[tmtranscripts] Garden Session - Michael's Birthday '02

Daniel cwithin at churchwithin.org
Sun Sep 15 15:40:02 PDT 2002

Michael's Birthday Celebration
at the
Light & Life Sanctuary
Post Falls, Idaho 

First Session, August 24, 2002

	NEBADONIA (MOTHER SPIRIT)  (T/R-Jill):  There is love that abounds in 
this room today.  You turn your hearts and your souls toward your father-
brother Michael, but truly dear children, he reflects this right back to 
you.  And your capacity to love today is predicated on your ever-growing 
ability to accept his love and your eternal parent's love for you.  
Michael is honored that you come together in his name and that your 
hearts are filled with such appreciation for his choosing Urantia for his 
blanketing the confused and darkened world with the Spirit of Truth.  
Today as you honor him and the Light he has brought to your world, he and 
I honor you for your faith to know and trust him, to seek to hear him 
internally when you are not in a world that encourages that.  You, my 
children, are our beacons of Light and I tell you this day, your light Is 
transforming this world.  Seek this week-end to know the Father within 
yourself more dearly, more clearly, and may each of you allow your soul 
to see the souls of your brothers and sisters here today.  Many are 
gathered here in the spiritual realm along with you here on earth for 
this occasion.  Our love of Michael and our Eternal Father co-mingle and 
the energy created reaches farther than your finite minds can fathom.  
Trust it through your faith.  Trust that your love Is transforming your 
world.  Trust that Michael's message, his Truth, is reaching many who are 
also serving in their parts of your world.  Be of joy, drink of each 
other's love, of each other's experiences and take them with you when you 
close your gathering, and be that love; be that compassion, with every 
conscious thought as you move forward each day.  I truly spread my arms 
around this circle that is gathered here in this moment and give you my 
love; a mother's love that in the moment of giving, nurtures for a 
lifetime.  I have a mother's pride and love for each of you.  Be the 
peace and truth of your beloved Father in heaven.  

	MACHIVENTA (T/R-Mark):  I am present with you now.  I am Machiventa 
Melchizidek and many of you have come to recognize me in our time spent 
together, even to include me in the description of your associates and 
friends.  For this I am grateful.  I will recognize some attributes of 
you today.  I recognize that each of you are here now attendant in my 
classroom, in our classroom.  This is by design and you have all 
developed a great foundation of faith, which allows you to be here, now.  
I applaud you for this faith foundation.  I honor you for building such a 
strong foundation, which allows you to enter the spirit world even though 
you are material beings.  I recognize this group, this area, for having 
pursued this Teaching Mission for one of your decades now.  Ten years to 
all of you may seem a very large, significant chunk of your time, and I 
applaud you for your efforts in sticking with it and I recognize the 
many, many fruits that have become apparent to the universe for your 
efforts.  I recognize the truth and the sincerity with which you pursue 
your spiritual career and I honor you for this endeavor as well.  This is 
your greatest task before you.  The ramifications of your striving for 
this pursuit are many and varied, and impossible for you to see at this 
time.  But I witness them clearly.  The Father and the Mother Spirit 
witness them clearly, and we All honor you for the decisions which you 
have made which bring you here, now.  As a direct result of your faith 
foundation, you are earning the abilities to reach higher and higher 
pinnacles of spiritual development, even in this limited lifetime.  And 
while a decade may seem as a very long time to one of your mortal status, 
it is but a day in my week.  I have been here many days, many weeks, and 
seen many come before you.  I will be resident here to see many after 
you.  I will always remember working with you in this time, in this 
place.  The things we can accomplish together and the things you 
accomplish individually are Spectacular for the universe to behold.  One 
day from a much grander perspective we will both admire the progress that 
was made in your time on your world.  For now I simply encourage you to 
be as you are being, to pursue as you are pursuing, to reach for the 
Light that you know by faith is there, and this Light will envelope you 
and embrace you and lift you onward and upward, as you Know to be the 
case.  I cannot wait to witness this spectacle of evolution and you 
become impatient at times yourselves to see this unfoldment take place, 
but you are Exactly where you should be, each and every one.  I encourage 
you to relish the moment, to witness the time, to absorb the experience, 
that you may become full and complete in your being.  We shall do this 
together.  We are on the same path of spiritual upliftment for 
individuals and for planets.  You have enlisted to be of assistance, it 
is noted, and as you have noticed, when you volunteer you get chosen.  
So, keep your hands raised, keep on the edge of your seat for the next 
opportunity which Will come your way.  Be prepared to make the most of 
this moment, of this experience, as an experience of not only yours but 
of mine and of the Supreme's and ours.  Live each experience as if this 
was your contribution to the Supreme.  That is your job, your mission, 
your task at hand.  It is joyful.  It is a pleasure to witness, a joy to 
behold.  I thank you All for taking part in this grand and glorious 
experiment.  Thank you.

	RANTARASON (T/R-Sheila):  I am Rantarason.   Today I would like to 
discuss a possible use of a tool called perspective.  You are all very 
well aware of great changes, changes that extend from your inner most 
depths to the outer most of the universe.  Changes that are coming have 
yet to even cross your mind.  You have done well in letting go of old 
ways, opening up your minds to new possibilities, and even with daring to 
believe in your imagination.  How odd we find it, the caution being used 
in believing your imagination.  We have seen more caution used here than 
in driving very fast in your vehicle where you are surely aware of the 
possibility of accidents.  Yet in a world free of physical accidents, the 
use of your imagination has been limited.  This is because of the many 
patterns of meditation that you have practiced for so long.  We have 
watched you say with an aire, "Oh well, I will let this go," and in the 
next moment grab hold even tighter of an old way.  I would now like to 
encourage that you grab hold of a tool called perspective.  This is a 
tool used to identify your own foundation of beliefs in a certain moment. 
 It is how you see the world.  I am suggesting that in perceiving your 
world, you allow yourself to dare see it in a new light.  I am suggesting 
that you allow yourself to dream wildly; to see through the first layer 
of any situation and search for the next-deeper meaning, and then take 
yet another step and look at this even deeper.  In allowing yourself to 
take each layer, let go of the first one.  Let go of definitions.  Dare 
to not have the answer.  Ask yourself to see this in a way you have never 
seen before.  And dare not to define it then.  We know how fond you are 
of sharing your experiences with one another.  This may sound as if you 
would not have anything to talk about, yet we know better.  Can you 
imagine all of yourselves being in a room for one-half hour and not say a 
word?  Can you imagine at the same time, still knowing, feeling, even 
seeing with your eyes closed, what you have to share with one another?  
Even our group here chuckles at the thought of keeping this group quiet.  
This is but one drastic change in perspective.  Can you imagine when the 
day comes that you simply look forward to being in a room together and 
know without speaking or using your eyes, what you all have to share.  
You are easily coming to this day.  You are easily taking the steps 
towards this enlightenment.  The joy that will be abundant among you in 
these new ways is to be.  There is a very large team growing together 
that will create for your world the light and the life that you long for, 
that you trust is coming.  This team builds itself on every new 
perspective of love that can be found.  This is why there are no 
accidents.  This is why it is safe to love, and this is why you have 
built the foundation of this team on exactly that.  How else would we 
survive?  I, personally, look forward to the endless chitter-chatter of 
this group.  I have learned a great deal about sense of humor.  And now, 
I will sit and look forward to the rest of this day.  Thank you.

	LESTER (T/R-Ginnie):  Thank you, my friends.  Even I have been impressed 
by your lessons on life and on imaginations, and it takes a lot to get my 
attention.  This is Lester.  Indeed, joy should be a part of your 
ministry, and Urantia does have a great knack for turning most things 
into fun and games, and I say that with respect.  I am in your presence 
today to encourage you to respond to your moments of joy and your moments 
of wanting to connect with each other; your moments of reaching out, and 
to imagine yourselves as stupendous instigators of joy, and to imagine 
yourselves as very powerful beacons; very strong beams of light that 
many, many souls are hungering to receive.  Your experiences of 
spirituality and religion have not been ones of joy, rather they have 
been ones of cautions:  of "thou shalt not;" of "don't you dare;" and 
"oh, you can't do that;" or the biggest one of all, "you are not worthy." 
 But I tell you today that you have immense power and immense influence 
over the spiritual realm even though it seems to you to be so nebulous 
and unreachable.  As you divest yourself of your more animal 
characteristics of pride, fear, anger, regret, laziness, and doubt, you 
will find within your repertoire many, many tools-and we hand them to you 
daily-to influence your immediate environment.  There are many, many 
souls hungering to know what you know.  There are many souls who would 
sit at your feet, so to speak, and listen to your words and watch your 
actions so they can learn to discover in their lives these beings of 
light that will help them survive this round and will help them to 
elevate their perspective to a much higher level.  At this time in your 
history, many, many, many souls are hungering for higher values and more 
sublime and spiritual projects.  Just as you invite each other to your 
homes for gathering, you can also invite each other into your spiritual 
realm to spend some time there in rarified atmosphere, for it's time for 
this planet to elevate itself locally and to begin living lives of great 
honor and accomplishment.  Imagine yourselves as spiritual octopuses-
pardon the analogy-with glowing tentacles reaching out beams of light; 
reaching out.  But because you are physical beings, you must get past 
your hesitancy, your fear, your feelings of powerlessness and weakness to 
believe more in yourself as a beacon of light.  Our mission is on its 
track and I applaud each of you for your individual efforts and join you 
as you party this week-end.  I leave you with a good spirit and much joy. 
 Party hard.  Good day.

	MICHAEL (T/R-Mark):  I would enter your circle.  I am the one whom you 
gather to celebrate my arrival on your world.  I am touched by this sign 
from all of you of your love and your devotion to me and my mission.  I 
thank each of you individually and personally for your love and your 
devotion to me and to our Father.  I am pleased to see your spiritual 
progress, your faith platforms built so tall to raise you up and lift you 
high.  I am pleased to meet you and embrace you in this spirit realm.  I 
am overjoyed to chaperone you through the long journey ahead and be with 
you to stand side-by-side as we gaze upon the Father in due time.  I have 
been with you all, each one, since your beginning and for most of you, it 
is only a relatively short time span of your existence that you have come 
to know me and embrace your spiritual aspect.  I welcome you to your 
spirit side.  This endeavor that you have earned through your decisions 
and your actions to this point has expanded your consciousness to make 
you more aware of functioning from your spirit perspective.  This 
perspective provides you with great peace when confronted with the daily 
trials and tribulations of your earthly existence.  For you know, there 
is much more beyond and after all of this that is now.  I will be there 
with you in this long journey.  I am happy to walk down this path with 
each and every one of you.  I offer you the rewards which are the fruits 
of your labor; of enhanced spiritual perspective.  This brings a great 
peace upon your journey, upon our journey together.  I share this with 
you now to the full extent of your abilities and would draw you forward 
with the invitation that All that you can experience in this realm is but 
the shadow of the Light from the next; that as far as you can imagine to 
come in this Light, individually and towards me and our Father, is but 
the first step in your magnificent journey.  It thrills me to see you 
take these steps.  It is a wonder to the universe that you so fully 
embrace this act.  You have surpassed our fondest expectations of what 
could be expected from your generation, your time, your place, and we are 
overjoyed that this plan appears to be so effective and we look to you, 
each one, to be our pioneers and provide us with the guidance of 
experience for which there is no substitute.  You will be very valuable 
players in this game, as you are helping us to write the rules.  
Therefore, I share this cup with you.  I offer it at this time for each 
to partake of.  This is our task at hand, our journey together, our joy 
to behold.  Indeed, our privilege given to us by our Father.  And now, 
each of you willingly, take this cup and sip it with me.  That is all a 
Father could ask of his children, and in you I am so pleased.  I embrace 
each one of you as I embrace you all; as I celebrate with you on the 
occasion of my arrival to your world, a time very special to me as is 
this time even now.  I thank you and I love you.  I will always be with 

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