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May 24, 2002

Prayer by Klarixiska (Virginia): This is Klarixiska.  Father, we thank You
that the roots of Your love are deep in the souls of each one of us, and
that You do enrich the soil and cause each of us to get that which will
cause  us to continue to grow toward You.  We thank You that these mortals
believe in us and continue to return to hear what lessons we can give them.
 Open their minds; open their hearts as if they were leaves on a tree
absorbing the love that we give them, the love that You give them, and all
of the knowledge that will cause them to continue to blossom.  For we do
ask this in the name of Michael, whom we serve.  Amen.

Michael (Bill): Greetings, my children.  I am Michael, your Sovereign of
Nebadon, and your dearest friend right at your side.  Always remember that
I shared my mortal life with family, initially my brothers and sisters in
the flesh, and then later my chosen apostles and friends.  In both cases we
were a family, as indeed you are, both in the times that you meet and in
between those times as well.  Your life together is very important, for
your sonship and daughtership has to be expressed through brotherhood and
sisterhood.  You are not the only children; you are part of an immense,
wondrous, indeed stupendous conclave of love-brothers and sisters, not only
throughout my universe, but throughout the whole Grand Universe.  When you
reach the shores of Mansonia #1 and reach your appointed status on the
mansion world  appropriate for you, you will be amazed to notice how
enormously varied is the constituency of the mansion worlds.  You will meet
faith ascenders from all kinds of planets, non-breathers as well as
breathers.  You will discover that your most broad-minded of concepts
regarding the variety and diversity in God's universe is so far short of
the reality that it will take your breath away!  

These are not the worst of times nor the best of times.  These are God's
times!  They have value only as you make use of them.  So all times can be
the best of times, or conversely all times could be the worst of times.
You, my friends, have chosen to follow me and therefor all times can be the
best of times.  

Understand  in your hearts that I know what it is to be mortal.  I truly
have experienced everything that you go through, not exactly in the same
circumstances, but with the same emotional effects.  When you become angry,
I understand that.  I became angry when I saw the injustice that was
perpetuated upon the weak; when I saw the rich discounting their poor
brothers and sisters; when I saw the men, greedy with power and for power,
oppressing those who had little power.  Most of all I was angry when I
beheld my Father's temple a "den of thieves", a desecration of its holy

But I did not let anger overcome me.  Instead I channeled it, and arrived
at the place where I understood the weakness so inherent in human nature,
the propensity to go to the animalistic, to live as animals only.  I
overcame anger in forgiveness and understanding.

I knew sorrow and disappointment when my family of origin misunderstood me,
and when meeting them] was foiled by the Pharisees who were pursuing me.
It was so long before we finally were reconciled after my resurrection.
But disappointment and sorrow did not master me, because I turned them over
to my Father Who does all things well.  And I said, as you know, "Not my
will, Father, be done, but yours.  You know best."  

 I could go on with other examples of my humanity, but I tell you all this,
(although you know it intellectually), so that you will seek me as a friend
to confide in; for indeed am I within you with my Spirit of Truth.  He is
just like me, except he can be everywhere, whereas I was restricted to the
presence of my physical form.

Again I remind you, "Abide in me, and I in you", that together we may bring
forth much spiritual fruit.  On your own, cut off from my strength and the
guidance of the Father, you can do very little.  But it is not necessary
that you be on your own, for I am always ready to give you  the waters of
life.  I am always ready to give you the bread of life.  Dear ones, yes,
you are my children, but you are more than my children.  You are also my
apostles!  The Correcting Time apostleship is much more than 12 in number,
and you are among this company.  Don't neglect coming together; and even
between your formal meetings seek out one another, for you have great
strength in each other's companionship.

My peace I leave with you.  My peace is your inheritance.  Good evening.

(Long pause.  Took a break.)

Daniel (Bill): Greetings, my friends.  This is Daniel who is also your
brother, your advocate, and your staunch admirer.  It is hard to follow our
Father/Brother Michael, and yet it is our great privilege to have such a
Creator Son in charge of our universe, one who has literally plumbed the
depths of experience, having endured the cross and its shame and triumphed
even over that.

Yes, I do wish to visit the questions that you responded with when we had
the assignment relatively long ago; and specifically to respond to Carol's
question which basically was asking how can we know ahead of time what kind
of service will be effective and worthwhile.  Perhaps, Carol, I have missed
a component.  If so feel free to update that question.

Carol:  No, I believe that's correct.

Daniel (Bill): Very well.  This is a very large area of concern, and has a
certain flavor of discontinuity about it.  There are aspects of this
question which underline the importance of planning and thinking ahead when
you are willing to make a major commitment, such as an investment of your
time or your material wealth.  It requires planning in order to make the
most of human potential, and if you area planning to give a large sum to a
philanthropic enterprise you would be foolish not to research many items
relative to that gift: What percentage of the money given that
philanthropic organization reaches the goal of its philanthropy?  What
percentage of the money is spent upon administration?  How much money does
the chairman of the board or the chief executive officer make?  What is the
history of this charity in terms of fraud or other negative factors?  Those
are legitimate questions.  Now perhaps few of us and few of you have been
in a position where you could administer large amounts of money in a
philanthropic manner.  Nevertheless, if you are planning a major commitment
of time or money you would be remiss if you did not do some research.  Of
course you should never give your time or money to scam, and in this day
and age, these things do happen.  That's the one side of the coin.  

The other side of the coin almost appears to be a contradiction.  The other
side of the coin says this: There is a danger that ego will so rear its
head that it will infect your service motivation with the desire to
control, and you will neglect the principal that it is your job to sow the
seeds, but not your job to water them or guarantee their maturity.  Man
proposes, but God disposes.  In other words, do your planning, but then, at
some point, realize that you cannot control the outcome.  Our Father looks
upon our motives.  He knows that service which is given out of the goodness
of your heart, out of the true task of serving and helping your brothers
and sisters.  Don't be consumed by worry, that if you, with prayer and
commitment to God, offer your life in service, it will be wasted in useless

You see, there is a risk factor.  The risk involves the idea that God has
His timetable and it may not be the same as your timetable.   If you
sincerely seek His guidance and wait on His timetable, you will receive it.  
There is another principle that you can throw into the mix, and that is
this: if you can do something for another person that they are unable to do
for themselves, but truly desire to have accomplished; and you see nothing
faulty about this desired service, then do it.  It will please them because
it will meet a need, an emotional need if nothing else, and they will see
that you truly care for them because you are giving them something they
want, rather than something you think they want.  

My TR is thinking of Christmas presents.  [Laughter.]  The purpose of
giving gifts at Christmas, among other things, is truly a form of
service—to show your love for another person.  But think of how much more
effective the presents  are when they are something that the person who
receives them really wanted, could really use; rather than something that
the giver thinks is appropriate.  [Comments and laughter.]  Now Carol,
since I have specifically responded to you I would ask you for feedback on
this.  Do you have comments, questions or arguments to present me that we
can dialog about?

Carol: Well, you certainly hit on some tender points there, control and
outcome,  [laughter] and trying to make things happen, rather than let God
do it.  As you know, I'm a controlling person, and that is a difficult part
for me in service.  Also it blurs the lines for me, as to what is something
I'm trying to accomplish, and where it is service.  That's where I have a
lot of problems.

Daniel (Bill): Thank you for your response.  Let me say in the first place
that you are in good company in this group with regard to needing to
control.  [Agreement and laughter.]  But you are no worse by far than the
average mortal.  It is a part of your heritage as mortals.  Hopefully my
comments will not be hurtful to you, as I am not personally criticizing
you.  I am merely expanding upon principles that do apply in the area of
service.  Michael is reminding me to include one more thought, and that is
this: Be willing to do the most menial of service for in this humility is
great love shown.  He talking about washing the feet of his apostles at the
Last Supper. Yes, other comments or questions on  service, or on any of the
previous lessons, or on anything that our Master brought up that you wish
to talk about?

Carol: I want to thank you, first of all, for the comments this evening.  I
appreciate it very much.  It has helped to sort out some things for me; and
I'll be doing some thinking in the next few weeks about this.

Daniel (Bill): Your welcome, Carol.  I almost feel apologetic that it has
taken so long for me to get this to you, but to some extent we roll with
the punches, and we have been enjoying our interactions with you and the
things that we have been talking about as a consequence of the things that
are happening in your lives.  You are most welcome.  Then if there are no
further comments

LaReen: Daniel, I just wanted to report, in the reference to service, that
while I have been away from the group this last month and a half, I gave
away three Urantia Books.   I was so thrilled that somebody wanted to talk
about it, and actually I almost called this one gentlemen on a hourly
basis.  Could that be control?  [Laughter.]   But the next two I let go,
and let them spend time with the book.  I was just so enthused that someone
would want the book, because I messed it up terribly the first time I was
asked about it.

Daniel (Bill): You want me to comment on your eagerness to see the seeds

LaReen: Control, I look at it as control.  When you said control, that
knocked me over the head there.  [Laughter.]

Daniel (Bill): Yes, my dear.  I would have to say that is probably an
accurate assessment.  [Laughter and comments.] Nevertheless it was an
altruistic motive because you were desirous of seeing this other person
illuminated with the light of truth that this book contains.  That is quite
a different kind of control than the  ordinary kind where you simply want
your will to be done in somebody else's life.  In this case you wish for
this person that our common Father's will  be done.  So I will soften the
word "control" in this case.  Don't dwell on it or feel any sense of guilt
about it.   Indeed it is the Spirit that gives life, and it is the Spirit
of Truth in each mortal that is effective.  What we do is share truth and
provide service.  You did both, so don't worry about it.

LaReen:  Thank you very much, Daniel.  It's good to be home.

Virginia: Daniel, one of the things that I keep relying on is in the Book.
Two things popped up as she said that.  Number one, it is the motive that
God looks at.  I am so very grateful for that, because, golly, how many
times do we think that we're doing the right thing, and fall on our face?
We thought it was going to be a good result.  And the other thing that the
UBook says, that I just love... it says to not harbor any feelings of
guilt.  I think that when we harbor feelings of guilt then we limit
ourselves because we are afraid to reach out again.  I am guilty of feeling
guilty.  [Laughter.]

Daniel (Bill): Let me respond.  Thank you for sharing these thoughts. I
want to take off on your statement about harboring a sense of guilt.  You
see, most guilt, as I perceive it on this planet, is associated with
mistakes, and not so much with sin.  Now sin, the conscious choice of evil
before hand, should result in guilt feelings, for bad things have been
done, and consciously chosen!  On the other hand, making mistakes and
allowing them to produce guilt feelings so that you find yourself either
apologizing for your mistake or expecting others to apologize for their
mistakes is a bad idea!  Here's why, and you said it yourself.  When you
feel guilty for making mistakes the natural result is to stop trying and
not to stick out your neck; to be safe and not any more mistakes.  But in
the long run that is suicidal, for you must make mistakes in an imperfect
universe, in an incomplete universe, in order to grow.  So if guilt
feelings over mistakes stops you from taking chances, taking risks, or
trying new things, then how counter productive indeed are these guilt
feelings!!  Don't apologize for your mistakes.

Virginia: Not even if you cause someone to trip?  [Comments and laughter.]

Daniel (Bill): No, unless you deliberately stuck your foot out
and more comments.]  If you are unaware of the cause of someone else's
stumbling, how can you really be responsible? You did not deliberately do
that.  That person needs to watch where they are walking.  [More laughter.]
 Now, Virginia, I am aware that this is an area that is somewhat radical,
for if you think about it, your culture really, at least until recently,
has for many, many years taught people to feel guilty about many
inappropriate things. It is a real problem.  Gradually there is new light
coming to bear on the subject, but people have been just overwhelmed with
guilt feelings for no good reason.  That's why the Book says, "Don't have
any guilt feelings."  [More laughter.]  Does anyone else in this room agree
with me?   (Several agreed.)  Yes, intellectually we can all accept it.

Lori: I can because I don't suffer from great guilt.  I don't.  I never
have.  I don't know why.  [Comments.]  And I'm glad, because many times I
have offended people and I didn't know how I'd done it; and I'll be damned
if I'm going to feel guilty over that.  [More laughter and comments.]

Daniel (Bill): The other problem with guilt is it can be a trade-off, a
ransom for making the change necessary in order to avoid the problem
behavior.  In other words, if you feel guilty long enough, you don't have
to change.  You've paid your debt, you've felt miserable for so long.  Your
psychologists and others are aware of these things.  Your culture is
improving in many ways; and we are about the business of helping it change
as fast as possible without violating the prime directive—man's free will.

Lori: I think you can feel empathy for someone, and sorry if you will,
without guilt.

Daniel (Bill): Yes, you can regret the situation.

Lori: I don't believe they're the same thing, and I believe our scientists
lump them together.  [Comments and laughter.]

Daniel (Bill): Well, apparently that was an appropriate topic, so again, my
dear Virginia, thank you for putting it into words.  Are there other concerns?

Lori: I just have one more comment, about LoRene and what she said about
controlling.  I don't think that seeking shared experiences and common
ground is the same as controlling.  I don't see the threat of it being

LaReen: You didn't hear me telling what pages and chapters.  [Laughter.]
You didn't hear that part.  [Comments.]

Daniel (Bill); You see, the crucial element is how you feel.  If you feel
that if you don't do something it's not going to happen appropriately, that
is the issue.  That is not trusting in the over-care of God.  "I've got to
do it because it won't be done right unless I do it".  That's the feeling.

Once again it has been as interesting evening!  I do want you all to know
it is such a pleasure to see you in abundance tonight.  Gwen, we want to
give you our love and concern for your lonely isolation, and tell you to
take the time for quiet.  Remember the connectedness of all of us together.
 You are a much beloved daughter.

Gwen: Thank you.

Daniel (Bill): So, my friends, let us close our circle, hands clasped, as
we close with prayer.

Universal Father on Paradise but present within us; Eternal Son present on
Paradise but in our midst in the Spirit of Truth; Infinite Spirit in our
midst as the Creative Mother Spirit who gives us mind and life, and all the
help of the angels, midwayers, and myriad of other personalities: in You,
God-- Father, Son and Spirit, we live and move and have our being.  We are
truly Your children.  We are truly brothers and sisters.  How my heart
rejoices to be with these, my younger siblings.  How I love them, and
desire to put morontial arms around them all with a big hug.  (Yes, dear
friends, we shall see each other one-day soon.)  So, Father, protect them
from their own worst fears.  Guard their minds from anxiety.  Help them to
let go of ego control and to truly trust you, even as has our Master who
walked these very footsteps of humanity on planet Urantia.  Wwe pray these
things in His name, and as His children.  Amen.

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