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SE Idaho TeaM
August 30, 2002

Prayer by Klarixiska (Bob S): Children of light, here these words for your
comfort.  Let us pray.  We seek, O Father, your way not our own, your will
not ours, your truth not our truth, your future not that of our own
architecture.  We seek only to be full sons and daughters worthy to be
called your children.  Amen.

Daniel (Bob S): This is Daniel.  I revel in knowing that I am your friend
and teacher and guide.  You make me proud.  You are all seekers of the
truth, and we, in our small way, take comfort and pride in being able to
assist you in your search.  I am not the major speaker tonight.  We have
made adjustments.  [Laughter.]  Your earlier discussions have made us
reassess our program for this evening and set it aside for a later date so
that we can address what appear to us to be topics of higher interest and
education value for you at this time.  I shall, therefor, following these
words of greeting, step aside to allow our major presenter his time.

Aaron (Bill): Hello, I am Aaron, your brother and a member of the staff of
the Southeast Idaho Team.  Relax, no exercises this evening.  [Laughter and
comments.]  Yes, Ken, there will be other times, as we appraise the needs
of this group, but this evening we have indeed shifted gears according to
the unexpected circumstances which are a part of the pattern of life even
for Morontia beings or spirit beings for all is not yet settled in
perfectedness.  We have listened carefully to your interactions this
evening, and we congratulate you on your integration of truth as you are
living it, reading about it, and studying it.  You are wise always to use
the Urantia Book for its intended use as a textbook of revelation.

First of all I want to address the issue of challenge to Paul's statement
that his times and your times are similar.  Implied in his discussion was
the concept of epochal revelation.  The time you live in is the time of the
5th Epochal Revelation, which is more than the publication and
dissemination of the Urantia Book.  It is indeed the Correcting Time, which
is designed to bring the evolution of this world to the threshold of Light
and Life, the very beginning of its first stages.  That's the basis of the
similarity with the events of 2,000 years ago for that was our 4th Epochal
Revelation to Urantia in its most dramatic form, the very Bestowal Son
himself, Michael, who also, as Creator Son, established a unique bestowal
experience.  So you see the times are of the same nature.  They are epochal
moments in history.  Major revelation has come again to Urantia after 2,000
years where the 4th Epochal Revelation has been distorted, side-tracked,
institutionalized, codified, solidified, and frozen, yet not totally
destroyed, no, no.

It was recommended originally by your permanent citizens, the United
Midwayers, that your time was ripe for a re-presentation of the 4th Epochal
Revelation in the "Life and Teachings of Jesus", now to be disseminated in
print form since the printing press had established its communicative
expertise.  And we anticipated the coming of the Internet, the electronic
telecommunications explosion, that would further enhance the communication
of the text.  But like the 4th Revelation, the Fifth Epochal Revelation
also has to be communicated from one life to another.

Another similarity is that some in the original company of Jesus were
waiting for dramatic events to establish the kingdom, as they understood
it; and there are many in your world today, part of whom are in the Urantia
m-ovement, who look for dramatic events to establish the kingdom at this
time.  They look toward heavenly intervention of an apocalyptic nature, and
in doing so they may, and often do, miss the actual dramatic intervention
which is occurring.

Now there is a new thing, so that the 4th and the 5th Epochal Revelations
are not exactly parallel.  The Correcting Time has begun following the
adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion.  That is finished, and the notions
of the presence of the devil and his angels are a hangover  from previous
times.  They are a distortion even of the 4th.  So strong are the
shock-waves of the Lucifer Rebellion on this planet that they still
reverberate with great intensity, but their source is gone, and therefor
the waves will, of their own energy, gradually diminish.  

However, we will not wait until the energy diminishes of its own accord.
We will and we are providing a push against that tide of evil and sin.
Along with the adjudication has come the re-connection of this planet to
the System.  Not yet do you sit at your television set and view universe
news, nor will it ever be provided in that impersonal manner; but you are
hearing from us, and we have been telling you things in this form of
communication for ten years, and even longer in some cases.  We have
announced to you the Spirit connections which you may tap into.  We are
telling you that the potential has never been so great for spiritual growth
and spiritual transformation as it is right now, today, on planet Urantia.  

Michael has repeatedly offered to you His intimate companionship, and this
is through the Spirit of Truth, theSspirit of the Father and the Son
combined, the love of the Father expressed through the mercy of the Son.
It is not idle words that are spoken when we say you can commune with
Michael as intimately as did His first Apostles after His ascension.  If
you have not done so it is not because He does not offer His hand to you.
It is because you are reluctant to grasp it.  You are all worthy to grasp
Michael's hand!  He has been a man.  He knows what it's like to be human.
He can walk with you and talk with you just as He did with his Apostles,
two by two, on the shores of Galilee.  As Paul said, these are like New
Testament times  in a way. But I say they are even greater times!

Living faith is what it's all about, not second-hand religion, not what the
Christian church teaches, or even the Urantia Book teaches, as a thing
apart from you.  Living faith is that connection that you have with the
Spirit of Truth and with your Thought Adjuster, who eagerly desire that you
hear Him ever more clearly.  Living faith is hearing, communicating, and
then following guidance.  The key, (and you know this well), is willingness
to be knowledgeable of God's will for you, which requires that you be
willing first to hear it.  

Now, since our Father is pure love, knows what is best for us, desires us
to come into perfection in His presence eventually at the end of our
ascension career, since He is all and beyond measure more than the best
concept of parent that we can conceive and the greatest love that we can
feel in our own hearts towards our own children, because of all
this....then there is no need to hold back your willingness to be guided
and assisted and comforted by that great love that lives in your soul and

Watching the news, reading the newspaper, studying documents, reading
books, gathering information from outside, while it has some value is not
the source of your inspiration.  Jesus did not run a survey on his
followers to see how the numbers were progressing.  [Laughter.] (His
Disciples did.  They were statisticians to the max, and as the numbers grew
their enthusiasm grew.  They could see themselves sitting on thrones of
power next to the Master in the Judaism that would cover the earth.)  Jesus
drew His power from within, with His communion with His Father, for He was
bestowed on this planet under the mandate of doing His Father's will.  

It is a mystery how the over-care of God can insure the ultimate outcome of
the whole without over-riding individual free will of each free-will
creature.  It is beyond finite human understanding, but the Thought
Adjusters, the Spirit of Truth, the Mother Spirit through Her Holy Spirit
Circuit, the ministry of angels, the work of companions such as we are to
you, all of these influences apply a certain amount of pressure, but never

Finally, modify your trust in your own thinking and allow that there is a
lot more going on than your know, that you cannot comprehend even from the
most astute scholars on this planet all that is happening and all that is
developing.  If you look at the half empty, half full bottle, you have a
choice, whether to name it half empty or half full, because you know that
evolution is progressing, and not regressing.  Choose to name it half full,
and know that it shall rise higher and higher until the bottle is full,
until this planet is in Light and Life, until the system of Satania is in
Light and Life, until the constellation of Norlatiadek is within Light and
Life, until Michael's universe of Nebadon is completely within Light and
Life, and so on, and so on.  Have that faith, my friends, far as that
stretches your mind!  I have completed my words.  I will interact with you
now if you have comments or questions.

Virginia: Aaron, I did have a thought, and I appreciate so much that
Michael is willing and the Thought Adjuster wants to communicate with us
and guide us.  I think my question and my perplexity with that is that I am
never quite sure whether what I am doing is or isn't God's will.   I ask
for circumstances to work it out so that if I'm supposed to speak to
someone or supposed to do a specific thing, then the circumstances are set
up so that this happens.  I think of the wonderful object lesson that we
heard in Colorado. where we're shooting the balls in a pin ball machine and
God is able to knock those balls around where they are supposed to go.  Is
that a cop-out, because I don't hear God's will specifically for me?
Fruits of the Spirit yes, but to do this or that, I don't know.

Aaron (Bill): The question is very complex.  Certainly the willingness to
do God's will allows your angelic helpers to arrange circumstances in such
a way that you are assured that you are doing God's will.  There's also the
lack in trust in your own spiritual intelligence, which manifests itself as
a fear, to be fearing actual verbal words.  (Virginia agrees.)  And yet you
hear Klarixiska, and you mostly believe you hear correctly.  The irony, my
dear, is that your TA's words are just as easy to hear.  It is a matter of
lack of faith in your spiritual intelligence.  So I encourage you to give
yourself more credit.  Know this: if you hear something, which is your own
subconscious mind masquerading as your Thought Adjuster you will be still
lead in the right paths because you are willing to do God's will.  He is
not faulty in His thinking so that he puts up a major barrier to His own
guidance reception in the structure of the human mind.  Yes, it is true
that the mind can speak from the subconscious level and sound as though it
is superconscious.  But if the heart, if the will is to do God's will, then
mistakes and errors will be corrected.  They will not be allowed to

You have had a very harrowing experience with a number of individuals that
have helped to undermine the pillars of your self-esteem from earliest
childhood on.  At the same time your have had marvelous interactions with
other individuals, some mortal and some beyond mortal, who have been
filling the chinks in those pillars, and putting new steel rods in to firm
things up.  Would you not agree?  (Yes.)  What I recommend you do is get
down there with that trowel and put some of the patchwork on your own
pillar.  Assist yourself with your own self-esteem enhancement.  (And you
are doing this, of course.)   Just keep on keeping on.  

Are you interested in moving another space outward from the center, and
walking on new ground?  (Very definitely.)  Then, my dear, the grass has
been planted long enough that it can endure your footsteps.

Virginia: Thank you, Aaron.  You're most generous.

Aaron (Bill): You're welcome.  One moment.

Daniel (Bill): Daniel here.  Hello, my friends.  You have become quiet and
thoughtful, or are you tired, or do you wish to conclude our evening?
(Pause.)  Hearing no response I suggest that we have spent enough time; and
therefor let us join hands once again and conclude our fellowship.
Virginia, would you be willing to transmit?  

Virginia: Yes.  

Klarixiska(Virginia):  This is Klarixiska.  Eternal Father, Who has sought
each and every mortal on each and every planet by putting the Spirit within
that they could respond to Your love: we thank you.  Eternal Father, Who
brings together the right circumstances to bring each of Your willing
children into the path that will lead most directly to You; we thank you.
Eternal Father, that becomes the Parent of all who look towards You, we
thank You.  Eternal Mother, that gives each mortal the kind of mind that
can not only respond to the Father's love but can reach out and be a
minister to brothers and sisters, we thank You.  Eternal Son, that gives
the mortals the mercy to love themselves and to know the Father's love, we
thank You.  As these, our little brothers and sisters go out, renew the
love of the Father and the mercy of the Son, that they might truly be
servant to all that they meet.  So be it. Amen.

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