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S.E. Idaho TeaM

Daniel(Bill):  Salvation is not of good works.  Salvation is communion with
God.  Greetings, I am Daniel.  Let us pray.

Almighty, all loving, all giving, gracious God, our Father, our Mother...to
You we point the direction of our lives.  We are literally coming to You to
be embraced by Your loving heart some day.  We gradually are learning more
and more how perfect are Your judgments, how wonderful Your plans, how
beyond compare Your great design.  Be with us tonight in a conscious manner
that we may feel Your presence wrapped around us as a blanket in the chill
and as the rays of the sun in the joy of summer's fullness.  Let each heart
here let go of self centeredness, let go of guilt, and let go of fear.  I,
Daniel, thank You for the privilege of shepherding my friends.  To You,
Michael, may Your planet of nativity reach the splendor of Your design and
Your wish; even as we ask these things according to Your will and the will
of the Paradise Trinity.  Amen.

Minearisa(Bob S.):  It is my esteemed pleasure to begin tonight's teaching.
 I am Minearisa.  Greetings, my children, my students.  

Ken: Greetings, my instructor.

Minearisa(Bob.S.): Like Daniel, I am excited about the prospect of teaching
tonight's lesson.  The word I have for you tonight has to do with a follow
up of the follow up of Daniel's original lesson on love.  Yes, I wish to
add my two cents worth.  

The concept of love is fundamental to the universe, as you know.  When your
Bible says, "God is love", that pretty well says it all!  The human animal
in his immaturity has misdefined love on occasion and that is one reason
why we spend time updating your definition.  It is fundamental that your
understanding of love, of God, be strong, complete and full, as full as you
are able to comprehend it.  Daniel, in last week's lesson had hoped to have
time to add one more concept and there should be time for that later
tonight; but I pulled rank and asked to go first.  It is tongue in cheek,
friends.  I have the greatest respect for your teacher, Daniel, and I know
he feels the same about my teaching.

The word I wish to add to your concept of love tonight has to do with the
future.  How is love going to be in your life tomorrow, or next week, or
next month, or next year, or sometime in the future when your experience
and understanding demands a further lesson on the concept of love?   The
reason why I ask you to consider this question tonight is that anticipation
helps one learn, motivates one's learning, encourages one's learning; and
you are at a stage where I felt that encouragement might be appropriate.  

As you know, learning does not grow steadily.  The human mind seems to
learn in steps or stages.  So, once one has comprehended a new idea, there
is a period of time during which growth is limited.  It is almost as if
your mind is cogitating the concept, getting it ready for the next step
when it is ready.  My hope is that in your viewing the future, you will
rely on your past learning experiences and how much you have learned over
the past few years to encourage you to keep at it.  

Learning is hard work.  It will not happen without diligence, dedication,
contentiousness, yes, hard work!  So, with those words of encouragement, I
now turn the time over to Daniel, for his contingent of his presentation.
At the conclusion we will try to have a time for questions, if there are
any.  One moment, please.

Daniel(Bill): My dear friends, let us resume our consideration of the
concept of love as we have focused upon it in the agape meaning.  

The last thing that I want to say about love is that it far transcends any
expression that is attempted in words.  So how do you talk about something
that transcends words?  Of course, such a dilemma is not new to you.  You
have experienced similar situations when you have tried to put into words
your petitions for other people.  Surprisingly, the ego usually finds words
to talk about itself!  (Chuckling) But when you have that yearning, that
groaning of the spirit, too deep for words, then you know what I am talking

After all, love can only be known in experience.  This is the whole beauty
and purpose of our Father God's universe in which we live.  This is the
universe of experience, not just the experience of existence in perfection
as this occurs in Havona, but the experience of achieving perfection.  So,
of course, love as the juice that powers the universe must ultimately be an
experience of achievement.  Take swimming as a simple example.  You may
discuss the various mechanics of the side stroke, the back stroke, the
breast stroke, the racing breast stroke, the Australian crawl, the dog
paddle, etc. But if you do not jump into the water, you will never learn to

So, finally, to experience love requires your decision and mine.  It may be
that early opportunities to experience love were greatly diminished.  We
have talked about this before.  But in God's universe of infinite
possibilities there is no door that has been closed in the past that cannot
be opened, no door that is frozen shut. If love was not your early
experience, you still can put your hand on that doorknob and pull open the
door to let love come into your life.

You know, of course, how to do this with your indwelling Father Fragment.
I would say that you open the door to me and the other teachers quite
easily. But there is one other place where you need to open the door...in
the opportunities presented to you in other people, as your angels foster
those interactions.  

The door swings both ways, as you have been told in the past.  You open it
to receive, pulling it toward you.  You open it the other direction to give
to others.  None of you have a frozen door.  None of you have a paralyzed
arm.  You have all reached for this door of your heart and I know you will
continue to do so.

I will conclude my talk on love with the final point, which is simply, it
is up to you to what degree you wish to experience more love in your life.
That love is always twofold, coming in, going out.  Because love is a
moving thing it cannot be captured in the dead sea of indecision.  There
must be both an inlet and an outlet
to the wellspring.  The more you allow love into your life, the more easily
it will flow out.  

The correction for a deficient outflow is not to set a pump at the outlet
and try to crank it out of the reservoir of the Spirit center.  The answer
is to open the floodgates of the inlet and let love from all sources come
in at a greater rate.  That concludes the session on love.  Now, Minearisa
and I are prepared to discourse with you.  The floor is yours.  I will
allow the Trs to practice a skill called, "In and out", meaning they can
open their eyes and speak for themselves, if they wish to dialogue with us.
 They don't have to remain with their  eyes closed.  That will give you six
people to crank up their courage to interact.

Bill: How about that!

Ken: Pretty good.

Virginia: Daniel, would you talk a little bit more about the pump at the
outlet?  Rather than let it flow out freely, it seems to me that sometimes
a pump is needed to get the water started, to get the love started.

Daniel(Bill): Yes, I will continue to be glad to talk through this vehicle
and I will be glad to take your question, my dear.  

I must respectfully disagree that the pump is needed to start the flow of
water.  (Laughter) This would only be necessary if the reservoir was about
to dry up, if there was not sufficient water pressure from a full reservoir
to push the water out the outlet.  A pump would be required if the water
was below the outlet level in order to bring it up out of the dwindling
reserves. If the reservoir is not refilled the pump will eventually suck
only mud.   Therefor I disagree that in real life situations you could give
love that you do not have in overflow status.  Do you follow my picture
here?  The outlet can really only flow when the reservoir is full.

Think of the outlets in your natural lakes.  They are always lower than the
water level.  The lakes naturally dry up once the water level drops below
the outlet level.  Therefore, you must first of all have a well of love
which springs up to overflowing before you can be an effective giver of
love.  What do you do to have a well that is overflowing?  I have already
said.  You need to open wider the floodgates in order to receive more
incoming water.. Do you understand?

Virginia: I see your picture very well.  Thank you.

Daniel: Does that satisfy your question?

Virginia: Not completely.  (Laughter) I am just thinking that many times in
my life I have maybe not had the ability to love everyone around.  In a
conversation a couple of weeks ago the question was asked about loving
people who you really do not like very well.  Sometimes the way I have been
able to do that is to find a way to express a kindness in that situation
which I have called, "fake it till you make it". And it has worked for me.
Maybe that is part of opening up the floodgates as in the picture you are
painting.   Faking it has been a way of causing the floodgates to open.

Daniel: Yes, ma'am.  You have stated it correctly.  It hasn't been a pump
trying to suck the last drops from an empty reservoir.  It has been a
pushing open of the gate to give credit to the other person, which is an
act of love, and allowing that other person to follow up with interaction,
which allows love to continue.  It is also, at the same time, on the human
level, an opening to your Thought Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth,
simultaneously, which is where the reservoir receives replenishment.  This
"faking it" as you call it, isn't really faking at all.  It is only feeling
that way to you because of your fear.  For your fear, this great subterfuge
on Urantia,  is an illusion.  It is the fear that something can happen that
will truly harm you.  But that is not true!  Nothing can truly harm you or
separate you from the love of God, for you are a child of God who walks
with your hand in the Father's hand!  No one can take away your salvation.
It is dependent upon your choice to go to Paradise, a choice which you have
all made.  Yes, your life can be terminated, but this doesn't end your
life, only the mortal phase of it.  Yes, you can be realistically afraid of
pain, but pain is only temporary.  So, fear, as I say, is an illusion, in
the ultimate sense.  Perhaps I have strayed from our conversation, but
these are my thoughts at this point.

Virginia: Thanks.

Bob S.  Daniel, I would like to ask a question.  Your talking about frozen
doors being only frozen from our point of view.  Does that apply to
experiences we have had in the recent past or as far back as childhood,
where our interpretations of what was going on at a particular time now
require a re-evaluation or an investigation to see if what we thought was
true then, is, in fact, true, based upon our more mature point of view

Daniel: Of course, my friend.  Your words just now are almost identical to
the words that you and I forged together.  You have correctly identified
this illustration of the frozen door, signifying the reaction a person
makes to a past experience that is so frightening and disappointing that
the decision is made to lock the door of love, to not allow themselves to
take the chance on another love relationship or disappointment.  So, the
door does remain closed.  Now, what happens to a door that doesn't swing on
its hinges?  You know.  It turns rusty.  It becomes virtually frozen.  But,
my statement was that in God's universe there is always available the oil
for those rusty hinges, the balm in Gilead.

Bob S.  WD-40!  He invented that!  (Laughter) No, it's a human invention.

Daniel(Bill):: Remember that all human inventions replicate some Paradise
divine pattern.  

Bob S.  Touche

Daniel(Bill): So, you are correct, God invented it.  My point is that you
need to take the oil and use it.  You know, people think they can't do
that!  They think that the door is frozen and nothing can open it.
However, that is not true.  The oil is there.  What you have to do is pick
up the can and apply it to the hinges.

Bob S.  You are getting at Virginia's fear there, aren't you?

Daniel: Precisely!

Bob S.  Fear keeps us from seeking the WD-40 then.

Daniel: Fear is the bottom line, yes.

Well, my friends, we will make it a short night.  What I want you to
remember is that if you are feeling like your outlet is wimpy in its flow,
open the doors of your inlet.  Take in the Father's love; but also, take a
shot on trusting your fellows a little more, and you will be rewarded.  Let
us conclude with prayer.  Minearisa will pray.

Minearisa(Bob S.): Friends, let us be at prayer.  

To Those Whose beneficence is beyond our comprehension, let us be in awe in
of Their power, wisdom, and love, and enjoy the fact that They have chosen
us to do Their work.  They have made us Their sons and daughters and love
us as much as They love Their Creator Son and Mother Spirit.  The doing of
that concept is beyond comprehension, but it speaks to the love of this
universe of ours, to our role and place in it and to the gifts we have been
given by our Creators, with which we must carry out our lives.  

Will you now, my children, go in faith, in hope, in trust, and love as you
follow your lives this week on the course that has been set for you.  Know
that you are not alone.  God, His angels, and a multitude of others are
watching over you.  Amen and goodnight.

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