[tmtranscripts] N. Idaho TeaM 3/17/02

Rick P. Giles RickGiles at prodigy.net
Tue Mar 19 21:24:31 PST 2002

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Circuits, Circuit Enhancers
Teachers: Elyon, Jessona

March 17, 2002

*	Elyon (Mark TR):  This is Elyon, I greet you at this time.  I will, by way
of example, change your circuit.  As you may be aware, the circuit you have
established and that was functioning prior to my intervention was of a different
constitution than after I entered your circuit, flipped the switch, and encoded
this new circuit with my personality.  This was simply a redirection and, as you
can all feel, there is a marked difference in the characteristics of this new
circuit.  This speaks to the encoding aspect of an individual circuit, the
flavor, if you will, of an individual circuit.  This example can provide you
an experience wherein you may easily conclude that we did not drop the nature of
circuitry and reestablish a different circuitry.  We simply changed the
focus and
the energy flowed in a different pattern than before but over the same
This is what you will come to understand happens, as all circuits have a common
theme.  They must often times traverse over the same tracks much as a train must
switch its engines but share a common track.  Often circuits are not separate
railroad lines, merely different engines functioning on the existing tracks.
	This may help you understand that building these circuits is a matter of
building good trestles, burrowing good tunnels, and making a firm base on which
to establish your tracks.  Once having the hard work behind you of building easy
access, you may interchange your directions and your focuses as you would switch
engines from a passenger line to a freight line.  As well, you will also seek to
build side spur lines or offshoots, still connected to your main feed lines.
these circuits designed specifically to access heretofore unknown regions, the
mechanism oftentimes of accessing these circuits and subsequently traversing
remains the same.  The lines must be in place; they must be free of debris
and in
good order so that your next line can come in, your next freighter can make it
	You may change the characteristics of this freight car as it makes a stop
at your station.  You may add to it some of your own load.  You may take from it
some of the load that is there.  You may change passengers, and then it
moves on,
completing its circuit and going beyond you but being changed by its interaction
with your particular stop.
	One can consider that a train yard is the central hub where the switches
are thrown and the engines and loads are dispatched.  This would be the central
hub of the Father, and you may find yourself located on a main line or on a side
spur, but you are all connected via the network.
	Enough about trains, I sense that there are many eager to engage you, as
you are a most exciting group to witness and indeed a privilege to engage.
So, I
make allowance for others but as always remain should you seek my
Thank you.

*	Jessona (Jonathan):  Greetings to you all, this is Jessona.  I see that you
are doing well.  I rejoice at your progress and delight in your ruminations.
	I wish to give some time to circuit enhancers which are beneficial to you
in uplifting yourself, to make you engage-able in a circuit that is of a higher
function or stronger intensity than you may have attained at this time.  Of
course you might expect I would mention stillness as the best method for circuit
enhancement, or rather, preparing yourself for incircuitment.  There are other
means as well.  Just as spirit engagement sooner or later yields spiritual
the reverse holds true for circuit engagement, for it is these fruits of
compassion, of patience, of loving kindness, that uplift mind and soul and
a sympathetic oscillation that synchronizes with circuits that are available
about you at all times.
	On the topic of healing, the force that brings healing is always present,
and you function as a healer when you engage yourself in the circuit.  Those
enhancements that allow you to hook into that energy current may be described
with the words of hope and faith and trust for the submission of the humble
desire to the divine creative will.  Your asking, your wish, conveyed to this
creative force creates the need wherein the energy flows.
	You can prepare yourself for higher levels of circuitry in two ways: one,
through acquirement as in the development of love and many -- and all, for that
matter -- fruits of the spirit; second, through the establishment of vacuum, of
want, the asking realm.  This realm is where hope resides.
	Jesus spoke of the lost sheep, of how he would leave the many who were
incircuited and seek the one who had become disconnected from the circuit.  In
your ministry you can develop this keenness and observe when a soul is
disconnected from the circuits that benefit that individual at their point in
spiritual progress.  You may not leave with them a specific message, but you may
impact upon them the sense of an existing circuit that benefits them.  It will
flow to them as you reveal it in your actions, in the energies you exude, in
demeanor.  A circuit cannot be recognized by being named.  It must be felt.  So,
you may never disclose your understanding of what is taking place when in
another's company that they find beneficial, but their sensing of that energy
will bring repeated response and recognition as they encounter that same force
flowing from another to them at a later date.  To borrow Elyon's train lines,
circuit enhancements are those things which put water in the tank and coal
in the
stove so that when the divine engineer ignites the fire, you are off and
you are dynamically engaged in the circuit.
	Thank you for receiving my words.  I always enjoy attending our meetings.

*	Elyon (Mark):  So, you have established your train stop; you have filled
your coal cribs; you have topped off your water tanks, and you, through your
stillness and through your practice, have developed an environment conducive to
your stage stop.  You are beginning to understand that with the train comes an
unlimited potential.  It may contain the sick and needy.  It may contain the
healers and physicians.  It may contain spiritual representatives.  It may
contain the darker elements of life.  These all traverse the same circuit
and are
all coming through your train stop.
	Now, let us enlarge the scope and speak not only of trains but of planes
and automobiles.  While you are becoming aware and well versed at your train
station, you are also now becoming aware that other circuits, other avenues of
access, become open to you.  Each one of these, whether by automobile or by
airplane, brings with it a new circuit, a new point of access which all have
these same innate capabilities of a variety of passengers.  You may seek at once
healing from your road travelers and at another time from your train
At one time you may seek spiritual aid and comfort from your air passengers and
as well receive it from your road passengers.  They are separate avenues of
access available to you, but each one carries the same potential of
circuitry, of
bringing to you well nigh limitless possibilities from outside your range.
It is
then simply to discern how to redirect these energies, how to off load some of
them for yourselves, how to channel them toward areas you establish as areas of
need, and to otherwise act as a switch man, throwing back and forth the
switch as
you see appropriate to guide the many sources of input before you.  Indeed you
are burdened with circuitry if you could see yourselves as a stop on all these
potential lines.  You have input which can become available on any one or all of
these circuits, and these are only the ones easy of your identification.
	That's enough to think of for today, that these many and varied accesses
are available to you much as the familiar routes you travel and the wide
diversity of passengers who travel these routes with you.

	Jonathan:  We read in The Urantia Book of the grand universe circuits of
mind, personality, spirit, and physical gravity.  Maybe those four circuits are
like the planes, trains and automobiles, differing forms of transport.
Would the
local and super universe level circuits in a sense be like the Burlington
Northern or Santa Fe line, within the realm of the grand universe circuitry but
manifesting in a more specified way?

*	Elyon:  In any discussion of circuitry it is a property of circuitry itself
that all are interconnected.  In some manner or fashion all aspects of circuitry
combine at some level.  Just as in the neural network involved in your human
vehicle, you have main lines which feed nerves which run out to establish the
furthest points of your bodies.  All these work in unison, and all are connected
as is evident by the pinprick on the finger and the instant response of the
brain.  It requires a main feed line, your Burlington Northern main shoot, as
well as many offshoots to connect these remote regions of even your physical
body.  It is very similar with circuitry in that all circuitry share common
characteristics which enable this linkup.  Many times it is all there in place;
the only thing needed to activate and join these circuits is the willful
of the switch, the action of connecting this circuitry  then brings it to life
and extends the influence of the circuit to the very end.  In the case of
spiritual circuitry, ever and always will it require your individual, willful
choice to throw the switch and establish the circuit.  Never will you find
yourself swept up into a circuit unwillingly.  You must always engage to be a
part of the process.
	Jonathan:  Thank you.

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