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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group

Monday, March 10, 2003, 8:30 P.M.
Arcadia, California


Donna: Dearest heavenly Father thank you for this gathering here. Thank
you for all of our minds and hearts which are open to hearing what you have
to tell us and what you would have us experience. Thank you for the
opportunities you give us. Thank you for our many blessings. Thank you
for our brothers and sisters. Thank you most of all for Your LOVE. Please
assist us in doing Your Will, in Michael's name, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good
to see all of you once again. It is good to share this moment with you and
this lesson. The light which emanates from this room is so powerful it can
be seen miles away. The reason why is because you have your hearts full of
joy, beauty and goodness. You project this out towards the world wanting
it to change for the better. Yes, at times you may feel helpless to such
conditions, but your motivation, your desires, ultimately are heard and
ultimately there is an answer to your prayers and your longings.

This world is not completely chaotic; you can pray for something and it may
come true. There is an order to things; there is a system that works. It
might work a little slow in your own eyes, but it is working
nonetheless. It is taking effect and changing lives and changing thoughts
in people's hearts. There is evidence all around you that this is
happening. You only have to look. Let me reassure you that the world is
changing for the better. People hearts' are softening and they are
listening to you, those who have goodwill towards men. The plain fact is
that you make more sense than those who are beating the drums of war. Your
ideas and your logic are more reasonable. Continue exposing the ideas of
truth, beauty and love. Demonstrate your ability to be examples of how
such a life should be carried out. The greatest example you ever had was
Michael, he exemplified the ultimate.

Your lives do have meaning and the works that you do are
recorded. Everything that you do on earth has its meaning. There will be
times when you are capable of seeing a person and seeing the light that
emanates from within their soul. You will see those who show forth more
light and you will know why their light shines so bright. Then you will
begin to associate with this bright light, with the attitude which that
person has, and you will start striving for such an elevated attitude, such
an elevated consciousness. You sense it at this moment, although you do
not see. You can tell because you feel it; you feel it when a person has
light that shines from within. It doesn't matter what the appearance of
the person, it doesn't matter the color of their skin or their sex or even
their age. You sense the light that comes from within this person and
there is something about that person that you are attracted to. This will
become more evident once you pass a couple of Morontia Worlds. You will
begin to see the difference between those who shine brightly and those who
do not shine so brightly. You will know why.

How fortunate you are if you can see it now. Yet how fortunate you are if
you can feel or believe without seeing. You become spiritual without a
center core religion established. I say you are fortunate for you sense
this light which emanates from within each of your spiritual brothers and
sisters. You sense it and you become attracted to such light and in your
minds you have reasoned why this light is attracted to you? You have
judged that it is beneficial to your soul to come close to this light, to
acquire it for yourself as well. You do not crave things of this earth;
you crave things which are beyond this earth. You crave these things
because you believe, you feel and yet you know. This is why you are
fortunate. And so you shall be when you finally do see this light, and
become familiar with it and begin to recognize it with your own eyes. In
all your life you are knowing, you are feeling because it becomes evident
in your sight and in your mind. Things begin to click; you begin to
realize that you already knew it all along. You just had no way to
visualize it with your own eyes, you always felt it, and you always knew
it. You always had a sense at the back of your mind that told you yes this
is real, but never did you see it with your own eyes, and so you
shall. When you do, it shall be the most exciting time in your life, for
you shall become fascinated with this new realization, this new idea that
has always been yours. So believe without seeing, for one day you shall see.

One day you shall know it to be true. I know that what I tell you can
just be meaningless words to you. They can be just ideas or concepts that
you can contemplate in your minds and that maybe one day, you will finally
see. I don't expect you to have full belief in what I say. Just think
about it, just imagine it if you can with whatever reference you have
within your own mind. Imagine the beauty, the wonder, the magnificence of
the light you hold inside you and the light others hold inside their own
souls. Imagine this radiance that emanates from each and every one of
you. Imagine a light emanating from a child or from an old
person. Imagine when you become close to that person, your lights meld in
such a way that you become one with that person and they become one with
you. This is what I want you to imagine. If you could do this for just
one month your lives would be so much better. For you would begin to find
that you have respect for those around you; those that are in your
immediate circle. When you finally find respect for these people you will
not only find respect for them but you will find respect for yourself. For
you will be finally treating them the way they deserve and they in return
will treat you the way you deserve. Hence your relationship becomes
symbiotic. This symbiosis begins to harmonize and it begins to ring true
in yourselves and in your community. This will grow and spread. This will
become like ripples in the water that expand outward and effect others. Of
course this is the goal. For your own purpose it is good to have a
harmonious symbiosis around yourself first before you are able to effect
further and distance relations. So imagine that lights emanate from others
and from yourself. If you can see the light that is great, you have taken
a great leap in your spiritual development.

I assume that most of you have a difficult time at this moment, therefore,
I ask you to imagine rather than see. For it is easier to imagine, it is
harder to see. Even those who have sight are blind. So take the time to
imagine this beauty that exists in everyone. Take a moment in your life
and truly contemplate the living essence of each person. Do this exercise,
sit anywhere, in a park on a bench, in a crowded place and watch people
pass you by. Each time your eye turns to a person imagine the light that
is emanating from them as they walk by. Draw your attention to another
person and see the same light, and then to another. Soon you will begin to
realize there are many people who all have the same light as you and they
all deserve equal the respect and love.

Why do I ask you to do this exercise - to become familiar with the
potential that each person has. Perhaps your skill at detecting each
person's light will sharpen. There will be times when you will see
darkness around a person. The only explanation for this is they have
separated themselves from the Father. Many times you will see the light
and you will notice that those particular people are a lot friendlier,
emanate a more powerful light than others. If you wonder why, find out
what this person does? How do they live their life? Then you will see by
their example they can effect others to be better than themselves. That is
what we ask of you, to be such an example that others will be motivated to
change their lives for the better. Now that is not too hard, is it? Most
of you are already doing this, so we are not asking you a great deal. For
you have already done this. There is much compensation waiting for you. I
would like to answer any questions if there are any at this moment?

Stella: I would like to know if the light of the millions who are opposing
the war will have any effect at all on stopping it?

JarEl: TR, George. The tremendous force that is being emanated from all
these souls will have a great effect on the current situation and on future
situations to come. There has been a great response in opposition to
violence and we all see this. That is why I have told you that the world
is changing. There are thousands, upon thousands of people who hold in
their hearts, truth, beauty and goodness. War and hatred are abhorrent to
their hearts. The effect will be great. I encourage this for it is doing
great for the entire world. Are there anymore questions?

Lucille: JarEl, we certainly thank you for all of your lessons and the
fact that you meet with us and allow us to ask questions. We appreciate
all the efforts that you put forth for us.

JarEl: TR, George. It has truly been my pleasure to come and teach this
group. This is a universe of learning. This is a universe of growing and
of asking questions. So feel free at anytime to ask questions.

Lucille: How can we shed this light that you talk about, how can we
increase it and make it more vibrant?

JarEl: TR, George. You have asked this question before.

Lucille: O.K. I have to be reminded.

JarEl: TR, George. I do believe I have told you that the best way that
you can continue to share this light is to be positive and keep doing what
you are doing. The light that you shine can be increased, yes. You are
already bright as it is. I do not ask anything more of you. That goes for
all of you, keep doing what you are doing. Keep being the bright examples
to others, so that the day that you leave this earth and travel to the
Morontia Realm, those who you left behind, will remember you and will say
truly that you lived your life to the fullest, that you set an example for
them on how to live and how to love and how to forgive and how to
grow. You are examples and I love all of you, just as Michael loves you as
well. I will leave you with that, good night.

All: Good night JarEl.

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