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S.E. Idaho TeaM

Daniel(Bill): Father of mercies, God of all comfort, we worship You,
Father, Son, and Spirit, one God indivisible.  We thank You, with the most
profound desire of our hearts, for Your indwelling Presence in us  as we
are drawn toward Paradise and toward each other in unity of Supremacy.  We
thank you for our Creator Son, Christ Michael, Whose way, truth, and life
shows us how compassionate, merciful, and ever lastingly loving is Your
program of ascension perfection.

I, Daniel, ask that these, my brothers and sisters, cherish in their hearts
all the relationships which You give to them as they proceed through life.
Tonight may we sit in harmony and mutual friendship at the feet of Jesus of
Nazareth, Michael of Nebadon. Amen.

Daniel(Bill): Dear friends, it is I, Daniel, here among you this evening as
well as our staff of personal teachers and our resident Melchizedek
Instructor, Minearisa.  Thank you for your comfortable family conversation
which included us in a most natural manner.  I am pleased with the results
of your practice of reading the lessons because it is a connecting thread
from one session to the next and serves to accentuate our progress as well
as assist you in remembering the previous meeting, especially if you were
not present.  In listening to your conversation I observed that you brought
up areas of practical concern which I would like to touch on for a few
The first concern has to do with the scheduling of time for the practice of
stillness, meditation, worship, prayer and thanksgiving.  At the beginning
of this Mission we presented you with a recommendation that you spend ten
minutes once or twice a day, set aside from all other distractions in order
to become attuned to your Spiritual heritage, the incoming information from
the universe regarding your true status as sons and daughters; as well as
teaching you to be still and hear the small voice of God within.  Now, as
the Mission has developed over the last eleven years, and we, indeed,
beginning our twelfth year, there has been intimations of the desirability
and possibility of practicing stillness in a more diffuse and constant
manner so that your consciousness of God is not limited to one or two small
time segments during the day.  

The practice of the presence of God requires a long maturation to become
second nature; and it is never intended to displace specific stillness
times.  It is not a discipline essentially, but an overflow from the well
spring within you that results in more and more awareness of the still
small Voice speaking to you.  Yes, of course it has to do with circle
attainment.  But that is just an illustrative concept, real in its essence,
but not a methodology so much as a description of progress.  If enhancing
stillness were a discipline, which it is not, I could say: number one,
number two, number three, number four, etc.  Do this; then do this; and
then do this, etc.  A discipline would be more likely to be understood as
applying pressure from the outside toward the center.  But this increased
awareness of God is not applying pressure from the outside.  It is the
opposite...releasing the gates at the headwaters of the spring of spiritual
life so that the flow may increase.  Yes, it more like letting go than
grasping.  It is more like stopping the urge to control than it is to
discipline one's self.  

I will share a concept which Isaac has heard.  It is very simple.  When you
think of a person(s) or of a situation involving people, instead of only
thinking about them and musing on whatever aspects have caught your
attention, take just a moment and convert your anxiety, concern, or worry
from a desire on your part to have them behave as you think would be best
to a brief prayer of compassion, in which you offer your love to them and
you request that they more diligently listen to their inner guidance, even
if they consciously do not believe it exists.  You do not force them to
think in these terms, but you apply a gentle pressure of soul energy in the
conduit of your prayer.  This can be very, very quick and easy.  It is not
to be a struggle or a thing to worry over.  However you word your prayer
request is of little consequence and is mostly for your mental
concentration.  But, change from worry to compassionate empathy.  If you
need to visualize, imagine yourself giving a hug to this person, if that's
the way you like to show love.  That is just one simple suggestion which
makes it possible for you to offer prayers throughout the day.  Isaac has
attempted this technique, and when he remembers, finds it useful  

When you go without conscious attempts at stillness and awareness of God
you will feel uncomfortable.  You will be immediately relieved of your
discomfort when you turn your will and your mind back to that guidance
within you, that Voice of God speaking.

The other issue I want to comment on has to do with the difference between
interdependence and what your culture has termed co-dependence.  These are
not new ideas; but you are all emerging from the cultural confusion which
has clung to your clothing like sticky mud, making it difficult for you to
pull your boots out of the muck and stand firmly on the rock by the side of
this cultural morass.  The sense of "love" has been tainted from the days
of the planetary rebellion by the misunderstanding that love somehow has
the right to control the decisions of other people.  This right to control
has been institutionalized in societies as patriarchal structure for the
most part; sometimes as matriarchal structure.  Only in recent times has it
even been consider "normal" for children to be allowed to choose their own
life's path rather than following the dictates of their fathers and
sometimes their mothers.  

Lucifer, in his rebellion against the universe, had no compunction about
influencing and controlling the minds of enormous numbers of individual
beings: angels, midwayers, other Lanonondek Sons and mortals.  You know the
catalogue.  It is from this "Father of Lies", as Jesus called him, that the
great lie has come...that anyone has the right through patriarchy,
matriarchy, parenthood, employer/employee, whatever, to dictate to another
person the decisions they must make.  True, in the military structure there
are lines of authority.  But, for the most part, those who take part do so
voluntarily.  I will not deal with conscription aspect of some military
service except to say that even that can be refused if one is willing to
suffer the consequences.  Therefor, there has been confusion between the
concept of interdependence and co-dependence.

Co-dependence I will define as the belief that you have the right to
control the thinking of another person because your identity is dependent
upon applying that control.  In a co-dependent situation the control is
actually both directions for the dance requires the movement of both
partners in agreed upon steps.  Controlling someone else gives your life
meaning and purpose; it is thought to make you a whole person.

Interdependence is quite different.  In interdependence there is still the
system matrix of interaction, but there is no swallowing up of one person
by another.  Rather each individual has worth and value in their own right
and does not anyone else to make their lives of value.  You can see that
the Cosmic Family consisting of brothers and sisters is a system of
individuals all of whom have dignity in their own selves because they are
created, sustained, and loved by the members of the Paradise Trinity.  Each
person is also valuable because they are unique personalities, as well as
creatures.  Each person is valuable because each person has a unique
contribution to make to the enlargement of the Whole, to the completion of
the Almighty Supreme.  

Now in interdependence there is still influence, for influence is not the
same as coercion.  Influence is legitimate.  It never violates the free
will of another person.  It does not offer advice unless it is asked for.
However, you do exert influence through prayer and you are entitled to pray
for any and all situations.  That is not a violation of free will.  That is
an application of influence.  

Dysfunctional family systems have been a part of this planet's history
virtually forever, at least when a certain stage of social evolution has
been reached, beyond the level of primitive societies.  I do not tell you
this to add to your discomfort or to experience any guilt feelings.  No, we
are simply talking about the evolution of relationship styles from the most
primitive and Luciferian concept to those which comprise societies that
operate in Light and Life.  

Well, my friends, I had no fixed agenda tonight for I felt like it would be
good to discuss things and you all brought these two issues to the surface.
 There were other concerns as well.  So, I will stop at this point and
let's talk about these two concerns: developing an ongoing awareness of the
presence of God and practicing prayer; and the issue of
interdependence/co-dependence; or other things which you deem to be of
importance. Have you questions, comments, disagreements?

LaReen: Daniel, I would like to thank you very much for this particular
lesson.  It feels like another private lesson for me.  I do appreciate it.
I have been reading Welmek's lessons on prayer and I appreciate you taking
it a step or two forward for me tonight.  It has been helpful.  Thank you.

Daniel: Thank you, LaReen.  I did not prepare these comments simply for
you, but you are one of the people that inspired my thoughts.  So I
appreciate your feedback.  (Long pause)   Perhaps I gave you more on your
plate than I intended to.  Maybe it would be better for you to gestate on
these comments and if there are things you want to talk about we can
address them at another time.  Perhaps you have other things you would
rather talk about.

LaReen: I have a quick question.  Are we seeing more results from our
prayers because of the circuits being open and because of the Correcting
Time?  Are we seeing more results?

Daniel: When you see we, are you referring to the entire planet?

LaReen: Yes.

Daniel: In a sense the answer is yes, but probably not in the way that you
anticipate.  The opening of the circuits did not make prayer more effective
as though the prayer circuits were deficient and needed more energy, which
the opening of the circuits provided.  The prayer circuit has always been
fully effective.  However, the connecting of the planet back to its peer
relationship with other planets in the Constellation of Norlatiadek has
resulted in a largely unconscious/superconscious awareness that Urantia is
not this abandoned orphan that so many people have felt for thousands of
years.  The consequence is that some people, in practicing their religious
devotions in whatever religion they may embrace, are actually praying at a
much more mature level.  Therefor, because the level of their praying has
matured, their prayers are more effective.  Remember that totally selfish
praying does not get beyond the mouth of the prayer.  The more altruistic,
the more outside of self you are in your prayers, the more effective they
will be.  So you see, in an indirect sense the answer is yes.  The circuits
have made a difference in the effectiveness of prayer because they have
actually enhanced the effectiveness of the prayer process.  Has this helped
LaReen: Very much.  Thank you, Daniel.

Virginia: Daniel, I am thinking about prayer as LaReen has brought it up
and we have talked about it.  Is it possible that...I think about the fact
that prayer really changes the one who prays.  Is it possible that we just
simply are able to see the glass as half full, instead of half empty, as a
result of prayer?

Daniel: Absolutely!  That's a very good way to describe the difference.
But that isn't all that happens.

Yes, most of the value of prayer is to the person offering prayers.  But
there is spiritual pressure which is applied through the mechanism of the
collective consciousness of the mindal circuitry as well, that same
phenomenon that manifests as the "one hundredth monkey"at times.   That is
why we always encourage group prayer for those who wish to pray in a
unified fashion.  

The only caution that I would offer is that you remember that, even though
prayer evolved originally from magical incantations, it is in no way a form
of magic.  Magic is about controlling other people.  It is a contravention
of natural law and a violation of free will.  So, when prayer is immature,
it is much more like magic.  As a child prays for a toy that he wants, he
is really engaging in magical praying.  So when I say that it is more than
just affecting the person praying, I don't mean magic.  I mean that it
applies spiritual, moral, and intellectual pressure by virtue of adding to
the pool of consciousness, enlarging the pool of  good, moral, and
spiritually appropriate soul desires expressed in prayer.  Does this make
sense to you?  Or does it raise more questions?

Virginia: (laughing) I think I am trying to understand all that, all the
words.  Some of them are new to me.  So I am going to have to take a look
at the transcript.  But, thank you.  I appreciate that.

Daniel: You are welcome.  I sense that we have reached the conclusion of
our evening.  If I am incorrect someone may jump in here, otherwise,
Klarixiska desires to close our meeting with prayer.  Any other last words,
thoughts, or questions?  Let us then stand and join our hands and hearts.

Klarixiska(Bill):   I am Klarixiska.  Let us pray.

Loving and compassionate God of all creation, You Who are our Father, You
Who are our Mother/Son, You Who are the Spirit Who empowers the universe,
one God unified in love, in truth, and in mercy: We, Your children, thank
You for the universe which we dwell in and for the opportunity to co-create
ourselves so that one day we may fully understand God the Supreme and all
the experience to fathom for eternity.  We also thank You that we shall
stand in the presence of Spirit, Son, and Father, the very Sources of
reality and be able to commune with You in a manner which our minds cannot
even fathom.  Finally, we thank You that this will just be the beginning of
our eternal careers.  But these, my friends, are just out of kindergarten,
and that vision is immensely distant.  May they, nevertheless, hold it in
their minds as the ultimate goal, so that as they learn the three Rs of
spiritual reality they will know that one day they will graduate and join
the ranks of Paradise Finaliters.  I, their big sister, gather them in my
arms and give them a kiss on their foreheads, each one. Amen.

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