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S.E. Idaho TeaM


Altern(Virginia): Just as art is a gift of the Spirit, so is life itself.
We thank You, Heavenly Father, that we can learn to appreciate truth,
beauty, and goodness as mortals on this plane and as morontial beings that
have found that truth, beauty, and goodness is what continues, what is
real, what is You. We thank you. Amen.

Daniel: My friends, I am here. I am your teacher, Daniel. I am amused
with you. You are like children at a party who are expecting the
appearance of a special guest. Some are saying, "It will be a clown."
Others are saying, "It will be somebody with a dog and pony show". Still
others are saying, "It will be a queen with a crown on her head". And you
all are excited. Who will it be this evening? So we are amused, for it is
just us, your good buddies, your teachers, your counselors, your
companions, your brothers and sisters. Indeed, are we present. I will
confirm that the watchdog perceives our presence. This is not amiss. [Ed.
Note: The family dog always starts barking just before the TR session at
this particular residence and has to be confined in a bedroom. This
happens repeatedly.]

I thank you for your serious and thoughtful discussion of inner peace,
inasmuch as this concept is very fundamental in terms of spiritual growth.
I thank you that you have meditated on it and discussed it as you have this
evening. I did not permit any discussion last week for the purpose of not
diluting the effect of the presentation. But this evening we are open to
your input. I will put it to you: would you like to have your personal
teachers present commentary or would you prefer a main speaker on one
topic? Please let me know. Let's go around the table and each of you
respond. [Editor's note: It was unanimous for personal teacher

Very well, we are very comfortable with this and your teachers are pleased.
Therefor, since I am no one's personal teacher in this group, I will hand
over the microphone to my colleagues. One moment, please.

Loretta(Bill): I am Loretta. Good evening!

Group: Good evening.

Loretta: Indeed, are we pleased that you felt our desires and that they
coincided with yours so that we can socialize with you in this way. You
are like the knights of the round table [Ed. Note: The group was seated
around a dinning room table] because you have a sense of your own worth
which is higher than the average individual on this planet, and therefor I
liken you to knights, for they had a high sense of self worth. You also
like the knights because you regard each one as equal to you. You
recognize each other's essential divinity presence, and you treat each
other with grace and equity. I do not wish to get off on another subject,
but I wish to emphasize that your fellowship is a ring of power, spiritual
power. When you hold hands you close the circuit that flows through you in
this group.

The knights at the round table made great decisions, according to folk
lore. You people are making very important decisions. Unlike folklore
this is not make believe. This is for real. Cherish your times together,
my friends. They are but a foretaste of what it is like in this universe
ascension experience. We work in groups. We almost never work alone.
Only the Solitary Messengers are really constituted to function by
themselves. All other creatures of the universe work better when they are
in dyads or groups. So, my friends, there are other knights here at this
table that you can't see. Be aware of their presence and know that this
is, indeed, a royal experience, for we are all sons and daughters of the
great King of Heaven.

My special greetings to you, my dear. Your progress has been stimulating
and satisfying. You have made a great leap forward in the last year and it
is demonstrated by that inner peace which you radiate. I am privileged to
work with you. This TR apologizes that he cannot use your spiritual name,
but know that my words are addressed to you, Pat, and I would prefer to
call you by your spiritual name. So, in your mind, hear it as such. I
have completed my words. Thank you.

Pat: Thank you, Loretta.

Klarixiska(Bill): This is Klarixiska.. Hello to you all. We are delighted
to be here, that is, here in more than morontial sense, for you can
experience our presence when we are able to communicate verbally as we are
doing tonight. I will follow Loretta's picture with the emphasis on the
shape of the table.

The shape of human groupings speaks volumes about their relationships to
each other. For example, on a long narrow table with seats on both sides
and one seat at each end, the message is that the seats on the ends have
much greater authority and weight than the seats facing each other. Your
table is a variation of round. This indicates that you are all equal.
That the circle pushes to the center and rises indicates that the
authority, the source of your reality, is from above, is from Paradise
itself. At the same time, through your hands as they are held and
positioned on the table, they are like the spokes of a wheel. They speak
to the fact that each of you has that Presence and Fragment of God. The
spokes of the wheel connect to the shaft which rises, indicative of its
origin at the very Center of all things.

Now consider this. You have been knighted by Christ Michael. You have
accepted this knighting as your apostle status. It is not for the purpose
of you ruling over others, however. There the picture could be misleading
except that knights were to do acts of mercy and rescue people in need.
That interpretation of the picture is accurate. No, you are not going to
slay dragons. But you are, indeed, light bearers; and the light you bear
is that peace within.

My dear Virginia, we commune very well. Your TRing ability is equal to
your spouse. I would enjoy a little more opportunity to be vocalized by
your choice. However, it is your choice, always, if you so desire.
Progress, not perfection, has been a discussion we have had many times. To
all of you let this be forever clear. All you can do in planetary life is
make progress. Never do we reach perfection in its completeness until we
are on Paradise. But there are aspects of perfection which are attainable
before. What you should all realize is that you can work on perfecting
your desire to know God and to be like Him and this should be your goal.
This cannot mean that you are beyond the reach of mortal mistakes. Even
the morontia career has imperfection characteristics. So, relax and enjoy
your lives, for it only gets better. Thanks for listening.

Virginia: Thank you Klarixiska. I'm sure, because I have given you
permission to read my mind, that you know this. But it is just so much
easier to journal your inspiration to me, and it is less responsible than
to speak it in a group. It is much more difficult to believe I am saying
something that is for everyone. So I appreciate very much what you said
tonight. I love hearing from you when I take the time. It's not that I
won't work on it. But you have told me many times that fear is my big
obstacle. And I'm afraid that somebody might really believe it (laughter),
my group TR-ing.

Klarixiska: Thank you, my dear. I say this for all of your benefits.
Every TR has that fear; unless they are possessed of large ego, in which
case they figure the world needs to hear what they have to say. Better to
have a certain cautionary fear, but not to the extent that it stops up your
mouth. It is best to lose that fear and trust that what comes through you
in a group has as much truth value as what your hands write. Again,
however, it is completely up to the individual as to whether or not they
want to face the fearful dragon of self doubt and ego worry and slay it
with the sword of love, or whether they prefer to go about living in
comfortable tunnels and not going on adventures to challenge their fears.

Virginia: You know me too well, Klarixiska. (Laughter)

Klarixiska: My words are not intended for you alone. They are a
generalized truth. My time has now been exceeded, I have been told. But
we are joking with each other. There is no problem. One moment, please.

Larenzo(Bill): Good evening, my friends, I am Larenzo.

Group: Good evening, Larenzo.

Larenzo: We are having a marvelous time! By "we" I am referring to we
personal teachers. You see, you really have older brothers and older
sisters, what ever your family constellation may be. Yes, we are those.
We truly regard you with the same degree of fondness and pride and pleasure
that you experience when you look upon your grandchildren, your children,
or other people's children or grandchildren. We see no cause to scold you,
to point out your inadequacies, to shame you, nothing of that sort at all.
What we look at is your earnest desire to grow spiritually, intellectually,
socially, and ethically. We, also, observe your progress with great pleasure.

I cannot explain to you how different mortal life is on normally ordered
worlds. Although there is a lot that is the same, nevertheless the reign
of negativity on this planet, the rebellion, the anti-social attitudes,..
all of these are the result of the Caligastia betrayal and the Adamic
default. Adam is not to blame for the anti-social attitudes. He and Eve
are responsible for the impatience that they modeled in their short
circuited decision. But most of the problems of this world have their
origin in the rebellion. Much of what you struggle with is this legacy
that permeates all cultures, so that the clear thinking of the peacemakers,
who speak of the possibility of another kind of world not based on anger,
vengeance, distrust and rebellion is considered an illusion. In fact,
their words are in conformity with the universe at large.

Knowing the source of these troubles has some value because it can lift the
veil of shame and guilt from you. You realize that it really isn't your
fault, these negative patterns that you have within you, which you are
being asked by all teachers to exhume, uncover, so that you can really see
them for what they are. Then you can transcend them. The problem still is
that they are within you, even though their origin lies outside of you. Be
done with the shame. Be done with the guilt. Be generous with yourselves.
Look upon yourselves like we do, as children who are eager to live, learn,
and grow. That is what we see.

Kenneth, to you, my friend, my fondest greetings!

Ken: And mine to you, as well.

Larenzo: You know that you hear me, not always fully consciously. I
encourage you to continue your journal, and also to consider bringing some
of that as a sample when you are ready to share. Well, I hope my words
have encouraged you.

Ken: They have. They do, and they will.

Larenzo: Again, we are so pleased to be here. I will now give way to Alkon.

Alkon(Bill): This is Alkon, Bill's teacher. Your grouping reminds me of
another picture. You are like a small orchestra. Each of you has your
instrument that you play with great skill. Each of your notes are part of
the fabric of the music. If your note was missing, the sound would be
diminished. Sometimes you are a solo part, sometimes a trio, sometimes a
quartet, quintet, septet, etc. At times we hear the full orchestra. At
the same time as you are playing your part you are under the direction of
the Great Conductor, God Himself as He speaks to each of you through your
own minds and your own Indwelling Thought Controller/Adjuster. Because
you are under one Conductor, your music is harmonious and in correct

What does this picture say? First, that you are all different in your
abilities and talents which are expressions of your unique personalities..
At the same time, your goals are the same, to play the music and to play it
with joy, with pleasure, with seriousness and with lightheartedness, as
well. Now that the sound of its beauty is being heard, the universe is
aware that Urantia has awakened, along with the other rebellion planets,
and the music is beginning to rise into the spheres beyond the borders of
your planet. Michael's birthplace shall be the crown jewel of Nebadon.

As you might have guessed, I am a Celestial Musician. Therefor, I chose
this comparison because it is my greatest love. But it is not a fallacious
comparison. It is true. Your music is the music of your soul. It is the
harmony of your morontia convergence, for you are operating on a morontia
level, not merely the mortal level. Well, my friends, good music requires
practice. (Laughter) Practice is what you all are attempting to do. Make
it fruitful practice. Don't exhaust yourselves by playing your music for
eight hours one day and then forgetting the sounds for the next six.
Spread it out. Take it day by day and then when you come together we can
hear a rehearsal, even as we have tonight. Thank you. I have enjoyed
being with you. Good evening.

Altern(Bill): I am Altern. It's getting difficult to find words to follow
the eloquence of my brothers and sisters, so I won't attempt to be more

Group: No competetion.

Altern: Yes, that is correct. There is no competition.

I am pleased that art is present among you in your talents for then it
makes it possible for those of us who are Celestial Artisans to be your
companions. It is not accidental that we teachers have paired up with you
according to these differentiations of talent as we are able to be
enhancers of your native abilities in this manner. You might wonder why we
don't pair up with people that don't have those talents so we could teach
them things that they haven't learned. However, all learning is based on
original endowment at the base, so that it is necessary to have more than
just a passing interest in a subject for learning to be effective.

Do not construe my words to say that a lack of interest indicates a lack of
ability, for that is not necessarily the case. Many abilities lie dormant
awaiting the spark which will set fire to their tinder. Fear of failure,
fear of hard work and fear of the opinion of others has prevented many
people from discovery of talents that lay buried beneath their
consciousness. So we teachers are paired up according to your manifest
abilities. But there are others, including the guardian Seraphim, who
arrange circumstances in such a way that someone carrying an instrument
that emits sparks can come in contact with unsuspecting nests of dry tinder
in the souls and minds of other mortals and therefor there are occasions,
serendipitous in appearance, that lead to the ignition of a flame of
passion in a new area of talent and interest.

Crucial, though, is the individual. For nothing happens to you or us
without your consent; that is, nothing creative happens to you without your
consent. To be creative is innate in personality. It is your heritage as
sons and daughters of God. So, look around for that spark bearer that may
come into your life and touch you where you least expect, to create a fire
of interest where you had no inkling of possibility. I now give the
microphone to the last speaker.

Unidentified speaker(Bill): Hello, my friends. I am the last speaker, and
I remain unidentified.(laughter and comment: Isn't that cruel!) But you
have guessed correctly. I am LaReen/Ineria's personal teacher. I am one
of two teachers that she has. I am female, the other teacher is my
partner. We are not intending to cause you grief, my dear, by playing a
fast and loose game of hide and seek. We want you to keep working and

The more important thing than getting hung up on our names, is the fact
that we are your teachers. We have our specialities which differ between
the two of us. You have had a lot of adverse difficulties in your short
life and you merit all the help that you can desire. Your physical
limitations are not punishment. They are a challenge, yes, but they are
not indicative of a lack of love. They are like the physical limitations
of your brother Paul of Tarsus in that they can teach you that what you
cannot do on your own, with God's help your strength will be sufficient to

You all have very high regard for us, your teachers. We appreciate that,
not because it feeds our egos, but because it makes you good learners.
What we want you to understand is that you are also teachers and other
people have very high regard for you, even as you have for us. Lay down
your defenses. Let Spirit in, in the sense that you can stop wasting
energy on worry, on fear, on self criticism. Enjoy your achievements and
give yourself credit for your accomplishments. Pat yourself of the back,
just as you would a small child who is progressing physically or mentally.
Be your own best friend instead of your own worst enemy. We give you
permission. We tell you, that is the way God wants it! There is no doubt
about that. It is not God's will that you cower in fear, guilt, shyness,
etc. None of you is guilty of excessive ego. That is not your problem.

Well, once again, thank you for allowing me to offer my little words of
encouragement. Now, Daniel wishes to bring this meeting to a conclusion.
One moment, please.

Daniel(Bill): Please take each others' hands and let us pray.

As we hold each others hands with comfort and pleasure, we thank You, First
Source and Center, that You hold Your hand in each of ours, that it is Your
nature to give of Yourself: to create, to sustain, and to bring Your
reality into existence in many levels of universe expression. We thank You
that You deemed it appropriate and pleasurable to share Your personality
with us, so that we truly are Your sons and daughters and therefor,
brothers and sisters. We thank You for life eternal and the pleasure and
prospects of our taking part in the never ending expansion of universe
reality. Help us to remove all barriers to growth and to welcome Your
great love with wide open arms and to embrace each other with those same
arms. Even so, we would follow in the way of Christ Michael, our universe
Father/Brother/Creator, and His consort, Nebadonia, to Whom be honor and
praise. Amen.

Group: Amen!
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