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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group

September 30, 2002, Monday, 8:30 PM
Arcadia, California

Larry: Dear Father thank you for bringing us together tonight with our
beautiful, wonderful brothers and sisters, it is a joy. Please open our
hearts and our minds, our eyes and our ears to the truth that is spoken
here tonight. We are so grateful Father for this wonderful day you gave us
and we are so grateful for all of our friends gathered here tonight, thank
you, in Michael’s name, amen.

Michael: TR, Lucille. Good evening friends, this is Michael. Welcome my
children; I just want you to know that I send you my love always. Come to
me when you have questions or problems and I will help you. Reach up and I
will reach down to you.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good
to see all of you once again, gathered together as true friends. Indeed
you are friends and as friends you do need each other; to talk to, to
listen or to just spend some time together. You need this interaction to
discover in each other a part of you that exists, a part of you that you
find in your closest friends, your most loved relatives or your intimate
partner. This is why we seek out others, so that we may remind ourselves
that we are alive and that we are acknowledged by others. When you
interact with a friend and enjoy their company, you are enjoying a
reflection of what your friends see in you. A reflection that is key to
your personality that is the essence of your soul is a reflection of all
that is good in you, all that is worthwhile. Sometimes we may not be able
to see this ourselves, spending time by ourselves. Sometimes it is only
revealed when we are in the presence of others who see this in us, who
acknowledge and cherish it. It is only then you begin to feel good about
yourself that you begin to realize you do have some worth.

Of course you can spend time by yourself, in the presence of the Father,
and develop a keen self-esteem. The Father calls on you to interact with
your brothers and sisters; to enjoy each others’ company. He calls upon
you to deliver his message of love and of hope. How else can you do this
but by going out and spending time with your brothers and sisters? Indeed,
many social institutions are successful because of this interaction and
many continue to attend these social events because they find in these
events something which reveals who they are inside and then they go away
energized. They go away with the knowledge that they have been
acknowledged by others as do you when you come to thisTeaching Mission.

When you leave here tonight you will know that the friends that you leave
behind in this room do care for you and do love you. If anything were to
happen to you, you know that they will be there for you. This is the
acknowledgement that you find here, the acknowledgement that you find when
you socialize with your friends, your family or your loved ones. That is
why it is all important that you continue to be a part of this social
scheme; social environment that presents to you an opportunity to grow, to
interact and to relate. There is a reason for everything. There are no
coincidences, no mistakes, so next time you find yourself in a situation
where you are interacting with a total stranger, try to find the
opportunity behind this. Discover the possibilities in which you may
enrich this man or woman’s soul. Or perhaps this person has something to
offer to you and you are just too fearful to open up and receive this
message. The trick is to stay open, stay available to everyone you
meet. Put down your defenses, put down your inherent instinct of survival,
realize we are all in this together. We are all brothers and sisters. We
all need each other. Cherish your friendships and befriend those who have
no friends. I shall always be your friend. Know that you can always count
on me. Are there any others who would like to speak tonight?

Lucille: JarEl, I want to say how much I appreciate and cherish your
lessons and especially your friendship. I greatly look forward to you
coming every two weeks and I would certainly miss it if you didn’t come.

JarEl: TR, George. I appreciate your gratitude Lucille. I shall always
be consistent in your life and in your heart.

Lucille: Thank you.

Unknown Celestial: TR, Henry Z. Greetings my friends, I just want to share
a few words and thoughts. Thank you JarEl for your words of

It is not an easy task to bring the hard man into the
light of God. It seems that on this planet it is much easier for the
mountains to grind down to fine particles of sand than it is for the heart
of man to become responsive to the call of God’s wish. It is not a
cheerless task to come into the will of the Father. The Father does not
ask that we live on the razor’s edge or walk a very narrow line. The
Father is just asking that you allow him to be a part of your life, that
more and more you bring God into the activity of your life, to the decision
process of your life. It is this intention that seeds the Teaching
Mission, not that you would fuse mortal mind and Adjuster presence
necessarily as mortal mind begins to accommodate Adjuster presence.

If a plant refuses to gather in the water that surrounds it, it will slowly
dehydrate; become brittle from lack of nutrients, would bear no fruit and
would eventually die. In time a new seed would sprout, quite possibly
utilizing the compost of the former tree and yet the presence of the living
God lives within each heart. Yet the human race is still in the dark and
still stubbornly holds out on that which would graciously nourish it,
graciously open and cause such growth. I, by no means, am a perfect
being. I do not entertain a divine right and I have seen the glories of
Salvington. I patiently take my watch on your world and find that more
often than not I pray, by the grace of the Father, he will find a way

..You cannot force your choice. Though often through serious
mishaps and experiences must man be humbled to begin seeking for the source
of the


.. to seek for that for distant one, in a sense.

We in the spiritual realm are literally held in check by man’s indecisive
nature. We would be of such great value and use to you more and more as
you begin to need us, as you begin to ask for our help and as you actually
begin to live as if you were taking our advice. And I know that I speak to
a much greater audience than is here at present, but to those of you here
present, you are a large part of your humanness. You are a part that at
least acknowledges our presence, acknowledges our teaching and our
influence, for that we are grateful. To call us by name certainly is an
acknowledgement. Pray for the tide to rise

Pray that mankind becomes
dissatisfied with mediocrity

Search for his true nature, his true calling
for this world, his purpose for breath. We know in time, in eternity, many
of you, probably most of you on this world will achieve greatness. Yet, we
honor this great experiment; the ability of man to lift himself out of
spiritual darkness through a sincere desire to exercise faith. So continue
in your journey, continue your growth, friendship. Continue forgiving
yourself and continue to come to the presence which brought you here.

We in the spiritual world are waiting for you, the human race, to bring the
presence of God alive in the spirit. It is not designed that we do it for
you, for we cannot. It is designed that we assist in your decisions and
that we make every possible attempt to give you the benefit of the
doubt. There are many, many celestials here holding forth in grace and
mercy for a time of higher frequencies. It is up to you to bring the
presence of God to reality. Not in word, not in ritual but in love and
service in daily practice and proper attention, that all may benefit, not
just an issue or a country, that the whole world may benefit. Go forth and

JarEl: TR, George. Are there any concerns from the group?

Steve: I am very concerned about the President of the United States in his
relentless march to war.

JarEl: TR, George. I understand your concerns Steve, but do not be
dismayed about the threat of war. Concern yourself only with what you can
do for yourself, your life and for those that surround you. Attempt to
create around you an ideal society, ideal friendships, and a macrocosm
which shall continue. Your life at this moment is of the utmost importance
to you and to those around you. As long as man has not fully brought God
into his heart, he shall always be at war with himself. Bring to those
that you love the knowledge that you hold inside of your hearts and go in

Chris: I feel eaten up inside by the direction that this is taking. I
fear for the soul of this country and hear that we can only deal with our
own lives and one person at a time and yet I ache to make a difference on
the material level as well as the spiritual level. I just don’t understand
how we can shut ourselves off from what is going on in the material
world. Is it wrong to attempt to make a difference in both the material
and the spiritual world?

JarEl: TR, George. No, it is not wrong and you are not shutting yourself
off from the material world just because you’re focusing on the spiritual
aspects of your life. You are only enhancing the material world by
endowing your ideas, your thoughts and your dreams onto this world. When
you reach inside of your soul for spirituality you bring forth to this
world the new hope; the new redemption. You cannot shut yourself off, you
only become more aware and more sensitive. And you, of all people, are
capable of creating great change on this world. It is those that reach
deep within their souls who come out and inspire the world to change for
the better. I am not here to tell you how, I am just here to tell you that
you can. Does this help?

Chris: Yes it helps, it is a difficult balance, and it is very difficult
to know how to make a difference in these very troubled times.

JarEl: TR, George. You have my support and those around you support you
as well, as do all the Celestial Beings and Michael. You are not alone in
your struggle and this world is difficult for many, I agree. But it is the
most challenging world and if you succeed going through it, you shall have
the victory of truly being tested and there shall be no doubt in the
Universe of your whole-hearted loyalty to the True Source and Center.

Henry Z: You know, JarEl, I am not particularly

.I think this country
deserves what it gets, I think this country is tremendously great as the
people to bring peace into the world. The majority of the people in this
country do not want that, they just want to go on skimming the cream off
the top from the sweat of others. This country deserves what it gets. It
is not a fatalistic attitude, it is one that is steeped in spiritual
awareness. We got way off the track and like the branch that produces no
harvest, I think harvest times are upon us and yes, it is sad that a
tremendous opportunity is being flaunted for today. I think it is doubly
sick when you consider that most people involved are going to the Mansion
Worlds and eventually will come to see the true light. But here and now it
seems that a lot of people are so weak in mind and spiritual essence that
they can just be swayed by rhetoric. They just can be swayed by the
bullying majority. You know, I pity those people; I pity their head aches,
their stress and their suffering. I pity their children. But I think that
we have had ample warning in this country, we have had ample opportunity to
change things.

I know that traveling abroad last year I got to see that it was possible to
view the world in a completely different light. I saw that there is
goodness, truth and beauty all over the world, even in the third world
countries; especially in countries where there are not tremendous
opportunities or tremendous wealth or tremendous choice. Where there is a
much more desperate struggle it seems much easier for people to choose
God. In America we have given ourselves too many choices and we have not
made that many accommodations for God. It is as simple as
that. Christianity has not done its job. Yes, there are some good people
and yes but it is not yet the potent movement that it was meant to be. In
the lives of the apostles those men stood steadfast while they were being
stoned to death by their neighbors. How many Christians today are willing
to stand against the tide of what is going on? I think that it is
unethical for a country as intelligent, as prosperous and as important as
the United States to dwell in such petty militarism and
self-righteousness. But I guess that’s what happens when you don’t really
center around God.

You lose sight of your own personal

you know that I can only be
satisfied to know that half of the people in this country voted for the man
that is now President of the United States. He is President by default,
not necessarily correctly elected. To me, if there are that many stupid
people in the country, they really deserve what they get. I have not much
sympathy for that. I have much more sympathy for the poor people in those
other countries that America is going in and bombing the hell out of, you
know, and destroying their lives and families and in places we don’t even
belong. I feel much sorrow for the people in Afghanistan; the poor people
don’t have a lot.

But I know that this country was made great. Just like Jerusalem and
Israel was made great one time for responsibility to carry forth the Word
of God to the world. They flaunted it, just like America is flaunting it
now. The writing has been on the wall, we have been forewarned. I don’t
know what can be done?

Lucille: Well I think things are a little more optimistic, I understand
that the polls for the President are about 50% but the polls for him going
to war are down very low. They do not want him to go to war. And he is
getting the message, there is a Senator that spoke before congress about
God and it was amazing, it came across the e-mail the other night and he
stood up for our country against going to war. I don’t think we will. How
many have written to the President? I wrote a letter to him, saying that
this is a great country and that we should be for peace and unity in the
world. If he gets enough messages, maybe he will believe it.

Henry Z: Let’s hope so. There was also a woman from U.C.L.A. that got a
petition and went before congress last week and petitioned that congress
actually discuss declaring war itself and debate it rather than giving the
President the sole authority to enter into war without the approval of the
congress. So maybe, if people would begin to exercise their
responsibility, which we voted for, could be responsible and debate, maybe
we will see some light. Sometimes I think it is conflict that actually
engenders resolution. We definitely have had our share of conflict.

Lucille: He talked about Iraq having weapons, but they don’t mention that
India has the same weapons, Pakistan has the same weapons and North Koreans
have the same weapons. But they don’t have the oil. The President is
interested in the oil and I don’t think this is right.

Steve: England, France, China and Russia have the same weapons.

Henry Z: But we also have the technology for an engine to get 50 miles to
a gallon of gas and what is the trend now? The trend now is to have these
giant vehicles that get no more than 12 to 15 miles to a gallon and gas is
still a dollar fifty a gallon, where in the rest of the world it is three
dollars a gallon.

Lucille: Governor Davis passed a law so that they will put more money into
research of other energy and the car will have to go further by the year

Henry Z: At some point they are going to run out of oil, it is inevitable.

Steve: Right now the oil companies don’t want fuel economy. It cuts into
their sales.

Henry Z: Of course they don’t. They have gigantic profits. If they
cannot get it from the Middle East, well, hell, we will just build a
pipeline through Afghanistan and get it from the Black Sea and pump it out
of the Mediterranean. You know we can get cheap oil from Russia. You
know, and to see our country as a global predator, you know, is really
disheartening because that is not who we are as Americans. When we travel
abroad and people treat you like a global predator you really begin to
sense that. You know, they don’t really see Americans correctly; we don’t
present ourselves correctly to them.

Lucille: How can we change it?

Henry Z: Travel, let people know that you are different. Pray, I don’t
know, write letters, I really don’t know. You think with all the
education, the tremendous Universities system, everything that we have, you
would think that




Henry Z: Do you have something to comment on JarEl.

JarEl: TR, George. Yes, I just want to thank you Henry for your honest
perspective on the state of the country and on how you view the world and I
want to thank all of you who contributed to this discussion as well. We
should keep in mind, perhaps the country may need to fall before it rises
up again or before it starts thinking in terms of bringing down its borders
and starts becoming part of the whole global community. As progressive
minds, we should help push forward this idea. I understand that perhaps
the voices right now may not be heard by many, but if you are persistent
and positive you can make a change and you can convince people that we are
all equal, the whole world, not just the United States deserves life,
happiness, security and love. I send you my love and I wish you good night.

All: Thank you JarEl.

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