[tmtranscripts] N. Idaho Team 5/19/02

Rick P. Giles RickGiles at prodigy.net
Mon May 20 20:51:08 PDT 2002

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Circuitry, Circuit of the Supreme
Teachers: Lantarnek, Elyon, Jansel

May 19, 2002

*	Lantarnek (Jonathan TR):  I greet you, this is Lantarnek.  I come to you
today to address your continuing discussion of circuitry, for you are gaining
understanding regarding this universe-wide phenomenon.  It is much relied
upon by
all who work throughout the universe, for it is the means whereby we may have
contact with remote regions, but this contact isn't simply informational.  It
also is a conduit for the conveyance of energy and likewise for the skill of a
personality at a great distance to have a direct influence upon a situation that
is remote.  This circuit is to service what brotherhood is to all souls.  It is
the common bond, the adhesive, that creates the bigger grand entity.  In this
case the entity is the force of ministry.
	Michael while on your world alluded to himself as the vine and to  you as
his branches.  You do well to regard your understanding of circuits in this
manner.  No branch survives apart from the vine.  It must be, not simply
connected thereto but a literal extension of the vine itself.  As you seek
greater incircuitment, endeavor to understand and even more so experience that
you are a branch of the circuitry of which you seek connection.
	The life which Michael gave and gives continually as the vine of the Father
through you, the branch of a son rising to meet the Father, is a divine force. 
It is conveyed through the vine into the branches.  The healing circuits, all
circuits throughout the universe and the universe of universes, require the
conduits as much as the energies of a divine source.
	To simply state my purpose I would say that you are not only already
connected, you are a part of the very circuit itself.  Much of your recent
reception of lessons from us has taken  the form, is of the category, of
electricity and energy flows that are familiar to you on your physical world. 
Let me remind you that, of the great circuits of the master universe, only
one is
physical in nature.  The Father's personality circuit, the Son's spirit circuit,
the Infinite Spirit's mind circuit by their names alone reveal the conduit as
much as the energy force that flows through them.  You each are a
personality and
therefore are conductive of the personality magnetism that the Father broadcasts
everywhere.  Likewise for the other circuits.  Therefore, you are this hour
already ready to receive through the available circuits and subcircuits, however
they be named, for you in your very constitution have the receptive centers:
minds, your personalities, your physical forms, the Father's presence, and your
growing soul through which these forces, these divine projections, may flow.
	I will now turn our discussion over to other teachers in your midst.

*	Elyon (Mark):  This is Elyon. I am here by virtue of the circuits, as well,
to join in the conversation and to emphasize the thought patterns provided
earlier about the completion of the Supreme, one might say the completion of the
circuit of the Supreme.  This act of your co-creative abilities strengthens this
circuit each time you engage it and becomes a more and more familiar two-way
street to you.  As you look for opportunities to build the Supreme experience,
more opportunities come to you to build the Supreme experience.  Those who are
actively engaged in this pursuit are rarely without options before them to
delight in this fabrication of the Supreme.  You are the ones with the
palates of
paint before you, the brush in hand, the instrument at your side, the landscape
to make beautiful; these are what are necessary for the Supreme to live in and
through your experiences.  The activities you may see as mundane are a unique
aspect of your reality which you may contribute to the overall experience of the
Supreme, and no experience you may have is considered unworthy of this
contribution.  This truly is where you are the instigator.  Through willing
exchange in this regard, you complete the potential and turn over the actual
experience as your contribution, your gift, to the Supreme pool.  As we have
discussed before, each contribution made can impact the entire pool.  The more
potent and significant experiences serve to impact the Supreme pool and to color
the waters, to flavor them, so that all contributions are welcome, all
contributions are valid, and all contributions are necessary to fulfill the
destiny of turning potential reality into reality complete, reality fulfilled. 
You as individuals are the gears that make this mechanism work, and it is your
contribution sought by the Supreme.  Another cannot make your contribution;
it is
a gift you make, and in doing so you affirm that you are indeed a part of this
circuit.  This circuit functions through you and with you, thereby strengthening
the reality of this circuit in your lives.  Another may observe your
contributions, but only the Supreme can accept all contributions and commingle
all aspects of this reality to form the final solution.
	It is a good technique in your stillness to practice the openness of this
aspect of co-creation, to be willing to work with the opportunities before you
that arrive by virtue of this circuit and then to complete it, the
willingness to
offer this gift now having been fulfilled back up to the Supreme to satisfy this
	You are all coming a very long way in understanding these different
circuits and their applications in your lives.  You are coming to see yourselves
as insects in a great web connected by many circuits to remote regions of your
environment.  Because of your connection to this web you are all learning that
what happens to the web happens to you.  What happens to you happens to the
This understanding is in itself a milestone and enables one to more deeply grasp
the significance of having your fingers on the pulse of the web, as it were, and
the actual fabrication of the web which you may also be a part of, the
co-creation of this web.
	That seems sufficient for today.  I remain in attendance and as always
would welcome your comments.  Otherwise I will participate as an observer.
	Kirk:  Thank you, what a rush.

*	Jansel (Jonathan):  Hello to you, this is Jansel.  I want to grab a hold of
a comment made by Lantarnek where he used "divine projection" to illustrate the
force of circuitry and to superimpose that upon Elyon's description of the
Supreme circuit of finite existence.
	You know that all of reality exists because God chose to do so, and as a
consequence the many creatures have sprung into being who are engaged in the
enactment of that projection.  So, if the Father is projecting into all of
reality, what are we creatures doing?  We are engaging.  That is how we make our
mark, how we contribute to this web, to this grid, new energy.  We become energy
enhancers.  All across the grid of the Supreme we amplify, recharge, and
energy because we have two vital elements within us: the Father's very presence
and freedom of choice.
	That is all I wish to say today.  Thank you.

	Kirk:  Thanks, Jansel.  Nice to hear from you.

	Jonathan:  Elyon, we have been discussing some of Rayson's lessons to the
Colorado group and we note some similarities between his teaching style and
yours.  Can you throw in some information on how close to Rayson you may be?

*	Elyon (Mark):  Imagine, if you will, a congregation of the teachers much as
you structure a congregation of your fellows around the occasion of Michael's
birthday or similar spiritual function.  We delight in spending time with each
other sharing our experiences, indeed, sharing your experiences, what has been
successful, what has not been successful; those vines which, in terms of
spiritual teaching, have borne much fruit and those which have not produced
This is the way our lesson plans become hardened and formed, only at times to be
entirely discarded in favor of your discussions.  We sometimes lay the best
and have directed intentions and then find ourselves on at your level of
comprehension on a given topic and throw out our lesson plans in favor of
broadening or adding more perspective to a concept already in motion in the
group.  This is truly a thrilling challenge for us.  While there is an overall
lesson plan approved and formulated by the melchizedek instructors, we are given
great latitude to deviate from this plan as we see fit.  Much as an
instructor or
preacher might formulate a presentation to have ready to go, our challenge is
often to act on our feet, so to speak, and be ready to engage with our groups as
interest levels rise and fall.  We do make every attempt to seize on the highest
spiritual concepts to be elevated and discussed, but we are ever willing to
deviate from our prescribed plan, knowing full well that we have much time
us in which to cover any material we neglected in favor of current topics of
	So you will find that there are similarities in topics much as there is a
topic guide given to the Catholic priests, but also you will find much that is
personalized to the groups specifically so that we may strike while the iron is
hot and help to mold and formulate ideas and ideals that are higher and higher
concepts of divine principles.
	I will also point out that there are, of course, universal truths.  Whether
one TR in one group at one time gives vocalization to a universal principle and
then another TR in another group at another time also voices the same universe
principles, this may sound as if it is more orchestrated than perhaps it is. 
When both are discussing basic principles it is easy to overlap and cover
material.  I do want to bring back the point that you as individuals, you as a
group, are co-creating this very Teaching Mission much as you are
co-creating the
Supreme contribution that you make.  This is a two-way street.  We take into
account where you are, what your interests are, what your level of understanding
may be, and we are ever ready to work with you at any level.  At the same
time we
have a lesson plan that we intend to deliver.  Wherever we may do either we are
	Jonathan:  Thank you.

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