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SE Idaho TeaM
January 3, 2003

Prayer by Klarixiska (Virginia): 
(Tape missed opening.) does transform
lives through the love that You indwell us with.  We thank You, God, that
causes each one to strive for greater things that will bring not only
personal happiness, but happiness to this planet.  We would ask that You
open our hearts tonight, the seen and the unseen, that as we listen to
those who have prepared the lesson, that we might be motivated once more to
share our love to all that we come in contact with.  We thank You for these
faithful students.  We thank You for the opportunity You have given them
and us to communicate and become better children.  Amen.

Daniel (Bob S): This is Daniel.  I greet one and all at the close of your
holiday celebration, thanking you for your faithfulness tonight to return
to this time during which we get together and encourage one another.

The season that you have just passed through shows itself most clearly when
you analyze your feelings the day after.  If you think back to the day
after Christmas and the day after New Years you can usually tell how well
you understood and participated in the celebration appropriately.  

I am not the main speaker this evening, but I wanted to greet you all and
get my licks in before we settle in for tonight's lesson.

Ken: And your licks are very good, Daniel.  Thank you.

Daniel (Bob S): Thank you, Kenneth.  I always appreciate your comments and
those of others who provide them verbally.  There are moments when we can
access your thinking and get the reaction of everyone at a thought-only
level.  But as I was saying, our main speaker is coming up, and I now turn
the time over to him.  One moment, please.

Most High Observer (Bill): Greetings, most esteemed fellow cosmic citizens!
 The flags of all nations must eventually bow down in subservience and
unity before the flag of Michael of Nebadon.  The sovereignty of all
nations must be surrendered to the sovereignty of humankind.  I am a Most
High Observer, a Vorondadek Son.  

I have chosen to speak to you as your planet is once again of major concern
to the Most Highs of Norlatiadek.  My role as an observer is to make
appraisal of the situation among the rulers and peoples of all the nations
of Urantia, and report back on a periodic basis, over system circuits and
constellation circuits, my impressions and my recommendations.  Your planet
is in the process of re-connection to the Constellation in the light of the
fact that the rebellion has ended.  The government of Urantia has been
under our jurisdiction since the Lucifer Rebellion isolated this world
along with its sister worlds.  However, now that things are returning to
normal, Nortalatiadek will not have to continue its over-control and
over-supervision, for your system is now functioning more or less normally.
 But things have not returned to the pre-rebellion status completely, so
the Most Highs are very greatly involved in the politics and the other
great social factors which govern the behavior of Urantians.

I wish to bring you a hopeful mood.  I wish to emphasis, that in the
affairs of nations and in the destiny of planets, there is loving
over-control.  Individuals, as the [Urantia] book tells you, may go astray
and fail to do their part in the power-personality synthesis of the
Almighty Supreme, but planets will be brought along their evolutionary
paths to perfection.  

You human beings, having discovered the wonders of the universe that
science attempts to explicate, have become fascinated with prediction and
control.  Yet even your best meteorology does not achieve 100% accuracy;
and certainly your attempts to forecast human behavior are fraught with
difficulties, for free will makes any determinism unworkable.  So as you
perceive the information that comes to your senses, you must use your best
interpretations from past experience to translate these stimuli into
meaningful concepts, events, etc.  

Before you can achieve such meaningful interpretations you have to have a
set of presuppositions, a personal philosophy of life through which you
filter this amorphous and malleable information.  You cannot paint a
greater picture than the limits of your canvas.  You cannot shade the
colors beyond the limits of the colors that come with your pallet.  In
other words, you must recognize that your fears regarding the future are
based on limited and very fallible interpretations of the information that
comes to you.  At times these limitations are augmented by the channel of
their delivery.  The bias of the allegedly neutral news media is also
present.  Your choice of conveyers of information, whether they be books,
radio, television programs, or stillness, for example, all effect your

At this time your planet continues to have adolescent reactions to its
growth.  It is growing rapidly and awkwardly.  Many thoughts by many people
are still in the childish realm.  Adolescents after all are children in
adult bodies.  They are not smaller adults.  They are really children
growing in a somewhat non-synchronized fashion with mental and physical

What your planet needs are adult ideas.  It is time to put away childish
behavior.  The sovereignty of nations is not a fact.  It is an illusion.
What is sovereign is your common humanity, for you are all created as
children of God.  We see certain positive evolution occurring on this
planet despite the fact that progress moves forward and backward in a
perhaps somewhat incomprehensible fashion to most people.  And yet you are
not stagnant and stuck in the mud.  Your planet is evolving.  

There are areas of concern that the spiritual resources of this planet
needed to be upgraded.  This Time of Correction has included your movement,
your Teaching Mission.  You are, through your own choice, among the more
enlightened and spiritually advanced members of Urantia, but there are
others.  There are many great Thought Adjusters abroad in the minds of men
and women.  There are children, too young to be noticed yet, who have very
advanced Adjusters.  There are plans for the next Age of the Magisterial
Son well into solid configuration, whose details I cannot reveal at this time.

So my friends, the angels are not singing alone over the Babe of Bethlehem.
 The entire Universe of Nebadon is mobilized to bring you and your sister
planets back into full fellowship and to, as quickly as possible, alleviate
the poisons still found in the waters of life on this planet, so that all
may drink safely and securely.  Here I speak not only of the physical water
on your planet, but of the spiritual streams of truth which were so
seriously poisoned in the rebellion.  

So even when things don't go the way you hope; when leaders fail your
fondest dreams; when you could easily say that the world is going to hell
in a hand-basket (laughter); be assured, my friends, that there is
over-control!  How this works I cannot explain to you.  It is something of
a mystery.  Only the Supreme Being, outside the Paradise Trinity,
understands this fully.  

And so my message to you is, be of good cheer!  The Most Highs rule in the
kingdoms of men.  Good evening.

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