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Sun Feb 9 20:39:21 PST 2003

S.E. Idaho TeaM

Prayer by Virginia: Father, we think in terms of You as the Center of all
things.  We would ask You to take our minds, our thoughts, our hearts, all
the imaginings of our culture and our planet that goes on in our present
existence and cause them to quiet down.  May we feel Your Spirit within us,
around us, and between us as we attempt to once again progress in our
thoughts and in our actions.  Make us aware of who we really are! God, we
cannot possibly understand that You are our real Self.  May we become one
with You.  Amen.
Nebadonia(Virginia): This is Nebadonia.  I come to you tonight to recognize
that your inner self is truly blooming; your inner self is delving into the
energy of the universe; your inner self is begging for expression to all
those around you.  May I encourage you by saying that each of you will find
a way that will contribute to those you can serve, whether it is through
prayer, through study, or through a group activity that would promote those
ideals that are led by our Father.  Yes, and I am speaking in terms of the
Father that is, again, at the center of all things.  Truly all love is a
result of Him Who has made us and we do love because He has first loved us.
 My challenge to you would be that you might love without expectation; that
you might love without reservation; that you might love with the
realization that God is the Source of that love and that service.  With
that, I leave.

Michael(Bill): Greetings, Children, it is I, your Father/Brother.  Receive
my arms of joy and companionship.  
As I told my original apostles, so I tell you, abide in Me, for without Me
you will not bear fruit.  You have understood this reference to a large
extent.  You are more and more focused upon the reality that you must live
not by bread alone, but by the values which are supernal, which are
transcendent to merely surviving or merely allowing the dross of the gold
of this world to infect your soul.  You, indeed, do abide in Me and
therefor my abiding in you is effective.

The spiritual administration of this planet is in an optimistic frame of
mind these days, for difficulty and strife does engage people in great
decisions.  You have been hearing from My teachers and from Gabriel,
himself, that despite the pall of war drums the songs of the hearts of the
men and women of this planet are rising in intensity and in power.  Someday
war drums will cease.  Be of good cheer, my friends, by letting your eyes
rest upon the farther vision rather than the fear mongering of those who
peddle news according to its monetary value, instead of sharing reality in
its fullness. 

To abide in Me is to let Me be your closest friend.  When I use these words
of course I include our First Source and Center, My Father; our Second
Source and Center, my Mother; the Third Source and Center, the source of my
equal partner, Nebadonia. [Ed. Note: In the Urantia Book the second Source
and Center is sometimes called the Mother/Son]

Many have been the words spoken to your minds and many are the Spirit
impulses which have touched your souls.  That is why I am able to say with
all forcefulness that you are following my injunction to live your life
from the Source within you, My Father and I; as you are equally bathed by
the presence of Nebadonia's Holy Spirit and adjutant circuitry.  

Tough times are upon your planet once again, and yet great hope is there!
The energies of the universe have only been barely discovered by your
science.  Even less have been tapped into.  The power of prayer will assist
in this transformation which will come, even as the dawn of the first days
of early Light and Life shall come.  

In a sense I have nothing new to tell you except to say, "Keep on doing
what you are doing".  Follow my life pattern in its main emphases.
Continue to abide in Me and the Father within you, but do not settle for a
life of contemplation.  Continue your energetic and concerned service
ministries, just as you have been doing.  Always remember you don't need to
waste an ounce of energy worrying about what you will say when you have
that opportunity, for it will be given you when you are in that mode of
guidance seeking.  You have to some extent verified what I have just now
stated.  You have found yourselves speaking not only with your mouth, but
with your lives, speaking the good news of your sonship and daughtership to
the Living God and consequently brotherhood and sisterhood, not just to the
citizens of Urantia, but to the cosmic citizens of the Universe of

My dears, many of you wish that you could have lived when I was in the
flesh and been a part of My company of disciples.  We have given you some
of the better parts of My life found in the words of the Urantia Book and
you have become more acquainted with Me as a consequence.  However,
remember this: you don't have to go back to the past in your imagination to
enjoy my company.  Oh, no.  I speak with you now whenever it is that you
turn My way.  I speak with you in the still recesses of your mind.  My
heart beats in unison with yours, and we together endeavor and seek to do
the will of the First Source and Center.

My sovereignty over Nebadon is now established, but this universe is not
completely perfected, no, not at all.  Even when the Supreme is fully
manifest we all shall have more work to do.  It is such a magnificent plan
that our Father has for us!  This, my friends, is just the very beginning!
I reached down to you at the end of my bestowal career.  You were the
capstone of its completion.  Now, you are beginning your ascension career.
When you reach Finaliter status that will be the capstone of ascension, but
just the beginning of universe service.  So, you have a long time to learn,
to study and your studies will broaden in ways that are inconceivable to
you.  But always will there be joy and pleasure inasmuch as you have chosen
to betroth yourselves to that Presence of God within, who when it combines
with you in fusion will indeed be your true Self.  Great are the mysteries
of life, greater than even your smartest mortals have dared to imagine.  

My friends, I love you all.  Be at peace and talk to me whenever you wish.
Good evening.

Student: Wow!

Daniel(Bill): I am Daniel.  Hello, brother and sisters.  What a pleasure to
have our Creator Son address us once again!  In the brilliance of His
presence there is such power, the power of love; the certainty of
sovereignty and the joy of His sovereignty where He has experienced all of
Supremacy from the top down, as we are now experiencing the beginnings of
cosmic citizenship.  

I have enjoyed your discussion this evening.  More and more are you
teaching each other, which is exactly what we want to see!  So, in view of
the fact that our universe Parents have addressed us, I will say, take home
the joy of this moment and let it saturate your week.  No questions.  I
love you also.  Good evening.

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