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S.E. Idaho TeaM

Klarixiska(Virginia):   This is Klarixiska.  Divine Father, Who answers
prayers, not those that we speak but those which are in the deepest center
of our souls, we thank You that You bring about those experiences, those
changes in our lives that will constantly keep our feet moving toward You.
We thank You for the contributions that each one of us, both the seen and
the unseen, make to our lives.  May we continue to look for the nutrients
that You give so that our roots go deep into the security and love of Your
presence in our lives.  Open our minds tonight that those who speak and
those of us who hear might be closer to You and all the brothers and
sisters that exist in this huge universe.  In the name of Michael.  Amen.

Minearisa(Bill): Greetings.  I am Minearisa, your Instructor in Residence.
My heartfelt welcome to this gathering this evening where in the presence
of the beauty of Michael's creation you have chosen to join your hearts and
souls together.  Know that you are gifted with the presence of many others
outside of your human vision.  When I say, "know this" I mean "know it"in
your souls; "know it" in your hearts, not merely in your minds.  

The singing of this bird is a metaphor for the singing of the soul of the
one who is spiritually joyful. [Ed. Note: This meeting occurred in the
outdoors of a home nestled in the rural hills of S.E. Idaho.  A bird was
serenading us as we listened to Minearisa] It is natural for the soul to
worship the living God, its Father, and express itself as best it can
through its Mother, the mind of its mortal host.  Each of you have the
immortal soul which is your passport to eternity.  Therefor, I have decided
that I want to expound a bit on this reality which is, indeed, your true
co-creative self.  

 The "soul" is a term that is used to describe the new embryotic reality of
eternal duration, of morontial substance, being the result of your mind's
cooperation, through the choice of your will, with the inspiration and
leading of your Indwelling Fragment of God.  Every decision that you make
that is God-ward adds mass to your soul.  Your reality grows moment by
moment and day by day as you follow the guidance of your Adjuster.  You
begin merely as a human animal.  But once your soul is born, usually in
early childhood, your eternal adventure has been undertaken. When we talk
of spiritual growth, we really are talking about soul growth, for your soul
is the "self" that you will be when you pass through the veil of mortal
death.  The soul is the real "you", different from the Thought Adjuster,
the Spirit, but nevertheless your co-creative product.  

We see your souls as shining orbs.  The energy of the physical realm, the
electro-chemical makeup of your body, is not the only energy that exudes
from your presence.  The soul energy exudes as well and is a much brighter
and more brilliant manifestation.  

Perhaps "birds of a feather flock together" because of instinctual natural
attraction.  There is, also, between the souls of well developed mortals an
attraction akin to magnetic attraction.  You actually feel a connection.
The "vibrations" are compatible, as you say in your language.  What we are
really talking about is the affinity of one soul for another.  

To live conscious of the existence of your soul is to gain another entire
level of reality cognizance.  It is to live with enhanced awareness so that
you truly feel your connection with each other.  It is the morontial
connection of your souls to each other that you experience.  Tonight, as
you sit in this circle, there is this matrix of attraction, moving from
individual to individual, embracing all other individuals.  The result is
the matrix of soul energy.  You feel it when you hold hands as well as the
tingling of the electro-chemical energy.  You feel it at the superconscious
level.  All of you are becoming more and more aware of this dimension of

Do not let the derision of the materialists discourage you, those who say
that reality can be reduced to atoms and their subatomic particles.  All
reality is not reduced to the material at all.  Morontial reality is what
makes you truly  transcendent over the non-morontial reality of the rest of
the animal kingdom.  Your soul survives material death as long as you have
been in the process of that betrothal to God which is resulting more and
more in the solidity of soul as you line up with that perfect will of God
for you.  I tell you, my friends, you are a true delight to my heart, as
you are serious and you are all bound Paradise-ward.

What are the practical aspects of soul awareness, you may ask me, beyond
the fact that we will persist in the life after this one?  What difference
does it make for my everyday life in the here and now?  Are we just talking
about mysticism?  Is this just pie in the sky or is it meat on the table?
Well, let me attempt to answer that.

First of all, if you live on the level of soul awareness you cannot settle
for the cynical, diminishing, and demeaning view that people are to be
judged by their outward attributes.  With a soul perspective you cannot be
overly impressed with wealth, with fashion, with appearance, with hype and
especially what you would term, "b.s.". (chuckles) You will not be able to
be sucked into the illusion of immortal youth.  You will be able to age
gracefully, rather than uncomfortably and with great protest.  You will
realize that this body of yours is a temporary housing, and that attempts
to make it look like it achieved permanence in the 25th year of your life
is futile.  You will not be impressed by ill-gained wealth or by the show
of wealth in ostentatious behavior.  To say it another way, your values
will be profoundly revised!  Your's have already been; I am speaking of the
world in general.

With soul awareness one's values are in the process of being turned upside
down.  That is what our Lord Jesus/Michael meant when he said, "What shall
a man give in exchange for his soul?".  Can he accumulate wealth and build
big barns to hold it?  No, because one night his soul will be required of
him.  He will meet his Maker and his barns full of material things will be
left behind.  Jesus said that this world is a bridge.  You may pass over
it, but don't build your house on it.  As you walk the bridge, enjoy it!
Yes, it is solid under your feet.  It takes you over the raging waters
below or it takes you over the pleasant stream and you may view the beauty
of it.  But the bridge is not where you live.  You are heading to your
destination.  So the first thing that I would say about the meat on the
table of soul awareness is that it will transform your values and put your
treasure in heaven rather than in the material.

Specifically I cite the transformation of the value of people.  Once you
become soul aware no person can any longer be a "thing", an object for you
to use. They are of infinite value.  They are a divine/human blend.  They
are a soul, like you are, of eternal import.  You can see past their
physical beauty or lack of it.  You can see past their wealth, or lack of
it.  You can see past their skin color, their gender, their physical
stature to the soul center which you have, also.  Therefor, you understand
that person at that level.  

The third change that a soul perspective brings to you is an enormous
enhancement of the concept of life itself.  Having the eternity perspective
and knowing this life is just the first day of kindergarten allows a person
to realize that he doesn't have to get it all learned the first day.  He
has the rest of kindergarten, then first grade, then second grade, and
etc:; all the way through college to a doctorate, if he chooses.  You
aren't going to do it all in this life.  You probably aren't going to
become perfect to the point of fusion in this life, although that may
happen.  You have more time.  You can stop and smell the roses instead of
rushing on to your funeral.  You can live in the "now", the present.  You
can let serendipitous events interrupt your thinking and activities, like
Jesus did, and wait on the Father's time-frame.  You can move gracefully
without being indolent.  So, my friends, this is the morontial life of soul
awareness which you are all beginning to experience.  Keep on doing what
works to enhance your soul growth.  Keep on keeping on.  I wish to pause
now and greet Bob, our guest, this evening.

My friend, indeed are you well beloved and widely known.  Despite your
unfamiliarity with these individuals, you recognize your soul connection.
It is no chance event that you are here, for your Adjuster desired that you
hear a formal reception of love.  Know that each of us is as valuable to
the Father as if we were His only child.  That is true of you, Bob, and all
of you.

I will leave it for Daniel and others to provide interaction time in your
next session.  I welcome Bob Divine, as well.  While we are well
acquainted, it is nice to see you back with us again, my friend.  Please
give our greetings to your spouse and daughter and your son who is coming
Alright!  If there is a burning desire that must be asked, I will allow for
one question.

Bob D.: I had a question on my mind.  I don't know if it is a burning
question.  (Laughter)

Minearisa: Go right ahead.

Bob D.: Mine is actually bordering on politics.  I guess that would be a
burning question.  I have been interested in the rulings in the last month
of the Supreme Court and Federal Court...the pledge of allegiance issue.  I
am curious what the perspective on the celestial side is regarding these
issues..the ruling that the pledge of allegiance  is unconstitutional with
the wording of "under God".  The second ruling was that there has to be a
group of people to provide a verdict, instead of an individual, like the
Urantia Book concept.  I thought those were two really interesting cases. 

Minearisa: Your question really relates to the whole concept of planetary
evolution.  Justice being administered by a group is a universe model, as
you stated.  Even Creator Sons do not execute their progeny but give that
function to the trinity of the Paradise Sons know as the Ancients of Days.
So our perspective is that wisdom is being manifested in this one case.

To the issue of the pledge of allegiance, the Urantia Book is clear
regarding national sovereignty being a virus preventing the manifestation
of the global community of mankind; at the same time being a necessary
scaffolding in the evolution of planetary progress.  Therefor, there is an
inappropriate patriotism in all nations who espouse this concept of
sovereign nationalism, that any nation could or should be the most
important nation on earth.  This certainly reflects the attitude of the
United States of America.  

To say that this nation is "under God" implies that it is a theocracy.  It
is not.  While we do not meddle in the affairs of politics we see the
reaction of the public as a gut level patriotic indignance.  They feel
affronted by this ruling.  Actually, the logic of it is impeccable, for the
separation of church and state is a desirable direction.   To declare this
country a theocracy, a nation under God, is a violation and a movement away
from the separation of church and state.  As to what will be decided in the
appeal process, we remain very interested.  What do you think of this
perspective, my friend?

Bob: I appreciate your thoughts immensely.  I just have been very curious
as to the celestial perspective.  (Some think) that any efforts towards
thinking about "God" is good; people keeping in mind "under God" is good;
the idea of God with the idea of separating church and state which is a
more desirable situation.  It sounds like you answered that for me really

Minearisa: The trouble with "under God" is under whose concept of God: the
God of America who defends it against its enemies; the God of battles of
ancient Israel?  That is a low level evolutionary concept of God, as you
know.  To perpetuate it is to retard evolutionary development.  So, we do
not take a public stand in this matter and I would not voice this opinion
except that I know that it will not cause offense among enlightened people,
such as yourselves.  (Laughter from group and comments.  "Don't repeat it
outside this group".)  

Virginia: Minearisa, I think there might have been another question from
our guest, the other Bob.

Bob: Hello everybody.  First, I am honored to be here, and I appreciate the
opportunity to be welcomed at this table as well.  

Not all of us age gracefully.  Some fight it.  Some attach to the pain and
progress of decay of the physical form.  I would appreciate guidance on
helping or supporting, staying silent, what is mine to do to those around
me who do age with less grace and much suffering than others.  What could I
do in response to that?  What might be done in response to that?

Minearisa: Thank you, my friend, for such a profound question.  It
addresses your relationship to other people whom you desire to help, when
their perspective is very limited, or whose perspective is constricted by
pain.  To properly answer your question would require another long
dissertation.  So I will try to summarize my thought so I can answer briefly.

First of all, before you can really help others you must address the issue
of assisting yourself. ( I know that you are addressing that.)  We
recommend stillness practice which is both a structured time during the day
and also an attitude of openness to the guidance of God within.  The answer
to your specific question would be a multi-level answer, depending on the
individual and the situation at the time.  The guidance that you need to
deal with the person and situation is enhanced by the stillness practice.  

There is also the level of reality which is an understanding of your
limitations to influence any other person.  As much as we may want to help
other people, we can only do a certain amount.  One of the most effective
things that you can do is to pray for these individuals that they will
respond to their inner Guide; that your words, actions or your presence
will provide an alteration in their perspective about the process of aging.
 Of course, the good news that this life is only the beginning of eternal
life is always the "gospel".  The "good news" that Jesus preached, taught,
and exuded was that we are children of God, that we have a loving Father
Who cares for us and indwells us each, and because we can choose to relate
to that Father as grateful children we have eternity to grow, develop, and

I sense your sincerity and compassion.  I am confident that you will
receive the guidance that will answer your question.  Remember that this
soul connection makes us channels to each other.  Allowing the channel to
be open best facilitates that enlightenment and healing which you are
asking about.  Does this help, my friend?

Bob: Indeed.  Thank you.

Minearisa: You are welcome.  

Very well, my friends, that is our limit for this evening.  Let us stand
again and Aaron will lead us in prayer.

Aaron(Bill): I am Aaron.  Let us pray.

Gracious, loving, wise, and totally compassionate God, our Heavenly Father,
God, our Eternal Mother/Son, God the Infinite Spirit/Cosmic Mind, You are
both the Source and Destiny of our existence!  We glory in Your joy.  We
look at the universe through Your eyes and we see all beauty and experience
all peace.  Help us to increase our connection with You, so that this peace
and beauty and goodness of Your nature may so infuse us that we will be
able to show your light to others.  

I cherish these, my friends, my little brothers and sisters, who have
gathered together to support each other and to  learn.  Help them to stay
on their surfboard as the waves of life come and go.  May they ride the
crest until they reach the beach in triumph and join us in the life that
follows this mortal career.  In all this we pray as Your sons and
daughters.  Amen.

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