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Ham: Greetings, my chidren, I am Ham and I welcome you this evening. You
are all having life difficulties, the usual problems attendant upon this
material sphere. These things are a transitory part of life and the
experience gleaned from these problems helps to strengthen faith,
resolve and character. The real battles are ahead. The battles of truth
over error are real. The efforts toward spiritual growth and renewal of
other's spiritual growth, these things are supreme.

It is always easier to be aloof and unaffected, taking pot shots from
the sidelines so to speak, than to be engaged and active in the building
the future of this world. The Master's spirit comes to the aid of those
who dare to act, who contribute, who fight the good fight of good over
evil. The goal of religionists every where is similar, that love should
reign supreme in all hearts.

The Master showed the way that all might follow, that all might be
inspired by the beauty and righteousness of his life. He lived his life
in time while transcending time. He left behind no written instructions
for his followers. Rightly, leaving nothing that might freeze in time
his mission. The angels worked to help with the destruction of all
artifacts so that his life would stand above his time for all time. He
was the Prince of Peace and is the Prince of Peace, but he rightly saw
that your world will experience much striving before his return and a
true reign of peace can be established.

Always does he work through his followers, even those who may
misinterpret his words in their zeal. Since the days of his first
apostles, the courage and zeal of his followers have brought his word to
all of his children upon this, his world.

The world of the cross has suffered much through the rejection of him
and this suffering will continue as your world slowly but surely comes
to grasp the full import of his mission. The Master goes in search of
his stray sheep through the efforts of his followers. This opening of
each person's heart to his loving spirit comes only through great trial
and tribulation.

Be therefore empowered with his spirit. Be unafraid to proclaim the
truth. Have faith that your faith is strong enough to carry you forward
and that his spirit, his voice, will whisper in your ears, "this is the
way, walk therein". Support each other. Be assured that he will give you
the words of encouragement that your brethren need from you.

Your way may be long and hard and steep and filled with set backs, but
this should not discourage your believer's heart. Learn when to speak
and when to be silent. Learn always to be tolerant and open to
criticism. Continue your work, each of you, with the knowledge that the
master's hand rests upon your shoulder, that you do nothing alone and
everything with him.

Let your hearts be a well of forgiveness. Forgive those who
misunderstand you, who despitefully use you. Forgive those who take
advantage of you, who steal from you. Forgive those who lie to you and
condemn them not for the Master looks after all his children and knows
their inner hearts. Gradually banish fear as you move forward in your
lives. Remember, the Father's great over control in all things.

Let us end this evening without questions and with a simple prayer. My
loving Lord watch over these children as they struggle to see rightly
your will in their lives. Comfort them with your loving understanding,
strengthen them with your unyielding truth, and fortify them with the
bread of life. Go in peace my children, my love and my simple prayers go
with you, farewell.

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