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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Projector of Divine Luminosity, Healing
Teachers: Elyon, Jessona

September 15, 2002

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, Elyon speaking. It is a treat to
hear your discussion of lessons given, for it brings the feelings of reward to
your teacher that these offerings are useful and cherished, relished. Likewise
do I formulate further lessons adapting to your interests.
Once upon a time I spoke using a ball as a metaphor and had you visualize
it rotating in your hands. The patterns on its surface continually changed, not
only due to your rotating it, but also due to the fact that the ball’s patterns
were changing as well. This is true regarding our lesson plan. As you reflect
upon and discuss what has been spoken to you by myself or others you create the
change as you would rotating the ball; new angles, new sides, new patterns appear
through your reflection, through your perusal of the meanings. But the lessons
we teachers seek to present cover many humanly adaptable points of morontia
perspective. To the human mind the morontia state of being is like this ball
that is changing its patterns on its own. Those who live in the morontia state
have learned that adjustment, adaptation, and change are the rule of life and
growth. The tendency to formulate, to fixate, to establish rigid descriptions of
the way life is, of reality, has been dispensed with. This is human-like,
mortal. I say this but must interject that it is not avoided the recognition of
pattern; it is not avoided recurrence, repetition, but it is learned that nothing
is stationary. As I have illustrated, you can change by rotating the ball, and
the ball will change whether you rotate it or not. This is a long preface to my
lesson, for we have spoken about mirrors and reflecting God. Today we will speak
not of you as a reflector, but you as the projector of this divine luminosity.
You are, yourselves, blazing orbs of light, brilliant, radiating a
spiritual light that no one of you detects ordinarily, on a daily level. Yet you
faithfully seek your company one with another, and in your company you experience
a glow. You describe it in the word forms of love and fellowship. What is also
present along with the qualities of your human characters and your spiritual
accomplishments is the presence of the Father indwelling you. This is the
brilliance that you detect of one another that is attractive.
Jesus said, “Let your light so shine” that others my benefit from your
ministry. How can it be that any human being could attenuate the luminosity of
the divine presence? It is not that you ought to in some manner dim the light,
rather, it is the divine will that you project the light in appropriate manners,
that you accept the privilege as a child of God of decorating the manner in which
this light expresses. You know that this luminous core of your being is
identical in qualities in yourself and in all others. Yet, as one human to
another, you are capable of bridging the gulf between you, not only the linking
of the lights of the divine presence, but linking of those lights through your
personality presence. With the presence of the human mind focused toward the
material level of life, it necessitates forms of manifestation, discreteness,
descriptive elements that the mind can grasp and translate back to that more
intangible yet recognizable luminous nature of God.
Picture sitting in a room full of lamps, all on. The room is bright.
Picture these lamps without lampshades; the room is very bright. That is the
quality of the divine presences that are with us this hour. Can a human benefit
from this intensity? Would it not burden the soul with far too much to be
useful? Returning to this room, let us now decorate each lamp with its own
unique lampshade. Now the light of God has a focused purpose manifesting in and
through you. You in no way lessen the potency, or rather, the reality, of that
light, but you do impact another through the alteration that is you. You
“efficacize” the light’s bearing upon another soul seeking to see. In your
fellowship each of you is shedding this light for another in a concrete,
discreet, form useful to the spiritual eye that seeks the divine light. At times
you are merely a light for background glow. At other times you are an intense
reading light for keen scrutiny and comprehension.
You spoke today of the two distinctions of the phrase, “Love your neighbor
as yourself” and “Love your neighbor as Jesus loves you”. Loving your neighbor
as yourself is akin to the recognition and validation of each one’s lampshade,
the honor given to the unique qualities of each lampshade, of its useful aspect,
be it to focus light, to disperse and soften light. Loving your neighbor as
Jesus loves you is the recognition of the light source. and the desire to bring
to awareness in any individual their value as a lampshade.
I have yet to, as you have yet to, arrive on the Isle of Paradise. There
the luminosity is spectacular; for that matter, spectacular falls very short as a
description of that brilliance. Each one of us seeks that light. No one of us
should discard the fact that we each are a lampshade, a decorator, one of a
multitude of manifestations of that light. The term “shade” is unfortunate, for
in reality you’re not a lampshade; you are a lamp modifier.
Jesus said that he was a light that comes to the world. That was done and
housed in bodily form operating in the same mind circuits that you possess. He
demonstrated that his lampshade could reveal the light of the Father and did so
that others undeniably could recognize. He told you that you may follow him, not
to see with the light he radiates, but to see with the light that radiates
through you, and to gather in fellowship that you each may illuminate one
All across this time/space universe there is being witnessed the increased
brilliance of God manifest abroad and the colorations, the decorations, the pure
light of Paradise as we each unfold our personalities, as we each undergo
I hope I have provided more for you to enjoy mulling over. I can take
questions if you would like to ask.

Tom: I have a question for Jessona. It’s been stated that we bring about
our own ill health. Could you confirm or correct that perception?

* Jessona: Greetings, I am Jessona, here for your request of me to address
your question.
The human being is equipped with much power. We could list those elements
that make up your power base such as the divine presence, the mind circuits, the
circuit of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth. These are all great
contributions to your ability to function not only as a human being but as a
maturing spiritual being. You not only bring upon you ill health, you bring upon
you good health. It is not that you chose the quality of your health; it is that
as an immature spirit being you are only beginning to learn how to function with
these spiritual circuits and these spirit presences. With only one life to draw
upon at this point for broader wisdom, it is only natural that you have not
become skilled in the coordinated functioning within these circuits. So, you do
not in a sense bring on the disease, you just have not learned how to function in
spite of disease. Its presence may come or go, and truly it does not matter if
you further develop your ability to function more greatly within the entity and
circuits, presences, around and within you.
It is a belief upon your world that you as an identity select your parents
prior to your birth. It is also a belief upon your world that your parents’
actions resulted in you being conceived, and therefore brought into this world.
Both contain elements of truth and both standing on their own are erroneous.
Your understanding of the Fifth Epochal Revelation clarifies the notion that you
choose where, how, and when to be born, for you know of the training and the
volunteering of the divine Fragment as it seeks a personality partner. This is
the prior selection that truly takes place. You know from your own spiritual
maturation that, though your parents provided life plasma, you are not simply the
sum of that contribution, that you are greater than the birth of a bodily form.
Certain elements of this process are beyond your sphere of influence. Your
parents chose the activities they undertook which led to your birth. The Divine
Fragment chose your personality pattern to align with. The Father created your
personality to be placed within this mortal vehicle. This is also similar to
disease. No creature can exist in isolation, for that matter there is no such
thing as isolation. The universe is crowded with personalities, and any patterns
that manifest such as your body are also integrated into the complex structure of
all universe materiality. So, what brings on by your own effort disease is your
incomplete integration into this intricate network. As you ascend the scales of
life you will better see this pattern, this intertwining of things and beings.
I conclude by saying that you may acquire an illness that has come upon you
from the outside, yet you have the ability as you mature spiritually to alter its
effect, to remove its presence. To receive a disease is not an indication of
your failure to function in harmony with universe principles. No, it is the
opportunity to better develop your ability to work within these universe
principles. Adversity always leads to improvements. It is in a sense a blessing
to be afflicted, as long as the soul reaches for spiritual clarification and
attempts to develop the skills of integration within these structures projected
by God upon our universe frame.
Have I adequately addressed your question?

Tom: There are certainly some questions that will arise from that.
There’s a certain amount of predestination with illness. I see that
genetically. I’m more concerned about the things I do have control over, my
friends who are ill. I’m interested in things like guilt, feeling a lack of self
worth, as inducing illness as a form of self castigation. Is there any veracity
to that?

* Jessona: Yes. You speak of predestination, and I understand your
expression to be that there are elements about you that play out and cause effect
upon you that is not your selecting as is the genetic condition or even an
environmental hazard. Yet predisposition entails of your abilities, your
attention to health physically and mentally, as you have said, self worth, guilt;
these are in your ability to alter. You can change the effect of an external
condition that has come upon you. I would ask the question, what about the
individual who is fully composed, seated in spiritual fellowship, developed in
character, attained mastery such as Michael did as Jesus? Yet he was nailed to a
cross. Things came upon him, and his predisposition is what glorified the
Father. He chose not to disrupt the process. Many of his admirers would have
been thrilled to have him overpower the Romans and the religious authorities of
their time. That would have perpetuated the disease. It would have perpetuated
confrontational conflict and power of one body against another. Instead he chose
to represent compassion, love, understanding, forgiveness, acceptance, and to
ascend; and this is applicable to whatever affliction, disease, or mental anguish
comes your way. You can be previously weakened to allow these lodgments, or you
can be as attained and strong as the master himself and still have troubles come
your way. Again, the importance is how you deal with the blessings and bestowals
that are upon you and within you, how you function and for what purpose. Jesus
accepted the moment of time for his ascension as the most primary event of
You do not need to die to ascend. Every time you increase your ability to
function through the circuits and entities around you, you have ascended a little
more. If, therefore, certain conditions of your world offer peril of any sort
such as disease, know that your sphere of influence is in your predisposition.
Within this sphere you have absolute control, for it is your arena of volition.
I would like to take a moment to focus on one of your what is now sport; it
was combative techniques of times past, your martial arts. One individual may be
attacked by another and beaten up badly without the knowledge of defense. That
can be likened to the presence of diseases. That same individual who has
practiced the martial arts now has the ability to some degree to defend himself.
One who does not fully understand this art may cause their own diseases by
seeking fights. This is possible for any one of you to create your own disease.
It is not exclusive, for you may be pounced upon by someone from the outside.
The true artist of this discipline seeks no fight, for that matter, perceives no
fight, merely executes motions which disperse any fight, and this is how you may
I hope this helps.

Tom: Thank you for your comments.

* Tomas: Greetings, this is Tomas. I have stopped in to say hello. It’s
good to make contact with you again and to let you know that I do monitor your
activities. I am interested in what you are up to, your whereabouts, although I
may at this time be stationed in another focal point of this Teaching Mission for
the outworking of this correcting time. I am always willing and desirous to sup
with you. So I just drop in to acknowledge our continued relationship, to let
you know I have not forgotten you, to remind you I can be with you as needed. If
I may say, my current primary assignment is quite a handful. That is all I will
say at this point.

Jael: Thank you, Tomas. It’s good to hear from you.

* Tomas: And I thank you. I thank you for cherishing our communications

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