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S.E. Idaho TeaM

Michael(Bill): I am Michael, your friend and your brother. Put aside all
cares, all worries, open your minds and expand your hearts to realize the
unity of your fellowship and it's Source in whatever comes from the First
and Central Source, the Father Himself.   We strive always to please Him,
for this whole universe plan is created, extended, and upheld by His love.
It is the driving power of your lives and Mine.   Let us worship our Father.

Oh, my Father, I have known You from near Eternity and these My children
are now beginning to know You.  They are blinded at times by the brightness
of Your glory, but they are beginning to see that the light does not kill
by over exposure, but brings life and health to their souls.  They are
becoming infected with the virus of love so that they more and more yearn
to someday stand in Your presence, even as I have done on so many
occasions.  May tonight's meeting dispel the clouds of fear, anxiety, self
doubt, and lift them up to the sureties that their faith tastes of, the
sureties of divine love and the thorough success of this great experiment
of Supremacy.  Even so, My Father, hold them tenderly in Your hands, even
as I hold them in Mine.  Amen.

Daniel(Bob S.): Greetings, my very dear friends.   I am Daniel, your
teacher, your guide, your stalwart admirer, but mostly your friend.  I have
grown extremely close to all of the members of this group; and while I am
considerably older than even Virginia...

Ken: That's pretty old, Daniel!  (Laughter)

Daniel: Sorry, Virginia .

Virginia: I'm glad to put my head through the fence one more time.

Daniel: Actually it was Bob who suggested those words.  (More laughter)

Ken: Don't blame Bob, Daniel

Daniel: Yes, friends, we are friends and I sincerely love you all!  I think
I can speak to you as friends should; to be open, and honest, caring and
sincere, but at the same time aware that my knowledge is greater than yours
and I must weigh my words carefully.  But this I am glad to do.  I
sincerely enjoy our times together and wish I could convey to each of you
how our times together have become important to me!  I can only hope that
in time, when you deal with younger and less mature individuals, you, too,
will share this experience.  It is truly heartwarming. 

Well, friends, as you may have guessed, I am not the main speaker tonight.
We have a guest!  So I shall now step aside to allow our speaker to make
his presentation.  One moment please.
Ken: Guests are always welcome here, Daniel!
Daniel: Amen to that, Kenneth.

Rayson(Bill): I am Rayson, a Melchizedek.  You have interacted with me
before in past times.  Some of you avidly read the transcripts from the
North Colorado group as you used to read the transcripts from California
when I was stationed there.  I have come to this group recently, and at one
earlier point I brought you formal announcement of the arrival of your
Melchizedek Resident Instructor, Minearisa.  I greet you as friends, as
fellow laborers in the fields of Michael, as hard workers in the process of
bringing in the harvest as well as planting the seeds.

As I have discussed afore time with other mortals in my teacher role in
Colorado the announcement of the second phase of the Teaching Mission, so
tonight I wish to re-emphasize and discuss that with you. 

Michael told you last week that He desires you to interact with people "as
you pass by".  This request of His is not to be thought of in the framework
of standard proselyting.  It is not His wish or our understanding
that you are to employ any communication techniques which smack of
salesmanship, which use coercion and pressure to unfairly influence others.
 Rather, should your demeanor be that of a person who was in a state of
physical starvation when they were taken by the hand and led to a banquet
hall where the food was heaped upon the table, measure after measure of
delicious cuisine.  And the invitation was given, "Come, hungry one, fill
your plate and eat all you wish.  And then go out and let others you know
about this free banquet that is available to them as well".   So, rather
than the motivation to sell a product, you are a messenger with good news:
there is food to be had for the starving soul, and it is entirely free and
wonderfully nutritious.

What would be convincing to  another hungry person who chances to come upon
this now well fed and happy individual? This hungry person would notice
that his acquaintance has put on some pounds, is no longer emaciated.
Instead of a look of woe and depression on his face, he sees radiant health
and happiness.  Surely another hungry one would enquire saying, "How is it
that you, once starving, are now well fed; that you, once sick, are now
healthy?  What is going on with you?"  Would you not expect this to happen
in real life as well as in a story?  

Our Master, when He was on this planet, evinced such a natural interest in
other people that he was spiritually fragrant.  He felt good to the touch
of the heart.  To the nostrils of the soul, he smelled good.  His interest
in other people was clearly felt and understood.  He even affected his
enemies.  His goodness  frightened them and they didn't know how to handle
it.  Jesus was not a salesman for the Kingdom of God.  Jesus was a lover of
men and women, and even little children.  He loved them in their totality.
He enjoyed hearing of their interests.  He wanted to know about them, not
out of morbid curiosity, but out of genuine pleasure to be in the presence
of another brother or sister.  

In this second phase of the Teaching Mission, as I have described it, we
begin the public ministry, even as Jesus first began with the private
enhancement and spiritual building among His apostles and when they were
sufficiently prepared, began His public ministry.  Again, Michael has told
you that this is not to be a repeat of the experience of two thousand years
ago.  There will not be soap box evangelism.  There may be some mass
evangelism eventually, but the world is weary of the hucksters of religion,
of the mixture of God and mammon which compromises God, the failure to
distinguish between the First Source and Center and the idols of money,
power, prestige and coercion.  

You are aware of these distinctions and I would say, without question, you
are in the beginning processes of this more public ministry.  It has been
occurring sporadically throughout the Teaching Mission.  But now after ten
years of growth for some groups and at least two or three for all groups we
deem you are mature enough to share the joy and the nourishment of the
Master's supper, freely offered to all the world. 

The good news remains the same as it was two thousand years ago, that this
isolated and orphaned planet is now becoming aware of its true parentage
and discovering that its orphanhood and isolation has ended.  The good news
is that never has the Father of human personalities deserted His children,
but now is this message of sonship/daughtership to God to become more clear
and readily understood.  Remember that without sonship and daughtership
there is no true brotherhood and sisterhood.  While you long for peace
among nations on your planet, this will not be able to come in fruition
until the nations of the world renounce their illusory sovereignty and
accept the sovereignty of the brotherhood of man.  Then the last divisions
among people which arise and cause war will be forever abolished. 

Those of you who have had less than satisfying experiences with organized
religion may be adverse to the idea of public worship in the community of
the Fifth Epochal Revelation.  But I counsel you to set aside these
prejudices for the worship experience which you taste here in these
meetings can be shared with a larger congregation, with those who are still
hungry and awaiting directions to the banquet supper of God's love.  I
would ask you to add to your list of modes of ministry the possibility of
offering this kind of worship experience to the larger public.  

Some of you are still connected to institutional religions and you have
done admirable work within these structures.  This may not be any of your
"cup of tea", to struggle with the institutional churches, yet there are
some who have not abandoned that possibility.  Therefore, I do not counsel
that you give up on institutional religion.  On the other hand, I do not
chide you or say you are doing the wrong thing by not participating in
traditional religion.

The one thing I want to make clear in all of this is that I am not telling
you what to do.  I am not saying that you must do this or that.  I am
saying to set aside prejudices that you hold from your experiences and
continue to let your mouth speak, without worrying about it, when you are
in an interaction with another individual.  Do not come with an agenda,
with an evangelistic procedure, but turn one of your ears inward and listen
to the whisperings of the Spirit of Truth and your Father's indwelling
Spirit as well.  

Perhaps it would be wise for me to conclude now and allow you to interact.
So, my friends, what are your reactions to these words?  

LaReen: Welcome, Rayson.  Tomorrow I am to have a conversation with a long
time friend who has asked for my help.  I've been dreading it.  I don't
want to answer the phone when it rings.  Basically all I can say is how I
did it, right?

Rayson: Yes.  You can say, "This has been my experience.  I have found this
banquet hall.  The food is truly delicious and it is nourishing me".  But
your experience is just that, your experience.  You can always assure this
person of their sonship/daughtership; you can always direct them to go
within themselves which is the direction to the Source of that food which I
used in my story.  However, beware of co-dependence.  Remember that you can
only offer advice as it is asked for.  Should anyone ask you for help in
such a way that they become dependent upon you financially, emotionally, or
in any other way, that is not good.  It is not your place to provide for
their needs in that way.  Your place is to direct them to the true source
of the satisfaction of their needs.  Do you agree with this?

LaReen: Very much so.  Thank you for this help.

Rayson: Is there more which you wish to share?

LaReen: No, thank you very much.

Rayson: Very well.  Perhaps your dread is a dread of being put in a
position where you would become a source of dependence?

LaReen: Yes, there is that fear.  I don't want to give any of the wrong
ideas, or say the wrong things.

Rayson: This is understood.  So the answer to your fear and worry is to
turn it over to the indwelling Adjuster and ask for those words as they
come out of your mouth to be guided by that Spirit.  And it will happen.
Yes.  Other comments or questions?

Ken: That's quite the kickoff, Rayson, into phase two.  The last few weeks
of lessons by all the teachers have been working on this.  Like my sister
over here, LaReen, I have periods of doubt, also, that I am capable of
doing this.  I guess this falls back on trust.  Lessons past, lessons now
to do this.  It is a little frightening to me to think that I am going to
be doing this.  So this is something that I must do, to have this trust and
confidence in myself, that it is possible for me!

Rayson: Is your doubt greater than your trust?

Ken: Depends on what time of day it is.  (Laughter) It is a good question,
Rayson.  My trust is growing.  It is increasing, especially when listening
to the likes of you and, of course, Michael.  My trust is growing stronger
every day.

Rayson: My friend, your reaction of self doubt and fear is perfectly
normal.  I am sure you realize this, at least to some extent.  Remember
what Moses said when God told him that he was to be the human instrument to
 free his people.  He said, "But I can't speak.  Let Aaron do it.  He is a
better speaker".  Moses was sincere.  He truly did not feel up to the
occasion.  Now, perhaps, by using Moses as an example I have increased your
anxiety(Much laughter) for it is not my intention to say that you have a
task of the nature and magnitude of Moses, no.  

Ken: But it is nice company.  Thank you. 

Rayson: I just used a famous example of fear.  God told Moses the same
thing that I have told all of you, that Michael has told you: you can do it
as long as you don't do it.  If you just let the Spirit use you as an
instrument.  Of course it is your human personality.  Of course it will be
your mind.  Of course it will be your body.  Of course it will be the love
you feel in your heart.  And yet, all you have to do is say, "Father, not
my will but Yours be done.  Not what I want with this person, but what You
want".  As well as offering permission to use you as an instrument the
other thing to do is to ask for help And sometimes that's where people
fail.  They are willing, but in the moment of fear they don't ask for help
and they don't receive the lifesaver thrown from the boat that they can
grab a hold of.  Instead they feel they are sinking.  So, you may have
anxiety, especially as you anticipate a situation, which is why a great
deal of anticipation is a bad idea.  It truly is.  This TR has learned to
stop worrying about who is going to speak through him.  He is usually
clueless!  (Much laughter) and therefore....(laughter increases)

Virginia: I wouldn't get away with that! (more laughter and comments)

Rayson: He is not clueless about everything! (Hilarious laughter continues,
then a pause while the group calms down.)  He is clueless for the most part
 about who is going to be speaking and what the subject is.  He has learned
not to worry about it; not to anticipate.  It's more difficult in a large
public setting and there he has to pace up and down and struggle somewhat.
But at least in these intimate settings, this kind of anxiety has pretty
well disappeared; partly because despite whoever comes through, always does
truth become apparent.  

Really the situation that you, Ken, fear is not different than this TR
experiences at this moment.  It is the permission to let it happen and the
request for help at the same time that it is needed..  Has this helped you?

Ken: Very much, Rayson.  Thank you!  I'm still clueless, though.(laughing)
It was very good.  Thank you much.

Rayson: Thank you for your honest questions, both of you.  

Virginia: Rayson, I really have an aversion to try to get anyone to join
anything, whether it is calling on the phone for worthwhile causes, or
anything; where I find that what I believe my ministry is, is to give
people something that they can see as a very practical thing for their
children and for their families.  So, I have been giving and seeking out
the opportunity to give workshops.  Sometimes when it is in a church
situation I am much freer to talk about God as the Father of all and the
great self esteem builder.  But I wonder if this is really what the
teachers say we should be doing.  To be able to say that God is our Father,
Father to everyone, is a very powerful statement.  But I want something.  I
want somebody to ask me, as LaReen has suggested is coming to her tomorrow,
is wonderful.  And there are those opportunities.  But they see it more in
me as love and giving and caring, rather than seeing me as a "religious
person or spiritual person".  At least that has not been said.  Loving,
yes!  Am I making myself completely muddy?  Or do you understand what I am

Rayson: What I am hearing from you, my dear, is the question: Am I doing
what you teachers are trying to get us to do?  Am I doing Michael's work?
Or do I need to be doing something more?  Is this correct?

Virginia: Yes, maybe so, because I certainly am not trying to convert
anyone to our Teaching Mission group or whatever, but I am trying to help
their lives  be enriched with good relationships, etc.

Rayson.  Understood.  First of all, let me make it clear that when we offer
suggestions to you, they are nothing more than that.  They are not
commands.  They are not even strong guidelines.  They are just suggestions.
 It is not our role to say, "Now so and so group in Sarasota or the group
in Woods Cross or the group in North Idaho, they really have it together,
and they are doing the right thing.  The rest of you guys are slackers and
need to get on the stick".  I'm using crude language to make my point.
(Chuckling) It is up to each individual and to each group to search their
hearts and seek their guidance and proceed as they feel led.  At the same
time that you say you do not proselytize for membership in this Teaching
Mission group, would you refuse to give help to someone who says, "I would
like to know more about this Friday night group that you attend.  Would I
be allowed to come and sit in"?  I don't believe you would say, "No, you
are not allowed to do that", would you?

Virginia: No, of course not.  I have even passed transcripts out.

Rayson: Exactly.  And you have spoken words of Gospel in these training
sessions and in your conversations with your dear friends.  So, my feeling
is that you should not charge yourself with anxiety and fear about doing
things that are uncomfortable as you imagine them ahead of time, but rather
relax and let it flow as you have done.  When you have done that you have
felt good about it.  So I say to you, my dear, I think you deserve an "A"
for the day.  But if you don't want to take the grade (laughing) I will
just say that you do very well. Be at peace.  Everything is going as it

Virginia: Thank you, Rayson.  You know that I have an aversion for grades.  

Marty: Rayson, continuing with what Virginia said, doesn't it sometimes
help to try and help a person with the type of growth that she is talking
about in her workshops in order to make it easier for them to possibly open
up to the Father and the Spirit of Truth?

Rayson: Certainly!  Many of the contacts that Jesus had with mortals were
of this nature, of helping them with some specific thing that was their
problem; and certainly lack of self esteem in this culture and on your
planet is rampant as well as totally understood from our point of view.
You have not been told who you really are, children of God, and brothers
and sisters.  Therefor, your Luciferian delusion, that you are isolated
individuals that have sole freedom to decide whatever you wish despite its
effects on others, is so contrary to reality that self esteem cannot arise
in a normal and healthy manner.  But, yes, in answer to your question,
Marty, that is exactly the right approach. 

 Remember, friends, this is not a call for you to be  TV evangelists, to be
even the leaflet bearing proselytizers or the knock on the door
proselytizers.  We are not asking you for any of that!  No.  We are just
saying that your health and your radiance as a result of feasting on the
banquet of Michael will arouse curiosity in those who are spiritually
hungry.  And remember, some people are not spiritually hungry.  They are
not interested in "spiritual things". Jesus was able to discern this and He
did not waste His time with people that showed no interest.  You are not
required to spend time or try to entice people when you can tell that they
are certainly not spiritually hungry.  Do you understand this concept?  (Yes)

Well, my friends, you are all full again with spiritual food, and an
excellent cuisine from the kitchen of our hostess, Pat Anderson.  I suggest
that we conclude.  Please stand and put your arms around each other's
waists.  Let's tighten the intimacy here.  

May peace like a river wash over you all, taking all the dirt, all the
debris, all the trash in your lives into the water of life as it flows over
you and through you.  It will nourish you and all that you contact.  May it
be so, Michael.  Amen.

Group: Amen.

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