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Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am happy and grateful that you
have chosen to come this evening. Tonight let us talk about the wonder
of growth. Spiritual growth goes on unless it is actively obstructed. It
is fairly constant, although there may be some noticeable bursts coming
between periods of relative quiet. There are also unconscious
obstructions sometimes which must be consciously removed for growth to
go ahead safely. There are seasons of growth where these obstructions
are removed and growth happens fairly rapidly. But over all, spiritual
growth is fairly constant and completely unconscious.

You will notice the fruits of the spirit. You will notice inner changes
which open new possibilities and further growth. Spiritual growth is
experienced in the soul. You feel the soul expanding, even solidifying.
You feel your spiritual fruits multiply.

You have active links to the greater spirit through prayer and
meditation. Prayer is like a nutrient to growth. You may pray for what
you think you need, but the Master gardener will add what he knows you

Let us speak of obstacles to growth. Obstacles are those little areas
where one harbors a stubborn insistence on one's own views. This can be
in the form of resentment, non-forgiveness, any hatred in its many
forms, and fear in its many guises. Some people fear love and most
people fear love somehow, some way within themselves. There are some
hidden corners where you may be afraid to love yourself for in that love
there is acceptance. Many of you have old parental attitudes hidden
away, disapproval of yourselves in some manner. But I say to you, these
obstacles must all be removed one by one.

Do not be afraid to open every door, no matter how painful or
embarrassing you may feel about yourself in that place. For when you
come to acceptance and love, then growth can occur, maturity can ripen.
Much of maturing consists in simply moving toward greater and greater
self-love. Self-love, in this sense, is not selfishness but the
acceptance of the Father's love.

Relax in your gradual acceptance of the Father's love. Recognize old
fears as they come up and recognize the fear of love when you see it.
Then, work toward removing it by endeavoring to see yourselves through
the Master's loving eyes. What are your questions?

Q: Ham, this is going to be my last night for a while, I want to thank
you for all your counsel in the time I have been here and I wonder if
you have any counsel for me?

Ham: Yes my dear, the way is opening for you in ways you have not
expected but nonetheless have embraced. You have shown great spiritual
courage and a willingness to follow the leading of the spirit wherever
it shall lead. This is very important and you are growing closer to your
spiritual guidance every day. Be at ease and let go of your fears for
you will be shown the way. Everything is fine.

Q: Ham do you have any counsel for me tonight?

Ham: My son, you do well. You are finding great inner strength, but also
the door to inner tenderness is opening wider every day. Remember the
Master's meekness before God. Ever was he humble, grateful, and loving
and in these ways, ways of quiet meekness, you are progressing. Continue
to look forward and not backward. Continue to embrace the Master's way
of meek obedience to the Father's love.

Q: Ham, Jim asked for a message please.

Ham: Yes my son, you do well and are finding great inner strength to
face the challenges before you. One foot before the other is how your
life will progress. Little victories are just as important as big ones.
Again, follow the Master's example. Be at peace as you go forward. Rest
in his love and draw strength from his constant reassurance.

Q: May I ask for a personal message myself.

Ham: Certainly, my daughter, do not be anxious for you are doing
something important from which you can draw courage years from now. Have
inner assurance that you will be led in the right directions and
provided with what you are needing. You are growing in the spirit and as
we discussed that growth can be frightening and give you the feeling of
instability, but the reality is that growth will give you the strength
and stability you require. So be at ease my daughter, these feelings
will pass.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Yes. My dear, you do well. You are gradually but steadily removing
those old fears which have been obstacles in your growth. The way ahead
opens steadily but certainly. Rest in complete assurance for all is well.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Yes my son, likewise you are removing old fears. You still retain
old scars from childhood which can cloud your view of yourself and
others at times. But gradually and surely you are breaking through old
restrictive patterns of thought and coming into greater understanding of
yourself. The way opens my son. Be at peace, for you do well.

Q: From Zura0208: Goodevening Ham, A few weeks back I asked you if my
sister would be/get any better with her back. She had a replacement knee
and now has arthritis of the spine and snosis. She can only walk a short
distance before her hips start to burn and at this point she must sit
down. Plus she has Parkinson's Disease on her right side. The Dr. has
increased the strength of her medication and it takes a few weeks before
it takes affect. I pray that she will overcome this and be able to
function on a halfway normal scale. What are your thoughts?

Ham: My daughter, often the greatest spiritual lessons are learned
through physical suffering. The body is a temporary vessel. It will
gradually wear out and this is part of life. The adjustments that are
made in coping with the aging body are very valuable. Do not fear the
inevitable aging process for yourself or your sister. Suffering often
begets spiritual progress and insight. So, be at peace.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Norbert?

Ham: Be at peace my son. All is well. Sometimes in youth, the natural
processes of life can seem very dramatic and all encompassing. One's
passions are aroused and it seems that older people take things much too
relaxedly. Find peace, my son. Do not worry so much, for life continues
as it always has. Gain peace and wisdom through prayer.

Q: Keri thanks you for her previous messages and would like a personal
message tonight.

Ham: Greetings my daughter. You are also a person of great passion and
you are often wearing your heart on you sleeve, so to speak. With the
spiritual perspective, you will be able to step back a little and gain
perspective on the difficulties of the moment. Many opportunities and
changes lie just down the road, so do not worry about the present for
all will be well.

Q: do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Certainly. My son, you do well. You life's perspective continues to
change and widen. You are gradually growing calmer and more at peace
within yourself. You are a man who always seems calm to others, but
often this is not so. Gradually, the inner self is coming into line as
your morontia mind gains greater and grater control. Be at peace my son,
you do well.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

Ham: Yes, my son. You are doing well and are finding great peace and
comfort within that was not there just a few years ago. Release your
conscious mind into the hand of the Father and thus expand the Father's
control in your life. Remember that the Master stands beside you ready
to help you whenever it is needed. Be at peace my son, for you do very

You are all progressing, you are all making spiritual strides. Be at
peace for the way will be cleared before you. Take the Master's hand and
walk with him. Until next week, my love and prayers go with you, farewell.

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