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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Temporal and Eternal, Love, Out in the Field
Teachers: Evanson,Elyon, Olfana, Margul

September 22, 2002

* Evanson (Jonathan): Greetings to you, this is Evanson.
I am here to share thoughts, and I wish to begin by asking you
to imagine yourselves so far out in the remote stretch of the
universe that you are unable to perceive anything whatsoever,
planet or star; nothing at all seems to exist.
If it were possible for any one of us to do, we would be
out beyond the realm of creation. From this position it would
appear that there is nothing meaningful about this emptiness.
Now visualize yourself approaching the master universe. You
are coming upon the intense creations of the outer space
rings. You are able to view this gigantic conclave of things
and beings. Suddenly there is curiosity intrigue, the lure of
adventure, and the desire to meet others. Meaning appears
because something else exists that you now stand in relation
to. Now even the empty void beyond the created universe has
meaning, for it has relation to creation.
You have, like I have, begun your ascension through this
universe from a very physical level. You are progressing well
in identifying spiritual value, in recognizing that of eternal
importance while you are engaged constantly in the
fluctuations of temporal existence. Observing your
conversation today I find that you have progressed through the
stages of sorting out clearly that which is transient and of
only momentary meaning and that which is of great spiritual
significance and of eternal value. This is an important step
when rising in awareness from simple animal behavior and
attention to that of the divine consciousness that the Father
has placed within you. And this is only one stage of the
progress I witness in you, for I also discern that you have
rightly understood how much the temporal events of your life
complement and contribute to your spiritual ascension. And
you have experienced how well the creative design works, for
it continually thrusts before you another opportunity to be
cognizant of the spiritual significance of any moment.
I began by asking you to imagine being in an empty void
and then to discover the cosmic universe city, and I
illustrated that it provides meaning in this contrast. So has
this principle worked for you in your life; the apparent
temporal, transient aspect of your life does appear
meaningless when viewed alone. It is however when pulled up
alongside with your eternal destiny, that being standing in
the presence of God, great meaning is derived. Were it not
for the emptiness of space there would be no room for the
circuits of planets, the spirals of universes. Were it not
for this physical realm that you are in at this hour there
would not be room for your discovery of that of eternal and
lasting value.
Many do not make this connection. Some, as I nearly
did, falter in the discovery of that intangible, ethereal
quality of living beings. I compliment you for your
successes, and I encourage you as you struggle in balancing
your dual natures. Though you may experience frustration
adjusting to these two levels of your creature makeup, I
express to you that your very frustration is indicative of
your desire for God and even more so is revealing that you
have touched the divine and know, really know, that reality,
the presence of God. This frustration proves you have been in
the presence of the Father; you have communed with Him and
seek and desire that ever more and always.
It is the goal of all who aspire to spiritual attainment
to reach that peace which passes all understanding, to be
content. And it is worthy of attainment, for the bliss is
soothing to the soul. But I tell you frustration is a fire
that keeps you moving. It is what drives you to discover the
techniques whereby you will experience peace, even midst
turmoil. As we each undertake life experiences while
traversing this realm of time and space we will always be
running into that universe necessity of contrast. The
emptiness of space houses a universe. The meaningless
appearance of transient temporal existence hosts the eternal
values of all creatures.
I am told that one day when we complete our time/space
experience we will see a more singular, semi, though not
complete, absolute view. However this comprehension will not
be or could not be fathomed if it were not for the experience
we undertake in this era. That is because we begin as
creatures ascending to the Creator. If we were as Michael, a
creator himself, we would understand that single point
absoluteness of God. In a sense you might say that those of
creator origin have taken that which makes up the universe and
scattered it abroad, and we out in this panoply of space are
gathering up that which builds our souls, nourishes our
beings. As we all together as a single family do so we
recollect this scattering of the divine. If all this matter
that the Creator in a sense has taken from His box and spread
around is collected by each of us and in the whole has all of
us, we, in our collecting, place those pieces into our family
box in an entirely different order from the original
arrangement. This new configuration is what God seeks to
experience. This is the magic of creaturehood, our re-
assembly of all the potentials of God into a gift to the
Father, a rearrangement, a beautification through creature
So, my friends, relish the moment. Seize your
opportunities. Trust that when you are not assisting another
that the universe is assisting you, that ever throughout this
time/space adventure we will be oscillating back and forth in
this manner of intake and expression, of emptiness and
fulfillment. Your scientists understand that all matter
vibrates, and, were it not for this vibration, the universe
would be dead. This holds true of the soul; always will it be
in movement. This vibration at times appears to be as if it
was a slacking off, at other times a great move forward in
your ascent. Either movement indicates your spiritual
Thank you for hearing me today. Others are with me.
Take care.

* Elyon: This is Elyon. I am going to speak to you about
love. Isn’t that after all one of our favorite topics?
Love covers all things and therefore is difficult of
definition and so acquires many definitions. Let us imagine a
pole firmly rooted in the ground with many strings attached at
the top and stretched out to the ground like a teepee. Every
cord is a definition of love, be it attraction, enthusiasm,
volition, service, kindness, or worship. Many words can be
strung to this pole, each contributing to but each not
defining love. The beauty of this reality that is God is
that, while each one of these cords contributes to the
understanding of love, love itself stands on its own. That
pole is firmly planted no matter if any cord were tied to it
to hold it up. Before all things were, love is, yet in the
presence of all things love is revealed.
Within the human mind we may attempt to define love or
perhaps describe love, and we will define the descriptives
that indicate love. We begin to perceive this conical array
of cords tied about this pole stretching to the ground. You
can rise up any one of these ropes and find love at the
center. You can in a collection of many do so and find love
at the center. In the junction is the meeting of the
experience of creature love and the reality of Creator love.
This is the stupendous revelation of creature and Creator in
Evanson spoke about the rearranging of the potentials
that God has cast abroad by all the creatures into a new
construction of the same materials. So it is with love; that
strong eternal pull of divine love stands forever. We, each
creature, string a new comprehension of this eternal love and
define a new arrangement of love throughout the universe.
While any description of love may not accurately describe its
reality, I encourage you to seek definition, not formally, but
experientially, to discover a new string attached to this
eternal reality. As you do, as I do, as we all do, we create
a canopy of love that covers over us all in brotherhood in
relation to the Universal Father.

Mark: I see that even a string of frustration may still
serve the purpose to direct us to the center of love and
provide us with an avenue similar to the more uplifting
strings we may grab.

* Elyon: Indeed it does.
I would draw one more notion to the forefront, and that
is the importance of knowing and experiencing that divine love
contrasted with superficial loving experiences that do not
fall into the category of eternal love. Let us take this
example again and imagine a center pole that is not rooted in
the ground. It stands up only because of the array of strings
around it. This form of love falls when the cords are severed
and the balance is lost. This love you have seen and
witnessed in your life. It too points to the presence of that
eternal love that does not fall even if the definitions, the
qualifications, that define it are removed.

* Olfana: This is Olfana, greetings to you. I am going
to make some very physical statements, or perhaps more
correctly statements of physical things that have a spiritual
When you feel the warmth of the sun on your back or the
cool quench of water as you drink or even the shuddering
coolness of a fall breeze, know that what you perceive is due
to your monitoring of your experience, your recognition of an
occurrence about you. The divine presence within you, your
angel attendants, your teachers, are doing the same as the
physical elements in your external life. They are touching
you, seeking to quench your thirst, seeking to warm your soul,
seeking to alert you to what may benefit you as you grow.
While a sunrise in itself may not be God revealed, it does
reveal to the creature the reality of God. Though the
physical is not the spiritual, it indicates the presence of
the spiritual. This is why the parable worked so well for the
master. This is why your teachers use metaphor and analogy
often. Even as you ascend the morontia worlds, your routines
of each period of time will indicate and contribute to your
future growth.
I am happy to see you so enthusiastic about circuits and
healing and attending to the physical welfare of your fellows
as you are likewise desirous of ministering to the soul. Keep
up the good work, my friends. I will now withdraw.

* Margul: I am Margul.
It is on record that the angels had appeared before the
shepherds tending the flocks at the time of Michael’s
bestowal. It is taught that the coming of this messiah, great
an event as it is, was for even the simple shepherd, that
though the son of God be born on earth, the angels approached
a simple human being, not the king, not the religious rulers,
but the average man.
I have been at work on this world for some time
preparing for those future ages of Light and Life. I can
report that the administrative changes on Urantia are
progressing well. The magisterial mission is developing
according to our projected plans. I tell you this, shepherds
in the field, for it was the shepherds who spread the word.
The kings resisted the announcement, even feared the
consequences, but not the shepherds. They received in faith
and believed. Today you are like those shepherds. You are
out in the fields. You have heard the angels, and you are
spreading the gospel. The new age is here. The light is
dawning. This light is the light of Light and Life. That is
the project I am assigned to.
I affirm your dedication; I receive your devotion. I
know your faith is strong, and I trust you. Today throughout
this world we have in place many small units like yourselves
who are dedicated to the outworking of goodness on planet
Urantia, who are diligently promoting truth, who seek and
stand for what is good, what is real, and what is divine.
Continue in this work, for we need you engaged. There may be
many like you around the world, but the units are small. To
complete this project I need to enlist all people on this
world. That makes my task long in the accomplishing. But I
can do it with your help.

Mark: We are all your devoted servants. We will do the
bidding as we understand it of the grand mission before us.

* Margul: It is the dedication like yours expressed here
that will move mountains, that will create on Urantia a
demonstration of the beauty of the divine plan. As a Trinity
Son, I am accepting of any who enlist in this project. I will
turn none away. You may believe yourselves to be of status
unworthy, of little skill, but I assure you it is your
devotion that enlists you, and I will turn none away.
As you have read through the new presentation of the
life of Jesus, you have witnessed the simple acts and the
profound influence of these small actions of Jesus upon
another soul. You do not need to engage in this project with
full credentials. Your willingness is your qualification.

Mark: Thank you, Margul and all the others who work so
tirelessly for our world and for us as individuals. We seek
to help in this project and await our next instructions.

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