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Prayer by Michael (Bill): I am Michael.  My children, let us pray.

Let down the barriers to the flood tide of love which desires to enter your
lives.  Your trust in God will be infinitely deepened when you feel this
love in a spiritual context.  Know that the Father of all is perfect.  His
love has no loop holes, no special preferences, no conditions.  It is
yours, and it is even mine. Therefore, open your hearts tonight and receive
a deeper baptism of love.  I am with you.  I am not your teacher this
evening.  One moment.

Daniel (Bob S):  I am Daniel, your teacher, your guide, your friend, your
constant admirer for I do applaud your efforts to learn, to grow, to become
that person God has created in its fullness.  Our plan for this evening,
after my brief introduction, is to have a lesson by one who has not been
with us often.  Hence, you will, we trust, enjoy the point of view from the
mind of one who is not one of your regular teachers.  So with those words
of welcome, I now pause to allow our speaker to come to the microphone.
One moment, please.

Athena (Bill): Greetings, my children, my friends, I am Athena, a Social
Architect.  I am not the Goddess of Athens...(Laughter.)...but I represent
the female point of view.  On this day of your celebration of romantic love
I suppose my presence is appropriate.  Tonight I am not going to eulogize
over Eros, which is the usual interpretation of Cupid's arrows, except to
say that the normal human attraction of men for women and women for men is
not to be despised, or, on the other hand, to be overly glorified.  In
terms of mortal progression the basis of that attraction is biological,
coming from your animal heritage, but it is infused with your spiritual
natures which transforms it into a higher level than animal attraction.
Eros is essential for the continuity of the human race.  Happy are those
men and women who's love is greater than  erotic attraction for then they
can retain their union as Eros wanes with age and situations.  It is
necessary and important for a marriage to mature, for romance to be
refreshed, for each of us desires the full appreciation of another person.
In the bonds of marriage that other person can be the most satisfying
combination of friend, lover, supporter, generous critic, and peace-maker.  

And so on Valentines Day we do recognize the value of Eros, of that special
attraction between a man and a woman.  But there is more; for as your
progress in your universe careers you will grow beyond Eros.  On the
Mansion Worlds people are not paired up according to marriage bonds,
despite some religion's teaching to the contrary.  The finest display of
true love in the marriage bonds is probably your highest understanding of
love on this planet, for it does address multi-levels of human existence.
Nevertheless, even the finest bonds of love in the earthly sphere do not
compare to the expanded love experiences of advancing Morontia beings, and,
even more so, to the exquisite bonds of love among Spirit beings.  You have
an indication of what I am talking about in the embrace of love making
where the union of the two personalities can approach a fusion
understanding.  But the fusion of beings on the Morontial levels is even
greater!  While it is not a sexual, biological union, it is an intermeshing
of soul which is profoundly satisfying.

You say, "Why do you tell us this when we are still creatures of the
flesh"?  Because, my friends,  the life that you are now living is just
your infancy, and like all infants you should be eager to grow and
experience the joys of childhood and the maturity of adult-hood.  You
realize intellectually that to be brothers and sisters with all people on
this planet is a fine ideal. It is truly a fact, and yet is so difficult to
attain.  This process of achieving brotherhood and sisterhood is the same
thing as experiencing love which embraces another without judgment, without
respect of persons, without the contingency that you will only love those
whom you happen to like.  And so for all of you who struggle to love people
other than those that you choose as mates or whom you are wedded to by
virtue of your family origins, there is, therefore, encouragement to be had
in my words.   I tell you that what cannot fully or even partially in time
be achieved in this life, in terms of experiencing that kind of love for
your other brothers and sisters, you will eventually achieve in the Mansion
World career; or even beyond that, for eventually you will have those same
intense feelings of communion, not just with mortal creatures who come from
a planet like yours and who may look similar to you, but you will, indeed,
become brothers and sisters to all sorts of beings who are all creations of
the God of Intelligence, the Trinity of Paradise.

Therefore, as you think about Valentine's Day in a much higher sense than
just the bottom line of Eros, this is an important holiday because it
betokens the beginning of your experience of brotherhood/sisterhood, the
attempt to treat other people as if you love them whether or not you feel
very loving in your emotional makeup.  Remember that love is not primarily
an emotion.  Love is an intention.  Love is a wish.  Love is a prayer.
Love is the willingness to join with another person and let down the
barriers that would separate you, that would keep you apart, to unite with
them and blend with them.

Your Urantia Book tells you that the Universe of Nebadon, and all the
universes of time-space creations, are dualistic—are created in two-ness.
They are the joint creation of a Michael Creator Son, and a Creative Spirit
daughter of the Third Source and Center.  Therefore, you experience this
tension, this desire for the two to become one.  In the Central Universe,
and particularly on Paradise there is a sense of three-ness to become one,
because the Central Universe and Paradise are the creation of the Trinity,
whereas the Superuniverses are the creation of Duality.

I have been advised that I need to remain on the microphone stand so that
you can interact with me and ask the questions that I sense are in your
minds; so I will conclude my words with this admonition: My friends, enjoy
Valentines Day!  Treasure your close relationships!   Don't dishonor Eros
by debasing it.  It is more than just animal instinct.  It is a mixture of
that plus the duality of the Universe of Nebadon—the desire of two to
become one.  But as you honor that, think of the bigger picture, that you
shall indeed become one with many individuals, spiritually, morontially,
and ultimately every part and every being of this Grand Universe shall
become one with the Supreme when God the Supreme fully emerges as the
Supreme Being.  This is the highest level of love experienceable in a
finite universe.  Now questions, or comments, please.

Virginia: Athena, I am not sure I understand, and maybe I should just look
it up in the Book, but I am not sure that I understand the point that you
were trying to make with duality and trinity in the sense that we are dual
now, male and female, and then in the Central Universe the emphasis is upon
three?  I am not sure that I understood the point of that.

Athena (Bill): Thank you for asking that question because there really
wasn't a point in illustrating the three-ness of the Central Universe in
itself.  It was merely a contrast to the duality experience which is your
experience and my experience at this time.  When we reach the Central
Universe and Paradise we become more and more aware of the Supreme Being in
incompletion, and then we are approaching a more triune relationship. With
ourselves, with our Indwelling Spirit, that's the duality that shall fuse.
When we are in Paradise we will eventually then fuse with the rest of the
Supreme; and then we will have a triune experience.  We will be ourselves,
beginning with mortal status, fusing with our Thought Adjusters, and then
fusing,, with all other parts of the Supreme when God the Supreme  is fully
manifest in the Supreme Being.  Do you understand what I am saying?

Virginia: Yes, I do now.  Yes

Athena (Bill): It was more of an aside; but since you have asked me to
explain it, it will give us more substance here.  My point is that this
urge, this erotic thing, which is your first experience, is not just the
biology of male and female, your primate genetic background, but is a
reflection of and a participation in the duality, the male- and female-ness
of  duality as you might think of it, in the Grand Universe.  Even the
angels have this duality of passive and aggressive, or receptive and
assertive, however you want to say it.  Have I explained that to you

Virginia: I think you have, Athena, yes.

Athena (Bill): And my other point was that, in your celebration of
Valentine's Day, honor that close relationship, which can most likely occur
in marriage, although certainly it is not guaranteed.  It is an ideal.

I might point out that in all human experiences you start on the biological
level, and so sexual attraction is initially a biological fact.  Mothers
especially love their children because it is in their biology to care for
them.  It is part of their mammal instincts.  It is biologically natural to
like people who are similar to you; who are the same race; who are of
similar backgrounds, and so forth.   This is the bottom line.  This is the
biological level. 

But in the human experience of a mortal life this biological level can be
united with the spiritual indwelling of your Thought Adjuster so that the
morontial level, the level of soul, can actually occur during mortal life. 
As you blend your spirit nature more completely with your animal nature you
achieve soul growth, so that your love of your mate becomes much more than
simple biology.  It becomes this deep and intimate friendship.  Likewise
with your friends, you can expand your perimeters beyond just those who
look like you and have the same education and culture to embrace others who
you can truly become friends with when you unite your higher level, your
humanness, with your animal nature.  And with your children, instead of
caring for them only as biological creatures you can begin to treat them,
and see them as, individuals with their own dignity; not just as your sons
and daughters but also as your brothers and sisters, worthy of your respect
 and not your property to control or direct.  Has this clarified at all for
some of you?   Do you have any comments or questions?  (Pause.)  Does your
silence mean I have been too obtuse?  (Laughter.)   Please ask me if you
need to.

LaReen: No, I understood.  I think it is an appropriate lesson for today.

Athena (Bill): Thank you, Lareen, my dear.  Very well, I will return the
microphone to your head teacher, Daniel, who is by the way, a very good
friend of mine for we have been associated for quite a while, off and on.
One moment.

Daniel (Bill): Very well, my friends, this is Daniel, and I hope that you
have enjoyed the words of our friend with the most enticing name of Athena.
 If I had brought Cupid I think that you might have decided that either I
had lost it, or your TR was totally non-credible.  (Laughter.)  Actually
Cupid wouldn't come!  (More laughter, and comments from students.)  

Let us stand and join hands to conclude our meeting.  Klarixiska desires to
have the final honors.  She requests a female TR.

Klarixiska (Virginia):  Christ Michael, Nebadonia, First Source and Center,
Eternal Son, Infinite Spirit,: we thank You for the model of love that You
repeat over and over again in the hearts of each of us, Your children.  We
thank You that as you portrayed Your love on Urantia You have become the
One Who has evolved in Sovereignty..  We are thankful that You have not
been a God, a Leader that would spiral downward, but rather the example You
give to us is the ever spiraling tower that reaches to You.  Help us, each
one, the seen and the unseen, to choose to love.  We know, that as Athena
said tonight, love is not a feeling; Love is a choice.  We ask that the
Spirit within us direct us to those times when we can love spontaneously:
the smile, the prayer, the small word of encouragement, that will cause our
brothers and sisters to be lifted up.  Help us to love as You love us.  Amen.

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