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Group: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Topics: Planetary progress

Celestial promotions

Broadcast circuits

Light, flame and inner core

Maintaining silence/stillness

Planetary changes

Individual spiritization

Tuning beings to vibrations


Teachers/TR's: Risdon/Paul; Rebecca/Don; Pulsar/Robbie;

Most High Father of Edentia/Daniel; Aflana/Alara

May 24, 1994

[Note from transcriber: This tape was not transcribed until July 2003. The recording is of poor quality, and most voices do not come across well. In addition, there is a great amount of background noise. Kindly forgive any errors and omissions this may have caused.]

RISDON: [TR, Paul] This is Risdon. (Greetings, Risdon.) Greetings! I am delighted to be here tonight; I will be your master of ceremonies. There are several who wish to speak tonight through all of you. I will take questions now. (Pause) If there are no questions, then we will begin with Donald and work our way around the circle, through your voices and the minds of those who wish to speak through you. (Thank you.) I will rejoin you at the close of tonight's festivities.

REBECCA is here. (TR, Don) (Welcome, Rebecca! It's always good to have an angel with us; at least one we know of, among several.) You are all to be commended for your daily efforts at maintaining intimate connection with spiritual reality. The planet is growing in its spiritual dimension at a rate exceeding expectations. Some of you are surprised at this. [Don is!] (Paul: And Don is not the only one!) The superficial activities, the surface activities that make the news, are just that-they are activities of the surface. And as you have all experienced, it is in tough times that you make wonderful decisions. So the trials of the planet are not without benefit. Your roles on this globe, in a country of relative peace, are extraordinary because you continued with your growth in an environment of relative cultural peace, hence the commendation. There is a question?

Eric: I was just remembering our visitor from last week-it wasn't a question so much as I was just remembering that I wanted to share the information I learned in the Urantia Book about Lanaforge. (Don: Oh yes, please!) He assumed the reins of the system after Lucifer was deposed; he is our System Sovereign, and it made me exceedingly glad that he would address us.

[Note: A lengthy question and answer of a personal nature has been omitted from the transcript at this point.]

Eric: I have a question. Rebecca, is it possible for you to give me the name of my Guardian Angel? And if it is possible, what is it?

REBECCA: S-I-L .(Robbie: Silvana?) [TR: Umm, okay, I don't feel any resistance to that, and no fireworks either.] S-I-L was all that came. (Eric: Hmmm, thank you.) In four days from now, pay very close attention during the day, and the name will be given to you. (Thank you.) [TR: That's very weird. It looks like you will have to pay attention.]

Eric: In four days, my sister will be giving me a Reiki session; maybe it will happen then.

[TR: So Rebecca would like to pass the baton over to the "color wizard."] (Robbie: Me?) [TR: There is a strong embracement of the group and I think that the tone is being to share whatever comes to mind, color, image, or anything and pass it on from whatever you feel.]

Robbie: Well, of course, Rebecca is always very clear. .?.light, white color..?..[Much background noise, coughing, and microphone being scraped on a hard surface. Unable to decipher]

Paul: Eric, do you want to see who is here for you?

Eric: It seems like someone is with me, but I don't hear any words yet. (Pause.)

UNKNOWN TEACHER: (TR, Eric) Hello dear friends, welcome to .(unintelligible over noise of jet taking off).. How are you this evening? (Good, thank you.)

Daniel: Are you one of our local teachers, a regular, or are you an outsider who has come to visit?

I am one of your regulars.[TR: Eric: I can almost get his name. It may be Risdon, but I am not sure.]

Daniel: Are you Risdon?

TEACHER: No. I will have to work on this TR some more for his receptivity to me. (Robbie: Are you Darin?) Yes! (Hi, Darin) Hello dear Robbie. (I recognized you by your voice.) Thank you, sweet child; it is a joy to be recognized. Well, how shall we exchange tonight?

Daniel: Darin, I have a question for you. This is Daniel. (Hello, Daniel, greetings.) I recall several months ago that you were just flipped out, head over heels, so happy that you were flying high for days or weeks, and it came to me the other day that what had occurred was that you had completed your work here and that you had been released from it, and you were promoted or given another job situation. Am I right?

DARIN: Yes. We were all advanced recently. I believe last week we heard the news about Melchizedek, and that applied to many as well, myself included. We are all doing very well and enjoying the progress that is being made, on personal levels and in groups. It is certainly a cause for celebration, don't you think? (Certainly, definitely.)

Paul: Darin, are there any practical consequences for us as well as the realm, of the consequences of the announcement of last week by Lanaforge?

DARIN: Glory to the Father, of course!

Paul: Yeah, but I meant is there anything that we would tend to see or experience in our own everyday lives as a result of this change in leadership, I guess you'd say, of the planet? I just wondered if there was anything we could kind of look for or anticipate, what have you?

DARIN: You are preparing for the next level by being more willing to follow the guidance that you have received. The direction [?] that is being given this planet is stronger and will be more noticeable to you. The vibrations are increasing to heighten your sensitivities. Embrace each new experience, leading, and realization with open arms for we will direct each of your steps. (Thank you, Darin.) How wonderful it is that this is all happening now, in your time!

Paul: Darin, it seems so odd that-I guess on a normal world that has not been in quarantine, something so important, so momentous, would have been broadcast over the Universe network, however that is done on normal planets-I'm not really sure how this is done-but on our planet, it is really strange that there is only a handful of us who know about this momentous occasion. Is there, or will there be a time in the foreseeable future in our lifetimes, when this planet will again become a part of the universal broadcast network?

DARIN: Do you mean when it is in Light and Life?

Paul: No, when will the broadcasts become available to this planet? Well maybe that doesn't happen until Light and Life, I don't know.

DARIN: It is partially available already, and growing more so. It is necessary that it be restored in incremental steps, when the planet is ready for it and as there are teachers and leaders here ready to avail themselves of it. It is quite strong already and someday you may yourself be prepared to hear it directly. It is hard to tell, but as the remnants of the rebellion are cleaned up and removed from your planet, you would be ready to receive more of the broadcast circuit. (Thank you, Darin, that makes very good sense that it would be done in increments.) You of course, always have the Father within you to provide you with information, should you seek it, circuits or no circuits.

Are there other questions? Daniel, Don? (No. No questions.)

Dear children, we love you very much; I especially love you, personally. We want you to know that you are constantly in our embrace, and that as you are prepared and ready to receive it and open up more and more, you shall be more conscious of it, and of course, we enjoy very much the affection from you that is bestowed upon us as well. Peace be among you. (Thank you, Darin)

Daniel: Felicia, are you going to speak through Alara?

Robbie: I have someone else here, a very radiant being. (Do you have a name?)

PULSAR: My name is Pulsar. (Hmm. Greetings, Pulsar.) I am a visitor to you from very far. My energy is that of Great Light, and I am here to ask each of you, when do you each radiate from within that Light that you are? Have you lately seen your magnificent structure and Light itself? Have you felt who you are? Have you felt the God-self that you carry? So often beings in this realm get caught within the confines of mental structures, the worries of their day, the activities that operate within the illusions. When have you last looked beyond these illusions and remembered what you each carry? It is time for this remembrance. It is time to look within yourselves for radiance.

There is one reason why you have had difficulty this eve in connecting with those who have previously been with you, for there is a request now for you to go inside and to feel that Light, that pulsation of God within. So look, find that pulsing flame that you are at your center, your core. Find where that exists in you. That is a light that can light a galaxy, that does not know the limitations of the mind and does not live within the framework of your body, your culture, your existence, or your government. This is what we would have you explore now for a time. There are no true words in your language that can help to explain, for it is something that is felt, a fully known experience within you. My energy is here to assist you with this, to help ignite that spark once more that has been in some instances muted, that has been overshadowed by what you have felt and experienced in your world.

You are a Light among many and it is needed that you quickly understand this and know it to be true and allow it to come forward in full brilliance. Simply breathe and look deep, allowing yourself to connect, to be it, to know and remember. In this you need guidance. Just ask and know that all the assistance that is needed will be present for each; the Light is within-not without. Each one of you is being given a "Holy Torch" that visits with you now, joining with your inner flame, bringing that clarity, the knowledge, the purpose of your being here in this time. No longer will the games suffice that were previously played; it is a new game then, a new understanding of your purpose from that of your efforts. The love that you ARE is being called once again to come forward and ignite the hearts of many, who share not in this knowledge that you have. There is a new dawn for you. Expect change then, expect that your life will take on new dimensions because of this call. The death of the old is then complete within you. (Pause)

Paul: Pulsar, can we ask a question? (We may grant it.) I want to focus on the Father within and the worship of the Father within. Do you have any suggestions on how we can better attain a state of God knowingness in our times of the silence?

PULSAR: Yes, for you, it would seem beneficial to attempt what is called by many a mantrum [mantra], the repetition of a word that means God to you or Light, saying that again and again, within yourself and perhaps visualizing what that looks like to you. As you keep that going, therein lies the tool of focus, and each time a concern of yours begins to surface, simply pull your attention back to your word or your vision and hold steady. This can assist you in rising above those concerns quickly, .?. if you pay attention to that system that you will acquire. (Thank you. I have no further questions.) Thank you; we appreciate that request from you. (I appreciate the answer.) It gives you time to shine and it gives those of us in this realm great pleasure to help you do all that you can, to be all that you are. (Thank you for those very kind words.) Our Light is strengthened as is yours, for we help each other always, through this weaving of the Light among ourselves.

We would want you to know as well, that as each of you find your inner attunement, you create a symphonic harmonization of energy that "sings," with incredible clarity through your universe. Each of your notes, in essence is interweaving with each other, and an explosion of color occurs as this happens, which would rival the most beautiful meteoric showers that you have seen in your skies.

Eric: Pulsar, I have heard a dear teacher, Mariah, liken us unto our Christmas tree lights of that season, each of us a little light, combining them for quite an array of colors.

PULSAR: Yes, a very beautiful example for you. (Long pause.) Someone else wishes to speak now. Remember this, to attune yourselves as often as you can find that space to do so, bringing your light into its fullness of expression, so that that will feed you throughout your days and most essentially to support and nourish you during times when the earthy pull becomes strong. You know who you are from your essence, and let this be your focus each morning and evening, and you will find that your lives take on dramatic changes, and the Light becomes exemplified in each. I am with you. (Blessings to you. Thank you for being with us, Pulsar.)

This is Most High Father of Edentia. [TR, Daniel] I have been here this evening listening to your session. I have traveled from St. Louis where many activities are occurring. I have been here on your planet for the week preceding and during this week. (Welcome.) Thank you. You know, as many others have said, that your planet is changing. It is changing in ways that even you do not fathom, you cannot imagine. It is changing in ways in which many planets never change. This planet will be undergoing an evolutionary process, a spiritization of an individual level at a rate that has not been seen before. You have missions; you are stabilizers. Many will be in confusion, many will wonder; even some whom you had thought were religious will reject this. We want all who can come into the Light to receive the Light. There will be many who . [tape ended for side A. The remainder of this teacher's words were lost at this point.]

[Several minutes of verbal exchanges between student and teacher are unintelligible.]

Paul: I keep getting a large number of angelic presences swirling around Alara, all of the time. It's like they are there all the time!

Alara: I enjoyed the image I got when Mantutia first came on line and told us about all the celestials that were on the "pipe-line." I had visions of all these celestials "straddling the line." (Group laughing)

Daniel: Where's our good buddy, Darin? I mean, our vivacious party-going kazoo for building party hat guy?

Student: I'd like him to come; there are a couple of questions I'd like to ask him. I think he's going to set-up here for me, because if it's going to be what I think it is, man are we going to have fun!

RISDON/Don: This one is asking if there are any more questions before you start the party?

Daniel: Thank you for your answers and your direction and guidance Risdon and we each hope that you will remain with us, guiding us during the week.

Don: There is still something hanging fire here; is there another question?

Paul: No, I'm getting Aflana is here, but I don't pick up that she necessarily wants to speak through me, but she may be wanting to speak through someone.

Daniel: Oh, I know who she wants to speak through!

Paul: But she's here, and she's here in part because of her function of tuning energy, especially with newer TR's, but she wants to speak through somebody, .I think.

Daniel: Probably Alara.

Alara: Can you tell me her name again, so my ears can pick it up? (Paul: Aflana, A-F-L-A-N-A. She's a teacher, a fused mortal from a planet of Light and Life who has spoken through many, many people around the country. She often is known as one who brings "Light and Song."

Daniel: And she's one who tunes the body/mind/spirit energy system within individuals, so that they are able to channel celestials more easily and consistently and continues to raise their levels.

Paul: She was my first teacher a year ago.

Daniel: She is almost always one of the first ones to come through new TR's.

AFLANA: (TR, Alara) Well thank you for speaking of me so kindly.

Daniel: We know you as a real sweetheart, Aflana, a newcomer who's always an old friend, so to speak.

AFLANA: Yes, I've been spending the bulk of the evening here, tuning this being here, to the vibration that I wish to attune myself to and work through, and so this will be the first of many sessions that I do through this one, here. You see we have our "song love" in common here for this one sings quite fluently, and often, and indeed, I have been helping with that as well, because of her request for assistance here, for that is her nature. And so it would make sense that I would attune myself to one who requires song and music for her soul's enjoyment, and the personality's enjoyment on this level here. (Wonderful!) So thank you for helping us to make this connection more viable.

Daniel: So Alara will be able to call you, call upon you and you will come to her and continue to increase her vibration and harmonize her TR mechanism and ability?

AFLANA: Yes. (Good) It is mostly about harmonization.

Daniel: That is one reason I wanted Alara to come here is to initiate her with you. You or Felicia or Lorel, and so you can help her increase her vibration and get on a celestial wavelength.

AFLANA: Well, this one here has no trouble being on the celestial wavelength for that is her nature, as she knows it. And so that amount of tuning isn't quite as imperative as with some others who do not have the same frequency alignment.

Daniel: Yes, I'll be bringing another one down here in a week or two, and asking you to work with her.

AFLANA: So I do not have too much to say at this point. I merely wanted to make my presence useable. (Good.)

Paul: Aflana, are you going to be here in the next few days working with Sarah?

AFLANA: Off and on, yes.

Daniel: How about the rest of us?

AFLANA: As you wish. (Daniel: I wish!) You have only to ask, you know. That asking is important! We don't just fly in and tickle you, without your permission first.

Student: Aflana, you are known as someone who is almost always on the move.

AFLANA: Yes, I have many responsibilities and much love for being "on the go." In earthly terms, you might say that I am .a funny word.bored?. (Daniel: unless you're busy?) Yes, it feeds me to keep in flight. That is where and how I draw my strength; in a way, it is a vibrational thing, you might say, and it is a love that I have.

Daniel: Anyone else have questions of Aflana?

Robbie: Are you pleased with the results of Paul's second book?

AFLANA: I could only be more pleased if I had done it with my own fingers.

Paul: Well, thank you. You were the one who has given me repeated instructions, and I nearly always sense your presence when I am writing, so I am very grateful to you.

AFLANA: So in a sense, my fingers have been yours, during the process. You are also a terrible nag!

Paul: (Laughing) Taskmeister!

AFLANA: Yes, and it is part of my charm, . and my job.

Paul: Well, I thank you, Aflana.

AFLANA: You are most sincerely welcome! We rejoice in the process with you.

Paul: I know there is still much work to be done, but with the help of many people like Daniel and Robbie, the process is on going.

Paul: Would it be a good idea with this book, to seek an outside publisher, rather than publishing it myself?

AFLANA: We feel that you would have more success in doing it on your own. Certainly check into the other possibilities, but we feel some resistance with the outer world at this time? A snag, perhaps? Investigate those possibilities, thoroughly.

Daniel: If there are no more questions..

Paul: Well thank you, Aflana.

AFLANA: You are most sincerely welcome. This has been a good introduction for this one here, and we thank you.

Daniel: We thank you for being here and thank you for coming through Alara.

AFLANA: Until next time then, .

Daniel: Au revoir!

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