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S.E. Idaho TeaM

Klarixiska(Virginia): Father of Mercy, Brother of Love, Sister of Guidance,
Mother of Nurturing, we would bring to You the prayer requests that have
been mentioned and all of those unspoken that are within our thoughts, both
those who are seen here in this group, and those who are absent.  We thank
you that you know each heart, each person, whether it be one or five
billion.  You are the Love, you are the Leader, you are the Comforter, We
thank You.  As truth is presented tonight by the teachers may it touch each
heart where it is needed.  May it speak what can be used and cause growth
within each one here, the seen and the unseen.  We thank You, Michael, for
Your creation.  Help us to find truth, beauty, and goodness as we work for
You in the coming of Light and Life.  So be it.

Minearisa(Bill): I am Minearisa.  Greetings, my friends.  It is pleasant to
be in your company once again as we are conjoined together in this exercise
of spiritual ingestion, of the refueling of the energy of our souls.  You
have taken a few moments to give your bodies more energy.  You have taken
time to visit with each other and share parts of your lives.  Now is our
opportunity to interact beyond the normal boundaries of communication,
through this method which has been judged successful and appropriate, this
method termed transmitting/receiving.

My dear friends, always is faith required in order to walk successfully
during the mortal career.  It is a fallacy, it is an untruth to believe
that life can be lived without faith.  We have spoken of this before, but I
will remind you briefly that every sane person who walks this earth lives
their lives with great reliance upon faith assumptions, confidence in the
reality of that which cannot be seen, nor proved.  

People vary in their ability  to exercise faith.  Some have the good
fortune as infants and children to be cared for in such a consistent way
that their needs are met appropriately and in a timely manner.  The faith
reflex is strengthened in such a one and they believe, as a result of the
consistent meeting of their needs, that the universe is loving and
friendly.  Of course, to an infant the universe is not much more than the
mother's breast, the care giver's arms, the pleasant touch of mother,
father, and perhaps, a few others.  These are fortunate people, these
infants, if they continue to experience the satisfaction of their
legitimate needs in such a way that their earliest trust levels are

Other children may not be so fortunate.  Their care givers may be burdened
with other competing interests, rightly or wrongly.  They may feel it
necessary to purchase care giving from others whose quality may or may not
be equal to their own.  Then, there are those sad and unfortunate infants
and children whose care givers are inadequate, missing or hostile; and yet
even some of these still do not lose their sanity and exercise a modicum of
faith in their everyday lives.

We have been emphasizing to you for the last eleven years that your
spiritual growth is a function of your living faith, your faith in our
Divine Parent, your faith in the friendliness, warmth, and dependability of
the Universe of Nebadon, for that is the universe as you know it.   But
some of you have deep scars which have been the result of deep wounds.  You
vary in your ability to believe that you are worthwhile children.  For
those who have suffered wounds of trust, the wounds due to inconsistent
care, broken promises, mental, physical and other types of abuse, you are
inevitably scarred as a result.  Those who have these scars do not have the
same ease of trust as do those whose nurturance was relatively far better.
However, despite all handicaps from childhood, there is still healing
available.  There is still a balm in Gilead, a salve of the spirit that can
surmount all pain and damage.  I am not talking about ideas, here, my
dears; not merely the concept of a loving God.  I am, rather, speaking of
the experience of that love; for the scars that have damaged your ability
to trust are the result of experience.  So, the healing is also the result
of experience.  

Last week Christ Michael shared his human perspective on prayer as he
practiced it as a man, and even as a child growing into manhood.  He was
fortunate, for his parents were superb!  He did not have the wounds that we
have been speaking of.  But even his faith startled his own earthly
parents, Joseph and Mary, for when he was a little child he experienced the
presence of God in such a comfortable way that he called Him Daddy, the
intimate term.  I grant you, in all honesty, that you do not have the same
advantages that Joshua ben Joseph had.  When I am say "you" I am not
referring to everyone who hears these words or reads them, only to those
whose foot the shoe properly fits.  

Some people who either don't want to examine their own personal history or
who are without personal wounds of faith find fault with trust in God
because of the condition of the world.  They reject, out of hand, that
there is a loving God Whom they could trust.  They put up an intellectual
wall of denial and some even become angry because the world is a mess.
They cannot imagine a Power higher themselves allowing such a travesty to
occur and continue.  Again, it is the wisdom of true religion that it must
be experienced.  True religion as to be more than second hand.

You were discussing what may have been running through Jesus' mind as he
anticipated his crucifixion, how he may have wondered why there were so
many who hated him.  He did arrive at a conclusion to these thoughts.  It
was a compassionate and merciful conclusion.  He understood that his
enemies, and yes, many of his friends, did not understand who he was and
what his message was.  They did not understand that they were putting to
death a Bestowal Son of God!  They thought of him as a political agitator,
as a threat to their power structures, as a blasphemer of their religion,
perhaps even as a deluded individual.  Jesus understood this and therefore
he could say, "Father, forgive them, for they don't know what they are

Where does all this lead to?  The conclusion is this: To increase your
faith you need to be in contact with our Father, with Christ Michael.  You
need to become more fully acquainted with God, because as you become more
acquainted you will naturally desire to become more and more like the
beautiful, the lovely, the perfect nature of the great Sources and Centers.
 As you become more familiar, as you actually converse with God, listening
as well as talking, you will feel His nature.  You know this....He is
within you.  You don't have to journey to Paradise to talk with the Father.
 Faith is the result of consistent nurturance.  Your faith in God will
increase as you experience His care in your life.  You have all tasted of
this.  You all know it is true.  I invite you to renew your friendship with
God, for to do the will of God is to share your inner life with Him.  Are
there questions or comments you wish to make?  I am open at this time.
(Long pause) And you may share your inner life with me, for I regard you as
friends as I know you regard me in the same way.

Ken: Minearisa, thank you for lesson this evening.  Thank you for being our
Instructor in Residence.  I forget the exact quote you said this evening
about our faith being increased by our understanding of the Father.  You
mentioned those of normal minds do this, have this opportunity.  I need to
understand a little more about those who are not of normal mind.  Can you
respond to that?

Minearisa: Yes, Ken.  I was talking about children that had normal care
giving verses children who were deprived of that close dependable
relationship with a care giver.  I did not mean to refer to people of
normal mind verses people who aren't of normal mind.  Rather normal or
desirable upbringing very less desirable upbringing can result in degrees
in the ability to exercise faith.  Perhaps I didn't make that clear.

Ken: Yes, you did.  I guess I didn't specify my question clearly enough.
Some are classified as not of normal mind, excluding those who are not
raised in a normal environment.  I don't mean those.  I mean those whose
thought processes are slow or distorted.  I would like to know their status.  

Minearisa: It is a highly technical question that you are asking.

Ken: Much like the five billion, huh?\

Minearisa: Not quite as difficult.  (Laughter) You see, you need to
remember that the word "normal" is a statistical term meaning the majority
or the average; and its use in the Urantia Book is describing the status of
mortals on this planet at this point in your evolutionary history.  At an
earlier time, before evolution had reached the point where Andon and Fonta
appeared, while there was mind in the ancestors of this human pair, it had
not reached the level where it was possible to make contact with the spirit
of worship and spirit of wisdom.  Therefore, those creatures, who were very
human like in some ways, were not of what we would term "normal" minded
compared to people today.  Of course there are still animals of this sort
whom scientists are trying to teach human skills to, such as reading.
Their attempts have been largely unsuccessful.  That is because their
brains and their minds are not on a high enough level for the last two
adjutant mind spirits to function.  They do not have a normal human mind or
brain.  Therefore, when through various causes, people are born whose brain
is altered and is not functioning at the level of intelligence which makes
it possible for that person to possess free will choice, then we describe
them as not of "normal mind". They are not capable of receiving a Thought
Adjuster because their mind/brain is not normally developed.  These are a
small percentage of the total population.

Then there is also a small percentage of people who are subnormal in their
moral capacity.  They lack the intuitive feeling of right and wrong.  They
can understand what the societal rules are, but they are not moral
creatures.  They do experience guilt feelings, regret, shame.  They have no
sense of the rightness of the right and the wrongness of the wrong.  It is
as though they were born blind and cannot see the environment.  Someone
with moral capacity cannot experience the spiritual realm.
I tell you this with a certain amount of trepidation, for I do not wish to
promote the idea that you should be judgmental or prejudiced toward either
of these categories of non-normal mindedness.  But since you asked me a
sincere question, I have given you my thoughts.  Have I answered your desire?

Ken: Yes, you have.  That was very good, giving me many points to ponder
and meditate over.  I get from your opening statement that normalcy is a
statistical number and I would assume that as we advance farther and closer
to the Father in our understanding as a whole, that the not-normal minds
would become less and less.

Minearisa: Yes, Ken.  Had the Planetary Prince's administration not gone
into rebellion and had Adam and Eve not defaulted, this kind of deficiency
would be enormously reduced through their genetic control.  However, that
isn't the case.  Very difficult, gut wrenching questions may be emerging
shortly as your science is now becoming more sophisticated in its
understanding of genetics.  The debacle, the atrocity of eugenics which
Hitler practiced has derailed much of the good which could have come from
the practice of eugenics among human beings with the same amount of
objectivity that is practiced by your own scientists and breeders,
horticulturists, etc. with animals and plants.  As I said a moment ago, my
trepidation is that my words will be taken to justify a judgmental
attitude.  However, when Jesus said to be wise as serpents and harmless as
doves, he had in mind that compassion cannot be practiced adequately when
it is done with a "rose colored glasses" mode of thinking. Compassion has
to see reality in order to be active in an effective way.    Are you
understanding what I am saying at this point?

Ken: Yes, I am.  I try not to be judgmental.  I have much more
understanding and compassion for the concepts you have presented.  You have
presented a plateful of food this evening and I am trying to digest it.
Thank you very much.

Minearisa: You are welcome.

LaReen: Minearisa, welcome.  It is good to have you back.

Minearisa: Thank you.

LaReen: A curiosity question.. It might be a good example of what you said
about judgment.  (Laughter)  In fact you brought it up!  Adolph Hitler,
would he be a good example of a not right mind?  And can you tell us how
his career is going?

Minearisa: I am not allowed to answer your question, my dear, because it
violates confidentiality.  It is deemed to not be an essential part of
personal growth for you or your friends.  We have told you things about
other people on occasion, your departed mortal brothers and sisters.  All I
can tell you is that Adolph Hitler is a special case.  He has been judged
by your mental experts to not be a sane person.  My superiors have
instructed me to reply as I have.  Always remember, Michael, as He reflects
the nature of the First Source and Center, desires that all personal beings
should survive.  His and the Father's mercy are unlimited.  Survival, of
course, eventually comes down to the decision of the individual.  You will
in the course of your morontia career know the answer to your question.
Perhaps it will be decided before you depart this life that this
restriction be lifted.  But that is its status as of now.  The information
is classified.  Sorry to disappoint you.

LaReen: That's okay.  Thank you very much.  It brings up other questions
about Thought Adjusters and on and on.  Thank you very much....

Minearisa: ....for not answering.  

LaReen: Yeah, I guess that's what I mean.

Virginia: Minearisa, I think in terms of many children that I see that
appear to not have "normal minds".  My hope is that their deficiencies are
healed and made up on the first mansion world.  I am thinking in terms of
mothers that show a great deal of love and care and nurturing to these
children.  I would like to believe that one day those mothers will see
these children whole and healed.

Minearisa: Then you may believe it!  (Laughter)

Virginia: Should this PollyAnna continue, or is there some real hope here
to hang on to?  

LaReen: I think you have permission for rose colored glasses.

Minearisa: You may believe it because the children and mothers you are
describing are likely to not be of subnormal intelligence, or lacking in
conscience.  People whose circumstances in life have not provided them with
the nurturance they needed as children and therefor could not provide as
parents to their children, yes these are deficiencies which will be
corrected on the mansion worlds.

Virginia: I was thinking of genetic deficiencies, where a child through
genetics is of subnormal intelligence.  But  there is a hope I have that
even the subnormal intelligence will be healed at another time, in another

Minearisa: Remember, the ascenders on the morontia spheres are there
because they had a Thought Adjuster during the mortal life.  Because they
had a Thought Adjuster and they cooperated with It to some degree, they
developed the morontia soul.  It is the morontia soul that survives death.
To those of subnormal intelligence who do not receive Thought Adjusters,
there is no remedy.  But again, I would caution you not to worry about
this, for we are never going to give you a "magic number" which is the
cutoff for normal verses subnormal.  Your scientists have their categories,
but they don't know this cutoff.  It is not a "magic number" actually.  It
is simply the situation in the evolutionary development. When a brain/mind
is capable of the reception of all seven adjutant spirits and the
connection to the Holy Spirit, then is such a person able to receive a
Thought Adjuster.  (Thank you) Do you understand why people cannot be on
the mansion worlds if they haven't developed a soul because they did not
have a Thought Adjuster?  (Thank you) Again, thank you for letting me tell
you what you may not want to hear.  Am I joking with you?

Virginia: I hope.  (Laughter)

Bob S: Let me pursue...You cautioned us not to be too judgmental here.  But
doesn't our society have to know and identify who are these people who have
no capacity for learning, so we don't put them into positions of power,
which we apparently do on occasions; in order for us to learn how to deal
with them?  Isn't some sort of judgment going to have to be made along the
way by our society?

Minearisa: Yes, my friend.  You bring up the difference between judgment
and discernment.  I used the word judgmental and you are using the word
judgment to mean discernment.  When I use the word judgment I am using it
in the sense of judgmental, making a discernment with an emotional
component of dislike, of "holier than thou" attitude.  Absolutely, Bob, the
very things you have pointed out I take no quarrel with.  Indeed, we have
to use discernment, which you termed judgments.  I realize that my language
may have confused you.  When I was cautioning against being judgmental, I
did not mean to be cautioning again discernment, but rather, against the
attitude that somehow or other, you who are of normal mind, deserve to be
of normal mind, whereas the person who is not of normal mind somehow also
deserves their status.  It is hard to formulate this in words.

Bob S: Well, I think we are getting the picture.

Minearisa: Okay.  Does that help clarify?

Bob S: I see a lot of blank faces, though.  I am not sure.  But I think you
are right.  That is difficult and our society has avoided that for that
reason, probably.  It is a most difficult area of discernment.  We had sort
of opted, as I see our society, to let those folks find their own demise.
They usually end up in prison.  But many don't.  Many of them end up quite
rich and famous and in power positions.  That is not good!  You are not
going to tell us how to do that, are you?  That's for us to figure out.  We
are not quite to that point yet.  But you are right as I see it.  Our
genetic research over the next few years puts us into the position of being
able to do that.

Minearisa: Yes, you will have the ability.  The question will be, who makes
the decisions about that sort of thing.  

Bob: Yes!  And that's going to be tricky.

Minearisa: Well, my friends, on this weighty note I am going to close off
our conversation, with one final statement to you, Bob.   Maybe this will
be hard for you to believe, but we, Melchizedeks, are emergency Sons.  We
go to situations that are not "normal".  We play it by ear, as it were,
under the orders of our supervisors.  Your situation on Urantia is not the
usual, as you know.  The procedures that have worked for millions of years
on other planets are not working here because they have been discarded.
So, it isn't as though we have a vast reservoir of recommendations based on
past experience.  We don't.  But we are only Melchizedeks; and this is an
evolving universe.  We await the evolution of these solutions as they will
be brought into existence by the human mind and all the celestial help that
is now and shall be available.

Bob: For which we are most thankful!

Minearisa: Yes, my friends. However, we know this.  We know that other
planets and Systems and even Constellations have achieved Light and Life in
the Superuniverses. 

Bob: Those that have gone through similar situations where they have had
rebellion and other circumstances?

Minearisa: Yes, that is correct.  We know that the Trinity will actualize
fully in the Supreme and the Ultimate, and possibly in the Absolute on
experiential levels.  To put into simple language, we know that God knows
what He is doing, and He is going to accomplish His purpose.  So with that
let's all take a leap of faith, clasp each other's hands.  Heclechora
desires Jonderock to TR.  Can you do that?

Bob S/Jonderock: Usually.  Let us be in the attitude of prayer.  My
friends, let us open our hearts to the possibilities that lie before us. 

To those Powers Whom we must accept as real, though we cannot see, yet we
have faith that You are there, for we have seen Your world.  We have seen
some of its creation.  We have met and conversed with those whom You have
sent.   Open our minds now to the possibility that God is in His Heaven and
all will be right in this world.  Amen.


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