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SE Idaho TM
November 15, 2002

Klarixiska (Virginia): This is Klarixiska.

	Father, we come in quest of You, and all the attributes that are promised
if we would just open up to Your Spirit within to ask, to listen and to
respond to Your leading.  We would ask, that for all those seen and unseen
here tonight, that we might become that which is our path to You, and take
our will, Father, that we might not only enjoy that path, but produce the
fruits of the Spirit as we pass our brothers and sisters along the way.
Enliven our spirits, sharpen our intellect, calm our emotions that Your
Spirit might shine through.  Amen.

Daniel (Bob S): This is Daniel.  Greetings, my children.  Again I am in awe
of your sincere questioning of the ideas that I and others have presented
to you.  Your curiosity is to be commended.  Your lack of understanding is
understandable.  [Laughter and comments.]  And we accept the challenge you
present us, but not tonight, for we have something else on our agenda this
evening.  Please don't feel that your questions are being ignored.  We have
written them down, [more laughter.] and will be addressing them at another
time.  Our feeling is that despite the questions raised in your discussion
tonight it is more appropriate to go ahead with our existing plan that will
follow now.  One moment, please.

Monjoronson (Bob S): My children, I am Monjoronson.  [Greetings and
welcome.] [Editor: We have been told earlier that this being is a
Magisterial Son.]  I have been here before as an unidentified speaker, and
I accept your greetings in humility.  

One of the attributes your have pondered is the place humility holds for
those who are servant-sons of the Father.  Your teachers have presented
lessons appropriate to your level of understanding, and I commend them for
their level of understanding, and you for your willingness to accept at
face value the words of your elders.  We fully recognize that much that you
are taught is at a level of understanding which is incomplete.  It is the
nature of your status.  Consider for a moment the status, the situation of
those who have not been privy to your teacher's lessons.  Can you be humble
in your knowledge?  Can you be humble in your excess of understanding?  Can
you be seekers of the truth, and not throw truth in the face of those less
educated?  All of these attitudes are necessary if you are to be true
faith-sons and daughters of the living God.  You need only to study the
example of your Father-brother to understand this more fully.  I had not
planned to give a lesson tonight, but I sensed that these words might be
appropriate for you, and I trust that you will approach them from that
point of view.

My purpose in addressing you this evening is to bring you up to date on my
mission.  As some of you have been apprised, I fully believe my mission
will begin soon. I have been given Michael's blessing, and he has left the
final decision to me.  With my court of advisors, many of whom have
considerable experience on this planet, I feel confident that my decision
will be a sound one.  Yes, even Paradise Sons are not blessed with perfect
foresight.  We must rely upon our best judgement, and the advice of others
whom we feel have experiences that we do not.  Hence, I am much like you in
that regard, or is it the other way around?  [There was humor in his voice.]  

Friends, your work has reached very high levels of administrative
over-sight.  You are all to be commended on your openness to the truth as
it has been presented to you, your willingness to accept what you cannot
fully understand yet, and strength of faith to step forward without fully
understanding the ramifications of your decisions.  It is not that we seek
to keep you in the dark.  It has much more to do with your level of
understanding and your faith status.  Remember this is a faith building
stage where your now exist.  Therefor we must do all we can to put you in
situations where your faith is tested, your faith is deepened, your faith
is encouraged, and you are allowed to mature.  If you feel at times that
you are tested beyond your capacity, know that that is never the case.
Stretched, yes; frustrated, yes; and pushed to the point of self-searching.
 That is by design.  

You, my friends, are in the forefront.  There may be times when our work
with you can be characterized as trial and error.  We regret this, but we
are not always sure how the human animal will react in areas of stress and
learning, so we try it out on you and see what happens.  We thank you for
your patience and your willingness to be run through such experiences.  It
is even possible at times we may misjudge your strength and over-load your
plate.  However, even after that we take necessary remedial steps to make
sure your levels of frustration do not impact, at least for long, your
spiritual growth.  

Unfortunately you will have to take our word for this, since your level of
understanding does not allow your full understanding of my explanation, nor
your full cognizance of the patience to which I am alluding.  Hopefully my
words will provide the solace necessary to permit your acceptance, and your
forgiveness, if that is appropriate, of our doing experiments without your
full understanding.  At this time I would allow a few questions.  Are there
those here who wish to questions any of my information tonight, or any
other matter you feel I could assist your with?

Ken: Welcome, dear brother.  It is a pleasure to have you here this
evening, and hear your words.  These lessons are things that we are given
that are faith-building.  Are they part of the morontial teachings that we
will be getting versus the lessons that we are getting now?  Does that make

Monjoronson (Bob S): Thank you, Kenneth, for your question and your
welcome.  My friends, the lessons which you are given are probably best
characterized as both human and morontial.  They are at a quite high level
of human understanding, and as you yourself have commented, Kenneth, are at
psychological levels which are quite deep.  Your limited exposure to
morontial concepts, both in the book and through your teachers and their
lessons, clearly demonstrate the relationship between early or basic
morontial concepts and those to which you are being exposed.  Hence, my
best answer, Kenneth, is they are probably both—perhaps a bit more
morontial than earthly, but probably best characterized as both.  Are there
other questions or comments on your minds, my friends?

Ken: Nothing more than to say thank you for what you have given us, what
the guides have given us, and for the love that you give to us and share
with us.  May we give it back to you in service to the Father.

Monjoronson (Bob S): Thank you, Kenneth, for your words of love and

Bob (the TR) has suggested that I perhaps should say a few words about my
mission.  I can say little for it has been decided that there will be
little advance publicity, if I can use your earthly terms.  You have been
apprised of my status earlier: that I was here and that I have a mission to
perform.  Any details concerning this must wait until the beginning
[official start of the mission.]  I have been advised and have accepted the
idea that any advanced word would be inappropriate, that when I decide to
begin I will fill you in then.  Until then I trust you will accept my
decision and wait patiently, or as patiently as you can.

Bill: My question then is are we correct in assuming that the
self-knowledge expansion, all these personal issues that have been the
basic curriculum of the Teaching Mission, are going to mesh into the
mission that you will inaugurate with your decision.  In other words, there
isn't anything else that we should be doing?  

Monjoronson (Bob S): There is nothing more important for each of you than
your own spiritual development.  Should you be approached or should you
volunteer to accept a more direct role in my mission, in most cases that
must wait for my final decision.  I am always looking for help.  The
numbers of humans who will be needed in my mission is large.  All of the
positions necessary for human involvement in my mission are not yet filled.
 This is by design.  It has to do with my decision not to begin until I
begin.  [Formal announcement is made.]  Therefor, your willingness to
assume a role beyond that of personal development is open.  Your prayers
and thoughtful study of your own skills and talents, abilities and
willingness, will lead you to a decision whether or not you wish to accept
a position in my mission.  At that point, me or my representatives will be
in touch with you and the details hammered out, as you say.  I thank you,
Isaac, for your question and the opportunity for me to open a door for
individuals such as yourself to take a position on the threshold of the
first stages of Light and Life building on planet Urantia.  Are there other
questions?  (Pause.)  

I thank you for your attentiveness and your humble acceptance of my words
and the words of your elder teachers.  Your openness, your acceptance, your
faith has been a blessing to those of us who have come to this planet not
fully knowing how our message would be accepted.  I believe your teacher,
Daniel, now has some closing comments.  Good evening.  

Daniel (Bob S): This is Daniel.  I thought you would appreciate the words
of our Magisterial Son whose presence you have been made aware of, and
whose mission lies before us.  I will now close tonight's meeting.  Let's
stand and take each other's hand.  
Let us be in prayer.  

Universal Father, Mother, Spirit, whose universe we are just beginning to
comprehend: we are in awe of the power and humility by which You rule Your
universe.  We accept our position knowing that we are Your sons and
daughters; that we grow day by day; that our faith, while in need of
strengthening, grows for reasons that we don't fully understand.  Yet we
accept with faith Your words, Your representatives, Your love, anticipating
that one day we will all become the person you created us to be.  Amen.

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