[tmtranscripts] Garden Session #33

Daniel cwithin at churchwithin.org
Sun Sep 15 15:40:01 PDT 2002

Post Falls, Idaho Teaching Mission
Garden Session #033 
Saturday, September 14, 2002

	MANTUTIA (T/R-Sheila):  I am Mantutia.  I am here this evening to wish 
our newcomers a wundefer journey.  (At the mispronunciation of 
"wonderful", Jill cracked up laughing.  Sheila said, "He said it much 
better than that, really. I heard it beautifully."  Then we all lost it.  
At least 15 minutes of uproarious laughing then took place.  We followed 
with a discussion before starting transmissions again.)

	 AARON (T/R-Sheila):  Hello, I am Aaron.  (Group welcomes him.)  You are 
several steps ahead of me today, for a good lesson to start with is 
always about humor and you have already passed the test.  We still are 
curious about what gets you started, but after 5 or 10 minutes of it, we 
begin to join in.  How long can you do that for?  (Group laughter, 
AGAIN.)  I, too, would like to welcome and hope that I will be part of 
three new relationships because you know that is what we do here.  We 
learn about relationships.  Becoming skillful in relationships brings 
about a greater depth of the relationship with yourself.  Think of the 
difference between talking about the weather.  Sometimes it can be 
approached as just a greeting while other times it can be discussed while 
looking up and really getting to know the sky and the clouds and the 
wind.  The relationship with the self can be the same.  It can be an idea 
or it can be a deep revelation.  Do not be afraid of getting to know your 
deeper self through others.  An amazing thing happens when you truly 
listen with your Heart.  
Did you know you could hear without ears?  Did you know you could Know 
deeply the compassion of others simply by listening?  You are about to 
come into a time when eyes and ears will be secondary mechanisms for your 
seeing and listening pleasures.  You are becoming very deep-seated 
beings.  You are coming to a time when a greeting will be fuel as opposed 
to a social conduct.  You will find that you will feed off of one another 
simply by having compassion toward one another.  When you see things, you 
will see a deeper meaning, a meaning that comes from the depths of love 
that you are only beginning to get a taste of.  
You are going to learn to Truly enjoy having one relationship after the 
other.  Each moment, each person you're in contact with will be an 
invigorating moment of relationship.  It will not so much be an exchange 
but a self-reliant process of activation.  It will not be like someone 
prying it out of you.  You will be encouraged through your self to 
activate a compassionate approach to all things.  And here is some great 
news, you will not be losing your humor (group chuckles) and here's the 
other great news-we are going to continue to try to understand it.  
Actually, I kid with you because we are all light-hearted tonight.  We 
love your humor.  We love to see children sitting in a circle, laughing 
over next to nothing.  What wonderful relationship this makes.  It is a 
wonderful tool, as well, for in the most chaotic, desperate circle 
moments-and we have seen this quite often-laughter virtually heals.  It 
heals the wounds internally and externally.  And, since you have the 
capabilities to laugh over next to nothing, then this should come easy, 
There are some very dedicated student/teachers at this table.  I must say 
they are some of my favorite students because we share relationship.  We 
have had many years together; have struggled through all the great times. 
 What incredible faith creatures all of you are.  In our eyes you look 
like very tall children-wide eyed, bushy tailed, eager, and by your 
gathering and your willingness to communicate with us, you have invited 
us into your hearts and you are in ours.  You will hear many, many times 
how much you are loved.  We will continue to repeat this over and over 
again until you access deeper and deeper and deeper, the love that is 
within you.  And then we will help you find experiences so that you can 
accept it again.  Show others the depth of your compassion.  You will 
find that you are going to enjoy being who you are even more and more.  
There is no need for outside assistance for you are coming to know the 
level on your own.  
I look forward as many, many others, to living right beside you; being 
your comrades, your friends, your brothers as we share the divine 
mission.  Nothing could be sweeter than the divine mission that we are 
sharing.  We look at your happy hearts.  We look at the plan that says, 
"You will not be in the midst of war.  You will be in the midst of 
laughter."  It is your mission to maintain that laughter.  It is your 
mission to find greater peace within you.  Be happy for those who are not 
(able to be) happy right now (for themselves).  Your Father has placed 
you amongst one another for support.  There is a common thread amongst 
Know that in your relationship with one another you create a beautiful 
color to add to the very large tapestry of life.  Your core is of pure 
Light.  It is shining within you so that you can find your way.  I will 
close this session only for a short while as this formal setting, but 
know even when you are not in this circle, there are those with each and 
every one of you to assist you, to help you find the direction, and to 
hear more laughter.

MANTUTIA (T/R: Daniel):  Mantutia here, with a few more words.  I would 
like to congratulate you all.  This is the first time I have been laughed 
off the stage (group heartily laughs) since before life evolved on your 
world.  It was fun then and truly it was fun once again.  We have a great 
appreciation of humor, although you mortals have a tendency to not 
attribute much of it to us Melchizedeks.  Let us suffice it to say that 
sometimes our humor goes over your heads.
Those of us who did not have a mortal beginning such as yourselves, envy 
the experiences of life that you have the opportunity to learn and grow 
from.  Even more so than this, we consider you the most fortunate of 
beings in that you are each graced with an eternal fragment of Our 
Heavenly Father to go through your life with.  This piece of the Immortal 
One is your spirit, is your spirit potential throughout eternity.  When 
you have this all-important relationship with yourself that your brother 
Aaron brought up, you are truly having a relationship also with God.  
Your relationship with your spirit self is the beginning of your cosmic 
maturity.  This fragment of the Eternal Father which is a part of you now 
is destined to become one with you.  You are the most fortunate of 
creatures in that you are intrinsically so close to the most loving 
source of all that is.  Far too many go through their lives on this world 
unaware of this connection.  They feel lost and alone and yet, they are 
never alone.  They are always watched over, cherished, given every 
opportunity for learning and growth; encouraged to do so.  
Once you become aware personally of this divine gift, you begin to 
recognize that it is already becoming who you are.  You may look back 
over certain exceptional experiences in your lives and be able to 
recognize that indeed you were in union with that divine part of 
yourself.  And at some point you will also recognize, "Oh my God, it is 
me."  This is a secret which each must discover for themselves.  No one 
can artificially give it to you.  Others may help to guide you to a point 
of making choices, but indeed it is only you who can make the choice.  It 
is you who make the connections.  It is you, in union with your spiritual 
self, who loves, who serves unselfishly.  
You each are intrinsic parts of a much larger picture and your willing 
participation in the unveiling of this picture is of Supreme value to all 
personalities in all of the vast universe.  Alone here on this frightened 
and confused world, you may think of your life as relatively 
insignificant but I assure you, each and every one, there is nothing 
further from the truth.  Your individual significance is a part of God's 
over-all plan.  Your cooperation continues to help the plan to unfold, to 
mature.  As was said earlier, it is all about relationship-with 
yourselves, with one another, with us, with God.  
This time I will leave the podium without your help.  Thank you, my very 
dear friends.  I will be sure to come again at another time.

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