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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group

Monday, March 24, 2003, 8:30 P.M.
Arcadia, California


Lucille: Dear Father, thank you for our teachers. Tonight may we learn
from our teacher. We hope for peace in our world. We are anxious to hear
from JarEl. Thank you Father, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is
good to see all of you once again. It is good to be here, to bring forth
this message to you so that you may take it with you, let it sink in and
perhaps derive some information from it.

Tonight I would like to discuss with you, in terms of your personal life,
having peace within in order to project peace to others. I know many of
you are aware of current events on your world which may seem that they have
taken a turn for the worse. As I have said before, the world is getting
better and better. One of the reasons why is that people like you exist on
this earth. People like you who have taken time to look within and have
peace in lives and bring it to those around them. This is where the peace
begins, from within. For when you look within you find God; you find the
true source of all peace and tranquility. Therefore you look inside and
you discover this peace which enables you to project it outward to those
who surround you. This influences them to find peace within themselves as

How do you do this? How do you create this peace within when you perceive
chaos without? It is very simple. It is all based on your faith on the
knowledge that God is within you and is with you in all that you go
through. This knowledge and belief is sufficient to allow you to create a
peaceful environment within yourself. When you do this, you look within
and you find the peace which is so needed on this earth. You tap into the
source which enables you to grow, to live, to breath and to love.

It is very easy to tap into the source, to God, for He always exists and He
is always present. He is always there when you need Him. Since you have
learned to facilitate yourself to such a source you make it seem to others
like nothing bothers you, like you are in control. The only thing you are
doing is reassuring yourself that God loves you and that God is around you
and protecting you always. This will inspire others to see how steadfast
you are, how in control you are. This reassures them and brings peace
within their lives. So be an example of peace. Be an example of love,
truth and beauty. Be an anchor for humanity for it so desires peace.

At this moment there are many who feel confused and lost. What you have to
offer to them is your love for the Father. That which is in your heart and
mind can soothe others, can soothe their lives. Don’t concern yourself too
much as to whether you have the time, just do and act whenever you are
needed. Your problems will resolve themselves and at the same time you
will be helping others. Most of the time you will find when you help
others you help yourself. For in helping other you have a higher sense of
being and a higher sense of consciousness which is not possible outside of
service to your brothers and sisters.

A part of the purpose of your life on earth is to harmonize with
others. For one day you shall be one with the universe and God, but until
that point you must learn how to be one. It is easy to imagine yourself as
separate from others. From your point of view you may perceive that you
are the center of the universe but you must realize that this point of view
is only one point and there are many points and each point has equal
value. It is when we realize that our point is part of the whole, part of
the many, that we see that we are part of a huge grand scheme of value. We
then realize that we are not the center of the universe and that the center
of the universe does exist within but at a far deeper and meaningful
level. It exists within everyone that you meet creating a fellowship, a
sense of brotherhood among you that allows you to respect those who
surround you.

This is what I spoke of last time; looking inside a person and finding
their light. This is the same as looking at them and finding their eternal
grace. For they are just like you: eternal and forever. Since you are
forever, you should begin your lives by practicing peace and love instead
of chaos and fear. You should find tranquility within yourself when you
realize that you are forever. Your potential is much greater than your
mortality. You have potential to bring peace to this earth. You have
potential to be leaders. Your potential reaches far beyond this
planet. You have great potential to be great leaders in this
universe. There are many who look upon you as good candidates for future

My dear students, every other week you come here to listen to me speak to
you. You may take something with you or you may not. The important thing
is that you come to share this moment and to listen. It shows in you a
great desire to learn and grow which are key elements to spiritual growth
in any person. Your willingness to listen to us and digest our words and
to seriously ponder our ideas and thoughts which are being
transmitted/received shows us that your potential for spirituality and your
oneness with God is assured. We all look forward to the day of your fusion
with God. We have no doubt that you will arrive
.to that day of fusion.

Are there any questions tonight?------------My dear students I have said
what I want to say. Perhaps the next time we meet you may be a little more
talkative, for tonight I wish you good night.

All: Good night JarEl.

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