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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics:Your Mind’s Eye,Your Point of Power, Authority
Teachers: Elyon, Jessona, Michael

January 26, 2003

* Elyon (Mark TR): I greet you once again; this is your friend in
attendance, Elyon. I have enjoyed my time off and am eager to get back
into the saddle again with you, my group here as well as all those in
attendance in far off places.
Today I wish to discuss a practical application for a term familiar to
you and attempt to demonstrate how this phenomenon may be used for your
benefit. The term I will use is “your mind’s eye”. By way of example, if
you will follow my train of thought you will see where it leads. Imagine,
if you will, using your mind’s eye that you are transported to a dense
jungle surroundings. In this jungle surroundings the moss is deep on the
ground; the vines weigh heavy in the trees. The smell of damp earth and
growing, living organisms is pronounced, and as you are making your way
through this jungle path before you you come upon a stone structure. You
assess this structure to be similar to those you are familiar with from
your experiential base as some form of Mayan temple. You notice through
your other senses that the stones are old and cracked, that the jungle has
invaded this structure once obviously maintained and pristine, now
overgrown from lack of care. You are able to make your way up the carved
stone steps and rise to a location on this platform where you may reach
the crown of the trees around you. There you are provided with this
perspective of dense jungle surrounding you as far as you may turn and see
in any direction. You hear the sounds of exotic birds, even of the
monkeys in the trees. You are familiar enough with all of this stimulus
and input to your senses so that this reality you are now observing --
even though you are sitting in a room in north Idaho -- is due to the fact
you have reconstructed this image based upon aspects of reality that you
know to be real and true to you. Therefore with but a few simple
suggestions you are able to re-assimilate these characteristics and
realities quickly back using your mind’s eye to assemble this collection
of sensory input which may transport you at once to a dense jungle and a
temple therein.
Now, given what you all know to be true and real and factual about
spiritual reality, it remains an option open to you and one worthy of
exercising to assemble those traits and aspects of what you understand to
be truth about your spiritual realities, and through the use of this same
mind’s eye to transport you from your current realm surrounded by
materialism and challenges before you to a point of perspective where you
may glance down upon your current setting from a distance much as you
would see across the tops of the trees to a far distant place. You may
also look back down upon your current surroundings from a much enhanced
spiritual platform. It is as easy as this exercise you undertook to draw
your senses into assimilating these impressions together again, to project
your seat of observation from where it may reside materially to where you
may desire it to reside in the spiritual plane. From this perspective on
high it is far easier to see the subtleties and details of your current
surroundings with new, enhanced perspective and values so that what
appears to be random and uncertain becomes merely paths through the jungle
you observe. From on high you may see that they begin at this point and
lead to that point, but from down in the jungle you are unable to
determine where this or that path may lead. It is only with the
perspective of looking down onto that set of circumstances that you are
graced with the perspective provided allowing you to make some wider
ranging decisions based upon where you deem that path to be going or this
path to be leading you.
This exercise in projecting the seat of your observation to a
spiritual platform is one that may be utilized by you at any time you
decide to condition this mind’s eye to service you in this regard.
Likewise, this ability of this extraordinary gift that is your mind
extends to the possibility of using that same phenomenon to project
yourself out into a sphere of reality you do not currently inhabit. This
is possible so as to provide a means where any individual can access these
greater realms through this process of projection while not exhibiting the
complete understanding of this realm outside but merely to visit, to gain
the perspective derived there, and to take this perspective into your
current realm. This ability to project into spirit realms is your passkey
to leave this singular dimension you find yourself in and visit other
arenas of spirit wherein you may gain experience and insight unavailable
to you in your current surroundings.
We have spoken much in the past about circuits. My discussion today
involves another circuit of sorts that you make internally, and through
your practice and your application this circuit becomes more and more real
to you and more useful to you as you develop this ability to project
yourself to where you would be rather than where you are. All that is
required of you to make this journey is your faith. The opening of this
circuit is strictly up to you and available to you at your call. It is
one thing to be informed, to be brought up to speed, so to speak, on
topics outside of your immediate realm of reality. It is another thing
for you to search and go find these other aspects of reality outside your
realm on your own through the use of your mind’s eye, projecting you to a
higher place that you would be and therein residing temporarily.
You exercise this ability frequently in your lives without giving it a
second thought. When you are cold and tired and working outside at a
task, you may instantly transform yourself inside your warm house in dry
clothes and doing something that is enjoyable to you. Through summoning
your mind’s eye you are transported from your current reality of
discomfort into a reality of comfort, and this reality of comfort provides
you with the comfort and peace to more easily endure your discomfort of
the moment. Those who are imprisoned transport themselves to freedom.
Those who are drowning transport themselves to dry land. It is done all
the time every day. I merely suggest that you go one step further and
combine all the aspects you know about spirit reality and project yourself
there to provide you with yet another perspective.
I perceive that is plenty of a lesson for today and remain in
attendance as are others at your service.

Jonathan: We often come from a position of lack, feeling that we need
these traits, or to behave in this manner, or if we do these activities
then we will consider ourselves spiritual. Yet we know that we often have
to assume the end, to claim to be children of God, then we are followed up
with the fruits of the Spirit, the God qualities. They come after
projecting the desired ideal, stimulated by that projection.

* Elyon: Well said and I would also remark how pleasing it was to hear
your earlier conversation of the relationship and paradigm involved in
having, being, and doing and would reflect on much that can be learned
from simply revolving those thoughts in your mind about proper orders of
having, being, and doing. I would also remark that you brought to light
potential stumbling blocks that lie before you all of considerations and
factors installed in your process which act as impediments to the flow of
your free spirit projection: It is not a good time; the day is not
favorable; I am depressed; it is not up to me to live in a spiritual
place. These are the roadblocks that we throw up in our lives which make
it difficult for us to freely traverse these circuits of projection. If
one wants to know what to do about a political situation, one can derive
an answer based solely on previous patterns observed and established here
among those involved, or one can project their seat of observation to a
higher spiritual plane and, looking down upon the structure that is this
political arena, one can more clearly define where the paths go and which
course may be most beneficial and how to effect the greatest change in the
mechanism from an outside perspective. If one is in the halls of
politics, one is too surrounded by the many and numerous hallways and
doors before us to understand the layout in full. This layout is only
determined from examining the situation from a much elevated perspective.
Therein it is easy to determine which hallways to take and which doors to
knock on that will be most effective in achieving the desired
enlightenment of the situation.

Evelyn: This correlates with our earlier discussion. We flinch when
we’re described as acting superior, which is another word for arrogant.
But superior also means above, not above a person, but above a situation,
and going for that doesn’t make you less compassionate. If you are
compassionate you are less likely to be interpreted as acting superior.

* Elyon: Certain word phrases in your English tongue do elicit
responses which may not be your desired effect. Word phrases as
“superior”, “advanced”, bring to mind negative connotations when applied
among yourselves as individuals. However, you may pursue a superior, an
advanced, an elevated viewpoint which does not act divisively among
yourselves but rather comes from outside that arena and encompasses all.
This is the only real, genuine approach to pursuing what you perceive to
be a superior ideal, a superior objective. All these are noble tasks to
be pursued. It is in your discussion with your brethren where one must
avoid the pitfalls of distributing this information from an attitude of
unacceptance of others’ attitudes. If you present a superior position to
one around you from the loving perspective of inclusion and tolerance and
acceptance, then it is padded from feeling as a personal jab or attack.
Rather shift the emphasis to a more philosophical, open minded discussion
wherein you both may make comment on the platform up for discussion
without feeling as though there has developed a divisive us-and-them about
this platform. When presenting ideals to your brethren it is always a
positive approach to present these ideals as up for discussion, as open to
interpretation, as desirous of others’ personal input. Therein do you
draw your brethren into discussion about this new spiritual ideal without
any of the threatening aspects of identifying with this spiritual
platform. Merely to bring it up for discussion finds that both may
comment, both may make observations, both have valid viewpoints, and the
new topic up for discussion merely facilitates the drawing out of these
friendly activities. Of course at any given moment make an instant
decision on how best to act and then react to the situation of
personalities brought before you. You will succeed; you will fail in your
eyes to be successful at winning this discussion. However, I point out to
you that there are no failures when you transfer yourself to your
spiritual seat and see that all this works towards the good, that even
your apparent failures are your great gifts, your learning tools, without
which you may not proceed forward. You need these aspects just as you
need in your circumstance the air you breathe. Therefore all is well.

Ginny: In the Jesus papers, Jesus spoke very gently, yet he spoke
with authority. I admire that.

* Elyon: I would suggest one more phrase that I am attached to that you
use in this group, and I encourage its use in any situation like that, and
that is that, “Love is the answer. What was the question?” You may speak
with bold authority if you speak with love. You will find an entirely
different reaction than if you speak with bold authority and an absence of
love. You all have experience to know whereof I speak.

* Jessona (Jonathan): I greet you, this is Jessona.
I wish to add to the lesson of last week regarding knowing what you
know, knowing that you don’t know, and not knowing that you don’t know. I
would label my insertion as developing your point of power. In the first
instance of the recognition that you do know something, the point of power
is in your reaction, in your application. For instance, in the
superconscious awareness that you are alert to a given reality, truth, or
fact and have a working relationship with it, do you react with confidence
or conceit? In discovering that you do not know something that is now
made aware to you, do you react cringingly or with curiosity? When you
act in fear, when you realize you know nothing about something which you
cannot even put your finger on, you have weakened yourself; when your
point of power could be faith, the willingness to proceed without knowing.
Decision is your point of power. It is the ability of your mind to select
alternate avenues based upon your knowledge and your ignorance.
Elyon has given you a wonderful lesson today indicating the power of
your mind wherein it can alter material events simply through the
superimposition of a higher view. Rising to this level of consciousness
you increase your ability to be a wise decider. You expand your
perspective and thereby enrich your ability to choose, to select,
appropriately. The element of faith carries with it the understanding
that in subsequent events following your choice you may be adjusted, re-
keyed, re-tuned, and awakened to an even purer, more accurate level of
In hindsight you may be tempted to evaluate your first choice as one
made foolishly or in ignorance, when in reality it was precisely the
necessary action to bring about the series of events that leads to your
final illumination. This hindsight view also has a point of power, and
that is how you assess that prior reaction or choice. If you tear
yourself down you, in essence, devalue the course of your training to the
point of your realization. Likewise if you gloss over or refrain from
analyzing these choices and subsequent events you miss the opportunity to
superimpose wisdom upon wisdom, and insight into your insights.
Therefore, my friends, remember it is by the application of your mind
through the will of your personality that you will advance as a spirit
being, and you will wrest from the broad spectrum of life experiences many
treasures of great worth for you in this life and the lives that will
follow. That is all.

Ginny: I read in a transcript about not worrying about our humanness.
We have to be patient with that.
I like that, how we can come from a superior viewpoint but without the
superior attitude.

* Michael: My daughter, I greet you. This is Michael. I warmly
receive your comments, as I have been preparing this transmitter/receiver
for the presentation of my words.
I planned to address you all by relating to you the comments of my
first apostles, how they, when advancing through the mansion worlds,
discovered the results of many of their actions here on earth, some
spectacular from the perspective of their consequences upon the world, and
some they were embarrassed about, for it so exposingly presented their
human qualities in contrast to their master, myself. Even I wrestled at
times, and it is recorded historically on this planet that I said, “How
long must I bear with you?” Authority is such an issue that even one of
my order of Michael Sons is not granted full authority until the
completion of my experiential bestowals.
To a human being authority is the result of the accumulation of
ability and knowledge, and acknowledgment by others is granted. This is
wholesome authority on your level. Unwholesome authority is the
usurpation of the free will of others by the forceful placement of
yourself in power, often without the complements of attainment, skill, and
knowledge, wisdom. It is acknowledged that I spoke with authority when I
was upon this planet in human form. I did so having undergone six
different incarnations in the forms of my creatures of will standing.
This is the authority through which I may speak, having undergone the
experiences prerequisite to mastery. However, I suspect you do not honor
me as your Sovereign Son simply because of my experiences. I have
declared to you and to all that I and my Father are one. In that unity of
son with our divine Ancestor I am also author, creator. This power
bestowed upon me by my Father I use with great reverence.
I caution all human beings to not follow in the footsteps of my
wayward son Lucifer. Do not become intoxicated by this form of authority
when it is not bestowed upon a creature. Herein lies the complications of
human relationships, the tendency for a human being to react as if they
were deity, and the tendency for another human being to react as if
another claims to be deity. You know what happened to my life when that
difficulty arose while I was here on Urantia.
My two rules of living, love our Father and to love one another, may
be woven into this discussion today. In your prayer through worship in
stillness you commune with the Author; you commune with the Highest of
All. You are embraced, accepted, even absorbed. Among your brethren this
connection with true power always manifests in humility, in compassion, in
a willingness to learn, to be corrected. Coupling this sense of
connection to the All-powerful, to the All-knowing, with your sense of
finite frailty and ignorance creates a dynamic tension for your ascension,
for your experiential attainment of sovereignty as a human-finaliter.
My peace I leave with you. I love you.
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