
individual projects of their upcoming and adventurous students.

But the Midwayers, on the other hand, are concerned about individual
involvement and we Artisans are also very much engaged in assisting you
who have attained a degree of focus and compatibility to the yearnings of
Spirit. We can assist. We can oblige the Creative Spirit. There are
Artisans at work in your ranks even now. Jared, known to
you as Hal Bynum, has been working with an Artisan for many years.
Gerdean also has been working with me for many years. But for the most
part mortals are not aware that they are working with an Artisan. They
are only working from their "soul" – from their Creative Core – and the
reflection of Spirit Reality is often only seen in retrospect.

Whereas the Truth of this matter could be much more readily portrayed as:
You are our project.

The Spirit Reality you see being projected in your realm is, of course,
the Product of Spirit. But to the extent that Your Spirit is able to
operate, you are bringing about the Creative Reflections of Divinity

many of which can be realized as products of Artisanry, Celestial
Artisanry. Thus, when you stay awake late at night thinking about how to
arrange your home, you are in the Realm of Artisanry and you are
influenced by the Divine, inasmuch as it is your Creative Desire to
Portray Perfection. When you ‘seek’ to portray perfection you are under
the influence of Celestial Artisans.

Thus it delights me to say "The Zooid Mission" is my mission. And I say
that not so that you will suddenly feel as if it is ‘spiritually
sanctioned’ (which it is), but because you will understand that we DO in
fact work with you on these projects. And while the Teachers may not
discuss your individual works, we are not disinclined to do so. We are
interested in seeing your Creative Work come into being, and we are also
interested in working with the Midwayers who can help bring about the
actual material reality of those concepts
which we conceive through the
Spirit together.

We are all in this in order to do the bidding of the Creator who is doing
his work toward bringing his realm, His Creation of Nebadon, into the
Perfection Attainment that all Creator Sons aspire to bring to their
World, in order for the Father of us all, the Universal Father, to be
Absolute in His ambition to extend Himself and be Realized by His
Creation throughout Infinity. And while we may not see from our
perspective the extent that Infinity reaches, we can certainly respond to
that Omniscience which is part of Creation, which we are a part of also.
And so all of this is in keeping with His Will.

I want to commend the transmission of the Magisterial Son from the Elyon
Community recently, which provides enough allusion to the Divine Plan for
you to begin to perceive the advancement of your world into the
Constellation and beyond. It is a massive undertaking, and when you, as
individuals, become snagged on your tendency to proceed with the mortal
viewpoint, we are amused. But while it is the part of the process of
evolution and growth, it is also one of those phases of growth which will
pass as you become more mindful of the Pattern of Paradise
which is to
reach down in order to assist those who are in route to perfection. Thus,
we all reach down to you and we all assist you – yet in different ways.

The Celestial Artisans are in such a wonderful position to put your
concepts into word symbols and visualizations – not because they are the
End Truth but because the very desire to bring these realities into being
is the way the Father plows his fields: the I AM enters into you and you
conceive. By realizing your conception, you plow your field of endeavor
and plant the seed of your creation. The fruit of your labors will bring
about eventual Light and Life on your world and on worlds to come.
Individual efforts are to be commended and celebrated as courageous
undertakings and when they are aborted or eliminated these creative
ideas, like any reality, are assimilated into the Greater Reality and
made a part of the whole. Thus, no good idea is lost. No great concept,
no matter how humble, is left behind.

There is so much that goes into your composition,
you, as human beings.
Much of which is still misunderstood, even by yourselves. This, of
course, is why the Teachers are encouraging you to know yourself and to
love yourself as Sons of God while remaining sons of men. There are so
many perspectives for you to choose from. The Heart has a point of view.
The Mind has a point of view. The Soul has a point of view. These are
constantly being juxtaposed and seen against the collage of opinions,
beliefs and attitudes of those hearts, minds and souls around you, and
always are these states of being in a changing format. Some change more
slowly, some change more quickly, but there is nothing static in the
Living Universe. And so there is constant adaptation.

There are so many things that I would like to say
about Artistry and
about Nature -- especially as it applies to you who are creative. There
is nothing more rewarding for the creator than to have his or her work
acknowledged. The work is the symbolized expression of the Reality of the
creator. And in the course of eternity, the Symbolized Reality will bring
about Ultimate Reality. These creative works will Reality-ize your world,
whether the original mortal being is still around to see the end result
or not.

Thus, to be creative is to sacrifice the human will for the Divine Will.
And while it may appear that the human creator is propounding his works
as Supreme Reality, it is the gem seed of the Creator inherent therein
that will live well beyond that mortal who planted the seed. And, thus,
the seasons continue – one after the other. The seed is planted in the
early Spring, reaches for the sun, grows and dreams eventually to be
harvested, its stalks left to die in order to fertilize the soil for next
spring’s planting. Such is the way of Life.

The world as you know it is a creative process. The transmissions that
you read and revere are filled with the Artisanry of the Creative Nature
of the Teachers and through the Creative Natures of the Transmitters
because of the Creative Natures of your groups themselves and the
individuals who comprise the listeners – all of this in gracious
acknowledgment of the seeds of the I AM which God himself has planted in
His universe into the fields in which we, as His fruit, prosper.

Thank you for your attention to my words. I am very grateful for the
opportunity to be among you and to share with you the nature of Celestial
Artisans. We wish you well in your wonderful Teaching Mission, which is
another creation born and bred by will to do His will. Farewell.

TOMAS: This is Tomas, I will not follow up with another lesson but open
to you who are in attendance for your involvement. The floor is open.
Myra: Is the creativeness you speak of coming from within a person or is
it inspired – coming from without?

TOMAS: You could replace the word Life and discern that without Life
there is no Life – without Creation there is no Creation. God, Himself,
has invested Himself in you and given you the opportunity to grow in His
Nature – including His Creative Nature. Thus, what you create (and in
your case, you create as a teacher –primarily) you create by impressing
the minds of your students within a certain framework of instruction, and
yet outside the rigors of the material by an overlay of emotion and
Spirit Reality which also Teaches. To the extent that you invest your
students and your creation (your classroom), your teaching experience,
with the Spirit
with the Symbol of Eternity and Reality
you are also
investing in Your Creation that which has been given to you by God,

You cannot give Life unless you are alive. You cannot teach unless you
have something to teach. And so to the extent that you are fulfilled in
yourself you are able to pass that on. If it is simply facts or temporal
reality, it will not have the same impression as that which is able to
Eternalize. Many teach only that which is essential to maintaining the
material world and that, too, is important. [But] those of you who go
beyond the facts of the matter to the Creative Heart of the matter add
new dimensions to Life.

You need not worry that you are not fulfilling your destiny when you
apply yourself to your work in the field, for you are a robust
personality, Myra. Certainly fruit of the vine. Let your mind wander. Let
your imagination soar. Let your Soul carry you into new realms of
perception. Let yourself freely float through the ethers of Creation in
order to light upon that concept which the Divine would plant within your
fertile mind. Then embrace that seed. And as you nurture it – give it
Living Water and Eternal Son [sic] – it will come alive. [It will]
develop its own integrity and become a Creative Symbol of the Reality
that you acknowledged in allowing the seed of your mind to be brought
forth for all to see. Just as the Father has allowed the concept of the I
AM to be brought into being throughout the Universes of Time and Space.
In terms of eternity, my child, you will become more and more like God
and you will know what it is to create and attain sovereignty over that
which you have created, for the honor and glory of the Creator of
Creation itself. I say this to you because I know that you are interested
in Love and Joy and Peace and Harmony. I know that you are not going to
create destruction or divisiveness. In the Kingdom of God such attitudes
are not fostered; they are left to wither and die as weeds along the

Yes, Gerdean, I am not forgetting your homework. I asked you last week to
formulate, for the group, your concerns so as to share with others your
growth. Perhaps you can tell us now, have you done your homework and have
you prepared, for the group, the question of your heart?

Gerdean: I don’t have a question of the heart, Tomas. I looked at it long
and hard and I abandoned it. But it was about the Light and Life Center.
I thought that by moving out here to Rio Rancho I was moving away from a
‘seed’ that was very dear to my heart and that I wanted to plant very
much. But I knew from the beginning that it was something that I couldn’t
do by myself, and so nothing is lost; I’ve just gained a nice house and a
wonderful community. But I gained some insight about my concern, about
what was bothering me by looking at it. For one thing I thought that my
husband was opposed to my Creative Nature and I came to recognize that
that was my imagination. I also realized that the Idea of Community is
coming to pass. It is coming into being -- not just the community that
I’ve become a part of here, but in the overall. The Idea of Community is
a natural evolutionary stage that we are entering into now. And that was
very evident in the Conference and in the subsequent conversations we’ve
been having on TML about things ‘we’ want to do together. It’s not so
much ‘me’ now doing something. The shift really has changed to WE doing
something. So it’s really unfolding before our very eyes that these Ideas
that mean so much to us individually – these Seeds that we want to plant
– are also seeds that are being implanted in other people. And so I think
we are seeing a very real unfolding of a New Phase of the Mission. At
least that’s how I perceive it.

At any rate my Soul is not unhappy. My Heart was unhappy – but it’s not
unhappy now. And my Mind is not unhappy either because I’ve been able to
think it through and I’ve come up with intelligent reasons for why my
Heart was troubled. And so I guess I’m a happy camper.

But I do appreciate being challenged to think about what was bothering me
in such a way as to come to some kind of resolution about it. Or should I
say ‘revelation’ about it? Because really, when it comes right down to
it, the Father’s Will, will be done and whether that’s at that particular
location (the Lomas street location), which I recognize as a "symbol" –
or whether that’ll be done in a different building or in a different
community or in a different way entirely, is all fine and dandy. The fact
is that it will be done. And that’s the main thing. And I’m a part of
that. And so I’m not being left out and nobody else is either.
So as usual – Father Knows Best and it’s just an incredible learning

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Of course, I’m always
interested in hearing what counsel you may have, Tomas.

TOMAS: I appreciate your recitation, Gerdean, and the details of your
concerns, but I appreciate even more that you have recognized that the
human condition presents many sides to the story and when you are able to
identify the various contingencies that go into the human composition and
can identify the different areas that sometimes struggle against each
other, you are eventually led to the Spirit of Truth which allows Reality
to prevail. That brings the Peace which passes all understanding.

This is good work on your part, and I have little counsel to add. But I
can certainly contribute to your self-revelation and point out that
indeed, this is what the Magisterial Son will help bring about: the phase
of Universe Growth on Urantia that begins to think in terms of the Family
of Man as an organism and a society of those who forge ahead to bring
about the Greater Reality – a "we" thing, indeed.

You are not incorrect to follow the yearnings of your Soul and they
apparently are to converge with other Souls to Create a momentum that
will expand the growth of the Evolving Supreme. This is truly the Heart
of the message from the Artisan. The Soul is compelled to reveal its
Source and to Glory in recognition of its Source, even when its Source is
seen in other people. This is True Community. This is Light and Life.
That any and all of you want to Create Light and Life – and to get there
on the Love Bus – is perfectly understandable to those, your Elders, who
look upon your efforts and smile at your youthful enthusiasm and your
young Ideals.

Rest assured, beloved students, we will remain with you through the pangs
of growth which follow your childlike glee into the fields wherein your
Ideas and the Ideals of the Father can be Realized. Anything further?
Paula: Can’t think of a thing. It was a very good lesson.

TOMAS: I am glad you feel replete, my child. We will know more of this
sense of satisfaction in time to come as we begin to perceive what
opportunities await within the realm of influence we share. What else?
(Long pause) Then let us be on our way.

Group: Thank you, Tomas.

TOMAS: We will see you next week. Anatolia and I, as well as all your
heavenly helpers in attendance and in interest, embrace you in the Spirit
and bestow upon you the blessings of the Creator to strew among the rocks
and fissures of Urantia in hope of Fruitful gain, tomorrow and beyond.
Amen and farewell.
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