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May 27 2003

Prayer by Bill: May the joy that is in our hearts bubble up from the
well-springs of faith, hope and love  and may our fellowship together be a
joy to you, Father Michael, Brother Michael, as we enjoy the company of
each other and our friends.

Daniel (Bob S): Greetings my friends, this is Daniel, your teacher, guide,
friend, counselor and awe-inspired admirer.  Your humor delights us all.
We thoroughly enjoy seeing our students revel in their work.  Yes, the
questions you raise are appropriate and if they on occasion supply a
certain amount of levity to the situation, so much the better.  It took us
sometime to get used to human humor, and to the amount of levity which
seems to generate spontaneously from the members of this particular group.
Our assessment of your humor now, however, is much different than it was
initially.  We were initially quite concerned that your levity might get in
the way of learning which we are most serious about.  Experience however
has shown quite the opposite; that humor is perhaps the forth R, and has a
serious part to play in human learning.  Well with the words of
introduction let me step aside to allow our main speaker his time for a
lesson.  One moment please.

Minearsia (Bill): Greetings children, it is I, Minearsia, addressing you
with that term of fatherly affection.  Since it has been brought up in your
discussion that your comfortableness and your banter back and forth with us
appears to be in the eyes of some a showing of lack of respect, I wish to
discuss those aspects of the intimacy of true friendship.  I refer you back
to Thursday night at the Last Supper for my illustration.  Jesus is eating
for the last time with his closest friends and associates, the Apostles.
He talks about friendship.  He said, "I do not call you servants; I call
you friends.  A servant does not know what his master is doing.  But you
are my friends, if you do the things that I tell you, and the world will
know that you have been with me".

Many people regard their relationship to Deity, and even to Jesus, the
Christ, as a servant relationship.  To them God is high and lifted up on a
throne of glory, and they are unworthy servants.  This concept is placed in
the liturgies of many churches so that when it comes to a prayer of
confession, the tone is servile, self-demeaning and nowhere near a
friendship experience.  It was the main thrust of Jesus'gospel to overturn
this distant relationship between God and man.  He appeared in a culture
which at least had a personal Deity of great glory where he could up-step
that concept from servant-hood and duty to sonship and love.   So Jesus
tells his Apostles the last and most important thing he can tell them. "You
are my friends; you're not servants."  Do you realize how amazing these
words are?  God, through his Bestowal Son, is telling human beings like
you, that they are on a friendship basis.

Respect is required of two beings who are not on an equal basis.  Respect
of the higher is required by the lower in status, in power, in actuality.
Respect is a recognition of the difference in status, in power and in
reality.  It is the expression of the inequality between the two.  In the
case of a slave owner and a slave, the inequality has to do with the fact
that one is in charge of the other.  One is boss, and one is servant.  

Many people will immediately protest and say there is an enormous
difference between God and man.  Are you implying that they are equal?
No, I recognize that Deity and that which Deity creates are not the same;
however there is more kinship than primitive and unenlightened religion
realizes.  For God to be the Father, and the children of men to be sons and
daughters implies an inherent connection.  One connection is person-hood,
for it is God who, as a person, creates and grants personality to all of
his personal creatures.  In the granting of personality there is freedom of
will, a second connection .  So personality, freedom of will, and then a
third attribute, creativity, for the creator nature of God is given to the
sons and daughters as well are three inherent connection.   All three of
the commonalities, personality, freewill, and creativity, are not at all in
the same magnitude as Deity.   Certainly only the members of the Paradise
Trinity are persons from eternity.  They are infinite, eternal and all the
other attributes you know so well.  Nevertheless, in His sons and daughters
this familial resemblance, this spiritual genetic connection is there.

Respect, the recognition of inherent differences, can be a matter of
adoration or fear.  We use the word to designate appropriate feelings
toward a very threatening situation.  I  respect the potentials for
disaster in this situation, you may say; or for those who are hunting large
game animals they seek to over power with artificial means, because in an
actual encounter, as does occur occasionally, the animal is by far the
stronger.  So respect can result in fear.  

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom", says the Psalmist.
Jesus up-stepped that statement, saying that he had come to teach men and
women to love God as their Heavenly Parent.  Your relationship to your
teachers, myself included, has evolved from the initial awe of the
recognition of differences between us both in status, in age, and in
experience, to an understanding of our commonalities as personal beings. We
are cosmic brothers and sisters.  We are teacher-students.  We are
ascendant beings who both are learners and accept the role of student, but
who are also at the same time teachers.  We are constantly urging you to
accept you role as teachers who need to assert your wisdom from experience
to those who have lesser wisdom and experience.

And so, as Daniel has stated and I concur, that the lightness between us is
not due to disrespect.  It is actually due to the lowering of the barriers
on your part that allow you to interact with us and feel a friendship
commonality.  This is as Michael would have it, and it is not amiss.  You
are not our servants, and most of you have never thought you were!  We have
told you that you are our hands and our feet, that we are not in material
form, and you must be the human arm of the Teaching Mission.  It is your
job to actually do the things that we are teaching you, but this does not
mean that you are our servants.  No, we have consistently called ourselves
brothers and sisters, and if we are not ascenders, as I am not, we mean it
in the cosmic sense.  Ascenders like Teacher Daniel and Teacher Ham and the
others, call you brothers and sisters in the ascender sense, fellow
travelers to Paradise, potential Finaliters.

My friends, this is going to be a short night.  You have expended
sufficient amounts of energy in your discussion, which we applaud.  Tonight
I have made my point, and I want you to leave this meeting with a sense of
our wonderful friendship.  Let it remind you of what you experience now;
but it is also a premonition of the glory of friendship as it is
experienced in the ascension career.  What you taste now and enjoy, like
that wonderful dessert Isaac is putting in his mind as an illustration,
what you enjoy now is but a foretaste of what is to come.  But that is
another topic which I will not get into this evening.

So, no questions this evening.  We will honor your time commitments,
because you see, you have been teaching each other.  In the process you
begin to understand patience, for when another does not understand it is
not usually due to stubbornness or even stupidity.  It is simply that the
connections have not been made in the brain and the mind, and another
approach will perhaps succeed in closing the gap.

So let us close the gap here between yourselves, and stand and put your
arms around one another for our closing.  Aaron desires to close our
service.  One moment.

Aaron (Bill/Isaac): O my Father, Universe Mother/Son, Infinite Spirit: we
are Your children and we rejoice in this wonderful plan that You have made
for all of us to ascend to Your presence, and then to move on to serve You
in this universe age, and then into the infinite future.  Even to one such
as myself, this is mind boggling.  Our hearts over flow with love to each
other and toward You.  May that love burn ever brightly.  Send these, my
friends, to their homes and to their private lives with renewed faith, joy,
and that trust born of Your nurturance.  Even so, Michael, thank You.  Amen.

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