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S.E. Idaho TeaM
June 17, 2003

Opening Prayer by Klarixiska (Virginia): This is Klarixiska.  Father, we
come to You, and we thank You that You know us with every motive, with
every desire, with every relationship that we would ask to become holy in
Your sight...holy in the sense that we are set apart to introduce you in
our conversations, and in our behavior, that we might be a part of the
renewal of this planet leading to Light and Life.  We thank You that Your
love is greater than any error.  We thank You that your love is what holds
us together, this group together and Your world together.  We thank You for
the Indwelling Spirit.  We ask that tonight each one of us, seen and
unseen, might be inspired to live that life that You desire for us.  May
our minds be open; may our hearts receive; and may our hands give, as a
result of being here tonight.  Amen.

Daniel (Bob S): This is Daniel, your friend, guide, mentor and faithful
companion.  It is my role this evening to kick-off the TR session; but I am
not the major speaker. That role has been given to another.  Your
discussions earlier this evening continue to demonstrate your serious yet
lighthearted, thoughtful but humanized, clear yet not completely clear
picture of the lessons that we have set before you.  We take much delight
in your efforts to deal with the substantial issues we have set before you,
as we ascendant beings have all been in your shoes.  Therefore, know my
friends, how much we enjoy being part of this team which has been assigned,
through volunteering, to mentor your spiritual growth.  Well, thank you for
indulging me.  Let's now begin tonight's lesson.  One moment please.

Elyon (Bob D): Greetings, I am Elyon.  It is my pleasure to be with you
here tonight.  I would speak with you about perceptions this evening.  This
time on your planet is an exciting time for the potentials of spiritual
growth activity is abundant on the part of the spiritual administration;
and yet I would venture to guess that you all recognize that your planet
has some deep and troubling issues that have arisen in recent years.  Often
in the midst of conflict are the masses polarized into sides, and choosing
which party they will stand for.  

The root or the core of the infusion of conflict has, at its source, a deep
sense of fear and uncertainty, and so people struggle to find something
solid that they can stand for.  As a representative of the Most Highs I
would present to you, my friends, the perspective of standing for truth and
for love, for tolerance and clarity in the midst of uncertainty.
Certainly your involvement on the human level requires you to be a good
citizen, to participate where you can or where you feel comfortable in the
process of planetary affairs.  We would hope that your overriding aim is
for goodness to manifest, regardless of who is in power.  We do have
agencies that work with the leaders of your world, unbeknownst to many of
them, trying to offer enhanced perspective to them; and while the pendulum
has swung in the face of this uncertainty toward conservation and defense,
rest assured that, as time moves forward, the gravitational pull will bring
a balance between protectiveness and inclusiveness, tolerance and
enlightenment.  All of these areas require attention to bring the planet
forward toward Light and Life.   

So where you see, in your mind, extreme behavior in the world, recognize
that this behavior has a source that has brought it to be; that in time
these things will iron out; but in the meantime more conflict may occur.
But from the spiritual prospective you can be effective by seeking to
engage the higher inclinations of people around you and to act upon the
wisdom you have gained, both from your life's experiences and from your
relationship to spiritual sources.  As you have heard before your world,
although seeming out of control at times, your world is truly under
control.   The Most Highs are involved, and things will slowly evolve
toward the eventual goal.

I thank you for listening to my address this evening.  It has been my
pleasure being here with you as the distance between my group and yours is
short by our standards.  At this time I would allow for another to speak,
or if you have questions, I would certainly entertain a couple.

Virginia: Elyon, I am not sure it's a question.  I think I would just like
to thank you for your encouraging words.  I truly believe that God's will
will happen on this planet, but I can't wait until all diversity is
accepted.   I appreciate very much that you tell us that which I identify
as Fruits of the Spirit,—that isn't how you said it, but the difficulty is
trying to find exactly what love is in a certain situation, or what the
higher path is in a certain situation.  And I guess each one has to look
within and truly desire to have the best motive possible.  But thank you.
I am very glad God's in charge.

Elyon (Bob D): My friend, part of the reason that I pointed to the source
of fear, of confusion, during these times is because if people can
recognize this unbalancing factor, then there is the opportunity for
enlightenment through stillness coupled with the recognition that things
are truly in control on a universal scale, even if not obvious on the
planetary level.

Virginia: Thank you.

Loreen: Elyon, welcome.  That all sounds good and looks good on paper
[laughter and comments], but between our politicians and everything that is
going on this planet, it's hard to do.  It's hard to believe that it is
going to turn around. 

Elyon (Bob D): It has to begin with you, with the people of this world.
The leaders are merely a reflection of the people, and if you see
dishonesty, if you see distortion, if you see lies, if you see womanizing,
how is this different than what you see in your city, in your neighborhood?
 It is merely a reflection of those who have put them into office.  If you
have issues with the leadership of this planet, the first thing to do is to
enlighten the people of this planet as to what truly is of value.  At this
time image plays so much a factor in your decision making process on a
planetary level as to who you chose to lead you.  You like to see someone
beautiful, someone powerful, someone playing the part, more so than you see
one who has little ego, who studies hard, who applies themselves, so often
the leadership comes from a different class than what the most learned and
educated people on your planet are.  Your teachers, your scholars, your
service minded people who would help in the health professions, who
volunteer in communities to aid people, how many of these people do you see
in politics?  Very few, because they do not have the image or the resources
that it takes to persuade the masses to elect them.  So the beginning is
for people to recognize what is important to them, and then as that begins
to take on characteristics of altruism, then those who are elected by those
people who reflect those qualities will begin to reflect those
characteristics.  I hope this offers some perspective to you this evening,
my friend.

Loreen: It does.  Thank you.  It brings me back to reality and the truth.
Thank you.  We need an Idaho farmer as president.  [Laughter and comments.]

Bill: Elyon, welcome.  Certainly you are one of those teachers whose
lessons I have found very helpful in the past.  I usually read the
transcripts from North Idaho, and it's a pleasure to have you here.  I've
had a lot of thoughts and feelings about your presence in as much as you
got assigned or involved with your group shortly after ours began, and it
was kind of by the members of this group that your group membership decided
to apply for a teacher.  I don't say that to remind you; I know you know
that.  The implications of what you said are that it all goes back to us,
and as much as we'd all like to change the world, we can only really change
ourselves, or allow God to change us, and then can overflow in our contacts
with others.  What technique can I or we use when we are assaulted by the
voices that tell us that things are getting worse and spiritual progress is
flat or downhill—these negative messages that seem to run through our
heads?  What do you recommend for a technique for those moments of
encroaching despair and discouragement and rising anger?  Do you understand
what I am asking?

Elyon (Bob D): I do, I believe.  The first place to begin is in the
presence of your Father, as you well know.  The centering is the first step
after awareness.  Part of my message to you this evening was to offer again
the awareness that universal forces are in control at a deeper level than
what you see at the surface.  Seemingly bad things will happen in the world
and this is an inevitable fact.  None of us knows the hour that
difficulties or tragedies may occur even at home.  Even at the system and
universe level do we face challenges and have to grapple with
understanding.  Perhaps we have a little tighter connection, but we are
knocked off balance at times as well.  The best thing that you can do is to
look for and find something that you can do rather than focusing on the
things you have no control over.  Seek understanding through the stillness
and quiet time.  Certainly you have a connection to spiritual forces that
others do not even know about.  If you redirect yourself toward being
productive at uncertain times, finding ways to be of service, then suddenly
the attitudes shift and you feel that you are worthwhile, and that you do
have a purpose on this planet even if it is to help one other person.  Does
this offer some clarity for you, my friend?

Bill: That's very helpful, especially the idea of doing something in a
service mode.  It is not a brand new idea, but I haven't thought about it
recently, although I have been doing those things.  But I am glad you
brought that into our conscious awareness.  Thank you, and again welcome to
our group.

Elyon (Bob D): At this time I would step back, as I said, as there is
another speaker who would like to share with you this evening.  I have
enjoyed communicating with you, and would do so in the future as the
opportunity arises.

Malvantra (Bill): I am Malvantra Melchizedek.  It is my pleasure to join my
colleague Elyon and to visit with you excellent people.  You are well known
to me.  We discuss all of you and all the others in regular staff meetings,
and we arrange our schedules so that we can bring our special interests and
abilities to match the concerns and needs of the various teaching mission
groups.  Indeed the topic which Elyon has brought forth is perhaps at a
centered level, your most urgent concern.  By centered level I mean the
center of your lives.  

You need to understand that the center of your life is your free will
functioning, an aspect of your personality.  The influences which enter the
arena of choice come from many sources.  They come from your memories as
they have been encoded into messages often heard as voices in your head.
These are often if not almost always the conclusions of your child mind as
it perceived and processed the information that it was in contact with.
These beliefs about aspects of reality which I have termed voices in your
head are one source of your choice arena.

Another source are the messages that come through your senses in the
present moment, and as has been discussed in all the groups, these messages
go through a filtering system by which your mind decides what to pay
attention to and what to discard.  You may think that all that's being
broadcast in your environment are the messages that you hear, and what you
need to understand is there is a much greater diversity of information than
your mind has chosen to allow through its filtering system.  There are
messages coming to you from your Thought Controller, and I use that term
deliberately for you are all mature.  These messages are mostly
unconscious.  They are the whispers of your Spirit Within to suggest to you
a higher interpretation of the information that is in your present
consciousness.  Functioning in total coordination with your Indwelling
Spirit is Michael's presence, the Spirit of Truth, which is like a homing
device toward that which is truth and away from that which is error.  So
you stand in this arena with the whispers of the past child messages, the
propaganda that may be getting through your filtering system from your
current environment, and on the other side are for the most part the
messages of the Spirit Within and Michael's Spirit of Truth.  What God has
given you is the creative prerogative to take what you wish from this
potporri of data and select what your response will be.

But you say, " My animal mind doesn't understand that.  My animal mind just
responds automatically to the event and interprets it without my consent".
That is an illusion.  That is not true.  Your animal mind is subject to
your soul's choice.  Yes, I know there are automatic responses in the
wiring of the brain in extreme circumstances when danger is overwhelming in
your perception, but for the most part, you are not in that acute state of
automatic reaction.  When I contest the idea that your animal mind makes
automatic decisions, except for the decision I just referred to, it is more
like a response that you can make as an excuse for mental and spiritual
laziness, sloth.  It is hard work to grow spiritually, for you are
retraining your mind and therefore your soul is growing.  You are evolving
to a higher level than your primitive ancestors could ever attain.  There
are even evidences of higher evolution than any minds have ever have
achieved so far in the history of Urantia.  Great insights come from
classic sources, the philosophers, the poets, the musicians, the
dramatists, the scientists, but we are on the edge of a spiritual
renaissance.  We are teaching you the truths of higher mental and spiritual
ability.  At the choice center of your arena with these influences and
messages coming to you, you are on the fine edge of the balancing beam.
Here is what you can do.  

You can turn your head and listen to the negative messages, to fear,  to
doubt, to despair, to discouragement, or you can turn your head to the
right, to the other direction, and listen to the voice of your Indwelling
Father, and the voice of your comforting Father Michael.  You can do that!
You have the ability.  It is your sovereign choice to make that decision.
Forever set aside the notion that you are not in control of that moment,
for you are!  And every time you listen to the right side of the arena
where the cheerleaders of the Spirit are waiving their pom poms, [laughter]
you will be lifted up.  And as you are lifted up the voices on this
[other?] side will become dimmer and less powerful, and it will actually
become easier to progress.

Sometimes I feel like a car salesman [laughter] saying my car is bigger,
shinier, more luxurious and will take you on your journey in great comfort,
while the car on the other side of the street in that other sales lot will
take you down the financial hill of ruin and the spiritual graveyard of
lost opportunities.  My competitor will charge you $50,000 for his car.  I
will give you my car free; but you must ask for it.  [Comments]  Come on.
Let's pile into our new shiney car that's programmed to go to Paradise, my
friends.  We shall chose a convertible model so that we can see all the
sights along the way. We will make our stops and do our various activities,
but I can assure you we will arrive safely at our destination!  

Those are my words which I add to my brother Elyon's; and now in the
interest of time--(Bob D: Can I ask one question?) we will take one
question.  [Laughter.]

Bob D: A thought struck me.  I wonder if it's true or if it's just a
fairytale view of it, but the idea that siding on the right side, the
bright side, the Spirit of Truth, of truth and goodness and upliftment,
that the other voices become dimmer.  I was wondering how accurately would
it be to say that the negative voices become dimmer or will they actually,
by seeing the more positive voices, shift sides, so to speak.  People that
promote negativity, by seeing positivity, become more inclined to join the
other side.  What is your view from past history regarding this possibility?

Malvantra (Bill): Bob, all that is good in the universe will persist.  You
know this; and evil will eventually run its course, and cease to exist.  So
in the biggest sense, you are correct.  As to how it works in a human
being, this is a very complex question.  However, all of you are aware that
habits tend to grow as they are practiced, and old habits that are not
practiced tend to diminish.  Correct?  (Bob agrees.)  And if you habituated
moving your head in this direction so that you perceive the information on
this side, the turning of your head is the formation of a habit.  So part
of the diminishment that I was referring to is the result of you developing
a habit of spiritual perception, and diminishing the habit of listening to
the discouraging, disturbing information.   While you are doing this always
remember you have by no means the whole range of information, good and bad.
 Much has been filtered out.  That is why we tell you that what you can't
see we want you to believe is true anyway, that there are all these efforts
by the spiritual administration to this planet going on unseen, so that you
will say to yourself, "Well, I need to keep looking on the right side
because I believe this is where the action really is".  And although there
is negative reality, there's nothing to be gained spiritually by paying
attention and becoming entrapped by the poisons of that orientation.

Another thing you can do...In your magnificent information processor, your
brain, the memories of the past can change by a new interpretation.  You
can decide that the childish understanding is faulty, and now that you are
an adult, you can reinterpret it.  That will quiet down the old voices,
because you can encounter them with a new interpretation. Eventually the
new interpretation will over write the old.

And finally in terms of the current environment, you can choose your
playground and your playmates, if you don't like your old playground and
your old playmates.  (That is a phrase out of the 12-step program.)   But
it does refer to the fact that you need to, as you do, surround yourselves
for spiritual rejuvenation which is one of the major purposes of your
getting together.  And instead of being a recipient of the negativity of
your past, you can become a light bearer of the new understanding of truth,
beauty and goodness.  Has that helped?

Bob D: Yes, it has.  I appreciate that perspective.

Malvantra (Bill): So in the interests of time, having answered this
question, we will now conclude our time together, and stand as your custom
is.   Minearisa wishes to get a part in the program.

Minearisa (Bill): Dear friends, I am Minearisa.   I am so pleased to have
this opportunity.  Let us worship God.

Thou Who art always present in our lives and in the inner most part of
them, our souls and our minds: may the encouragement of this night truly
seep down into the hearts and minds and souls of these, my students, my
friends.  Send them with renewed hope, with a heightened expectation, with
an assurance that they can make decisions which will continue to move them
toward the goal of Paradise even as they are teachers and learners on the
road.  Thank You for this wonderful universe that You have given us, and
the opportunity to co-create with You, even as Michael revealed his truth
to men, and showed the true humanity attainable to those on high.  May we
also find His path to be clear, His burden to be light, His truth to be
ennobling.  Amen.

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