[tmtranscripts] N. Idaho TeaM 6/8/03

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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Divine Presence and Human Selfhood
Teachers: Elyon

June 8, 2003

*	Elyon (Jonathan TR):  Greetings, this is Elyon, happy to be 
amongst you again.
	It is always good to be in your company.  I reflect upon our 
years of association and view much that can be labeled progress 
on your part, for you have done well in absorbing and applying 
what has been expressed to you through our weekly engagements.  
This attention you give that we receive encourages us as your 
teachers to continue, and demands of us our own degree of 
diligence in searching for and discovering those elements of 
your spiritual makeup that would benefit from guidance.  As you 
receive such communication, had you not applied them, we would 
have a disappointing but easy task in repeating ourselves until 
you absorbed the full meaning and impact of our statements.  But 
as you continue to develop you create challenges for us to dig 
deeper, all the while remaining approachable and applicable to 
numerous souls who receive these communications.
	The deeper we address your spiritual needs, the more varied 
those needs are among the many who listen to us, for, while you 
were all at one time less spiritually mature, our lessons 
applied more evenly across the board.  As you each refine your 
state of God consciousness, varied lacks appear among the many 
of you.  We then are challenged to attempt to minister to these 
multiple needs and do so in this short time as succinctly as we 
	A teacher in truth has less difficulty over students who are 
not growing, for the lessons simply repeat themselves.  
Difficult students are, in reality, those who are growing and 
changing, for they cause the instructor to further develop and 
refine the teachings to meet the higher demand for understanding 
and for guidance.  So, while you struggle to apply our lessons 
and discover it easier to do as the months and years roll by, 
you are also causing myself and my associates to grow as well.  
You are challenging us to expand our message and to refine our 
message to meet your new needs.
	At one time in the field of your scientific understanding of 
the motion of planets you had created a model wherein the earth 
was stationary, and the sun and the moon revolved around your 
world.  This met with all your perception, for as you even today 
with greater understanding still see sunrise and sunset and the 
appearance of the moon crossing your sky.  As you progressed in 
your research, developed greater tools and technology, you began 
to discern discrepancies in this observation and made 
adjustments in your understanding to conform to evidence and 
fact as they have become known to you.  Soon you refined your 
model such that now your model revolves around the sun, and you 
developed an understanding in your minds of the real 
relationships of these spheres that did not fit your everyday 
visual appearance of rising and setting suns.  Yet you knew with 
the greater understanding that this appearance was but a small 
observation of a greater complexity of motions.  This 
astronomical perspective applies to your spiritual inner world 
or realm.
	As you began life on earth as a self-conscious being you 
perceived yourself as at one time on your planet you perceived 
the earth to be: the center of all things.  Now, while you’re 
unfolding your soul, comprehending your spiritual nature, you 
know that, while it is easy for you to run your life with the 
appearance of the sun rising and setting around you, that in 
reality the sun, the Divine Fragment that indwells you, is your 
center; and that you rotate about this divine spirit.
	So, you are functioning with a greater comprehension of the 
interrelationship of the Divine Presence and human selfhood; in 
human mind you are still, as it were, on earth, but in spirit 
consciousness you are anchored and centered as if on the sun.
	Now those who are curious among you may ask how this 
comparison of planets to your spiritual makeup would apply the 
presence of the moon.  I will perhaps ease that curiosity by 
addressing it this way:  You now recognize that your sun itself 
travels in the universe, and you have a hazy idea astronomically 
that it too rotates around the center, the geographical point, 
that you are beginning to attempt to determine scientifically.  
This point in our comparison is the Paradise Father at the 
center of all things.  Your Divine Fragment of God is in 
relation to this Absolute Source.  So, you do rotate about the 
Father of all things, but you rotate more often about the Divine 
Fragment that indwells you.  And the moon is much like the 
presence of your guardian angels whose assignment is to keep an 
eye ever upon you.
	Their assignments revolve around you as a human self.  They 
need not address the Divine Fragment, for it is self-contained 
and wholly capable.  Therefore do these angels hover about you, 
the human self, the earthly sphere.  They know full well that 
the true light, the warmth and energy that you require as a 
human being, comes from the Divine Presence.  These guardians 
provide reflection, provide illumination, when you are not 
viewing the divine within you directly.  This is one manner in 
which they guard your soul, for as you have noted in the evening 
sky the presence of the moon allows you to see your way even 
while the sun is out of sight.  These guardian angels reflect 
the divine presence in you such that you may be illuminated in 
your darker times.
	I have stressed the importance of stillness.  In this lesson 
stillness is simply the shifting of your paradigm from an earth 
anchor to a sun anchor.  You can do this even while busy, for it 
is as simple as catching yourself saying, “What a beautiful 
sunrise!” knowing full well that it is the motion of the earth, 
not the sun, that you perceive.  The expansion of consciousness 
functions even while you are wholly occupied with earthly 
matters.  Yes, you could be far more accurate and say, “What a 
beautiful earth spin!” as the sun appears to set in your sky, 
but that is unnecessary.  You may continue to live your earthly 
human existence meeting the demands and challenges and 
appearances that the human life requires.  But it is the 
expansion of your soul, the enlargement of your comprehension, 
that adjusts to the true reality, the grand picture, even while 
you do live your human existence.
	I will draw this lesson to a close adding one more image to 
factor into this teaching.  As you may desire to receive your 
guardian angel, such a vision will or may come your way not 
caused by yourself but done so based on the factors at work in 
this complex motion of your being.  To attempt to force such a 
vision may be likened to the earth between the sun and the moon 
creating an eclipse.  It is better that you focus your attention 
upon the sun, in this case the Divine Presence bestowed upon 
you, and then your guardian will come into better view, for it 
is this same light that makes your angels visible.
	I desire your comments or questions.

	Kirk:  When you were talking about my angel I was kind of 
looking to worship my angel, to depend more on, and try to 
contact my angel.  You straightened it out with just looking to 
make contact with my Adjuster and the other will happen.  That’s 
nice how you finished that lesson.  Thank you.

*	Elyon:  You are welcome, and I will address another eclipse 
that you perceive in your skies, the solar eclipse.  I will 
change the moon to be us, your teachers.  It is valuable that 
you not place us between you and the Divine Spirit, for you will 
then be eclipsing your perspective of God’s presence.  We are 
best your servants and we stand -- or should I say orbit? -- to 
the side of your direct view of the Father’s presence.  All 
celestial ministers no matter who we serve adjust ourselves to 
be in motion and synchrony with any Fragment of God anywhere in 
the universe.  This is our relationship priority.  With that 
relationship established we are better able to turn our 
attention upon you and assist you in deepening your relationship 
with God.

	Kirk:  That’s why stillness is so important, it’s that 
relationship with God?

*	Elyon:  Indeed.

	Kirk:  Through that we consequently get communication with 

*	Elyon:  Yes.

	Tom:  Our function is to stand aside also and reflect rather 
than to get in the way and eclipse?

*	Elyon: I am glad you asked that question, for as you look 
into your night’s sky you see the various other planets about 
you each reflecting the sun.  We may liken them to your brothers 
and sisters.  Each of you reflecting Divine Presence causes 
another to see the divine light, albeit indirectly, but 
indicating its reality, its factuality, its actuality.
	Thank you all for reflecting upon this lesson.  I thank you 
for creating the focus, the opportunity, the location and time 
for us to meet together.  Once again I applaud your work in 
these gatherings of expressing your previous week’s experiences 
with each of you.  Sharing is like a nutrient that increases 
your spiritual health, for the feedback is encouraging as well 
as it can be correcting.  By undertaking this agenda each week 
you spend as much time being a teacher for one another as you do 
being a student in relationship to ones like myself.
	I will leave now and wish you a good continued day’s 

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