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Also worth reading is the question about whether or not the teaching
mission is getting stagnant.


Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am grateful to have this
relationship meeting time together with you tonight. Far have you come
over these past few years. Each one of you is growing and blooming into
your true natures. You are bearing the fruits of the spirit in your
lives so that you are known as followers of the master, ones who seem to
have spent time with him, who understand him not in a doctrinal way, but
in a living human way. You are known in the universe as humans who
commune with Michael. For you, his friendship is immediate and you
exhibit security in his love.

You are people who have journeyed to a distant shore and then returned
to give others a glimpse of that shore through your being, through word
and deed. Increasingly, as you grow in the spirit, your delight in
righteousness leads others toward that state of being.

For many centuries, men have poured over the gospels, they have created
doctrine, they have marked lines between right and wrong based upon
their reading of these gospels. Men have sought to teach as law what
Christ lived in perfect freedom. Spiritual growth requires breaking the
chains of tradition. It is forever true that the greater the spiritual
influence, the freer the people. Doctrine, covenant, sacrament, all
these things are well meaning outlines, but the life of the spirit
naturally breaks free of the rules formulated by men.

The Master trusted God completely so he also trusted his fellow men. He
trusted those who would come later to record his life and he knew that
inevitably doctrine would arise. He himself left no written word, no
basis for doctrine except his life as he lived it. He said, "let your
light shine before men". Live your lives in such a way that you will
shine a little light so that others may see more clearly.

His teachers, his disciples, taught very simple messages, that all men
are the sons of God and all women are his daughters, not subjects of a
king, not slavish adherents to a fossilized creed. No, the words he
chose were liberated sons of the living God. Rejoice, said he, celebrate
this knowledge, do not crawl toward God as a servant or a slave, but
meet his as a son or daughter would greet a loving Father. This was the
most revolutionary step in the long history of religion on this world
and still it is incompletely understood because human beings have
preferred safety and security and conformity over spiritual liberation.

The Master said, "I have never asked conformity, you should be one in
spiritual purpose, but at the same time individual and unique in
spiritual expression". All the holy books, all the words of the many
wise teachers of yore, these should be respected but not venerated to
the point of worship. Words on a page must not substitute for the word
in your heart.

This week my children let your light shine. Give forth love and a loving
word to all you come in contact with. Release the good news. Give it to

What are your questions?

Q" Ham, it was mentioned by a couple of people at the conference that
they felt the teaching mission had grown stagnent. Do you agree with that?

Ham: Many times the master was urged to act and his only reply, my time
has not yet come. Human beings are impatient. They desire human results
in human time. Your time frame is very short and in this era when
cultural change is rapid, it is even more seemingly pressing for humans
to want to see earthly results from spiritual endeavors. Our time frame
is very different. We cannot harvest before the wheat is ripe and our
purpose in this generation is to foster spiritual growth in each one of
you, individually. This is not the rapid building of a movement, no.
This is the slow creation of a foundation for the future. We are working
with just a few, a select few, human beings. We are engaging in a great
effort to bring those few to higher spiritual levels. This will have its
repercussions in the world and these repercussions will be in varying
fields of human endeavor for we are not taking you out of your lives, we
are enhancing the life you live. And, as you grow in the spirit,
individually, your lights will shine before men and you will influence
others. These others need not be the multitude, just another few people.
Human history is shaped and guided and given direction by just a few
people in each generation. This is not supposed to be an exercise in ego
exaltation, ever. And those who are impatient, who want to see results
now, are putting ego before their greater responsibilities and loyalties
to Machiventa and the Master himself. Humility is a hard lesson to learn
and pride always goes before a fall.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: My daughter, you do well. You are a person who can assimilate a lot
of varying information quickly and form directions of thought well. You
shall write a book of comparative religion contrasting the fact that
Jesus did not write anything down versus Mohammed who wrote nonstop.
Yes, you can do it. We will help you.

Q: Jared?

Ham: Yes my son, you are also coming into a productive period. Write
both for book and record for again we would like to bring out both. Your
mastery of you work continues to improve and this is a wonderful time to
work diligently and seriously on this improvement. You do very well my
son, be at peace. All is well.

Q: Last week a my friends and I had a conversation about death and life
after death. What struck me was how certain I felt, and how confused
they all seemed to feel. I did not feel like I should tell them they
were thinking wrong, but I really did not know how to help them. Can you
either critique my performance or give me some idea of how I might have
handled this situation.

Ham: of course. Being certain about your place in the universe,
receiving sonship from God is also salvation from death and this
psychological readjustment occurs over a period of time. Without clear
factual knowledge of the universe, such as is contained in the Urantia
book, humans are naturally confused for they are without secure sign
posts. Each religion carries conflicting understandings and once the
medieval world of heaven, earth, and hell was shattered, there was not
substitute conceptualization for the afterlife. In other words, there
was no place that souls went, it was all metaphysical. Knowing that your
soul and personality are reconstituted upon another physical world, this
is only found in the Urantia book. There were and continue to be
glimpses of these worlds flashed upon your world from time to time. But
these do not give a factual account such as you find in your book. There
is really no way to impart your own security with this knowledge without
also imparting the knowledge itself. Steering people toward the book is
not out of place. But, it is always best to wait until they inquire,
where did you get this understanding, before you do so. The Urantia book
can be a life preserver thrown to a drowning person. Sometimes they will
take it, but most often they will cling to something else, some floating
piece of wood that may take them even farther from their destiny. You
have piqued their curiosity and they will undoubtedly inquire at some
point. In other words wait until the next conversation then you might
casually throw the Urantia book into the mix.

Q: May I ask for a personal message for Jim who wishes he were here.

Ham: My son, you do well. This simple job is giving you solid purpose
and many opportunities for ministry. Let your light so shine as to give
illumination, but not confusion. Demonstrate your living spiritual
connection to God and to the Master as you give encouragement and hope
to others. And my son, find peace in your heart. Grasp that peace that
passes understanding and do not let it go. You are doing well. Have
comfort and peace. That is all.

Q: May I ask for my own self?

Ham: certainly, my daughter. My dear, you are doing very well. This
conference was a balm to your soul and a much needed retreat from the
concerns of the world. Be at peace as you return to this world and your
efforts therein. Do not worry that the way is steep or changing, but
return always to your relationship with the Master himself allowing his
spirit to comfort you and to guide you in all things. Your future will
be just fine. Be careful in husbanding your resources and be open to
many differing challenges that are coming your way.

Q: Would you mind explaining husbanding your resources?

Ham: Well, this is referring to being careful with your resources, in
other words be a little bit miserly, be just careful so that you will
have it when you need it.

Q:Do you have a personal message for Norbert?

Ham: Certainly, my son, you do very well. Be patient at this time for
impatience is the curse of youth and many hasty decisions lead to
long-lasting effects. Try to be content in what is right now. Move
slowly and carefully. Go in peace my son.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Certainly, my son, be at peace with yourself. You are a very
forgiving person with every one else but yourself. All the times when
you are tempted to judge yourself harshly, try to see it through the
Master's eyes. Put things in greater perspective and accept your own
humanity with all its imperfection but all its potential as well.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week Ham?

Ham: Certainly. My son, you do well. You have come very far and the past
two weeks have been a time of growth and spiritual fruition. Growth, my
son, can be painful. It can cause self-doubt and some painful
self-examination. But these things are temporary and perspective comes
with time. Be assured that you are being led to work that is important
and sometimes the little things that seem to be nuisances are those
things that hold the greatest potential in the unseen worlds. So be at
ease my son, your way is clear and you are doing very well.

Very well, until next week, my love and my prayers are with you each.

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