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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group

Monday, March 4, 2002, 7:30 PM
Arcadia, California

JarEl: TR, George. Greetings, it is I, your teacher JarEl. Welcome back
all of those who come here on a regular basis. You have certainly been
busy in recent weeks. I just want you to know that I will be here on
Saturday for your wedding, Larry and Donna.

Donna: Thank you JarEl.

JarEl: TR, George. I look forward to it. Now to spiritual business, let's
focus our energy once again as we have been doing for the last few
meetings. Let's bring this energy into the center of this room, each of
you are contributing your own personal energy. Imagine that it is a piece
of clothing that you are taking off and you are gently setting it down in
front of you in the middle of the room. When you set down this clothing,
it merges with the other cloths and it becomes pure raw material. It has
no form or shape, it becomes fluid. It is your job now to give form and
shape to this material that is before you. Imagine what you will, do what
you want with it, send it wherever you want. Take it back if you want, but
do something with it. Now that you have this idea in your mind, what you
want this energy to do, focus it and send it out. Let it drift beyond
these walls, let it go beyond these cities and let it find its' way to the
heart and soul of the situation that you are sending it to. Allow this
energy to work though the people's minds and hearts. Imagine it curing
their disease or making someone happy when they feel sad. Imagine this
energy as a force that upholds a crumbling wall which is about to fall on
the innocent. You direct this energy and you hold this wall up so many may
survive, so many may be cured. Send this energy wherever you want, it is
yours to direct and with the help of the group it is much stronger and more
potent. When it reaches its' destination it does what it is told. Now it
is time to bring this energy back. Now that it is in front of you it has
changed and has become something more. Something more powerful than what
you originally intended. It is laced with the Father's love and with your
good intentions. I will not go through each individual person tonight, but
I do want you to still focus this energy and send it to each individual in
this room and for this we will have one minute of silence.

One minute of silence.

JarEl: TR, George. You have all done well tonight. You have exceeded much
of what I have expected from you. Keep practicing, keep sending this energy
out. It was much easier tonight to direct all of you. The reason why is
because you have experience and through this experience I have gently
directed each of you to focus your energy and send it out in an efficient
way. Next time we meet I will expect the same from you. We have guests
tonight who wish to speak. I will now step aside.

Greydahl: TR Chris. This is Greydahl speaking. Tonight is a night of
extraordinary possibility. I would like to share with you what the TR has
received regarding a project of extreme faith; quantum leap of faith. The
TR has absolute and total faith in the fact, that on June 11, 2001
something extraordinary happened. The presence of Jesus was manifest with
the signing of the revelation; "The Secret Revelation/ Unveiling the
Mystery of the Book of Revelation" by Stella Religa. Michael looked into
this TR's heart and he saw extraordinary possibilities and he shared with
the TR that he is slowly and steadily revealing what he saw. What I can
see from what he has given back to me, (even though I am not a good TR and
I am not a good speaker) and being filled with his love, are the
extraordinary possibilities with this project. This project is totally
about faith, it's totally about interfaith, interconnecting all people,
holding hands and sharing a moment of faith to heal the world and bring
peace. It is not possible unless everyone just jumps in and does it. It's
like a magazine subscription. I am only asking you to subscribe to this
project and put it away like a magazine subscription you have not
read. Even if you have not kept up on it, just check in now and
then. Give it some time to grow and when the time comes there is going to
be so much service, such beautiful service for all these people who are
making this thing possible. This goes beyond the Teaching Mission, way
beyond The Urantia Book Readers, and Unitarians, and Moslems, and
Buddhists, and the whole works that are interconnecting, holding hands and
just experiencing faith itself. To make the difference in this energy to
spread this energy out all over the world for healing all. So I would like
to give my e-mail address and simply ask you to take a leap of faith and
jump in to this and forget about it for now. There is a lot of work to do
on this thing before it really gets going. The time is coming and I am
asking you to leap in and go about your own projects. Don't let what I am
trying to do distract. Just check in and discover what is happening and
see what you want to do with it. It's not like I am going to tell anybody
what to do. I am just saying it is an opportunity for service that speaks
to your own heart. My e-mail address is johnchrisbrewer at mac.com. I would
also like to say I am sure that the TR was breaking in here a lot. To my
understanding, growth in TR'ing (which I am not good at), is
co-creational. I have an ego, I am sure it got in there. Forgive me for
that, I am asking for your prayers because of the faith that I have. This
is a partnership and the more faith I have - the more real it becomes. The
more you pray about it and jump into it, the bigger difference it will
make. So I've got a revised letter to send out to the people who
subscribed. Read the letter, think about it and then just do your own thing.

Michael: TR, George. Hello my children, it is I, your
Brother/Father/Michael. I am so happy to see all of you here tonight. I
see you united once again in your usual meetings, taking time out of your
busy lives to come together. I see you talking to one another as friends
and family and listening to teachers who you do not see, but who you do
believe in. You are a special group to me. For you see beyond the things
visible, you see beyond your own reality and you believe, which makes me so
happy, so proud of you. It pleases me that you come here and unite once a
week and that you develop a schedule for yourselves. It does please me,
because I know that when you continue to do this you carry the torch of
light. May you continue to take small steps forward. Inch by inch you
bring in the kingdom of heaven. Continue as you are and continue to love
one another and believe in me and my Father. I do wish you all a very good

I bless the union that Larry and Donna are about to embark upon. May your
life together bring joy and happiness. May it bring an example to the
people around you. May you, always be surrounded by friends. You are
truly my friends and likewise I am yours. As a friend you can always count
on me for whatever need you may require. Continue to be vigilant over your
lives. Trust in me as I trust in you. Good night my children.

Larry: Thank you Michael, we love you.

Donna: Yes, thank you Michael

Lucille: Thank you for your love and your comfort.

Steve: I have seen your image the last three times that you have visited
me personally, that was enough to reassure me that you are personally here
for the watch care of this very troubled world at present. I thank you for
it, for your guardianship, for keeping us safe in American, keeping the
world safe, so far.

Virginia: Thank you Michael for coming to see us. I am so thankful to
you, grateful for all the help which you have given us.

JarEl: TR, George. He is truly blessed and he appreciates all of your
acknowledgements. Are there anymore teachers here tonight who would like
to speak, if not, are there any comments or questions?

Steve: Yes JarEl, I have recently, in the last several months, day by day
I have become more acutely aware of the reality of my existence in the
physical realm as a three dimensional physical being, in a three
dimensional physical world in which we live. Yet, at the same time, I sense
the spiritual realm more strongly day by day. It seems that there is
almost a gap which is widening between the two realities. I am wondering
if I am having trouble reconciling the two? Or am I just overwhelmed by
first glimpses? Can you comment?

JarEl: TR, George. Certainly Steve, you have answered your own question by
saying "wider perspective" you are seeing more and more each day. You are
seeing much more of the ground, as you back up, as you rise above what you
are looking at. The gap that you see between the material and the
spiritual is only widening because your perspective is changing. You are
seeing the long road that is ahead. You are seeing into eternity, that
starts here and ends with God. Your perspective will still change as time
goes by. It is not you that is having trouble reconciling, it is only your
point of view, you will soon find out that all, everything in the Universe
resides in God. Does this answer your question Steve?

Steve: I would say that it greatly helps me to see things in new celestial
light. Yes thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. You are welcome.

Lucille: JarEl, it was a year ago yesterday that Hal left to go to the
Mansion Worlds. I want to send my love to him.

JarEl: TR, George. It has been received and he is sending it back to
you. He wishes you all the best of his love and he wishes all of his love
to you Lucille.

Lucille: Thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. You are welcome.

Nel: JarEl I would just like to share something. As you know Ernie had a
motorcycle accident and it has been a phenomenal experience actually
because for Ernie it was a realization of the love that surrounds him and
the reaction of the loved ones to him that support and care without
judgement, without accusing. For me it's a confirmation of what we have
learned, that we all can come from love without judgement and it seems that
there is tremendous energy, tremendous joy. He is healing very fast and it
made him realize; many things got him out of his isolation. It just has
been a blessing in disguise and I see this is how it works, we make our
choices and the Father accepts that and then He always comes with you and
He just allows it.

JarEl: TR, George. Thank you Nel for sharing that. The trials that we
have are here for a reason and the attitude that we bring to the table
determines the outcome. Ernie is a strong soul and he is destined to
survive. You are all strong. I would just like to update on the effects
of your energy transmissions around the world. People have been getting up
out of bed and for some reason they don't feel that the world is so bad
after all. They feel that they can continue, others are feeling less pain,
their illness is receding, their pain has lessened. Other are much kinder
to the brethren, they are beginning to treat them with respect and
love. Many others are very grateful for feeling this sense of love that is
surging from within, not knowing of its' origin, and yet it has arrived in
their hearts. They are grateful and I am grateful to all of you for the
outstanding work you have been doing. I look forward to seeing you all
next time. Until then, goodnight.

All: Goodnight JarEl.
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