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S.E. Idaho Transcript

Nebadonia(Virginia):   Welcome, My children.  This is Nebadonia.  I know
that it must seem strange to have Me say welcome to you, however this
lovely planet is home to my Betrothed and so is home to Me.  So I say

Welcome to the love that the Universe holds.  Welcome to the hope that
everyone who knows Christ Michael and the Father that dwells in the center,
Who is the First Source and Center, has.  Welcome to the peace that truly
can come from the Indwelling Spirit.  Welcome to the loss of anxiety.
Welcome to the loss of fear. Welcome to the abundance that is yours because
of the love that this universe was made with.

Father, grant these, My children, the things that are theirs by birthright.
 Help them to be a model of the fruits of the Spirit.  May they be inspired
tonight to shine as ones who know that all things work together for good,
not just to those who know and love You, but those who will know and love
You.  So be it.

Minearisa(Bill): I am Minearisa, your Instructor in Residence.  I am happy
to be with you this evening and to observe your comradery, your optimism,
your sharing of spiritual experience and your ever deepening sense of
brotherhood/sisterhood.  As we have told you on many occasions, your
perceptions of the non-material spiritual realm which you experience in
these meetings are accurate.  In fact, they are, no doubt, less than the
full resplendent company which attends each meeting that is held where
mortals gather to seek the highest spiritual guidance.  

It is no accident that some of the loveliest buildings on Urantia are
places of worship, whose lines of architecture flow with a dome like
structure, for their builders intuitively knew that the energies of the
material realm intersect and blend with the celestial realm as well.  The
architecture which has been referred to as the merkaba is an architecture
of energy.  It is not simply energy in the sense that your physicists
describe it, but not being matter, energy is the better word to use.  

Last week you were instructed by our renowned Athena, a lovely Seraphim,
whose interest in this planet has been intense for thousands of years.  She
described to you how romantic love, while based in biology and mammalian
instinct, is nevertheless connected to the higher, more spiritual love
which ultimately reaches to the Source and Center of all things, the
Father, Himself.  This week I wish to comment on the love which brings
about the completion of the totality of experience on the finite level, the
love of God the Supreme, the love in which you, as mortals, have a share.

In a sense I am going to the opposite end of the spectrum from Eros; but
this is not exactly the same as the Agape of the First Source and Center.
This is the aspect of love which is the motivator and the consummator of
effort.  This is the satisfaction of work well done, for God the Supreme in
union with the Almighty Supreme, one Entity, experiences both the Agape of
the Trinity Sources and Centers, the unconditional love given in existence,
and the satisfaction of love resulting from evolution and perfectedness.
Now, we talk about these things because you, as mortals,  experience both
kinds of love: the love of your status as children of God, value and worth
because you simply are; as well as the love satisfaction of exemplary,
progressive, evolutionary- striving toward perfection as a human being.  

The satisfaction of love expressed is the satisfaction of service.  It is
in service to your brothers and sisters, and consequently in service to
yourself, that you grow in perfectedness.  So when all of the Grand
Universe reaches this state of perfectedness, then your experience of love
in the sharing of the service that you have both given and received, along
with all the sharing of all sentient creation will be summarized and
completed in the Supreme Being; and you will participate in that experience
of knowing and sharing all the vast experience of seven superuniverses.  On
the mortal level, the first level, you do experience to a small degree both
of these aspects of love.  You experience your sonship and daughtership,
and you also experience the satisfaction of work as service to others, as
well as the work of serving yourself by growing spiritually,
intellectually, and socially.  

Think of those moments when you have had a real taste of the satisfaction
side of love, the satisfaction of expressing love in service.  In those
moments you are not conscious of your ego.  You are not waiting for praise.
 You are not waiting for the Oscar.  You are not even waiting for the A+.
When you do a service to another person with altruistic motivation, the ego
aspect is not there. 

The same thing happens when you create in a non-personal realm, such as a
piece of art: sculpture, painting, poetry, music, whatever it may be.  Your
satisfaction is from the nature of the accomplishment.  The fact that you
created it is not important.  You are in love with the achievement, the art
itself.  This is sharing the same experience of the satisfaction of
creation, in a very small manner, with the Universe Creators.  The Gods are
not egotistical.  Christ Michael does not need to receive praise, nor does
Nebadonia.  They, in Their achievement of creation and life, share the
pleasure of creatorship with the Paradise Trinity, Their Parents.

So, my friends, let us celebrate the love of accomplishment; the love of
service, the love of self co-creation.  Even as you were enjoined to
celebrate Valentine's Day, celebrate this aspect of love achievement, this
adding to the Supreme, everyday.  As you rise in the morning, make it your
goal that your day may be a day of accomplishment, that it may be a day of
spiritual growth, that it may be a day of service.

I love you all, my students and I step aside now.  Do you have any
interactions to this topic this evening or questions?  The floor is yours.
LaReen: How about a curiosity question, information for Ron?  Yeah or nay?
If it is not answered, it is completely understood.

Minearisa: I would, for the sake of the record, ask you to state your
question with a little more content, please.

LaReen: Referring to Ron's question about the Magisterial Son being here in
the flesh, on the planet.

Minearisa: One moment, please.   (Pause)

Monjoronson(Bob S.): This is Monjoronson.  My daughter, the answer to your
question and the question of the individual who wrote that on the Internet
is a question which for now must remain unanswered.  As I have instructed
you earlier, the mission for which I am here will begin when it begins.  I
am not trying to be cute or evasive with you for your question, I perceive,
is one of honest curiosity.  When my mission begins  the answer to your
question will be clear.  What difference will it make to you then whether I
respond in the affirmative tonight or not?  
LaReen: It doesn't make any difference to me now.  I am very patient.

Virginia: Well, I am not!  (Much laughter, then group comments which are
lost in the noise of interrupting conversation and laughter)  It seems to
me that if we did, indeed, see the materialization of You and intervention
on the part of those of us who live on this planet, first of all it would
make me very brave to share what I know.  I always say that I am a brave
coward.  I think if I saw you knocking on my door and you were able to
prove to me ...  (More laughter) I think it would make me very brave, give
me hope, and give me an assertiveness which would make me more effective
for change in my neighborhood, those people I come into contact with.

Minearisa: Or it might be grounds to put you away!  (Laughter continues)

Virginia: Is that Minearisa or Bill saying that?

Minearisa: It is I, Minearisa.  Our Magisterial Son's question is: do you
still believe that miraculous events will persuade people for spiritual
change?  He didn't use those words but that is the issue.  

Virginia: (sighing) Oh.....and of course I don't believe it does.  We see
that in the life of Jesus.  How many were healed and how many stayed with

Minearisa: Correct.

Virginia: I don't know.

Monjoronson: Ladies and gentlemen, you must have patience, and, if I may, I
ask you to believe in your Elders.  We really do know what we are doing!
All of your questions, taken together, I appreciate and thank you for your
faithful consideration of the prospects of my mission.  As I told you last
time I was here, when my mission begins it will be clear in your minds and
in your belief system.  Until that time, I counsel patience  and that you
seek to go within yourselves to contact that Fragment that indwells all of
you, which is a Representative of our Father.  That is your task.  That is
your purpose.  

When my mission begins, you will at that time enter a new phase.  It will
be incumbent upon you to decide where you will go with your lives at that
time.  It will be a fork in the road.  All of you, all human beings will be
given a choice.  You, here in this room, have the benefit of much wisdom
which your brothers and sisters lack.  Hence, there will be a role for you
in My mission, should you choose to accept it, which will be an individual
decision.  I advise you to go within and make your decision.  Until that
time we must all wait.  I thank you for your attention and I plead you will
give thought and study between now and decision time.  Until then know that
I love you all and I look forward to our time together in the future,
whether you choose to join me directly or not.  Good evening.

Minearisa: Thank you, Monjoronson, for Your answer to the question.  We had
considered that this issue would be addressed this evening, but we hadn't
decided who would respond.  I am glad that You, in Your capacity as the
Magisterial Son of promise could assist this Melchizedek instructor at this
important time.

We are still with some time left if there are further questions about
either my talk or this issue of the Magisterial mission.  Otherwise we will
stand in a moment to conclude our meeting with prayer.  Any last words of

Virginia: I am not sure if I am talking to Minearisa or Daniel.  I can't
help but wonder as I reflect on the Magisterial Son's words, that each us
of will have a point where we will choose; there will be a fork in the
road. ...My thought is...how in the world do we recognize that fork in the
road?  Yes, it would be the Father's will.  But, what do we do.  How will
we recognize the fork in the road?

Minearisa: By the same technique which you recognize every other fork in
the road.  You will hear a voice within you saying, "This is the way.  Walk
in it."  When great decisions are required it is not  universe policy to
leave the one who decides in confusion.  When you sincerely seek the truth
you will find it.  Monjoronson said that when the mission starts it will be
clear, not confusing.  So, my dear, that means that you have to trust the
process of your communication with the Indwelling Spirit, which you do
trust; and like other mortals, you need to trust more.  Does this answer
help you?

Virginia: (laughing) It was a very good answer and like everything, it does
take time.  Thank you.

Minearisa: Let us conclude our meeting with prayer.  Stand and join hands.
Brother Daniel would like to do the honors.

Daniel(Bill): Hello, my dears.  What a pleasure it is to be with you.  As
you hold your hands with each other, know that we hold your hearts in our
embrace.  Let us pray.

Dear Father Universal, Son Eternal, Spirit Infinite, our Sovereign Michael,
and our Mother Nebadonia, tonight we feel our connection with You, for we
are Your children and we are brothers and sisters.  We are all one great,
big, beautiful family!!  I am so pleased to see these steadfast younger
sisters and brothers continuing year after year in this faithful,
satisfied, and fruitful association.  So, while their years are numbered in
mortal time, may this continue to their edification and to their service.
As long as You give me this privilege of being their teacher and friend, I
am grateful.  Let us all continue to abide in Your love and to work for the
satisfaction of the achievement of Supremacy.  Amen.

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