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N. Idaho TeaM 11/10/02
Topics:Spiritual Resources and Technology, Questions on 
Adam and Eve, Crop Circles and Healing 
Teachers: Elyon, Jessona

November 10, 2002

*	Elyon (Jonathan TR):  Welcome, friends, I greet you 
in this manner as you sincerely seek to receive either 
my contact or another’s to gain another tidbit that may 
become for you an insight or an inspiration or further 
motivate you in your overriding goal of being a light 
to this world and a representative of Michael.  This is 
	When you desire to create an object or to cause a 
condition to appear or to be established on your world, 
you first must conceive of how to bring your goal, your 
invention, your dream, into existence.  Then you must 
search out and acquire the resources from which you can 
create, actually build or mold, this goal.  But it is 
not enough only to conceive and to acquire the 
resources; you must also develop a technology through 
which you can actually undertake the building and 
completion of your goal.  It is obvious to me how 
passionate you are in revealing the master’s teachings, 
also how dedicated you are in shaping your lives based 
upon far-reaching universal values, the best that you 
can perceive at your level of spiritual attainment, and 
letting that overlay upon your life, allowing that to 
shape your decision, allowing that to power your 
actions.  I call attention to you today that you have 
resources that you may use to apply your ideals and 
your high values, your spiritual goals, be it for your 
own self or for the planet.  These resources entail 
your Father’s Fragment, Michael’s Spirit of Truth, 
Nebadonia’s Holy Spirit, your guardian angels, the 
seven adjutant mind spirits, and, yes, even us 
	If you were to desire to build a house and needed 
wood, you would first need to transform that wood that 
comes from a tree into lumber.  Yes, you could, using a 
hatchet, knock the tree down.  You could split and 
shave until you finally had your dimensional lumber, 
and you could do so over a great period of time, 
removing blocks of time that could have been applied to 
construction.  So, technology enters in so that you may 
increase the availability of your resource and create 
more time to accomplish the goal.  Therefore you 
develop lumber mills, chain saws, and the like to 
hasten the refinement of the resource.  Applying this 
to my talk today it may cross your mind how in the 
world could you ever improve upon the resource of the 
Father’s Fragment within you?  So I will bring up the 
discussion of spiritual technologies.
	A simple interval of reflection would cause you to 
realize that these technologies have been with you for 
many years.  They are worship, prayer, stillness, and 
service which incorporates in itself, service, the 
extension of mercy, the application of kindness, and 
the overcare of love.
	In your acquirement of knowledge through the 
Urantia Papers you have become aware of many traditions 
and superstitions of mankind in its development of 
religion and science, some rather humorous of centuries 
past, and some critical in the development of spiritual 
technology.  You know of the revelators’ presentation 
of conditions of effective prayer, of worship.  I have 
said that you could take down a tree with an axe and 
you could drop it with a chain saw.  The improvement of 
the technology hastens the accomplishment of your goal.  
This is why you have been taught that a selfish prayer 
rises only to the level to which it is directed.  I 
must caution you, however, to not associate outward 
manifestation of these technologies as the technology 
itself, for, though a chain saw accomplishes its task, 
an axe will do the job.  You may rely on your holy 
waters in worship; you may require your incense and 
candles, but what is the most powerful element in any 
worship is the motivation of the soul engaged therein.  
That is the one who is willing to wield the axe, who 
powers up that chain saw.  Without that motivation your 
resource cannot be acquired.
	The Father resides within and waits, ever ready to 
accept your willingness and your motivation to mine 
that resource, to acquire it as your possession, for 
you to become one with the Father.  Therefore as you 
undertake the activities of your daily life it is good 
for you to sharpen your eye for the improvement of your 
spiritual technologies.
	You know that your world has a limited source of 
resources, but you are in this era discovering how 
rapidly changing are your technologies.  The resources 
have always been on this planet; they simply were not 
accessed until your technologies improved.  So it is 
with the spirit agencies about you and within you.  
They are constantly here, ever ready to serve.  As you 
improve your technology, your access to these resources 
will seem like you have received a new arrival of 
spirit, when in reality the only thing you have 
acquired is a greater sensitivity to what has been ever 
present.  Therefore, my friends, always hold it strong 
in your faith that you have all the resources.  Yet in 
this threefold dynamic your responsibility falls in the 
other two arenas, that being: improving your 
technology, further developing your conceptual 
sensitivity that entails higher spiritual values, 
broader planetary destinies.  The inventor creates, 
seeks resources, and develops technologies.  It falls 
to you to enlarge your awareness and to develop your 
spiritual technologies.  The resources that are here 
now will become actively available as you apply your 
powers to this dynamic.
	I have finished my discourse.  I will remain with 
you to share.  Others are with me to share with you as 

	Ginny:  Is it up to us to correct what we think is 
wrong, or should we just leave it and remain friends?

*	Elyon:  It is acceptable to correct that which is 
wrong, after all we are in the Correcting Time.  What 
is of importance, however, is the manner by which you 
approach error.  You know that many times the master 
rebuked his followers, at times exasperatingly said, 
“How long must I bear with you?”  But it was always 
shrouded in love and offered, rather than demanded, the 
solution or the correction.
	That which speaks the most to another soul is 
demonstration and conviction, a conviction that isn’t 
an argument of convincing but a conviction that powers 
your actions, that reflects strength and stability of 
belief.  To one who holds an erroneous view and is 
honest in their reflections, though as yet unaware of 
the error, being honest does entertain some element of 
uncertainty, for that which is erroneous is 
unfulfilling in totality.  You could easily dwell upon 
the flaws to enlarge that uncertainty and bring down 
the error, but that is an approach of mind.  Revealing 
your own stability, your own certainty, your own trust, 
addresses that percent of uncertainty in the other, and 
the soul is ministered to rather than the mind.  Every 
soul hungers for that greater sense of well-being that 
truth provides.  When this is tasted the mental errors 
begin the process of transformation.  Therefore it is 
important to be one who exemplifies.
	You are encouraged by me to be bold, for to retreat 
and console yourself that you were right and all the 
while did not create a conflict does not provide any 
benefit to your fellows, just as it is of no use to 
yell and scream and pound on tables to make your point 
	You have spoken of the middle way as virtuous, and 
herein is the great task of all spirit believers: 
aggressively pursuing your spiritual destiny all the 
while tending to the needs of your fellows at the point 
in their journeys with the technique applicable in that 
station in their ascension.  It is very tempting when 
you have a chain saw to tell another to put that axe 
away and use that chain saw.  However if that 
individual is not trained to use one, more disaster can 
result than benefit.  So I would add to your 
technologies of a spiritual nature the use of wisdom.
	I hope this has helped.

	Ginny:  Yes, thank you.  I think we err more on the 
side of apathy than being too bold or aggressive.  
Nationally we are too aggressive.  In this Correcting 
Time we could all be a little more bold in action and 

*	Elyon:  Yes, I will confirm your feelings that as 
individuals you are all too often willing to defer to 
higher agencies, by higher I mean your institutions, 
the larger corporations of people and structure, to 
accomplish what you wish to see happen and not be 
engaged yourselves individually.  These agencies begin 
to take on their own life.  As you have stated, they 
have become bold and overbearing and power hungry.  
This would not happen if the many individuals, a lot of 
whom make up these institutions, were to speak their 
minds.  An agency, incorporation, an institution, while 
it seems to have its own life does not have its own 
soul.  They may improve but they do not grow as does a 
human creature.  So, where does guidance and conviction 
bear upon these structures?  There is no conscience, 
for it is not an entity.  It requires those who make up 
those agencies to make their voices heard.

	Ginny:  In reading about Jesus and Adam and Eve, 
there was a certain readiness of the people to receive 
them.  Is there any such place on the planet now being 
made ready to be a center for religious teaching and 
spiritual gatherings?

*	Elyon:  There are efforts underway at this time to 
establish such localities as you speak of on every 
continent, for unlike those events of the past that you 
mention, the entire world is in touch with all of 
itself, whereas in the past there were cradles of 
civilization.  Now the whole planet is your playground 
of civilization,  knowingly interconnected.  Therefore 
we look to establishing headquarters, morontia 
educational centers, and the actions moving in that 
direction are underway.  However, I would assume you 
would agree with me with just one glance over your 
headlines from your news that this project is long in 
its making and a long way off in its realizing.  That 
is why you have the Correcting Time to transform the 
thinking patterns and behavioral reactions of 
humankind, thereby creating fertile soil wherein these 
progressive centers may have true and lasting effect.  
Again I would return to my lesson and say that these 
centers are like those resources for the individual, 
yet in this case the planet, and that the technologies 
of the human race fail at this point to properly 
acquire and apply these resources.  So while you wait 
and hope for such focal points of divine light, address 
the development of technologies and civilization 
wherein peace and love, of forgiveness and acceptance, 
are upon all and applied to all.

	Ginny:  Working for peace and justice is a good 

*	Elyon:  Indeed it is.

	Ginny:  We’ve read how Adam and Eve were depressed 
and discouraged.  I guess we can wait a little longer 
but keep working with people around us.

*	Elyon:  Although civilization upon this world has 
changed much from 35,000 years ago to today, and the 
contrast of a highly qualified Material Son and 
Daughter from the system headquarters coming to your 
world to uplift it seems so great, in reality were they 
here today some of that same frustration would still 
apply, for the human nature still values conflict to 
get one’s way, still ignores illumination in order to 
preserve tradition, still has a tendency to value 
comfort and establishment in face of the troublous 
effort of change to better methods of living.
	It was not so much that this Adam and this Eve who 
came to your world were disappointed over the material 
conditions, for they were well trained about the level 
of primitiveness that your civilization engaged in at 
that time.  What was more disheartening was how little 
of the teachings of the Planetary Prince and staff took 
hold in the minds and hearts of these peoples.  That 
educational force that was halted still has scant 
rooting even today.  So, it becomes obvious what your 
task is, the overlaying of spiritual perspective and 
experience upon your daily life regardless of how 
modern you consider your civilization to be.  These 
truths, this cosmic context, will guide and prepare you 
into the future and to higher levels.

	Ginny:  Can you give us any information on the crop 
circles?  I know they aren’t manmade.  I wonder what 
their purpose is.

*	Elyon:  These manifestations fall into the category 
that I would call mystery.  While I am unable to reveal 
the sources of beings who are involved, I can say that 
these manifestations are used as triggers, catalysts, 
or perhaps enzymes to effect a reaction.  While it is 
of little importance to many celestial administrators 
on your world whether you understand any symbology or 
how these symbols are created, it is of great interest 
to these celestials your reaction, how you reconcile in 
your minds the implications of extraterrestrial 
intelligence, how you philosophically develop a 
framework of understanding.  Whether it is to the 
extreme of cynicism or the extreme of fanaticism or 
somewhere in between, those reactions provide the 
impetus for spirit to move among you, to reach to your 
level of bewilderment or understanding and to lift you 

	Ginny:  So, they are little messages that tell us 
that you are here among us?

*	Elyon:  They have that effect, and we apply 
ourselves to that.  But this is not the only form used 
to wake you up.  There are many techniques applied 
throughout this world to hint and whisper to human 
minds that you creatures are not alone.

	Ginny:  They don’t contain any messages?  They’re 
just here to rattle us?

*	Elyon:  Your second point is most important, the 
rattling.  However, no expression can be had that does 
not contain meaning.  So these symbols entail many 
meanings, not simply a single message.  But as the 
parables of the master of centuries ago, they speak to 
a broad section of personalities who investigate what 
is meaningful in these manifestations.

	Ginny:  I think of crop circles like UFO’s; after 
The Urantia Book, not much can top that.  That’s my 
revelation, though it would be fun to see a crop circle 
or a UFO.  Patience is what we need to practice, active 

*	Elyon:  Yes indeed.  Just as the sculptor can not 
hasten the outcome through careless work but must 
carefully apply his tool to the medium, so it is the 
case in the advancement of this world.  Yet to sit 
before a stone waiting for it to evolve into a statue 
would require all of eternity.  So you are perceptive 
in joining patience to action.  It is the careful 
carving that gets the work done in proper manner.

	Tom:  I can’t wait to learn patience!

*	Elyon:  As your doctor I would tell you that you’re 
'patients' already.

*	Jessona:  This is Jessona.  I would like to take 
Elyon’s lesson and simply  call attention to you that 
this principle overlays upon your often returned to 
subject of healing.  To recognize the need in others, 
be it physically, mentally, or spiritually is like the 
one who conceives of something that can be 
constructed...  And you know through diligent studies 
of the... effective healing, that it is the resource of 
the Father that does the actual healing.  But you are 
also aware that you as a human being must also develop 
your technology.
	I applaud you all for your healing prayer circle in 
your meetings for bringing to your collectivity those 
you recognize who have needs.  You have wrestled with 
the concept of whether you ought to give attention to 
disease with the question, “Does that give reality to 
the disease?”.  And you have philosophically grappled 
with how you may uplift another, remove their ailment 
all the while not giving reality to that which is not 
deemed to be high in health and vibrancy and vitality.  
Such undertakings exemplify your struggle to develop 
technologies, for it is through the development of 
perspective and method that you become a valuable 
player in the force of healing that the Father applies 
to one in need.

	Ginny:  We often forget that we are not the ones 
doing the work but merely instruments.  The work is 
being done by the truly spiritual sources.

*	Jessona:  Yes.  You may be like the scalpel where 
spirit is the physician.  But without the scalpel the 
physician is not able to undertake his work with the 
same precision.  I do not mean to say that the power of 
the divine is powerless without you, but in the realm 
of material things, material beings are a factor and 
contribute to the conduction of the divine energy, just 
as Michael when on this earth could touch another and 
raise them from their sickbed.  So you too can be an 

	Tom:  You once mentioned that prayer is the 
recognition of the problem and the energy was where the 
healing takes place.  Is this an example of spiritual 
technology, healing technology?

*	Jessona:  Yes.  As an example, let us say a friend 
of yours is sick with a cold.  Prayer may be likened to 
the get well card.  The energy is likened to you 
sitting at bedside tending to the fever, comforting and 
strengthening that individual.  Does this help?

	Tom:  Is there a way for our healing circle to 
apply a concept frame to refine that?  The Colorado 
group envisions a merkaba, an energy column, they focus 
on.  As opposed to randomly wishing people well, would 
that be something we should look into?

*	Jessona:  This collective visualization is the 
important element to group healing.  This energy column 
you speak of is contactable by you.  All minds have the 
ability to tap into the energy circuits.  You may 
benefit from such a visualization, for it does open the 
door to contacting the reality of this energy.  But I 
do not go to the extent of encouraging you to simply 
adopt a framework that another may use, but for you to 
find in this group a collective approach that you all 
personally resonate to.  It may be that same structure.  
But it must be honestly and wholly adopted, not a 
formula you undertake, but something you sincerely 
project yourselves.  As an example, you can undertake 
numerous actions that first create that collective 
sensitivity.  Holding hands is one.  The important 
element to be attained is that synergistic level of 
group visualization and prayer.  That is where the 
energy is contacted.  As you pointed out, you could sit 
together associatively and voice your wishes, but this 
level of synergy is where you become an amplifier, able 
to receive and broadcast the healing energy.  Does this 

	Tom:  Yes, thanks.

	Ginny:  This is what Kirk was saying about the 
power of mind control; focusing your mind is the 
catalyst for healing.

*	Jessona:  This is true.  As your fellow student so 
well pointed out, your ability to accomplish any 
spiritual undertaking requires that mind control, 
perhaps to state it another way, discipline of the 
mind.  By undertaking such disciplines as stillness you 
open the portal to the spiritual energies.  The mind is 
that passageway between spirit and matter.  So, 
stillness develops within you the ability to make that 
connection.  This explains the importance of 
willingness, of petition.  While prayer may seem like 
it is only the wish list, the get well card, in 
relation to the receiving and transference of energy, 
it is the mind actively opening.  You might say that 
prayer opens the portal of the mind for the energy to 
transfer.  But stillness is the ability to recognize 
and receive that energy, to effectively handle it and 
transfer it.  I do not mean that you must be in 
stillness to receive it, transfer it, but that this 
discipline develops your ability to effectively receive 
and transfer.

	Tom:  Thank you.  That’s a very clear concept.

*	Jessona:  I express to you great love.  I admire 
all of your endeavors to be of help to this world.  The 
numbers are increasing on this planet who are willing 
and able to function as material complements for the 
seraphic corps.  The angels manage, but humankind are 
the laborers.  No work is done on the management level.  
What builds those bridges that span the rivers, what 
paves the highways that cross the continents, it may 
begin a concept but it is finished in action.
	I now withdraw.

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