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Thu Jul 25 07:54:56 PDT 2002

July 19, 2002

Prayer by unknown being (Bill): The Generations come and go.  Time rolls
onward, yet truth remains unchanging.  Your experience is only partial, and
therefor, to you and all universe creatures, truth is always expanding and
moving forward.

Oh Great Truth Giver, You Who are the source of all things, we worship You.
 We acknowledge You as our life, our goal and destiny.  Be with us tonight
as we commune together that we may all benefit from the strength that each
gives the other, both mortal and celestial.  May it be so.  Amen.

Minearsia (Bob S): I will begin tonight, my friends.  This is Minearsia,
your Instructor in Residence, taking the first time with you this evening
to express my delight with each of you in the way you have opened
yourselves to the truths that have been presented for your edification.  I
refer primarily to your discussion of prejudices earlier this evening in
which you expressed comfort, interest, and a willingness to do the work
necessary to relieve yourselves of these impediments to your spiritual
growth.  You all know the difficulties these and other efforts to grow and
strengthen your spirituality have toward your future. I would add my
wholehearted encouragement, pat you on the back and say good start, my
friends.  Yes, you have a ways to go, but as you know, the longest trip
begins with a first step.  All of you have taken the first steps necessary
to clear away the cobwebs of this planet and start you up the long path
toward perfection.  I have no lesson for you tonight, but leave that in the
hands of others.  I did want to take this opportunity to congratulate each
of you on the work that you are doing, the foresight you have shown, and
the effort you have put in toward this long road of personal, spiritual
growth.  I now turn the time over to others.

Daniel (Bill): I am Daniel.  I greet you all with a morontial hug, each of
you individually and each of you as a group.  Don't ever forget that our
relationship is mutually rewarding.  We are just as eager to meet with you
as you are to meet with us.  We have spoken of this before, but you must
understand, since you are all parents, how delighted you felt when your
could see and embrace your little ones, and watch their progress.  While we
are not literally your parents, as older brothers and sisters we have
similar rounds of enthusiastic commentary.  We say "So and so is doing this
and this."  Someone else says, "Yes, but have you seen this other person
doing this and this.  And ‘isn't it wonderful how they are growing and
changing.  Isn't it great to be their big brothers and sisters."  Yes, we
have those feelings, although our words are in a different language than
this level of inaccurate enthusiasm portrays.  All of this to say, it's so
great to see you all!

Now, as you commented on earlier, our students are many and our classroom
is much larger than the setting that you are in.  Imagine it this way: you
are on stage; you are surrounded by the props on stage; you act out a drama
that is our interaction each week as we converse back and forth.  But a
vast theater hangs on every word and notices all the nuances.  These are
communicated via circuitry throughout the universe of Nebadon.  Did you
know that?  Yes, you're on "universe TV!"   In addition your and our
interactions are incarnated in paper and ink.  While an attempt at fleshing
them out is made, it is not identical to being here, of course.
Nevertheless, they have great influence, and ever so often, as you noted
this evening, you get some feedback that they have been propitious and
expeditious to many people.

Isn't life wonderful, my friends?  Come on now, really isn't life wonderful?

Ken: Superb.

Daniel (Bill): Life is eternal!  Life is always unfolding new opportunities
and surprises.  Yes, many of the surprises are surprises of joy, rather
than surprises of terror.  At the risk of sounding like a Polly Anna and
repeating what has become, in some people's ears, a monotonous theme, I
will again say, "life is what you make of it".  Life is not what comes to
you.  Life is what you make of it.  

If you could only realize how much control you have over your own
happiness, it would astound you!  It would amaze you!  You are moving
beyond the level of understanding of what life is like based upon outward
circumstances.  You can rise in the morning and greet the day, saying,
"This is the day that the Lord has made.  I will rejoice and be glad in
it."  That is a choice you can make.  Or you can greet the day as the
unrepentant Ebeneezer Scrooge would, and you can say "Good day—what's good
about it?  What has it ever done for you but bring you pain and sorrow and
more bills to pay?" [Laughter.]  Once you have grasped that your soul is
eternally secure in the hands of the Father, the Giver of Life, the Source
of this universe, and that nothing in this life, including death, can harm
that security and trust, when this truth soaks through all layers of your
being into the very core, there is nothing that truly can harm you!!  Of
course, you can be physically harmed, but even if you should wind up in a
Nazi concentration camp, as did some people, you would not have to die in
agony and despair.  You could be like those who survived the concentration
camp because they knew that life itself is the most precious of gifts.
Rather than say "Why do the righteous suffer?" and ask that question as
though you are addressing an unjust God, ask yourselves "Why do the
righteous allow themselves to suffer?  Why do they allow their minds to
spoil the experience of life?"

I realize that you are of dual nature, for I have been mortal as well.  I
know that in the animal nature and in the structure of the brain there is
evolutionary programming where threatening situations override conscious
thought.  We have talked of this several times.  Yes, you are receiving
Morontia education.  That is correct.  We are teaching you to transcend
your animal nature while yet in mortal form.  And it won't happen tomorrow.
 It is also a process for the rest of your lives.  

When you wake in the morning stop yourselves from thinking of your routine,
or thinking back to yesterday, or planning for the week ahead.  Stop
yourselves and say to yourself, "Wait.  I will take a few moments to center
myself in the love of God, to give thanks for life itself, and to turn over
my will and my personality to the guidance of that great part of me which
comes from the very Source of all things and beings, of all that is."  That
time does not have to consume long minutes.  It is a directional change.
Once that's done, then you can move on to unfold your day.  This is not a
command, of course; it is a suggestion.  And to some extent you are doing
this already.  What I am trying to tell you is that every time you wake up
in the morning you decide what your day shall be like.  

This wisdom has been disseminated throughout the Internet.  It is
profoundly true and it can be actualized!  We morontia beings with
thousands of years behind us are firmly rooted in this discipline.  We
begin the day by addressing ourselves to the Source of that day.  You don't
have to wait until you are among us in morontia form.  You are the corps of
morontia citizens on this planet, self conscious of your morontia status.
Yes, here we go...more responsibility, you say.  No, think of it as more
privilege, more joy!

My dears, I am not going to allow questions this evening.  I want you
simply to hear my words through the ear of the Spirit.  And after you
discuss this next week we can address any issues that this has raised.  So
I greet you will my love.  I also send you out of this playroom to go back
to your every day lives empowered to choose to enjoy life, come what may.
Good evening.

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