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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Transference, Chemicals
Teachers: Elyon. Orion

June 23, 2002

*	Elyon (Jonathan TR):  Greetings, friends, I open this meeting.  This is
Elyon.  It is good to have all of you in company today, and there are
folk with me, as well.  Perhaps I may contribute an offering to your discussion.
	There is what you know as an activity called transference wherein you take
on the actions, thoughts, and feelings of another.  This ability contributes to
growth.  When you surround yourself with souls who emulate the goodness of
spiritual life, new habits are adopted and become your own.  As you share each
week, the way you do, you create an atmosphere of transference; you give to one
another in many ways, ways deeper than merely hearing each other comment.
	The years you have spent with us in this training school have also
transferred into your minds more of the qualities of morontia existence.  We are
humored when we observe you comparing your actions to us and acknowledging our
presence during your moments of levity.  Your curiosity about our behavior, our
reactions, indicates your comfort associating with personalities whom you are
unable to detect through your sense organs.
	Though the ability to adopt mannerisms of another has some physiological
roots and psychology origins as well, it is also inherent in the core of
personality.  If personality is to ascend throughout the scale of universe life,
if a mortal creature personality is to stand at one time on Paradise and behold
the original Person, then must personality be able to adapt.  Since the universe
is a university and greatly populated by students of all forms, you will
never be
able to ascend without passing by and into the lives of countless individuals. 
Throughout your ascent you will receive and give behaviors, reflexes, attitudes,
reactions, to one another.  Each time this occurs the individual has the
opportunity to accept or reject such transferences, to modify or improve
them for
better adaptation to one's own circumstances.  This phenomenon is as healthy as
an open gene pool is to physical evolution.  Where inbreeding weakens genetic
stock, inbred mannerisms weaken spiritual unfoldment.  It is vital to the
creature's well-being to expand and to be exposed to many personalities with
origins and cultural differences.  You will discover new abilities to work with
reality by adopting another's learned reactions, and you will learn how
strikingly similar all personalities are.  That commonality, over time, becomes
an eternal bond.
	Physically and mentally risks are associated with the exchange one to
another, spreading of disease, the learning of bad habits.  However, in the
spiritual realm there are no toxins.  You are all vaccinated with the Father's
presence and the Son's spirit, and you are able to choose, to sort, what is
shared between one another for your benefit.  This is not to mean, however, that
you will be free of dilemma, for you must discern spiritual transference clearly
from any other form of transference.  The ultimate goal of every ascending
creature is to eventually replicate in oneself all that is possible of repeating
that is resident in the Father personality.
	Across the universe every creature as the ages unfold will exchange with
others, and you will note increasingly how more common we each are becoming. 
This commonality is not the uniformity of exactness, for our uniqueness will
remain eternal.  This commonality will be the replication and reflection of the
divine as it is found in each one of us.  Because God is infinite, omnipotent,
omnificent we have much work ahead of us if we are to reflect these qualities in
	These are my words; I remain in your presence.

	Evelyn:  All of us who have experienced your presence among us have
consciously or otherwise transferred your habits that you exemplify.  You have
always been so positive and supportive and encouraging.  Those are qualities
are common, I'm sure, throughout the universe, something that we will carry with
us forever, an ever increasing kindness pouring out.

*	Elyon:  I receive your complements.  I am happy that, not only do you hear
and read the words of my lessons, but that you do gain from my presence.

	George:  It's good to be here with you again.
*	Elyon:  Do you have a comment or a question for me today?
	George:  I would like to know of Orion is there available to us.  I have  a
question for Orion specifically, if I may.

*	Orion:  I am Orion.
 	George:  Greetings, Orion. It's good to feel your presence once again.
*	Orion:  I am curious what you are inquiring about.
	George:  There have been many tweaks on the accidental transference of
chemicals from one part of the world to another, of bacterial agents.  I am
writing an article on it.  I see it as accidental bacterial warfare.  There have
been tweaks from midwayers where this may be occurring.  Could you add to the
information that is being gathered on chemicals and bacteria endemic to areas of
this world doing harm in other places?
*	Orion:  I find your question superb, for it would sit in good contrast to
the lesson of Elyon this morning, for while spiritually intermingling of
souls is
beneficial, I as a Life Carrier and many of my kind must concern ourselves with
the proper development of life upon a world and are concerned with the potential
disruption of life forms by the invasions of another form of life, or by the
dilution of traits through overmuch crossbreeding.  However, the goal that each
Life Carrier holds is to finish a world project of life development with
robust creatures of all sorts, capable of millions of years of sustained living
and cohabitation.  Much of the life we foster throughout a world's development
ceases to exist, are merely stepping stones to the creatures that will be in
Light and Life.  Each world exhibits a different pattern of creatures that
succeed in reaching that stage.
	Today Urantia is at a perilous point, for no longer are the biological
constraints, physiological constraints of large oceans and isolated groups,
tempering the eventual intermingling.  Without the spiritual headquarters
functioning as it would have on this world, mankind is yet still uneducated
as to
the impact of actions made wherein certain substances are taken from one part of
the world to another.  The past few centuries have revealed to human beings some
of the dangers and impacts of unthinking actions.
	The world, however, is small.  The nature of physical life is to spread. 
Eventually throughout the world substances and creatures will be found every
place.  Transitional forms, in order for there to be health and well-being, will
eventually fade.  In the meantime through carelessness some destruction could
appear on this world that would be detrimental to stocks that are favorable for
attaining Light and Life permanency.  Therefore I ask you all to be
judicious, to
be cautious, and to exercise wisdom, for this life you see upon this world
is the
project of us Life Carriers.  You are part of it.  You do not rule it, and even
we have backed away from ruling life on this world.
	I hope this has been helpful for your project.
	George:  Greatly so.  Thank you very much.
	Ginny:  Are you talking about biological warfare or are you talking about
scientific experimentation, Orion?
	George:  I was talking about accidental "biological warfare".
*	Orion:  I speak of both.  You have in your text a comment made that ideas
without ideals can be dangerous, and this is one of the motivations of the
teaching corps that has come to help us on this world, to instill ideals, for
this is an age when mankind is generating many ideas while being more
mechanically capable than centuries past to enact those ideas.  This is the age
wherein ideals must overlay the actions of all if the world is to progress and
not injure itself in the process.

	Ginny:  The song this morning mentioned that we are on the brink of wisdom,
not the brink of disaster, but the brink of wisdom.
*	Elyon:  Indeed you are.  There are a great many people from worlds about
you who are anxious, positively excited, waiting for future developments upon
this world.  Rarely is there the opportunity as exists here to demonstrate the
triumph of righteousness, the inevitable unfoldment of goodness even without
ordered guidance.  Though the Master Son is diligent throughout his universe in
establishing training centers, headquarters, and schools using his many
ministering spirits, Urantia testifies to the inherent qualities of God resident
within human creatures that you can, even without the experts, discover what is
true and what is beautiful.  Your course has not been easy but it is remarkable.

	Tom:  When you mention the wisdom of worlds around us, is that accessible
by petition or are they forthcoming without our petition?
*	Elyon:  The wisdom?
	Tom:  Yes.
*	Elyon:  Wisdom is a quality of being that cannot be bestowed; you must
develop it.  But the presence of many beings with you makes you able to share in
such a way that you will acquire wisdom in the process.  And that is why I am
here to guide you in understanding.
	Ginny:  Do you also guide people who are making the bombs and working with
test tubes?
*	Elyon:  I myself am not.  I have enough with you all.  But every individual
is a concern not only for their spiritual welfare but for the progress of the
planet.  Those who are in positions that would have great impact positively or
negatively are looked over.  But I must remind you of the sovereignty of free
will and our powerlessness to ever change another's choice.  I can assure you
that all stand pledged to pursue what is good and to work to help any
comprehend that goodness and act accordingly.

	Ginny:  I had a recent experience with wondering whether I needed a certain
medical treatment.  I petitioned whatever spirit beings with me that if I didn't
need it, that I wouldn't have it.  It turned out I didn't have the test.  In my
estimation the radiologist decided to take an extra picture and discovered I
didn't need surgery.  Is that a coarse example of the radiologist being
influenced by another presence to double check?
*	Elyon:  Yes, it exemplifies how this could transpire.  It also indicates
the quality of that doctor to apply discipline in investigation such that a
spirit's influence would be more naturally responded to because that doctor has
developed an instinctual sense of procedure.  Then the reminder is more easily
received, for it is not foreign to the mind of the receiver.  There were no
voices, no visions.  There was that subtle nudge, and this individual reacted
because this individual was well trained.  The result was the communication. 

	Ginny:  Lucky for me.  Thank you.
	I want to express my gratitude to all of you working overtime, I'm sure, to
help our planet right itself and to help us be more aware of our spiritual
*	Elyon:  Thank you for your recognition and for your allegiance and for your
actions, as well.

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