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Date: February 4, 2003
Location: Rio Rancho Team meeting at Carl and Janet's home in Albuquerque -
Special guests include Virginia and Bill Kelly, their daughter Nancy and her
daughter Abby, all from Pocatello, ID.
Teachers: Tomas, Anatolia and special guest, Daniel
Topics: Your Joy: The Light you shine on those around you
Finding Joy: Where are your Treasures?
Giving Joy: Shining rather than opining.
The greatest act ever accomplished
On the Threshold of Ascension
Q&A: The Gift Joy and the Attainment of Joy
Frustration and its relationship to Joy
Our Joy, our underlying True nature
T/R's: Gerdean (Tomas), Matthew (Anatolia), and Isaac (Daniel)
Music: Dorenda on piano; "Morning Has Broken"

Prayer: (Matthew) Let us place ourselves in the presence of Christ Michael.

Master Teacher,

We bring ourselves to your presence as students and pilgrims along the way.
Children as we may be, we aspire to being full-fledged spirit in the grandeur
of yours and our Father's creation, to be of service to you and to all
humanity that we encounter, at whatever level. So long as we serve one we
serve all. And for us to realize that for ourselves to be included in that
service of understanding compassion and love above all, is where it all

We ask that whatever teachers you designate this evening for our edification
and our continued growth along the path and in appreciation of fellow
stewards and pilgrims along the way - Bill, Virginia, Nancy and the little
one (Abby) in our midst, we are grateful as well. For those who cannot be
here tonight we ask for their healing, unity of focus and spirit and for all
of us to stand, in and among, with you for eternity. And for all else you
know to be of need and request and fulfillment within our hearts and minds,
we place that before you as well. Amen.

TOMAS: Good evening, my friends. I am a most ebullient presence this
evening in your midst. The relationship we have developed is pronounced. I
am reminded of my co-teacher Abraham, who rejoices each week to meet once
more with his beloved students. Each time we meet we grow more fond of one
another in understanding of each other's uniqueness and place in the
unfoldment of our lives.

Our community here is well established. We have worked in the Spirit realms,
as you have worked in your realms, for the founding of this base of comfort,
strength, sustenance and joy. I am rejoiced in having in our midst this
evening a teacher who is a part of my history and development in times past,
and in more recent times as well: my brother Daniel.

In another era, he and I attended courses together in the Melchizedek
University On High, in realms far beyond here and now. But we also met and
worked with the Southeast Idaho group, known then as the Pocatello group.
Because of my exposure to that experience I am a better teacher.

I also want to point out that my sojourn in Pittsburgh augmented my skills as
a teacher, for it was there that I learned the social graces that endear
civilized human beings, in this culture, to one another.

I regress, somewhat, and am reminded that those of you who know that those
who pass on from this life to the next are actually celebrating a graduation
to a new and glorious level of living, have no hesitation in expressing your
joy at their departure. But those who have not your conviction of the
hereafter may find your exuberance somewhat cavalier. And these subtleties
of the culture are instrumental in accessing those with whom you work.

Granted, there are street people. There are suffering individuals. There are
downtrodden, and they can certainly be met through the spirit. And through
the words of our teacher and minister, Michael, we are able to make contact
with those who are less socially fragrant than the denizens of these parlors
in which we meet. But the fragrance of a Love-saturated soul is often, in
your world, it would seem, made more believable because of your comportment.

I am giving thanks this evening for my experiences that have brought me here
to be your friend. My theme for the evening is one of Joy. The Joy that each
of us knows, individually and personally, because of our Soul Source, and
(which is) enhanced by our camaraderie as creatures of the Creator in loving
relationship, gives testimony to that truth which reflects the love of the

(It is) that love which Jesus mentioned when he said, "They will know you
have been with me." We have been with him. Not just "with" him but made a
part of his family. We are being raised according to the standards that he
proposes for us, and in this supreme plan of ascension, we are becoming more
than we were -- and always and ever gratefully acknowledging the Source of
our Joy.

Your Joy will speak more loudly than your proselytizing. Your smile will
relieve them of their burdens. Your calm will remind them of the need to seek
solace in Him. In this we cannot fail. There cannot be failure in this
reality, there can only be temporary clouds that obscure the horizon. Your
radiant Joy is the Light that shines in the morning in this New Day.

I am eager to hear from my co-teachers, and to assuage my own ebullience, I
will assign, if you will, our visitor, the task of communing with us now.

DANIEL: Hello my friends. I am Daniel, a teacher, a guide, a companion, a
brother and, along with Tomas, a most enthusiastic supporter of your
fellowship with each other and your camaraderie with us. Indeed does it
bring to mind fond memories, to be with Tomas in the same meeting. On
occasion Tomas has been a guest in our group, but this my first appearance
with Tomas in Albuquerque, as T/R'd through Isaac (Bill).

We are many tonight. We fill this room with spiritual presence, morontia
presence, as well as your physical presence. We represent the three levels
of Universe Reality which are traversed in your Ascension Career, the same
Ascension Career that I and Tomas are a part of. Our Cosmic family is truly
immense, my friends. And I am aware that your sense of its vastness is
beginning to truly impress your minds and comfort your hearts.

Tomas has named "Joy" as our topic this evening, and it is one of my favorite
things. Some of you have been reading about happiness. And Joy and happiness
are awfully close, in understanding. Our Joy comes as a natural result of
being in harmony and synchronicity with the Love of God, which is the Will of
God, which is the Flow of the Universe.

To be in harmony with the direction of progress; to have a life which has
meaning greater than merely the squandering of moments and the pursuit of
temporal satisfaction; a life whose meaning is focused upon doing the Will of
one's Creator, one's Source, is a life which has the flavor of most profound
Joy and happiness.

While all people seek happiness, as you know, it is, for many, a wearisome
and discouraging endeavor, for their Treasure is not in the right place and
their goals are disrupted, even as Jesus said, by thieves breaking in and
stealing, and by moths that eat the fabric of their commitments. But you
are fortunate, in so many ways, that you have the word of Truth. What does it
matter what a person acquires? What shall one give in exchange for their
Soul? Let your Treasures be in Heaven and there your Heart will be also.

Yes friends, I don't have to lecture you on these realities, for you know
from your own experience, that if one does seek to do the Will of God first,
that all necessities will be added to them. All their needs will be met. Not
just temporal and earthly needs, but ALL their needs, throughout Eternity.
And so, you do know this Joy. For you have placed your Treasure - your
Highest Value - in seeking to understand God, to know God and to be like him:
Perfect in your Human realm as he is in his Divine realm.

The Universe is a vast educational system. Your text (UB) gives you much
information about this, so it is not surprising, that we, as your older
brothers and sisters, share our information and our knowledge and our
experience with you, so that you also may share your knowledge, your
experience with others. But as Tomas has said, it is not so much in
proseletizing as it is in the overflowing graciousness of the Spirit which
fills your lives that impresses others, that there is something about you
which is very appealing and which they don't see a lot of. Yes, indeed, you
ARE the Light of the world. And your Lights shines forth for you have chosen
to keep it uncovered.

Many, many people, without necessarily voicing these thoughts to themselves,
are seeking for real and authentic happiness. Not the froth of temporary
satisfactions but the deep and abiding, meaningful Joy and happiness which
you have. And so you do well as you share your time together, for this is a
recharging of your spiritual batteries, it is a confirmation of your Highest
Values. It is an important time to take in, through your connectedness with
each other, Spiritual Energy.

But always must we give what we have received. For the Love of God cannot be
contained within us but must flow through us to our brothers and sisters and
then back to the Supreme, as we, through our service, help co-create His
Supreme Reality.

Joy, in a sense, is different than contentment, or rather, how 'happiness' is
defined by Culture. For many people, 'happiness' is a fluctuating experience
depending on circumstances and is not a continuous, underlying reality.

The Joy of which we speak is akin to the Peace of God. It is a constant
underlying bedrock, which supports your emotional well-being. Sadness is
possible at the same time as you have the bedrock of Joy and Peace. Other
emotions can, like the waves on the ocean, fluctuate and move you up and down
-- but underneath is the solid foundation of Joy and Peace.

And so I greet you all with fondest love. I know that our Southeast Idaho
group would love to be here to meet you all in person and I do extend to you
all, individually and collectively, an invitation to come and break bread and
drink of the Spirit with us.

Thank you, Tomas, for introducing me and it is such a pleasure to be here
with your students and to get to know them. I am most grateful, and I will
pass the microphone back in your direction.

TOMAS: I'll take it only briefly, for Anatolia is the balance we need for
the evening. Her radiant spirit is called for, and we welcome her.

ANATOLIA: Welcome this evening, everyone who is here, friend and new friend
alike. You are most welcome to bestow your Light onto the rest of us who are
witnessing the bounty of Light shared in and among ourselves, as well as in
the vestiges of Pure Love.

This is something which is rather difficult, or obscure, for you to fully
appreciate, although it is not falling on deaf ears to say that each and all
of you are bereft of the experience of Love, not only romantic or familial,
but the feeling of Spiritual Love is not a foreign concept to any of you in
this room as it is not to many people, regardless of denomination or official
faith. There are those, however, who one could call the 'un-churched' -- the
'faith-less' -- but they too, know within the depths of their being the ache,
the thirst, the hunger for true fulfillment. While that desire is there, it
creates its own need and its own place for fulfillment.

So in this, too, even those who are 'unaware,' are preparing themselves for
the greatest act ever accomplished. That "greatest act ever accomplished" is
in knowing that each individual is an Act of God, a creation of Divine Will,
and a source of fulfillment of that Will. This is the Divine equation in
which each and all will eventually be fulfilled.

There are those, as well, who may either not be as fortunate, or have turned
off the Light within themselves to have followed other pursuits which take
them down dark, dusty and forlorn roads. Abandoned out on the prairie, out
in the desert, forsaken for nothing more than 'plants in the wilderness' --
this is where they place themselves. It does not mean that is where they will
remain. For in every parched landscape there is the need, the desire, the
obvious requirement for fulfillment of thirst, of nourishment, to be able to
stand tall and to know one's rightful place. Even if it were a plant, it
knows its rightful place, under the sun, within Creation, so all are found,
all have identity and all are not nameless.

I welcome each of you into your Father's House which you are currently
occupying in loving presence among your fellow brothers and sisters in and
through the House of Radiance. This where you are. Consider it as a
Threshold to the Greater Mansions yet before you -- if you can imagine this
house that I speak of as a Welcoming Parlor - a Threshold to your future life
in Ascension. You can color this (room) any color you would like or set it in
the most brilliant of natural settings. Whether it is a Greco-Roman columned
facade or whether it has all the color and natural beauty of a Monument
National Park, it is yours to behold. It is yours to worship within. And it
is yours to appreciate as a place that holds the Love between you and your
Creator Source. Welcome all that you care to, to worship with you in the
Space that is your Threshold to your future path, for it is the path that you
are on and it is the path that is made for you. Stand there happily,
joyously and courageously, knowing that this is where you belong and the
future is the next step that you are about to take.

I welcome you all and I welcome the Radiance of your presence in, around and
amongst the rest of us. Today is a day in which we are glad and happy to be
part of this majestic service called the Teaching Mission. It is our pleasure
to be of service and we welcome you for the continuation of our lives

Peace be with you. And for those of our friendly travelers, peace be with
you, and may you have a safe and wondrous journey while here and in your safe
return. Have a wondrous week, and until next time. May God bless you. Amen.

TOMAS: Amen. And thank you Anatolia and Daniel and Abby. (group laughter as
Abby -almost 18 months - has been jabbering throughout)

Are there questions?

NANCY: Tomas, I don't have a question but I just wanted to thank you for
your beautiful lesson on Joy and the encouragement that it provides and the
reminder that it provides about how to function in our lives and among our
fellow siblings and peers. I want to thank you.

TOMAS: You are welcome, my dear daughter. You may well recall many moons ago
when we met at the home of Debbie Roberts. We mentioned often the 'coming of
the dawn,' that the sun had not yet come up. But Lo! In these past 10 years
much healing has transpired in you as individuals and as children of Go. You
have benefited from the counsel and companionship and caresses of your
mentors. You have courageously forged your way through the obstacles that
pulled a pall of gray over your countenance and you have learned to stand
erect and Radiant in the full Dawn of your awareness of your Personhood.

This is an attainment, the acquirement of Joy, and you are entrusted with
this gift because you have fully appreciated from whence it comes and how it
has been forged. You know how to carry yourself so that your Joy does not
inadvertently make others feel bad. You don't lord it over others that you
are happy and they are not. This Joy is genuine, and the victory is yours
indeed. And ours as well, as we bask in the warmth of the Son (sic) of your
early Light of Truth. The sun is up. It is shining brightly in this corner
of the world. And there are other corners where the sun is also shining
brightly. A fresh new day has begun, even while there are those in, shall we
say, other 'time zones' who have yet to awaken.

Carry your Joy quietly among the sleeping so that when they seek to rise you
will greet them and assure them of the reason for being. Yes, "Morning Has
Broken", and it has spilled itself into this room, dazzling the shadows and
diminishing their effects. Shine on, students.

(After a long pause) Surely you are not going to let us do all the talking.

Virginia: Tomas, I heard you say that Joy was an 'attainment' and in the
same sentence you said it was a 'gift.' I thought of that in terms of living
as we can (through the 'gift') know God but we must achieve ('attain') the
Supreme. So we have attainment and a gift…and I guess that's what it's all
about, faith and works.

TOMAS: Yes. And I will take the liberty of borrowing from The Zooid Mission
the concept of the fullness and the promise with the moon. There is a
"promise moon" in the sky this evening and the full moon will be along. The
same truth holds therein with Joy. Having accepted the fact of relative
perfection, there is simply more to come. And even while the struggle may
prove wearisome, there is that Underlying Joy that Daniel spoke of that can
sustain you through troublesome times. That is the 'gift' of faith and the
Joy of living. These are Truths you may bring into being and be mindful of,
for your teaching purposes.

Elena: That really helps me a lot, Tomas, because this week has been a
little bit frustrating and I've felt a little bit less Joy than I ordinarily
feel - encountering a little frustration too … but thank you, because what
you've all said about joy is good information and encouragement that I can
put to good use.

TOMAS: To many, the idea of being Joyful or Radiant is an affectation. And
those who are not well versed in Joy are misled by their own mind when they
feel they are without Joy when they are frustrated. This is simply confusion.
Remember the underlying level of reality that you have attained, then see the
challenge that you face as the opportunity to cement that underlying reality,
to forge your underlying self so that you know the victory of vanquishing
that which stood in the way of your expression of Joy.

Take lessons from the little ones in their search for experience. They are
quick to forget the difficulties and eager to renew their approach. Yes.

DANIEL: I would also comment, my dear, that there is no way that the lessons
of life can be taught except through the repeated yielding of the soul to the
Comfort of God within. When one's perception of how-it-is for them, how-it-is
for you, is troubled by disappointments, unexpected events, personal failures
or any number of things which result in frustration and can result in further
spirit poisons, do as our Master has shown us by his mortal life example -
and when I say "do it" I don't imply that you haven't been doing it, so I'll
rephrase that - continue to do as our Master did, which is to turn to our
Father who dwells in each of us. Make that connection in the face of
frustration. Also, when you do that, you contact that Wellspring which
bubbles within you and you sense that Peace, coupled with Joy, that Jesus was
sustained by, as you have been, also, in the past.

Life will continue to provide all of you with moments of frustration. The
important thing is to learn to let go of the Cause of your frustration. To
come to that conclusion which Jesus reached when he said, "What does it
matter if kingdoms fall?" All things collapse. You are secure in your
relationship to God. You have nothing that can really touch your Soul - your
True Inner Reality. It is an ideal which most on this planet have not
achieved in their mortal lives. But you will achieve it as we all continue to
work on these things.

Elena: Thank you for that encouragement

DANIEL: You are welcome.

Paula: We should all be thankful that we have happiness in our lives after
what happened this week with the tragedy that those on that space shuttle
suffered along with their families and loved ones.

TOMAS: There is compassion in your voice, Paula. I sense you tenderness
toward the people who have been wrenched from their loved one's victories as
well as their personal relationship. Death is, indeed, an abrupt adjustment
for them to make. These are throes of the ways of man, not to be disdained
but to be anticipated.

Such adventures as so many of you undertake are double-edged swords. But the
passion you see, with which these individuals approached their work, has been
an inspiration for so many. The early explorers of your world, the early,
pre-historic civilizations, all these individuals have had their dangers to
overcome and their adventures to pursue.

There is no point in blaming God for any of these, if that is what you think,
for there are choices to be made, risks that are taken in the unfolding of
an evolving world. The lessons learned are a part of your accumulated
cultural endowment, and all of you are enriched by the experience of those
who impact your life, whether through heroism or through foolishness. This is
the consciousness of Urantia.

Your consciousness as God-knowing, Spirit-led, Sons and Daughters of the
Living God, are vital energies that add another dimension to the adventure of
living. And this is your calling - those of you who are led to hear the Voice
of the Master and to be curious about the Teachers he sends to counsel and
befriend you in your quest. Your hearts are in the right place. How can they
not be when they are embracing, and embraced by, Living Love, the Living Love
from our Creator and our Father.

Keep that focus with you. Keep this underlying understanding of your True
Self and minister to those you meet in the world who long to hear the sound
of his voice and who yearn to feel the morning sun upon their face. You are
able to influence many and greatly, even when you don't know what you are
about, simply by allowing yourselves to be guided by the Light and reflecting
your Joy as you pass by.

We are aware of the time and wholly reluctantly relinquish you for the
gathering is food for our souls as well as yours. Thus, rest in the knowledge
of this reality, for we will return to it again and again, alone and
together, therein to seek the succor of God. Amen and Farewell.

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