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S.E. Idaho TeaM

Daniel(Bill):  We lift our hearts in gratitude to You, oh God, Maker of all
things, visible and invisible, that You have granted us life and the
opportunity for partnership with You.  I, Daniel, thank You for these, my
comrades, who cherish our relationship together and who come to learn from
us what we have just acquired so that they may, also, share what they have
learned with those who are behind them.  May Your Spirit of equanimity
always calm us and keep us stable on our surfboards as the events of life
come and rock us up and down.  May they refine their ability to balance so
that they can take on greater and greater waves without upset.  All these
things I ask out of my heart which is in agreement with Your will.  If it
is not in agreement, not my will but Yours be done.  Amen.

Minearisa(Bill): Greetings.  I am Minearisa.

Ken: Greetings, Minearisa.

Minearisa: I am here speaking to you so that you can know that I have not
forgotten about you, which you might conclude from my long absence.  

Ken: Oh, have you been gone? [being a wise guy] Sorry.  (Laughter)

Minearisa: Thank you for asking, as I was preparing to address that issue.
Yes, and no.  I am employed in many activities which are all related to the
Correcting Time Mission.  While telling you this I am not suggesting that
my relationship to the S.E. Idaho Teacher Base is one of my least concerns.
 I am simply wanting you to understand that it is not my only concern.  

We teachers, Melchizedeks and other celestials, agree with Daniel's
assessment that you are stalwart students.   Therefore, his word should be
broadened to include the assessment of your entire staff whose
responsibility it is to provide you with the instruction necessary for
morontial attainment.  I am not our featured speaker this evening.  We will
hear from her shortly.  I just wanted to come by and say, "Hello, my dear
friends.  It is I, Minearisa, who loves you."  And now another will come to
the microphone.

Andrea(Bill): Hello dear friends, I am Andrea.  You have heard of me and
heard from me in the past.  I am a Social Architect which is my current job
function. [Editor's Note: I believe we have heard from an angel with the
name of Andrea.   This is not the Primary Midwayer Andrea]  I am with you
tonight to provide you with some thoughts about your morontial soul
architecture and the realities of your group affiliation. [See The Urantia
Book, Paper 39, Section III.]

The ascension career on this side of Finaliter status is all about
continual growth, growth on several levels, as you know: intellectual,
social, and spiritual.  As you proceed through the ascension career you
will be assembled in various groupings.  No one, mortal or celestial, is
alone, for it is of the essence of the completion of Supremacy  that
everything and everyone become integrated in symmetrical or patterned
relationships which will provide the best symmetry and beauty of design to
enhance each person's intellectual, social, and spiritual growth.  So,
first of all, I wish to tell you that while you made the decisions to
follow your guidance, there was overcare applied to influence you strongly
into association with this Teaching Mission group experiment.  It was not
simply by chance that you came together and are students in the same
classroom of our Melchizedek university.  

It is not for you to know, at least in this life, all of the intricacies of
influence which were a part of the eventual clustering together of this
group.  It was not our design that your group should have undergone serious
schism and difficulty.  However, being human, your experience in that
regard is pretty average.  But your progress since that time has been a
winnowing experience; and just as the original followers of Jesus
fluctuated in numbers, in understanding, and in dedication, so, indeed,
have those who have come to the Teaching Mission fluctuated along these
lines as well.  These words are not meant to be interpreted as a judgement.
 I am simply telling you some things that have been in your own experience.  

I am not able to forecast your future as a group except to say that we
intend to keep this teacher base active.  Yes, we used some influence to
bring you together, but that is as far as our influence can go.  Of course,
we coordinate everything with your Guardian Angels.  They are the prime
movers of your social environment.  Ultimately it is up to you,
individually and collectively, to achieve the matrix of growth stimuli
required for maximal intellectual, social, and spiritual growth.  

Some things which are contraindicated in smooth group functioning are: 1.)
A lack of openness and trust with each other. 2). Personal agendas which
are not shared with other group members including a desire to reform the
group in a certain direction or to exclude or cripple the functioning of
other members.  3.) A lack of sincerity in terms of the stated goals of the
group.  There are other factors which debilitate but they don't need to be
reviewed this evening.  By looking at these three areas one can surmise
their opposites, which would be factors necessary for maximal group

Such factors are best summarized in the goal that Jesus our Master stated
when He said, "I have not come to be served, but to serve and give my life
in that service ministry".  If you take that motivation to heart then your
relationship in this group is to find your place in service to each other.
You see, you all do this in different ways.  You share trust in each other
when you offer your home as a meeting place.  You avoid personal agendas
when you share from the heart with each other as was done this evening.
You honor and encourage each other, allowing each one to be able to use
their gifts and talents for the benefit of all.  And you assist each other
in learning how to carry the gospel, our sonship under our Creator/Father,
to others who do not know that reality.  

Your purpose as a group, however, has another side to it.  It is not
anti-altruistic, for in your service motivation is also great joy and
pleasure in each other's company where there is trust and a putting aside
of personal agendas.  Each member can learn to appreciate and value every
other one for just who they are in themselves.  

You have all been a part of other groupings and remain a part of other
groupings at the same time.  Some of these groupings you had no choice in
as your family of origin illustrates.  Contrary to some theologies, you did
not choose your parents, although your Thought Adjusters did take
cognizance of your heredity.  You did not choose the color of your skin,
eyes, hair, body stature, etc. which constitutes you as physically part of
your family group.  But this group tonight, and the groups that you will be
part of down the road in your ascension career, will offer you a part in
participation.  There will still be groupings assigned to you awaiting your
consent as you mature in the ascension career, for the universe does have
wisdom at higher and higher levels that will offer guidelines and
parameters for your choices.  After all, when you think about it, you
realize that your free will prerogatives are not unlimited.  There are some
choices you cannot make for they are not a part of the platter presented to
you.  You cannot choose to become a fox or an eagle.  You cannot choose to
alter your stature.  You cannot choose to become superhuman.  You cannot
choose to change your gender.  But your ultimate choice is your destiny,
whether or not you wish to continue to be a personality manifest to God and
His universe and progressing.  You know that this is so, for you have all
made that choice Still, there will be some decisions made in terms of your
participation in groups which will be from higher wisdom and a broader

Well, my friends, these thoughts I have shared with you.  Now, I believe,
we should have a time for any discussion which my words may have generated
in your minds.  Do you have questions or comments?

Virginia: Andrea, I was curious why at this time in our group have the
teachers decided on this information.

Andrea: Well, before I attempt an answer to your question I have to ask
you, why are you asking me this question?

Virginia: Because I don't know the motivation.  To understand the
motivation would help me perhaps hear your words.

Andrea.  I am not presenting this material as an implicit criticism of your
group functioning.

Virginia: Oh!  I didn't take it that way.

Andrea: Good.  I state that so that should anyone have taken it that way
from the transcript ...

Ken: (words lost)

Andrea: Excuse me, Ken.

Ken: It's on the record.
Andrea: It's on the record.  Correct.  

The best answer I can give you, my dear, is that growth involves more than
just spiritual growth, but also includes, as I said, intellectual and
social growth.  Intellectual includes the emotional arena as well.  There
is often a misunderstanding, when there is such an emphasis on spiritual
growth, that growth is more or less wholly confined to "spiritual growth".
Growth that results in circle attainment definitely includes intellectual
and social growth as well.  As I review the records, you have been
receiving a heavy emphasis on spiritual growth.  It was decided, therefore,
that we needed to talk about the social aspects of growth and that a Social
Architect could present such material appropriately.  That, in a nutshell,
was our thinking.  Does this help you or explain?

Virginia: Well I certainly did think of the circles and I know that you can
fill all the circles and not be ready for fusion because of lack of
spiritual growth.  So that's interesting that you are concerned that we
also grow intellectually and socially.  I would certainly want to be a part
of that.

Andrea: Yes.  If you read carefully the description of circle attainment
you will see that it implicitly includes the three areas as integrated; and
that spiritual growth alone is not synonymous with circle attainment.
[Editor's note: the social area is implied in the relationship to the
Supreme, called universe citizenship as well as the "harmonious functioning
of the entire personality"]

Virginia: Yes, Andrea.  I do understand that.  Thank you.

Andrea: Did I sound like a sociologist and leave you with a boring
aftertaste from my thoughts tonight, my dear?

Virginia: (laughing) I'm not sure what a sociologist should sound like so I
can not answer that.

Andrea: So you will not intimidate yourself with an answer?

Virginia: (still laughing) I'm aware of my own ignorance.  Therefore, I
cannot answer your question.

Ken: Well, Andrea, first of all I would like to say thank you for your
visit and this pallet you have put before us.  It has tasty morsels for us
to digest and nourish our thoughts with, our spirits.  Second, as I look at
the three objectives that you related I think back to one of our earlier
lessons.  Perhaps it was eight years ago.  I say eight years because the
elections were rolling around and they are rolling up now.  When we asked
the question of what to look for in a candidate Daniel made a statement
that there were three things that we should look for.  One, will that
person do what they said they would do and represent the people that
elected them.  Second, what was their personal motivation for seeking that
office.  Third, what was their moral character.  I can relate those three
things to what you said tonight, about do we want to do what the "bylaws"
of our group want to do, or is their a personal agenda involved, or is
there a personal fascination with somebody in the group.  I can relate
those things eight years ago to what you are saying today.  Would my
thoughts be correct?

Andrea: Indeed, Ken, you are integrating realities from different sources
but approaching the same understanding.  For political leadership a concern
to the Social Architects. These words that I have spoken tonight would
certainly agree with Daniel's thoughts from so many years ago.  Your
planet, as you know, is socially retarded

Ken: Seriously!

Andrea: Yes, seriously.  The normal parental example of Adam and Eve in
their cooperative honoring of each other's dignity mode of work would have
given a totally different picture, had they not defaulted.  Instead, you
are still strapped with the a political system worldwide which does not
select the best candidates by service motivation  but is largely a function
of ego aggrandizement.  Now, I am not saying that all political leadership
on this planet has been ego motivated.  There have been many who have
served nobly.  Nevertheless the structure does not support service
motivation and high and honorable qualifications.  The reform that is
needed of the political system in this country is far more profound than
most of your elected representatives understand.  Again, the neighboring
planet which was given press in the Urantia Book has successfully achieved
a much better political system.  The reason their system was described in
detail was to plant ideas in the minds of Urantian mortals.  If you haven't
read that paper in a while I suggest you all take a look at it.  It is, in
fact, very relevant at this time of a political year.  Thank you for your
comments.  You are right on track.

Ken: Thank you, Andrea, very much.

Andrea: Are there other questions or comments?  (Silence) Well, then,
hearing none, Daniel will close our meeting.  One moment please.

Daniel(Bill): Hello, friends, it is I, Daniel.  Let us stand and hold each
other's hands.

Feel the energy that circulates through your hands and that rises to the
heavens in a vortex so that you, this group of five, create a temple of
energy.  Here in this temple of this group you come to worship God and to
fellowship with each other.  You do very well.  We all will forever worship
our Father and serve our brothers and sisters.  Have a good week, my
friends.  Good night.

Group: Thank you.  I did feel the energy, very much so.  

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