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Date Posted:  March 12, 2002
From:  Susan Kimsey, TR
Group:  Half Moon Bay, Ca TM Group
Transmission Date:  March 12, 2002
Topic: Obtaining World-wide Peace
Teacher:  Olfana

"Obtaining World-wide Peace" by Olfana     March 12, 2002

Greetings my dear ones.  I wish to discuss this topic of peace coming to the
planet, peace for the world as a whole.  World-wide peace is so fanciful a
concept that it can be easily dismissed as a mere pipe dream of those who
are not up to the "battle of life."  How, indeed, can a planet with such a
history of struggle, conflict, greed, despair, and deprivation, reach such a
goal of this magnitude?  One must first strive to disconnect emotionally
from this knowledge of the world's past.  A world born anew, a world moving
into a new stage of evolution, must see itself as the new being that it
truly is.  Carrying the painful energies of the past into a peaceful future
is not an effective way to bring about such a goal. Each of you, as citizens
of the world, must actively choose to let go of the resentments and desires
for revenge that so haunt so many souls who reside now on the planet.  Those
of you who do not carry this sense of revenge and resentment as a personal
reference are called upon now to minister to, and support, those who have
suffered so in their life here on Urantia.  If this consciousness, this
awareness of the destructive potential that resides in these energies of
resentment and revenge, can be released, then, and only then, comes forth
the possibility of new beginnings and a peaceful future for this planet.

How can you then be one who actively participates in this cleansing of your
world?  You can be one who seeks forgiveness in your own life from those you
have offended, and you can offer this forgiveness to those who have offended
you.  Seek life-giving forgiveness in your soul, just as you desire
life-giving health for your body.  See forgiveness as this powerful
component in your world's salvation.  Only through an intentional seeking to
develop a forgiving heart will you become one who serves to release your
world from the grip of revenge, resentment, and dark retribution for other's
sins.  Can you understand, my dear ones, how on a worldwide basis this sense
of seeking a forgiving heart will bring about the needed change you desire
in your world?

With your forgiving heart, then try to imagine the millions of children all
over the globe who, on a daily basis, are encouraged to hate.  What a sad
sight this is to the Father's Eyes, that these young precious souls are
encouraged by those they love and trust to develop this resentment, revenge,
and desire for retribution in their vulnerable hearts. How quickly this
leads to emotions of despair, hatred, and dark cruelty in these young ones.
Only when these dear souls are nurtured with concepts of love, kindness for
others, and forgiveness for their sufferings and the sufferings of others,
will the possibility of a peaceful world move from a fanciful dream into a
vibrant reality.  Only when you see this task before you as the monumental
and essential change that is indeed called for in this world, will you be
able to achieve this goal of awakening to a new day in a truly peaceful
world.  Pray for these little ones, pray for the world to understand how
essential it is to give them this new and better perception of leading their
lives in peaceful communion with all mankind.  Make the choice to serve as a
peacemaker for the youth of this world, and you will be making the choice of
peace for all, because the present lives of the children predict the path of
their futures, and the future of your world.

You who desire to do God's Will, you who desire a peaceful world, you who
desire a world of bright hope and new beginnings, must fill your hearts with
healing forgiveness, and then minister to the young ones of Urantia.  Hold
the Master's example in mind.  He saw the small children as his valuable
treasure.  Their trusting innocence represented such a potential for new
possibilities.  See this potential now on a worldwide basis, and reclaim
your planet by cultivating a new generation who carry peace in their minds
and hearts.  Their destiny will become the world's destiny, and peace will
truly reign throughout the world.

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