[tmtranscripts] "Michael's Birthday" Annual Celebration #2

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Fri Oct 11 18:53:48 PDT 2002

Here is the second session from our annual Michael's 
Birthday Gathering.

                   Michael’s Birthday Celebration
                               at the
                       Light & Life Sanctuary
                         Post Falls, Idaho 

                   Second Session, August 24, 2002

August 24, 2002

Michael’s Birthday Celebration
Saturday evening

*	Elyon (Jonathan TR):  Friends, I join you; I 
fellowship with you.  It is my greatest pleasure to 
be among you.  You are my buddies.
	I have been with you for many years as one of 
your teachers.  It is such a joy to witness your 
fellowship, your levity, your camaraderie.  These 
qualities you exhibit are morontia; they will 
continue to develop in you for thousands of years.  
Though you may be concerned over the appropriateness 
of your joy, your levity, your humor, do realize 
that the experience and expression of your mirth and 
your joy is important in order for you to ascend to 
higher spheres of spirit standing.  All too much of 
earthly religious engagement imposes a solemnness 
that can cripple joy -- without bringing any 
undermining impact upon the fact that sincere 
dedication is a high value in a spiritual pursuit.  
The goal of your ascent is the blissful embrace of 
the Father of all.
	Every child that you witness is excited over 
experience, discovery, acquiring skill, exhibiting 
ability.  It’s not a duty; it’s not an obligation. 
It is an adventure.  So, I commune with you, 
enjoying your ability to fellowship, to express 
yourselves, to let go of propriety, to set aside 
status, to be as one who is a brother, a sister; one 
free of title, one independent, one who knows that 
you belong to the Almighty of all creation, and that 
Being accepts you totally and unconditionally.  As 
you each accept each other totally and 
unconditionally you reflect the divine on earth.
	My friends, it is of great reward that I have 
accepted the assignment to be among you for these 
years.  I cannot express through just this 
receiver/transmitter my love, but I know you know.  
I say in simple words, I love you.  I am Elyon.

*	Aaron (Daniel):  Greetings, my friends, this is 
your brother Aaron.
	A great and significant change has occurred.  
Early on when we began this method of teaching with 
you we told you to look for the coming of this great 
change, and it has indeed happened.  It has happened 
within each of you.  You are no longer the ignorant 
infants that you were these few years ago when we 
began.  At that time you may have been expecting 
this to occur as an individual event outside of you.  
We at the time did little to discourage this 
outlook, for the excitement which you experienced at 
each suggestion of the coming change brought you one 
step closer.  It is likely difficult for you to 
remember precisely what you were like before, but 
the transformation has been incredible.  Yet still 
you see so much that has yet to change.  It may not 
seem like you have come so very far because you have 
changed gradually throughout, yet if your present 
state of understanding had been instantly placed 
with you in those early times you would have 
considered it well nigh miraculous.  I am here to 
tell you that truly it is miraculous.  You have 
transformed; you have experienced a metamorphosis, 
and you are able to see how far there is yet to go.  
Do not get discouraged, rather embrace once again 
the excitement which you experienced in those 
earlier times, for I tell you now there are great 
changes coming soon just like before.
	It is also my honor to be with you as a 
participant in this mission of personal growth.  You 
have significantly touched the lives of many who 
without your personal input would be far less 
comfortable with their lives, perhaps steeped in far 
more self pity and self hatred, who through your 
loving and unselfish service have learned perhaps 
for the first time that they are lovable and that 
they are indeed loved.  You cannot know how you have 
changed the lives of so very many of our Father’s 
children.  You are truly respected for your 
willingness to serve and your abilities as teachers.  
Grow in your abilities, grow in your desires, grow 
in your excitement, grow in your love.  You are 
truly children of God.

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