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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: The Father’s Creation is Flawless; You Conjointly Create in
Partnership with Him.
Teachers: Monjoronson, Elyon

March 16, 2003

* Monjoronson (Jonathan TR): I step into your midst today. I visit you
not for the first time in person, but I am at this hour greeting you in
this manner such that you can acknowledge my proximity and begin to
recognize our affiliation in the outworking of my magisterial mission. I
am of the Avonal order of son.
It is heartening to witness your propensity to adjust your perspective
to align to a morontia viewpoint, and from this vantage you better
comprehend your human conditions, your social situations. Father has
established the creation plan of time and space and has done so with all
the marks of divine perfection. To those of you who dwell upon a world
such as Urantia, it does not appear that much of the conditions exhibit
perfection. I who take up an assignment such as this also am aware of the
discrepancies between the projected beauty of Supreme completeness and the
time limited appearances on any given world and any particular culture,
even to the choices and actions of an individual. The appearance of flaw,
the observance of inadequacies, the apparent errors, are unique to our
condition as beings domiciled within this time/space realm. Creation of
evolution throughout the universe by God was done so in pattern just as
you have spoken of today from a higher vantage point, from the perspective
of absoluteness. In this context supremacy is flawless, for it represents
precisely the purpose of the Creator. When you adjust your attitude
toward a morontia panoramic view, you are ascending to the perspective of
your God.
I am of origin such that I have naturally been endowed with creator
qualities. This allows me to function with ascending agencies overlaying
the plan of the Infinite with the progress of the finite. I welcome all
of you into the mission of transforming the age of spirit development on
Urantia over to the new era that is promised by your Michael Son and
promoted by many of his ministering agents. While I am assigned to assess
the condition of this planet and determine the next best course of action,
I also act as an ambassador representing a divine blueprint that will
overlay this world and make it what it is the hope of your Creator Son
that it be. Herein is my greatest challenge: to determine your current
conditions and to discern methods, undertakings, whereby we may transform
this world to align with the blueprint. Of awesome consideration is your
growing understanding of your significance in this unfoldment, this plan
toward attaining planetary Light and Life.
I have said that the Father’s creation is flawless, all the while you
and I both wrestle with difficulties and struggle with errors. Given the
nature of this Supreme reality you are per force engaged in the actual
creation of time and space. This may not appear to be obvious to one who
has, for only a short time, grappled with the conditions of the Supreme.
You have recorded on this world a phrase in a document that says, “In the
beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” May I be bold enough to
suggest that this verb “created” be adjusted to an ongoing present tense,
“creating”. You may rest assured that while God has a divine plan for
your life and for your world, this plan has many blank lines on the list
that you fill in. There are no hidden answers or trick questions; it is
the desire of the Father to discover what you conjointly create in
partnership with Him that fills in these lines and defines your plan.
This is an awesome condition. Yes, it may bring upon you a sense of
responsibility, but it also ought to instill in you a profound joy, for
the opportunity to be involved in creation with God entails deep
Rest knowing full well, as you do, that you are at this time stationed
on a world that uses the functions of biological life to support you. So
you will be ever reminded of your animal legacy, of your finiteness.
However, never let these conditions convince you that you are incapable of
participating in universe creation with your God. You have the supreme
opportunity of an ageless lifetime, being housed as you are in the form of
an earth creature, dwelling upon a world of unique status, revealing to
God the emerging spiritual luminosity of your soul, providing an anchor
point for the divine. Remember to elevate your consciousness to that
overview you speak of, to balance your mind and thereby order your world.
This is your greatest task, and I present it to you that you may better
understand my assignment, for I do likewise. I come to layer perfection
upon imperfection, transforming the latter, revealing the former. My work
has begun. Your work is beginning as it is involved in the progress of
this world.
You may wonder what actions of spiritual significance you may take
that would provide any impact, if any, upon the progress of this world.
Spend little time fretting over the potentials, rather sharpen your
ability to discern in the moment what is appropriate for the minute. You
understand that Michael Son was required to undergo seven creature
bestowals. A creature type was chosen; a particular world was selected,
and a given time was determined for such an undertaking. Michael came
with one single purpose each time. After that it all was experience. No
further plans. No curriculum. No pass or fail test. You have likewise
one simple plan and that is to love one another and to love God, to expand
your soul. After that Father has designed within this reality that you
live now many variables, many potentials, for you to explore, develop,
attain, and reveal this simple purpose.
Thank you for receiving my presence today. Again I repeat that I
welcome you into this mission not as ones who have recently joined, for I
am fully aware of your many years of dedication and service. My welcome
today is the acknowledgment of our audible acquaintance and conscious
cooperation. I am known among those in this mission as Monjoronson.

Mark: Thank you. This task before us, more of a privilege than a
task, this mission of fostering the highest ideals available to us and
attempt to realize them in this condition of materialism. I am aware of
the influence of spirit when I attempt to promote, to co-create, this
reality in this material realm. I have a sense of support from the
universe, from spirit, when I attempt to manifest these higher levels. I
wonder if that is the missing link that we seek to actualizing these
potentials, to embrace them and promote them. We are joined in spirit
when we align ourselves with these ideals. I hope and I think I
understand this relationship of this universal commitment. I acknowledge
that. I would like to open up other avenues that are available to me, to
us, to work more closely with you.

* Monjoronson: Firstly, you are welcome. Second point, you are
correct. When this world entered into rebellion what crumbled primarily
was the educational, philosophical platform of your Planetary Prince and
this system’s one time sovereign. While the world became darkened, to use
words of historic significance on this planet, it appears to many that
spirit was withdrawn. You understand from your training that spirit has
never left you, never. This world underwent administrative change, but
guidance was ever present. Terrestrial life went on as it would have
given planetary prince’s presence or not. What was lacking was that
intervening dimension that taught ideals and values, that revealed
patterns, that expressed purposes, that encouraged growth, and trained the
willing with skills.
You speak of spirit influence and how important this is to your
confidence, is it not?

Mark: Indeed.

* Monjoronson: And you are quite motivated to be a blessing to your
fellows in ministry and service. This is spirit out-fluence. This flow
is because you have disciplined yourself to change your lifestyle that it
conforms to the ideals you’ve adopted from your vision of the perfect and
divine. This is what is lacking on this world.
When Michael taught centuries ago to do unto others as you would have
them do to you, he was addressing this ideal. Much debate may take place
over precisely what is the wish that the one be done unto by another. But
when the discussion is exhausted it simply comes to the point that, as
high as you reach, that do. Thereby will this world attain Light and
Life, Planetary Prince or not.
I will withdraw my services at this time. Again I thank you for
receiving me this day. I shall return.

* Elyon (Mark): Greetings, Elyon here. Truly it is a joy for me to be
with you as we encounter our guest speakers. They bring their wisdom and
their grace and their peace to us so freely and so lovingly that it is
with profound joy that I experience their presence as do you. We have
been provided with ample food for thought today at this time. I just
simply desire to make my presence known to you to once again strengthen
this awareness bond we have between us that it grows stronger with time,
that it will grow more accessible to you with time, that all this training
we are engaged in be fruitful to you, as we both endeavor to be about the
work of the Father and the business therein.
I am and remain forever pleased at the association I share with you.
It brings me great rewards to see the growth on your world of individuals
such as yourselves who have chosen to orient your lives to accommodate an
entire realm outside your range of vision but not outside your field of
spirit observation.
Once again, I bring my congratulations for application to the lesson
plan as well as the desire of your hearts to be of service. This is the
doorway through which we may access the grand arena of service and
participate with joy and willingness in this arena, and certain victory
will crown our efforts as we engage ourselves through this act of will. I
echo the words to not be overly concerned with the details of the mission
before us, rather simply be open-minded and open-hearted to embrace the
mission as it becomes evident to you in the moment, in the hour, in which
it presents itself. These are the skills we have been honing. I perceive
in each of you a willingness and readiness to be engaged. I bring you the
assurance that this flowing of spirit will bring you the opportunities you
seek, will furnish you with the conditions appropriate to fulfilling these
desires of your heart. The rest is to simply flow merrily down the
stream. I trust we enjoy this together.
I am ever pleased to be with you. I withdraw at this time unless
there is need otherwise. I anticipate there is food much for thought and
do not wish to overload the circuits. My joy and my peace go with you as
do the joy and the peace of our Father and our Mother Spirits. Be about
your business today with this joy and this peace surrounding, flowing into
you and flowing out of you. Thank you.
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