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S.E.  Idaho TeaM
Topic:  Love

Prayer (Ken) Our dear Parents, we, Your children, gather here this evening
with Your other children, seen and unseen.  We come to You with open
hearts.  We seek Your love.  We seek Your energy.  We desire to do the will
of the Father, that we may learn, that we may be of service.  It is in Your
name that we come.  Amen

Daniel: (Bob S) My friends, this is Daniel, your guide, companion, and most
esteemed admirer.  I try to make the rounds weekly to visit each member of
this group, to say hello and see what is happening in your lives.  And I
have come to feel very close to each of you.  Even those who have not
accomplished this skill of direct communication, I enjoy meeting with as well.

Tonight's topic has to do with a brief follow up of last week's lesson of
love.  None of your questions earlier this evening appeared to us, on this
side, to have generated any need for detailed follow up.  I do have one
point I would like to make, however, and that has to do with the love of

As I suggested last week, this is probably a misuse of the word love.
However it does accurately convey the depth of feelings some people have
toward their toys.  This of course can be most regrettable, for if that
kind of feeling or attitude is carried to its logical conclusion, it
becomes a major form of materialism, and as the Master has taught us, a
serious misplacement of our feelings and energies.  

I shall be glad to take questions later, but now I wish to move on to
another topic.  What do you think would make a good follow up topic
following last week's discussion of love?  Does anyone have an idea, an
inkling, a notion of where we might go this evening?

LaReen: Good evening Daniel. It's good to know you drop in on each of us
during the week; that's reassuring.  What about self-love?

Daniel: Yes, self-love.  That is not what I had proposed, but I would be
glad to pursue that if you desire.  What is your wish?  (No comments)

Would you like me to comment on self-love?  (No one wants to express their

Ken: Your discussion to Bob's question last week about the love of someone
you don't particularly enjoy the company of, and the understanding of that
situation.  The courage to step forward and understand what you see in that
other individual, and analyzing your own thoughts about that.  Seems we
spend a lot of time in self-analysis here Daniel.  Speak on that a little bit.

Daniel: I'm not sure I caught the drift of your question Ken.

Ken: Well one is really understanding our love to be of service to someone
we don't like.  And then you take us into a self-analysis of why we feel
that way.  We have done this quite often.

Daniel: And your question is?

Ken: (laughing) I don't know.  I have a hard spot sometimes with certain
people or certain situations.  I am trying to gain or to get more
understanding of why I feel that way.  I guess that's not a question.  I
don't know how to phrase that into a question mark.

Daniel: You are wondering, perhaps, why, when your brain understands the
concept of loving others, your heart does not seem to follow.  Is that a
fair analysis of your predicament? (very fair)

Yes, that is a difficulty, and that difficulty does not end with this
physical life.  Even those of us who have gone on ahead of you to the
Mansion Worlds, found there we still ran into others who were difficult to
like.  We are now better at that, but that is a common difficulty of
ascendant beings.  We start out at a level where we understand just one
person, ourselves, and learn early that the world is filled with others,
some of whom we like immediately and others who take a bit longer.  That
difficulty appears to be part of our animal nature, but recognizing it, as
an area of difficulty with which one must deal, is the first start, is the
beginning of dealing with it.  If your mind is convinced that this concept
of loving everyone else is the way to go, and if you seek diligently and
sincerely to pursue that idea, one day it will be accomplished.  Few, very
few people accomplish it in their physical lives.  So Kenneth, your idea is
right on target.  If your attitude is of the Father, your heart will
follow.  Does this help, Kenneth?

Ken: Yes!  I just want to love everybody unconditionally today and I know I
can't do it.  I try.

Daniel: Yes!  Only one human on this planet ever accomplished that.
(Anybody I know? We know who that is, laughing) A person you know very
well.  I am telling you from my experience, even on a more advanced planet,
my home planet, I found the concept difficult.  It took me some time beyond
my physical life to get to the point where I felt I had that concept
reasonably well learned.  Well, thank you, Kenneth, for that question,
which was most appropriate.  (Thank you, Daniel)

Where your head leads you, your heart will follow.  Many people on this
planet think it's the other way around; and at times that works.  But often
it does not, as you many of you have probably experienced.

Well!  There was a question earlier on self-love and I thought the two
ladies present wished to pursue that.  Is that correct? 

LaReen: Yes Daniel.

Daniel: Pat!

Pat: (laughing) Sure!

Daniel: SURE!  (Group is laughing, that would be good) We'll give it a shot.

Pat: Before you go on to that Daniel, I have a question in regards to
Ken's. (yes, please) I just would like to know if that is one thing that a
person has to accomplish before they are fused?

Daniel: A good question, but one, which I am not allowed to answer
directly.  The answer would be yes and no, because it is an important skill
for us all to learn, but it is not the only one.  So, no, that by itself
would not suffice.  Yes, it is part of one's repertoire, which must be
dealt with before fusion. (Thank you) Thank you.

LaReen: Does that mean that I have a few more years to make peace with my
ex-husband?  (Daniel and group laughing)

Daniel: You have as long as it takes my dear.  It is important, as you
probably know.  Forgiveness is as area which can cause individuals great
difficulty.  Personally, forgiving others is not for their benefit, it is
for ours.  We are the ones who suffer if we do not forgive those who have
hurt us.  We carry that weight around like a badge of honor.  But
eventually we figure out how unwise that is and put the issue behind us.

Shall we look at self-love?

Ken: Yes!

Daniel: A resounding minority of one!

Group: Yes!  Yes!  We're ready to go here.  (Group is laughing)

Daniel: Very well.  Self-love is a good issue and it is important as you
have been told and as your psychologists have learned.  One's ability to
love oneself limits their ability to love others.  Most every issue starts
with ourselves and once we get ourselves to the point where we are
reasonably comfortable and knowledgeable then we can reach out to deal with
issues regarding others.  If you have issues, limiting your ability to love
yourself, that limits your ability to love others.  If you have issues
regarding forgiving yourself that limits your ability to forgive others.
If you have any issue regarding yourself, that creates a blind spot for you
in your spiritual growth and in relating to others.  So, it all starts with
'I'.  We must deal with ourselves first and then we can deal with others.  

But, of course, life doesn't allow that.  Our relationships with others
begin when we are very young.  Our understanding of ourselves is very
incomplete when we are young.  So that creates problems.  We develop
attitudes, we develop habits, and we develop myths based upon our early
understanding, which is incomplete.  So as we grow older we must relive or
re-examine many of these ideas we thought were true when we were younger.
They made sense then, but upon examination now they are found to be
erroneous, at least incomplete.  So, it is most appropriate to spent time
looking inside ourselves.  Of course one can get carried away with that and
spend so much time looking at themselves that their relationships with
others suffer.  So, common sense must prevail here.  

Balance is what we seek.  Who was it that said, "when I was child I thought
like a child, but now that I am a man, or mature woman, I see things
differently"?  Do you recall the Apostle Paul saying that?  (Mmmm)  Paul
was most wise in many ways. 

Well, are there other areas we need to pursue?  Questions?  Concerns?  Have
we fully addressed the issue of love in your minds?

Ken: I would not say fully.  You have addressed four aspects.  You have put
a lot on the table, and I must go within myself, and see what I find, see
what I see.  I'm sure we can elaborate further at a later time on the
subject of love again.  Thank you.

Daniel: Thank you, Kenneth.  You can be assured that the topic will arise
again.  It is one of the major issues, which we will come back to again,
and again.  But as you mature you are able to grasp the idea more and more
fully.  You are able to see how one must order their lives to fully be a
son of God or a daughter of God and how your childish interpretations must
be re-interpreted.  If your memory is good you may recall the last we spoke
of this, and how you have grown since then.  You all now see this topic
differently, more maturely, more completely, more truly.  Therefore, you
have grown spiritually.  When we address the issue again you will most
likely have more understanding, further experiences, greater wisdom, upon
which to look at love and that is good.  That is progress.  That should
warm your heart.  Does it not?  (Yes, Yes) Yes!  Bob is feeling it as well.

Well ladies and gentleman what other concerns or issues do you have with
love that we can address at your current state of understanding?  

(Group is quiet.)

I take your silence to mean we are ready to push on.  I would close our
discussion with one final comment.  You have learned that "where your heart
is, there is your treasure".  Let me emphasize that your heart will follow
your head.  So, if you can get your concepts, your ideas, your intellect,
to perform the way you feel it should, your heart will follow, and so will
your treasure.

Let us close tonight's meeting in the usual way by standing and taking each
other's hand.  Is there a volunteer for our closing prayer?

Minearsia has volunteered.

My children let us be in the attitude of prayer.  Oh merciful and wise and
loving God of all creation, we Your children reach out to You in hope and
trust and yes, love, knowing You are the author of universal love.  That
makes us proud to be Your sons and daughters.  But it only sparks our
desire to further Your will in our lives.  Now send each of these, my
children, to their homes.  Provide them with Your strength, Your
compassion, Your insight, and yes, Your love, as they go about the business
of living their lives according to Your will.  In the name of Michael and
Nebadonia, Amen.

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