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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group

Monday, February 18, 2002, 7:30 PM
Arcadia, California

Chris: Father I pray that we all shine our light brightly and combine our
energy to help those in need in this troubled world, to help us to increase
the brightness and clarity and the ability to direct this energy where it
is needed. Thank you for your presence with us this evening and throughout
the week. Thank you for your guidance. Amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher JarEl. It is good
to be back and see all of you once again. I am happy that you are all here
united as one, gathered as a family. It pleases me to see you commune so
lovingly and with the utmost respect towards one another. Tonight my
brothers and sisters I would like to take you once again into the realm of
energy manipulation. It is a smaller group, yes, but it is still as
effective. As you have done before visualize your energy; your light as it
comes out towards the center of the room. Visualize it; see it as it looks
and then merges with the other energies that are floating by it. As you see
it merge, feel the pulsation, feel the rhythm, feel the growth of the
energy, it has doubled, it has tripled. It is concentrated in the center
of this room. Now with your minds, help it to dissipate and seep out of
this room. Help it flow out into this neighborhood beyond the
city. Visualize it as ribbons of energy zigzagging their way in and out of
people’s lives and hearts; houses, backyards, hospitals, streets and
alleys, make your presence known. Make this energy touch those people who
it passes. If there is a person in need out there, guide this energy
towards them and allow it to find a solution for them. If there is a heart
out there that is bitter, guide this energy and help this heart know
love. If there is a soul out there who thirsts, guide this energy and
allow it to reach this person, so he or she may know the water of truth and
beauty. Now visualize this energy coming back into this room, back in
front of all of you, but now this energy is no longer concentrated into one
ball. It is transformed, it is translucent, it is pulsating and it is
living. When you sent this energy out it was raw but now it has come back
alive. It has picked up the living essence of everyone that you have
touched. Now this energy is in front of you. This energy is for you, it
is your gift. Take it and know that you can always do this. Know that you
can always guide the energy that you have within you. You may call it
prayer, but whatever you call it, it works. It gets sent out and it
transforms people, but it also transforms itself, so when you receive it,
you become transformed as well. The energy that you send out becomes
encoded with your thoughts, with your prayers and with your ideas. When it
goes out, it works, it is magic and it becomes something more. It becomes
something more than a prayer or a thought or an idea. It becomes a
reality. Reality of the living presence of God. This reality comes back
to you and it transforms you. It allows you to sense the very God


Now I want you to focus this energy to each individual in this room. I
want you to think about that person and your relationship to that person
and what good things you want to come to that person. So take this energy,
take the bit that you have taken from it, the bit that has been transformed
and combine it again into the whole. With this combined energy direct it
towards Jennie. Allow her to feel the collective love of this
room. Within your minds and your heart direct this energy into her heart
so she may know the love that you all hold for her. Now bring the energy
back and redirect it towards Lucille. Let her feel the collective love of
this room. With your minds and your hearts allow her to feel the
admiration you each have for her. Now pull your energy back and redirect
it towards Virginia. Allow her to feel the collective love of this
room. With your minds and your hearts show her what a kind person she is
and how you are drawn to her. Now pull your energy back and redirect it
towards Chris. Allow him to feel the collective love of this room. With
your minds and your hearts show Chris that he is your brother and that he
is loved by all of you. Now pull your energy back and redirect it towards
Steve. Allow him to feel the collective love of this room. And again with
your mind and your hearts show Steve what a family is. Show him that he
belongs here and that he is loved. Now pull your energy back and redirect
it towards George. Allow him to feel the collective love of this
room. With your minds and your hearts take his hand and guide him to light
for he still has much to learn. Now pull your energy back.

I will now transform this energy. I will use it and I will send it back
into each and everyone of you. Back into your hearts, back into your
bodies. Now feel this energy as you feel it comes into you. As it warms
your body, as it baths you with life. What I have given you is going to
work for you. It is there to transform your body and your soul. It will
activate dormant keys within your DNA. Each week, each time that we meet I
shall give you this energy so that each time it shall increase by
increments, releasing certain codes within your body. In time you will
begin to notice the improvements, but in order for this to work you must
continue with your meditation. You must continue to have the right access
to the Father. You must not break the link that you have with
Him. However, it is not likely that you will break this link, you are much
connected with Him. In everyday activities you constantly commune with the
Father. When you gather here as a group, as a family, you commune with the
Father. So I know first hand that you have not broken this
link. Therefore what I give you today, shall work and shall improve your
status. Now I would like to step aside so that others may speak.

Michael: George, TR. Good evening my children, it is I, Michael. I am so
glad to see all of you. I came at the request of the TR and I know by many
of you in your hearts. I bring you my peace and I set it in your hearts
and it is there in your hearts where my work lives, where my truth
grows. I sense that there are many questions in your hearts about the
status of the world, but fear not for these troubling times will pass and
indeed an age in which humans may live in peace will one day come for my
Father has shown it to me. I am very confident in His Word, therefore, do
I reassure you that this day will come. So believe in me, for I speak the
truth. Continue to be the agondonters that you are. Continue to believe
in what you do not see, believe in what you do feel, for you have the
Spirit of Truth within you. When the truth is presented to you, you
recognize it. I speak the truth when I tell you one day this world will go
into Light and Life. I also speak the truth when I say that you are all my
brothers and sisters and that you are all helpful to the kingdom of
heaven. You my ambassadors of God are so crucial to my mission. I thank
you all from the bottom of my heart. For what you do here there is a great
place that awaits you. Until that time continue to do what you
do. Continue to love one another and continue to spread peace throughout
the world. With this I leave you, but not before I tell you that I love
you, I love you all and I am always with you. I am always there when you
need me; I am always there.

Benson: TR, Steve. Good evening, this is Benson. I convey my gratitude
for the teachers that are here: JarEl, from Michael and his greatly
reassuring words. Just a little bit more on the energy, circuits of which
we speak. One of the miraculous aspects of them that may not have been
mentioned, but which has become obvious to most of you, will become obvious
to you upon practicing this type of energy projection, is that these
circuits seem to strengthen with increased use on your part. In reality
the circuits are of uniform strength, but what is happening is that the
individuals in this room are beginning to exercise the circuits, so to
speak, circuits which reach from your minds and hearts to others, with the
aid with countless auxiliary personalities. These circuits become more and
more tuned as you know, with practice and use, in your daily lives for
example as you, from time to time during the day, take a few moments of
silence for meditation, regardless of the distance that you may be, even
from the individuals in the room at present. At other times when they are
more distant in time and space you may extend these circuitous connections
to wherever they may be, in your thoughts and prayers or just by thinking
about the individual. If you know an individual in need with a specific
short term or long term need, merely the thought or projection of your energy
in meditation or prayer towards this person will always strengthen with
each repeated application. You see the circuits are tuned in your mind
already. Yet with repeated use they become more finely tuned. It is the
old ‘use them or lose them idea’. This will apply at large in a larger
scope to all of the active individuals within this worldwide Teaching
Mission. The circuits themselves will begin to form interconnections which
can encompass those in our immediate circle of family and friends as well
as in general to and for the benefit of the peoples of the world at
large. Since the absolution of the case of Gabriel vs Lucifer these
circuits have become more integrated, more sophisticated and more
accessible, slowly, year after year, month after month, week after week,
day after day, even hour after hour. The continuous connection which you
have maintained has become more like a super highway, one paved and
improved, for that is the nature of this Teaching Mission. Many others,
not part of this immediate Mission, are beginning to discover the changes,
which they may regard as changes in earth’s frequency, but in reality are
circuits that are finely attuned to the circuits of the world as well. An
intended totality of them will eventually shift the stage closer to the Age
of Light and Life on Urantia. It is still a long way off from complete
fulfillment. Yet, enough changes are occurring in short enough periods of
time that all of you will begin to notice the improvements at a personal
level. Michael’s plan for this world, on a larger level, also shall not
fail. We thank you Michael for this gift, this gift of yourself to
us. Until the next time I speak with you, farewell.

Nebadonia: TR, Lucille. This is Nebadonia, I too want to reassure you all
of my love. We love each and everyone of you dearly. We hope that you can
continue with your quiet time, to get closer to the Father. That is what
we are all aiming for, all of you to get closer to the Father day by
day. You will get direction and help with many of your decisions by being
in the quiet time. For we all hope to bring Light and Life sooner, but it
needs the help of everyone. Send your energy and your light out to those
in need, particularly in the countries that are devastated by war. They
need your energy of love and reassurance. I leave you with my love tonight.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening once again, it is I, JarEl. I would like
to know if there are any questions?

Lucille: JarEl, when we are asked to send out energy to people that are in
need, does it include help in healing or just the love? Can healing be
included in that energy?

JarEl: TR, George. The energy that you send out Lucille, evolves and once
you encode it with your thoughts you can make it do anything including
healing, so yes it does include healing.

Lucille: Thank you. Is there a limit to how often we send it to one
person in dire need of healing?

JarEl: TR, George. There is no limit. The beauty about the Universe is
that it is plentiful. and wherever you grab this energy, there is more for
your use and more and more. Believe me, I think it would be appropriate to
use as much energy as you would like to. No there is no limit.

Lucille: We could send it to many different places?

JarEl: TR, George. Yes Lucille, as many as you want. Of course it
requires that you have to encode or suggest where this energy should be
directed, that is the only requirement on your part, but you can send it
anywhere you want.

Lucille: I have been trying sent it to the Afghanistan women, to those who
teach the little children so if there were not teachers in the past, they
could teach the little boys more about love and respect, is this adequate
enough, just to the Afghanistan women as teacher? Or does it have to be
directed to a person?

JarEl: TR, George. It is adequate, and believe me much is being done to
reestablish these women as teachers and this energy that you send out to
them will help.

Lucille: Thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. Are there any more questions regarding the techniques
that we have been using for the past few weeks.

Steve: JarEl, I am thinking of a friend of mine who is in great need. He
is going through medical problems now and is in great financial need. I
was wondering if sending my energy in messages of prayers and healing would
be of more benefit by applying it in close proximity as we are in this room?

JarEl: TR, George. It is not necessary to be in close proximity to any
individual you direct this energy to. However, it is beneficial for that
person to witness or see you. It might have other effects on that
person. It might make them feel that they have friends in the world who
care about and love them. You can direct this energy and it can be just as
effective as if you were standing right in front of them. Does this answer
your question Steve?

Steve: Yes, thank you JarEl.

JarEl: TR, George. The reason I ask all of you to asks question regarding
this technique is that I want you to know fully what you are doing. I want
you to know the effects that you have on this world. I want you to know
the properties of this technique. I want you to know how you implement and
execute it and how to call it up whenever you want to. The reason I want
you to do this is because in knowing the consequences of the technique it
helps you in your spiritual growth. It helps you recognize the progress
that you are making and it also allows you to see the truth that such a
technique can and does work. From the looks of it I think all of you know
what you are doing.

Lucille: We will never know if it reach that particular person or not. Is
it necessary that we know what the effect is?

JarEl: TR, George. It is not necessary, although, indeed, it is gratifying
when you do know. You must have faith that this works, just as you have
faith in God and in Michael, even though you can’t see them in front of
you. So must you have faith that when you implement this technique it
reaches the far corners of this world. Your healing and your energy does
reach these people. If you had spiritual eyes like I do you would see
where your energy goes and how it works and how it transforms. When I help
you doing this, I try to illustrate to you how it is changing and
transforming so that you may visualize it in your minds, but I can actually
see it. One day you will know, maybe not right now. It is not important
that you know at this moment. The important thing is that you continue to
believe and that you continue to have faith and you continue to love one
another, that is the important thing. Because it really does not matter
what a person believes as far as their religion, as far as semantics, what
matters is that you love one another, what matters is that you live in this
moment as brothers and sisters, that’s what matters. Of course it does
matter that you believe in God. It does matter that you study The Urantia
Book, but it does and it does not. I am trying to explain it to the TR
here. In his words he can only express so much. What I am trying to
explain to you: it is simple yet it is complicated, because you who live in
this world have so many religions and so many beliefs and so many faiths,
although every faith has some truth in it. It is not important what you
believe, it is only important that you love one another and you treat each
other as brothers and sisters. That is the real core, the heart of the
matter. For once you are up here, everything will be much clearer to
you. Perhaps it is clear right now, perhaps in your mind you have made
sense of it all. If I know the human mind, many times you forget about
this and you go back into your old habits. So it is important to remember
that you are all brothers and sisters. Even though you might not like
someone, try really hard to look at that person and think of him as your
brother. That is the only way you are going to resolve all of your
problems that you have on this earth. The important thing is that you all
do believe this, and I am grateful for that.

Lucille: I notice that there are several of the Teaching Mission groups
emphasizing the energy projecting, we did not hear about this years ago, it
just started with our group this year and other groups are talking about
the energy too, it is new

.of course we have always believed in prayer
which is similar

.but the actually sending of energy, is it

are we just
getting at the stage where we can understand that we can do this? Or are
you emphasizing that it is something we can do now?

JarEl: TR, George. This is something that you always could have
done. However, it was done in prayer, but it is more efficient when it is
done within a group. The energy gets there a lot quicker. To try to make
you understand this before would have been difficult. But since there are
so many things going on and so many people have been coming into the
Teaching Mission and so many new minds and ideas have been added to us, it
has become easier to explain to you how this energy works, that is why I am
trying to explain it to you now. That is why I am taking time to describe
to you the mechanics behind it, so that you may understand and pass it
on. Of course I will always be here to explain it to those who do not
understand or to those who are new to this. If there is anything that you
do not understand about it, feel free to ask me. Did I explain it to you

Lucille: Yes, I was just wondering if we reached a stage where would have
lessons on it.

Tape Change

JarEl: TR, George.

.I made you aware of this energy and perhaps it was
something new to you, but I do not view it as so, I view it as something
that Urantians have been doing for quite awhile. What I am doing with this
group is helping it to redirect it’s energy. Helping it to direct it and
helping it to combine it together, using it as a powerful entity. Perhaps
you did not know this before that it was possible. The important thing is
that you do know now and more groups will be doing this. More Teaching
Mission Groups will be speaking of this energy. More and more groups will
be using it to cure the world and to spread the love. It is a very
effective method and the more groups that do this, the stronger the
circuits become. It is true what Benson was saying. The more you are
attuned to it the greater your capacity to utilize this energy
becomes. This energy goes through your soul, the more energy you use the
bigger the opening through your souls, through your minds to your
hearts. Whether the Arcadia Teaching Mission was the first to hear about
this or not, the important thing is that you know and that those who know
about it, use it and help others to use it as well.

Lucille: Thank you for all your information and lessons and love. We
appreciate you being here more than anything else.

JarEl: TR, George. You are welcome and thank you for all of your
contributions to this Teaching Mission. For now, I bid you goodnight.

All: Goodnight JarEl.
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