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Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am grateful to be among you
this evening. Welcome.

We are grateful also to have the opportunity to work with our newest
transmitter this evening and I would like to begin my lesson with her aid.

[changed TR's]

Yes, my dear ones, once again may I express my love for you all. You are
all very remarkable as individuals and as a group. Your interest and
devotion to the teaching mission is a blessing to us all. As you each
have taken the pathway of spiritual growth, you have been guided every
step of the way. That guidance will continue and is always there for you.

You all have received much and will be given much more which you will
share with much love for others. Your deeds do not go unnoticed. You are
continually guided and uplifted in the Father's love.

Rebecca will continue with the transmission.

[changed TR's]

Yes, very good my daughter, you do well.

Our lesson this evening shall be concerning patience. Every human being
eventually must learn to have patience. The Father's time moves at its
own pace. Your spiritual growth cannot be hurried, nor can you change
the pace of events by worrying or rushing. But, further, it is important
to grown in patience toward others.

Impatience is a sign of immaturity and most human beings are stricken
with this behavioral characteristic throughout the first half of life.
As you mature, your patience ripens into forbearance, and your
forbearance in to understanding, and your understanding into love so
that the actions of those at a more immature level fraught with
impatience, fraught with little fits of intolerance, their actions are
understandable and are to be pitied more than condemned.

The small dog is an example. He is impatient, he craves immediate
attention and gratification. He vocalizes his discontent. And so it is
with human beings as well. Much social friction is the direct result of

Now, lastly, let us discuss patience with ourselves. Often times a
person's own actions or inactions are a cause for discontent. Every
human being feels that they fall short under various situations and
circumstances and there is a time when it is easier to accuse and
condemn oneself than it is to embrace forgiveness. It is easier to think
"If I had just done such and such, if I hadn't done such and such". This
way you keep focused on an action rather than a cause of that action.

To embrace forgiveness, one must embrace one's helplessness. One must
cease to hide in speculations and condemnations about one's actions and
look beyond to the deeper needs that are crying out for fulfillment, the
deeper troubles. It is very important when you have moments of
frustration to begin the process of stepping back, stepping back from
the action and releasing the need for action because action often is
covering a problem.

There are many people who push themselves beyond endurance in order to
avoid any hint of helplessness. But my friends, we are helpless in the
universe. We are not here to save ourselves. The Master said, "he who
would lose his life shall find it". Part of this surrender is a patient
process. One cannot give lip service to serving the Father while
constantly serving oneself and be unified.

People further hide that inner helplessness through seeming to work
constantly for others. The Master said, "the human heart is capable of
great deceit", and most lives are layers of masking problems or denying
the truth of one's simple helplessness. Getting to that moment of truth
when you can put down your guard surrendering the weapons of activity
that give the illusion of power and safety is not an easy process. But,
you must each of you have patience with yourselves.

Realize that there is no single answer, there is only a process and the
process is painful. Vulnerability is painful. Seeing your weaknesses is
painful. But, there is no other way to true peace. Inner peace implies
inner honesty, inner acceptance, and inner forgiveness. None of these
things are places of power or control. They are all places of helpless

The small dog is comical in his assertion of power. In the universe,
human beings are seen in much the same way. But, human beings have the
power of self-reflection that the dog does not. You each can laugh at
your ridiculous poses yourselves. You can with good humor and gentle
forgiveness, understand yourselves and forgive yourselves in order that
you may come to that place of complete powerlessness where you can give
everything you have and are and will be to the Father. You can grow and

There is no greater service to perform in this world. There is nothing
that can redeem you besides the redeemer. You cannot justify barriers
between yourselves and him in any way.

The Father has one command, "come to me", and your response should not
be, "Father I will but right now I am busy serving your children". The
primary decision in you lives must be, "Yes Father, I will come". Then,
on the way, you will do his bidding. But, this will be his bidding, not

This process of coming to the Father is a long one and you are just
beginning. Have patience with yourselves, but also when you recognize
something that is holding you back, anything that you are putting
between you and the Father, between you and your real self, these things
must be gradually removed.

Be unafraid of vulnerability. Be unafraid of helplessness for in that
helplessness you will find true safety and in that vulnerability you
will find your true selves. Are there any questions?

Q: Ham I have not been in a while and it is really good to be here. I
have been reading the transcripts. Thank you for your guidance and if
you have anything for me this week I would love to hear it.

Ham: Yes my daughter, you are doing very well. But, you also must be
careful that this strength that serves you well in the world should not
hinder you when it comes to you and the Father. Be careful not to be too
self-sufficient, too self-made for your soul in its purity is as a tiny
child open and vulnerable to the Father's gentle love and this soul must
grow and become more of you, not something that is less. Do not be
afraid of this process for your inner beauty is revealed not through the
great successes but through the human stumbles even failures. Be aware
that balance is necessary for you right now and you are doing well to
pursue this.

Q: Ham do you have any counsel for me tonight?

Ham: Of course, my beloved daughter, you are also struggling with the
demand of the spirit. You have been through a long period of breaking
down that which was. The things that you valued, the person that you
were, even five years ago, is no more. You are being reborn in a sense
and you are coming to realize that in truth you are a wonderful person.
You are a beloved daughter of the Father and as I said earlier, he will
guide your footsteps. Trust him. A new way will open, and it will be as
though you are going home. You will have everything you need. Be
completely at peace.

Q: Do you have a personal message for me?

Ham: Yes, my daughter, you are also doing well. You are a person of
great skill and of growing self-awareness. Your path has been
complicated by conflicting emotions and feelings concerning your own
inner worth. But, I want to give you reassurance to let you know that
all these things have been part of your growth, that nothing has been
wasted, that all is valuable. The most important thing for you to begin
to grasp and to grasp it with your heart and not your mind, and that is
that the Father absolutely adores you. There is nothing about you that
the Father does not love. You are someone who has been hurt by religion.
But this must ben worked through now and forgiveness must be sought and
achieved whole heartedly. Go in peace my dear. Everything is much better
than you think it is.

Q: Ham I just want to say it's good to be back and I would appreciate
anything you have to say to me tonight.

Ham: Yes my son. You are also doing very well. The lesson concerning
patience is very important for you. There was not a lot of patience
afforded you when you were a child. And so, you don't believe that you
deserve to be indulged with patience. You are someone who is patient
with other people, but not with yourself. I still see a lot of inner
self-condemnation that you must begin working through. There was not a
lot of support for you in your childhood home. You were more the
emotional support others relied upon. But my son, these things are
behind you and your work with the Father must be your own. Pray to him
to give you that patience with yourself that will lead to love for
yourself. Embrace your human weaknesses. Do not deny that they exist.
Usually, children coming out of a home where there are patterns of
denial continue those patterns in different ways and this can be very
debilitating in the long term. This week when you are frustrated with
yourself for any reason, say to yourself "This just shows me that I am
helpless and that I am weak and that is what I need to know".

Q: Ham, I need your advice on an interpersonal matter please.

Ham: Yes, my daughter, this dilemma is very real and you are coming to
make a decision, but you must accept the consequences of this decision.
You must be willing to accept the decisions that the other person may
make in reaction to your decision and be prepared to accept what the
fallout may be. As harsh as it is, there are some situations where human
beings confuse love and dependence. Each human being must grow and
develop in all areas. But there are many who will not grow if not forced
into it. You want to be a true partner and help mate and you see that to
gain that there must be changes which risk the relationship because it
alters the dynamic. So, you must decide to either keep that dynamic as
it is, or try to change it through drastic steps. This is your choice
and yours to make with the Father. In all decisions, the Father will
guide you and give you strength. Be at peace my dear. You will be fine
and so will all concerned.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Yes my daughter, you are doing very well. You are constant in your
loyalty and this is very refreshing and obvious to others. You are a
person who is loyal to the highest spiritual values. You are
unwaveringly loyal to the people you love, including myself. And so you
inspire loyalty as well. The people around you don't want to disappoint
you and so you have to be sensitive to this for everyone disappoints
everyone one else sooner or later and you are unaware of this desire on
the part of others. Know that you have come through a trying time of the
spirit that is now passing. Inner peace is your reward.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Yes, my son, you are doing very well. You have come to understand
yourself better and better. But, most importantly, you have come to
forgive yourself and in that forgiveness your understanding has grown.
The spiritual path has been a very rocky one for you, not one step has
been easy. But through it all you have had tremendous faith and that
faith is unwavering. This is what is important. You have been tested and
found not wanting for faith. With faith if God, all things are possible.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

Ham: Yes, my son, you are doing very well. This lesson was largely for
you tonight. You are growing in patience and tolerance every day and you
are coming gradually to embrace your soul which is that helpless child
in the universe. Turn ever more completely to the Father with a whole
heart. If there be impediments between you and him, endeavor to remove
them. Use humor to defuse the seriousness of your days. Have a light
heart, and go forth with increasing faith. You are someone with a very
sturdy sense of what you feel you should be, but there is a part of you
that is constantly conscious of falling short. Understand then, that the
Father loves you just the way you are right now, no more, no less, no
different. All the pain, all the fears, all the struggles, all this is
known. All this is experienced with you. All you can do is embrace the
Father's love and you must do that in the now, as you are. His love
heals everything. There is no wound too deep that his love will not seek
it out and heal it. It is for you to allow this process. It is OK to be
defenseless. Your defense has for years been the intellect. But the
intellect is a small thing in this great universe. All the various
shields people use, weapons they employ, to feel a little less afraid
are small things, like the dog's tiny teeth, they cannot do much real
protecting. It is in his mind that he is fearsome and all powerful. So
be at peace with yourself today, right now.

Go with my love and my blessings upon you, all of you for each day is a
new beginning. Trust the Father to give you what you need as you go
forth laying down the old armor and trusting your vulnerability in the

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