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S.E. Idaho TeaM

Larenzo(Ken): Our dear friends, we stand here heart to heart, soul to soul.
 We join those who are in attendance with us and with those who are
attending to us.  We join in the complete matrix of body, mind, and soul.
We feel Your love as it showers down upon us.  We ask that our hearts be
open to this love.  In Your name we come.  In Your name we are.  Amen.

Minearisa(Bill): I am Minearisa.  Greetings my dear friends!  It is lovely
to be in your midst this evening for the doors of your heart in all of you
are opening wider and wider to allow the truth of God which is, in fact, an
enhancement of His nature within you, to grow and expand.

I assure you, Ken, your squeaking door is due to more and more use, not a
rusted or inactive status. (Much laughter) [Ed. Note: Ken had shared
earlier in the meeting that during his stillness he had heard that the door
of his heart was squeaking.  At first he thought it was due to little use.
The next time he thought it may be due to over use.  Minearisa is
responding to this.] The use of the squeaky door that does need the
assistance of some oil is a good metaphor for spiritual growth.  So, once
again, we will address your agendas.

This is a universe of law and order.  The laws of God are His preferred
ways of acting.  They are not whimsical, changeable, nor are they
impersonal.  They are the dependable ways that the First Source and Center
orders and sustains His universe. The Father, because He is love in
essence, desires to share all that He can with the other personalities
which all center and come forth in Him.  There never was a time when the
Father was a solitary Being.  Before the initiation of the time/space
universes always was He in association with the Second Source and Center,
the Eternal Son, and always was their partnership conjoined in the Third
Source and Center, the God of Mind, the Infinite Spirit.

To open your heart to the One Who is the Source of all existence is to make
the only free will gift that you can make which has value to the Deities.
They, of Their free will, have granted all Their children this same
wonderful gift of personality status.  The ability to choose and make
decisions is only possible to a personal being with the exception of some
high level Spiritual entities.  Therefore, to decide to reciprocate a
relationship which the Father offers you by His commitment to live within
your minds, gives Him the greatest joy.  You may ask, "Does God require the
experience of joy in order to be happy, in order to be God"?  The answer is
yes!  God requires the response of the beloved for love to be reciprocal
and complete.  

One of the human aspects of being "in love" is the loss of
self-centeredness.  When you are in the grip of romantic passion with
another person, that person's life is your center of attention.  In human
experience that passion mellows, but in true love there is always that
"other" centeredness which, in a mature relationship, is balanced with
appropriate self love as well.  

You see, the Prime Directive, God's gift to His children, the sanctity of
the exercise of free will, is a concept which is only dimly understood on
Urantia.  The reasons are clear to us and are becoming clearer to you.  You
have within your heredity the consequences of the Lucifer Rebellion, which
was, at the heart of it, an attack upon the Prime Directive.  Lucifer had
the gall to usurp the free will prerogatives of many, many individuals by
his attack upon the Reality of the Universe and its administration.  Under
the sophistry of enhancing personal liberty he deprived millions of beings
of their personality gift from the Father.  Consequently, your world, for
the most part, does not believe in the sanctity of free will/choice.  It
was a tremendous evolutionary jump when this country, as a fledgling
nation, decided to assert its freedom of choice against a monarchial
government.  Democracy, in a sense, is a demonstration of free will because
it abrogates dictatorships, the Luciferian model, and because it enhances
the process of communication. 

Consider what a great gift it is for you, of your own free will and under
no pressure, to offer to God your willingness to let His divine nature
within you so guide and direct you that He will bring you safe to the
shores of His home, where you as His son, His daughter, have always, in
your deepest longings, desired to be!  

If your hinges are squeaky, apply the oil of patience.  Apply the lubricant
of hope and apply the regularity of stillness discipline.  But let your
stillness be more than designated periods of time, worthwhile as they are.
Let your stillness envelope you so that always in the back of your mind you
have that open door to allow the winds of the Spirit to move through your
mind and to impregnate your thoughts with the leaven of truth which uplifts
you and takes away the weight of self-centered controlling concerns.  Let
your stillness so envelope you that like a friend who is at your very elbow
you can turn to God as your greatest friend, as your most pleasurable
companion, and just commune.

All of you are doing very well. When we give these "pep talks" do not take
this as indicative of laxity on your part.  Rather, understand that you are
allowing us to give you this relationship.  You are voluntary students in
this Melchizedek classroom.  I am honored to be your "Instructor in
Residence", one of many teachers.  You will enjoy our larger universities,
on Jerusum, on Edentia, on Salvington and their satellites.  You will
actually see me in the future, face to face, as you say.  So, my dear
friends, what a pleasure it is for me and all of us to be your teachers!

Finally, let me comment on your response to our suggestion of more sharing.
 This is not a suggestion because of a mechanical interest in group
process.  This is just an encouragement for you to share your sonship and
daughtership in a meaningful way, to recognize your family status.  This
family is so enormous in its scope.  You are just now learning to transcend
the blood bond family of your origin, the chosen people concept of your
nation, your God's people, chosen people concept of your religions, and
even your fellow Homo-sapiens biological concept of your science, to
embrace the Cosmic Family, whose existence is predicated on the very nature
of God, the Trinity, as it is synthesized and powerized in the emergence of
God the Supreme. 

I am advised that we will not be holding interaction this evening.  If
there is pressing matters that you need answers for, I am also aware that
you all have your personal teachers.  Sometimes they wish you could
interact with them more.  Make an attempt to do that.  Now, therefore, my
friends, our class is over.  Let us stand and rather than saluting the
flag, let us lend one another our hands.  Join me.

Gracious Father, from You come all things.  With the one exception of our
free will there is nothing we can return to You.  We make our free will
choice, but we don't surrender it to You.  We choose to do Your will.  Your
will is perfect; Your will is good.  Your will is Your loving nature.  May
we become more and more in tune with You. May these, my students, truly be
invigorated by the fellowship of Your cosmic family which they are really
beginning to understand.  Keep them from the ravages of the wolf of fear by
their own choice to trust You.  To You be all honor, glory, and free will
choice of our love.  So be it.  Amen.


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