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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group

Monday, February 24, 2003, 8:00 P.M.
Arcadia, California


Lucille: Dear Father thank you for the wonderful world we live in. Thank
you for all the friends we have and the surplus of things that we have in
our country, if we could only learn to share it with others. Thank you
especially for our teachers and I hope we learn from their lessons. We
thank you for your help, in Jesus name, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I your teacher, JarEl. It is good
to see all of you once again to share this moment in time with you my
little brothers and sisters. Tonight I would like to discuss certain ideas
that were in Lucille's prayer. There is mention of learning how to share
things that we have in excess. It is good to share with others, to give to
those in need, but that is not what I want to focus on. The fact that you
have excess quantities or capital puts you in a position which allows you
to nurture your spiritual self. It allows you the leisure to develop your
mind and your soul as opposed to those that are in dire straights, those
who do not have that much, who are in need, who are constantly struggling
for survival. It is very difficult for them to stop and contemplate their
lives. For they do not have the luxury such as you have. You should find
yourself fortunate to have such opportunities to have the time and the
resources to bring you to such a state of elevated spirituality. Imagine
that you were born in another part of the world where things were not
easily acquired, where everything that you had you had to fight
for. Imagine the type of life you would live.

Now look at your life and think of all the opportunities that were given to
you. Think of all the moments where you experienced God personally, where
He came into your life and showed you His grace. Now imagine if you were
in a situation where you couldn't stop and think what this all meant, what
this experience was about, because time did not allow. You should find
yourself fortunate for you have reached such a high level of
spirituality. Although there is yet more to learn, you are the forerunners
of the age of Light and Life and the majority of you come from countries
that cultivate such peace that allows you to think freely, to worship
freely. Yet there are parts of the world that do not allow peace, either
by political means or by sheer economic restraints. Now as people from a
nation, that is today considered a great nation, you should set examples
for others, not just to your immediate community, but to others from other
parts of the world. Set examples of how you can love one another, be
brothers and sisters. Respect and admire each other and allow each other
the opportunity to grow and to learn and live life by setting the example.

My dear brothers and sisters you have been given this great opportunity,
this powerful tool to live in such a place and to grow in such a way. Do
not let this opportunity be in vain. For others in other parts of the
world are jealous of such opportunities, they do so wish that they could
have a moment's rest. I ask you to help carry the torch, sayings that have
been given to different generations throughout time. Each generation, each
age was considered an enlightened age. However, there came times when the
torch had to be passed, to other groups, another race, another group of
people entirely different from those who carried it before. I ask you not
to let this light die in your hands as you hold it. Don't be jealous and
hide it among you by not allowing others to see this great light that you
hold in your hands. It has been given to you and yet you may see others
pick up this torch and run full speed with it. Do not forget the meaning,
the message or the work. Remember what is important; remember that the
message should carry through no matter what.

The message that God brings to you, everyone all over the world, is the
most important thing which you should uphold. This is what Michael did and
this is what is asked of you. You are today's ambassadors of light; you
have been anointed to carry this message throughout the land of
Urantia. You have been given opportunities of princes, queens and
gods. You are here to fulfill what God asked you. It is the release of
your own life, a surrender of your own will that allows you to come in
contact with that of God's Will. And that is the true message, the
releasing of your own will and taking that of God's, you find the
truth. Your life may be complicated with the affairs of man and it is hard
for you to see what God's Will is. I am here to tell you that it is not a
difficult task. I know that intellectually you are conscious of what God's
Will is, but spiritually you may not be connected yet, but to do God's Will
entirely constitutes fusion of one's soul with that of your Thought Adjuster.

So it is important that you go into silence and listen for the Will of
God. You will find that he asks you to love one another as he loves
you. He asks you to forgive. He asks you to have compassion. He asks you
to be open and sincere. He asks you to be alive. He asks you not to live
in regret. He asks you to forgive yourself. He asks you to believe. He
asks you to teach others. He asks you to be fair and kind. He asks you to
be patient. He asks you to be right and to be knowledgeable. He asks you
to love him. God always asks, He never demands. He never orders you to do
anything, you have the free will to choose. It is entirely your choice to
do His will. It is entirely your choice, but I know that you, more than
anything, want to do God's Will and that is why I have told you this. It
is up to you to follow any of this advice. I know that you all want to do
God's Will and it is entirely understandable when you choose otherwise and
that is why God asks you to forgive yourself, for he knows that you make
many mistakes and make many wrong choices. In time you shall learn to do
what God asks of you. He only asks you to do what is in your best
interest. He knows if you do these things it will bring you great happiness
and joy in your life; He is God and He is all knowing. He is all loving
and He has experience in such matters, whereas you are children of time and
you are growing and you need to be reared by your parents.

No matter how old you think you are, you are still children who make
mistakes and they are just that, mistakes, nothing more. They are mistakes
and mistakes can be corrected. So don't be afraid to make mistakes, don't
be afraid to choose wrong, for in time you will see your choices more
clearly and your mind and heart will be clearer and it is then that your
choices do really matter for you will know more. Therefore, you have more
responsibility for the choices you make. Just like Lucifer, men who have
made choices at such a high-ranking position, such a choice constituted
tremendous responsibility that had very grave repercussions throughout the
system of planets. I doubt that your choice at this time will have such
repercussions, although all choices do have certain outcomes. Every choice
that you make here on this earth is correctable. So it is up to you to
choose God, to choose Love, to choose forgiveness or to choose
happiness. It is up to you entirely. I will now step aside so others may

Michael: TR, George. It is I, your Father/brother Michael, accept my
love; accept my hand that at this moment stretches out towards you. With
all my love and with all my spirit I wish my deepest and most sincere
gratitude for your contributions to all of your brothers and sisters. I do
so dearly love you as I love all who are on this planet, as I love all who
reside in my universe. Although at this moment you are not aware of your
other invisible brothers and sisters, let me reassure you that they do
exist. They look in on you from time to time. I always look in on you as
well. My presence is always with you at every moment. In the difficult
times of your lives I was there to build your strength, to bring you hope
and to relieve your mind and your heart of the pressures of everyday
life. I understand your pain and suffering; I was there and lived through
it with you. It is no great leap for me to feel the pain that you feel at
this moment; to feel the stress in your lives, to feel the stress in your
world at this moment that is breaking you apart and causing you to do
things that you wish you didn't have to do. Realize that I am here, that I
have not left or abandoned you. It would be foolish to think otherwise,
for how can I leave my precious children on my precious world? Why would I
leave? I am not indifferent to your needs, I am always and forever with you.

I would like to say a personal message specifically for this group. Many
times I have come here to speak to you and on many occasions your sister
Nel transmitted my thoughts and ideas to you. She did a very remarkable
job and she always enveloped my spirit which came through. I never had any
doubt that she was capable of doing so. I know how much she meant to all
of, especially to you Ernie. I am happy to report to you that she is doing
remarkably well. I have seen her and I've embraced her. She is filled
with great joy and wonder. To me she is just a child who will soon grow to
learn everything there is to learn. I love her dearly as I love all of
you. I know that her entire life she has wanted to meet me and we did meet
and embrace. It was all that she had hoped and wished for. I would extend
the opportunity to you as well; when your time comes I will be very happy
to meet every single one of you, for you all mean so much to me. Thank you
for making me mean so much to you. Thank you for allowing me into your
lives and into your hearts. Thank you for allowing my message to be in
your thoughts. Accept my love, good night.

JarEl: TR, George. This is JarEl, are there any questions?

Donna Jean: Yes JarEl, my question is that God gave me free will to make
choices because he loved me so much, then how is it that I would be making
mistakes? That would imply that there is a right way and a wrong way.

JarEl: TR, George. My dear Donna Jean, when God gave you free will, he
simply gave you the choice to choose whatever path you choose in your
life. You have made many decisions in your life and based on your
knowledge and wisdom you are a good judge as to which choices have been
right and have been wrong thus far. The fact that you are still making
choices and yet you don't know if the choice you make is right or wrong
does not mean that you are right or wrong, you simply make choices. Now if
you choose something that you knew is wrong, that is entirely
different. You have been a good judge thus far as to what was right or
wrong. Does that answer your question?

Donne Jean: No, not really, because I don't believe there is a right or
wrong when we do something. My teacher tells me that I have choices and
that they are just experiences that bring me closer to God. My question
then is that if God gave me free choice how can there be mistakes? If I
take this path, it just may take longer than if I take this other path, but
he still gave me the choice to take whatever path was right for me;
whatever path I choose to experience.

JarEl: TR, George. That is correct, there are no right or wrong answers
when you are reaching for God, there are just experiences. However in life
there are right and wrong answers. For example, say there is a person you
are having difficulties with. You can either choose to deal with it
diplomatically by talking to the person and resolving the difference or you
can simply decide to eliminate that person by brute force. Those are
clearly too different choices and obviously one is wrong. Now from a
different perspective, you can argue that the choice is either right or
wrong, it depends on one's point of view. Certainly every choice that you
make in life is an experience and depending on what choice you make, it may
or may not bring you closer to God. Now there are certain choices that you
have, that you make that in fact put you farther away from God; takes you
away from God, separates you from God. These choices constitute sin and
iniquity. Many make such choices in their lives. For they do become
iniquitous and they do separate themselves from the true Source and Center
of their life. Now if you make choices, conscious choices that direct you
towards God then there are no right or wrong choices for they are all
leading towards the same goal. Keep in mind that in life there are right
and wrong choices. But when it comes to reaching God all the choices that
you make are experiences and they do lead you to him eventually, so do not
be afraid of those choices. Be wary when you make choices that do involve
right and wrong.

Donna Jean: Thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. You are welcome. Are there anymore questions?

Lucille: JarEl, I have a daughter that is having many problems right
now. I don't know if it is alcohol and/or drug problems or both. She is
all alone and the neighbors try to look in on her, but today I tried to
find a social worker or somebody that could help or at least check in on
her once in a while. All day long I could not find anyone who would go to
her home. My question is what can I do other than pray for her? Of course
every time I speak to her I tell her that she is a daughter of God and that
he loves her very much. Are there other resources I can turn to?

JarEl: TR, George. There are many resources available Lucille. What your
daughter is experiencing is very detrimental to her soul. Unfortunately
she is going through this. There will be a point in her life where she is
going to want to change, is going to want help. At that point, the
resources that have always been there will present themselves to her and
she will be able to get that help that she so dearly needs. You cannot do
any more for her than you have already done Lucille. You have done a lot.

Lucille: I feel so helpless at times.

JarEl: TR, George. You are not helpless. You have done great good
towards your daughter and to others. God see all the compassion that is in
your heart but do not beat yourself for not being able to help her. It is
up to her to help herself. It is up to her to dig herself out of the hole
that she has dug herself into. You are trying to take on her
responsibility. Allow her to make the mistakes that she is making Lucille,
be consistent in your love for her, and be consistent in your word and she
will remember you for this and someday, maybe not now, she will begin the
healing. She will remember everything that you ever told her.

Lucille: I was hoping that she could get somebody from AA to come, but she
doesn't call. At least she doesn't when she has anything to drink. Thank
you for your response.

JarEl: TR, George. Before I leave tonight I would also like to report on
Nel because I know how much she means to you. She has met with Hal and
they did spend some time together, reminiscing about their time here on
Urantia, the time in the Teaching Mission and in the Study Groups. It was
very rewarding to them for it reinforced in their lives and in their hearts
their commitment to their spiritual growth. It gave them a sense of
nostalgia to know that in this life on Urantia they began their
work. Their conversation did go into more depth then I am telling
you. They did feel a greater sense of fraternity then they ever have
felt. They both send their love to all of you. In unison they both want
to tell you that it is wonderful, they are learning at a very rapid
pace. They are growing a great deal and so are all other loved ones who
have left. They are all watching over you, they all look in from time to
time. At this moment they are gathering, there are many conversations that
are going on at once. They all marvel and delight in all of you in your
gathering and your open mind and in your sincerity. They all wish the best
for all of you. Mostly they are happy because you are making good choices
and they are a good judge of what your choices are. So remember that
Michael is always with you and you have the True Source and Center
within. Good night.

All: Good night JarEl.

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