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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group

Monday, June 10, 2002, 8:00 pm
Arcadia, California

Jennie: Almighty Father we thank you so much for all that you have given
us, for all the experiences that you allow us each and every day. For all
the friends we meet and all the journeys we take. We ask that you touch
each of us tonight and lead us into what will be your will. We thank you
just for your light; we know that you are with us in our hearts as the
Thought Adjuster. We ask that your presence be known to us tonight in this
room and lead us into what will be your will. Amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Greetings my friends, it is I, your Teacher, JarEl. It
is good to be back, it is good to see all of you once again. I too look
forward to seeing all of you and to be given the opportunity to address you
and perchance expand your minds and your hearts. You are truly remarkable
creatures, for you have grasped this concept of me speaking to you, even
though I am not physically in front of you. Yet you believe. For that you
are to be commended. You are truly agondonters.

Tonight I would like to speak to you about your physical presence here on
this earth, the purpose and the reasons why you remain and the reasons why
some of you may soon be leaving. You may have grown up born to this world
because your parents created you and you will eventually die, without
attaching to that life any other significance. However, recently, I assume
that most of you have come to the realization that there is purpose to your
life, that your life does have meaning. Your life is essential to the
greater hope of the Universe and, in some sense, there is a greater
capacity now here on your earth. The real significance behind your life,
behind everything that you do is to bring this world into Light and
Life. By being here in this room tonight you have declared yourselves
pioneers of such events. You are indeed the forerunners of the age of
Light and Life and it will be so recorded. That is just one aspect, there
are many more things that you do here on earth, many more uses that you
have. What I am trying to describe to you is the great importance that
your life holds.

Each and every one of you in this room has a destiny attached to your
life. Yes, we do proclaim freewill and free choice but your destiny is far
greater and far-reaching. Your destiny you carry within you, within your
soul. Whenever you feel the grace of God, the light of life, the warmth of
the Spirit, you are experiencing your destiny. You are witnessing a part
of you that will eventually become one with everything. The destiny that
you hold here on earth coincides with that. It urges you to become one
with all of your brothers and sisters; it beckons you to unite with
them. It pleads with you to connect with their spirits and their minds,
and yet you may choice to ignore this, you may choice to simply say no, but
it is your destiny nonetheless. Sooner or later this urge, this beckoning,
this pleading becomes so great, becomes so powerful that you cannot deny it
any longer. It burns like your conscience asking you to reconsider,
begging you to forgive and to treat your brothers and sisters as
equals. These are all aspects of your destiny here on earth. This destiny
most of you have realized. Yet sometimes this destiny does not get
realized by some of you who prematurely depart this planet. Fortunately
they are given ample opportunity on the other side to fulfill their
destiny, to follow the path that is set before them. So whether it is here
or on the Morontia Realm you are destined for greatness and for
glory. That is your purpose.

When Michael arrived on your planet he well understood his destiny. He
understood his purpose because he had a greater capacity, greater intellect
to fathom these situations. I understand that it is with great difficulty
that you figure out your destiny. Perhaps it is not clear to you as to
what you have to do, need to do or what you should do? It is not my place
to tell you what to do. Within each and every one of you there is the
answer. Look within your hearts, search within yourself and you shall find
the purpose. Do not be dismayed if you have trouble for in time it shall
be revealed to you. All you need to do is ask and you shall receive. Ask
and all will be arranged so that you are put in the right place at the
right time and what ever destiny that you hold is fulfilled. Let me
reassure you that your destiny is stretched out for many millions and
millions of years. You are barely beginning to fulfill part of your
destiny. Are there any questions?

Chris: I would like to know if you're required to fuse with your Thought
Adjuster before you can go beyond the Mansion Worlds?

JarEl: TR, George. It is part of the requirement that fusion is done so
that you may enter the finality. Once fusion has been made, there is a
guarantee that you will get to Paradise. The Mansion Worlds are merely a
training ground, fusion is a graduation. Does this answer your question?

Chris: Yes, thank you.

Jennie: JarEl, this is Jennie, I have a question about the destiny that
you were talking about? Is it possible for you to see our individual
destiny and is it possible for me to ask what you see?

JarEl: TR, George. No it is not possible.

Jennie: Well, that is too bad.

Virginia: Your biological family here on this earth, after you go the
Mansion World, when they go over, are they going to be like family there also?

JarEl: TR, George. No, you will be even closer than family. The family
that you have here is purely biological. Once you are in the Morontia
Realms and inward you will come to realize that the bonds of the material
fade away but the bonds of the Spiritual become even stronger. So your
family here is purely biological. However, the spiritual bonds that you
have with them shall endure for all eternity. And, yes, you will always
have that biological connection as a reference point. Once you shed away
this mortal experience, you will become greater enlightened through the
expanded family of the Universe. Do you have any more questions Virginia?

Virginia: That helps to make it understandable, thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. You're welcome.

Lucille: JarEl this destiny that you were talking about for each one of
us, is there anything we could do to fulfill it sooner? Or does it have to
run its course?

JarEl: TR, George. You certainly cannot cram a million years of destiny
into one mortal lifetime, but you do have a certain destiny here on
earth. I can reassure you that it has run its course already in your case.

Lucille: I don't understand what that means?

JarEl: TR, George. Let me rephrase it. Your destiny is a grand scheme of
events throughout your whole Universe Lifetime. At each phase of your life
beginning with your mortal, then your Morontia and then your inward
Universe career, there are stages that you must complete. Your stage here
on earth has been fulfilled Lucille. Thank you for completing your destiny.

Lucille: Well can I go onto the Mansion Worlds now? I would like to.

JarEl: TR, George. No, you may not; you must wait like everyone
else. There are always the bonus points that you may acquire. Do not be
confused with this destiny. It is not like you are locked into a certain
way of living your life. Although you may not understand it at this
moment, your destiny is far more complex and intricate. Its' requirements
are at this moment not available for you to understand. Let me reassure
you though, that you have a vague sense of your destiny and you chose to
fulfill it, because you are well aware of its' goodness. There is someone
else who would like to speak.

Michael: TR, George. Greetings my children, it is I, your Father/brother
Michael. I bring you my peace to be among all of you. I bless you with my
love. I so truly love you. Your are my prodigies, my gifted
children. Thank you for all of your hard work, your dedication, your love,
your commitment, your friendship and your trust. It is truly felt here in
my heart. We always see your light when you come together. It is like a
stream of floodlights shooting out of this small town of Arcadia and it is
consistent. I just want to thank you and make you aware that we appreciate
everything that you do. Of all the hard work that you put into your lives
and of the way you treat one another. Take my love into your hearts and
experience the glory of my Father. Know that all will be well. Everything
will be well. You are my children and I shall take you into my arms and
protect you. I shall love you all forever. Don't be afraid, for I am with
you. I am the light; I bathe you with my love and my spirit. Accept me
into your hearts and know that I will always be here for you in whatever
situation you are in. You can count on me to be your protector. Love one
another as I love you. Treat one another with dignity and
respect. Remember, that everyone is your brother, no matter how sinful or
good they may be. Accept that person into your heart and cherish them as I
cherish you. I lift you into my light, into my heart and my spirit enters
you. Be as one as I am one with the Father. Protect those who need your
protection. Love those who need your love. I am with you. You shall not
fear. You shall not be afraid. Remember what I have said to you
tonight. Good night my children.

All: Good night Michael.

Lucille: That was beautiful.

JarEl: TR, George. This is JarEl, I too was effected by Michael's
message. I will see you the next time that we meet. Until then, good night.

All: Good night JarEl.

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