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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Peace, Healing Circuits, Accessing Another's Mind, Circuits/Circles
Teachers: Jessona, Elyon

February 10, 2001

*	Jessona (Jonathan TR):  Greetings to you, this is Jessona.
	I spoke a few weeks back about stillness and wish to infuse the same
pattern of thinking that I used then only this time on the subject of peace, for
there are corollaries.  I mentioned that you can experience stillness even in a
dynamic manner and alluded to the morontia quality that can be experienced
regardless of your activities, that even activity can contribute to the inner
connection that personality may have with Creator.  This is true with peace.
who are so diligent in pursuing the opportunities of growth have come to realize
that you experience peace, that soul contentment, even when you are midst much
turmoil or grappling with a complex issue or facing an emotional upheaval. 
Understanding that your inner life is your portal to the morontia living
experience, it is possible to receive from that reality just beyond your
realm that nature of being peaceful.
	All too often peace is sought through the comfort of the physical realm,
through the security of close bonds, the assurances of a structured life that
will support.  However, true peace is a real, deep understanding and experience
with the Father, His embrace, and the assurance that comes from the strength of
that embrace.
	We master seraphim are in charge of the reserve corps.  These beings you
have read about are mortal and are trained deep within to engage in emergency
activities should the need arise.  That area of mind wherein they are trained is
the same area of mind wherein you can experience stillness continually and peace
always and, for that matter, love as well.
	When you are feeling distracted, when your life is churning at a pace that
seems unsettling or events are unfolding against your will for what should or
could transpire, that is the time to tell yourself there is peace.  Be ready to
accept there is peace and be willing to set aside, "I will find peace", for that
is a time-oriented peace that comes after the turmoil has ceased.  Michael told
you that he leaves his peace with you, and that is not temporary, it is always. 
That peace you can have instantaneously when you step to that portal of morontia
connectivity deep within you and avail yourself of that experience.  By doing so
you will create a reflexive response to that profound sense of contentment and
assurance even while you are battered about with events that seem to upset.
	I do not wish to monopolize the connection here today and will allow others
in attendance to speak with you.   I am here for the day.

	Mark:  I assume you and others are engaged with me when I seek to extend
into the healing circuit.  Do you need me to or is it required that I willingly
ask for your participation and offer mine?  If so, I offer both.  I assume when
engaged in ministry for the Father that you and others are involved.
	Also, I'm unaware of any impact our exercises may be having.  I assume
that's natural.

*	Jessona:  Firstly, your application for partnership with myself or others
who attend to the ills of the world, people, is accepted.  You can be assured
that those assigned to you, depending upon the incident of need, will be chosen
for their skill and their orientation, be it one of your midway fellows, a Life
Carrier, or angel.  It is good that you make it a practice to offer your
willingness to receive our contacting presence through healing forces each time,
not that you must reengage our interest, but that it reconnects your will with
your Father's will.  It establishes the connection on your side.  It also allows
us to undertake this episode of healing with you, even more so through you. 
Naturally, you understand that we could engage in this ministry form in spite of
you, but it does help to have one on the team who is manifested, if I may say,
who has physical form as you have, who can bridge between we who are so ethereal
to the material senses with your fellows who depend so largely upon the sensory
organism for input.
	Be unconcerned over feedback as to how a session has gone, for
manifestations of illness or other forms of unwell-ness may take time to
dissipate, for the healing may have taken place on a level of being that is not
obvious and will reflect through the makeup of the individual and eventually
physical feedback, indication that the healing has occurred.  It is, in a sense,
the planting of the seed in fall for the following summer's harvest.  What works
may occur during an appointment with another, for the reception of healing is
only the beginning of follow-up treatments that are undertaken by those of my
kind over days and weeks when the individual continues to maintain a receptive
appreciation and allowance.  You can encourage this understanding with
another by
vocalizing that the healing begins and does not end, will continue as long
as the
subject maintains the faith and the hope for the eventual good outcome.
	Does this help?

	Mark:  Yes, I appreciate your words.
	How do you call me?  Do you see me as Jonas?

*	Jessona:  I see you by many names.  It is not for me to give an appellation
that you would or must adopt.  I am not functioning as an assessor of personal
stature.  It is a matter, if you seek a name of this nature, that it be taken up
with Stephen or Elyon.  It could be likened to the assigning of rank;
whether you
are private or sergeant is up to your superiors, though I must add to that
comment that a name given by a teacher implies no higher ranking than any other
individual without such a designation, but it is best to be received from your
closest associates of celestial origin.

	Mark:  I understand.  Thank you.

	Harold:  What clearance does an entity need to access our thoughts?  I ask
because it is evident from The Urantia Book that the thoughts of the apostles
were represented in the book.  Does that result from them remembering them later
or was someone able to receive them at the time?

*	Jessona:  Nebadonia is the source of your mind, all your minds, and -- not
to bring undue concern -- but she is aware of every thought every moment of
day.  But this mother of mercy does not hold you in judgment for your thoughts,
for she is appreciative of your nature as her children and is willing to
co-experience your thinking processes.  Others have avenues that are not direct,
for instance, we are well trained in the patterns of human thinking, the
reactions and habits of a mind such as the one bestowed upon each of you.
So, we
can anticipate and often validate our anticipation of what you are thinking
through your actions.  Not all have access directly to your Thought Adjuster. 
Some beings are fully communicative with the Divine Presence, and it is through
such a relay of your mind contents by way of the Thought Adjuster that these
beings are able to acquire the contents.
	Sovereignty of will implies a degree of privacy of thought, for although
the universe is full of eager personalities to minister to another, always must
we await the willingness to receive higher lessons, deeper experiences.  It
be rather convenient if we could propagandize all minds throughout Nebadon, but
that would not be the Father's will.  The more you are willing and the more that
the Father within agrees, then we are given free access.  Otherwise you might
liken it to the rudeness of not knocking before you open a door to a room that
has been closed.
	Regarding the apostles, much that transpired in their lives was of Supreme
consequence and significance.  Their thoughts are a permanent possession of the
Supreme.  When the midwayers were granted permission to retell the life of
they were given access to resource material that had been collected by
angels and
to beings who could grasp the Supreme nature of these experiences and present
them reconstructed in the pattern of the particular apostle.  And I must remind
you of the angels who record in triplicate.
	Also, the story as it has been compiled in the Urantia Papers, though
drawing from the thoughts of the apostles, includes much content that was
unavailable to an apostle at that particular time when they were alive and Jesus
was present with them.  This is why the midwayers do not say, "Peter thought"
Jesus was thinking or willing to do some particular thing.  They present it as
Jesus doing or thinking directly.  More importantly, however, is that the
midwayers, though close to you, do not think like you, and it was important to
have the responses of the apostles in their reference material so that they may
more efficiently humanize their form of the story of Michael's life here on
	Since it has been many years that the apostles have not been on this world,
the midwayers were able to contact those apostles who are now ascending the
morontia realms and verify what they thought transpired during the
revelations of
Michael.  It is true that the midwayers were there all the time and saw at first
hand, however, more importantly in the re-presentation of his bestowal story,
they required the human viewpoint.
	In regard to accessing mind again, I must also point out that it was
recorded on Salvington long ago that not all was well in the mind of
Lucifer, but
that is the degree to which that assessment was made.  The full disclosure
of his
thoughts was only made through his chosen actions and statements that followed. 
Michael and Mother Spirit knew, but Gabriel only could receive such knowledge
through counsel with Michael.  This was not forthcoming as easily as it does
today now that Michael is a Master Son, for Michael prior to his current status
chose to limit the degree to which he could access another's mind and more
so the
degree to which he would share the knowledge that he had acquired with someone
else.  Again, it is the sovereignty of will issue.  Now Michael has proven
himself.  Now all the powers that were his all along are in full engagement, and
this is why he says, "I am with you always".  This is the import of his
statement, "It is finished", for that episode from the beginning of Nebadon to
the point of the closure of his seventh bestowal was a time of limitation for
him.  He is now fully expanded, fully engaged, and with his spirit everywhere
	If you wish to share your mind with another entity you may give permission
and trust the personalities and mechanisms in place that will aid in the
of consciousness.  If you desire to be more private in your mind field, you are
accepted for choosing such.  Mind is one of the great miracles at play
across the
universe, for we all share a mind type, yet we all have a node of mind that is
our personal possession.
	Has this provided you with worthwhile information?

	Harold:  Yes, thanks.

	Kirk:  Are you allowed to tell us if Judas survived?

*	Jessona:  I am not able to reveal that information.  But I will add that
Judas is not unlike many, many individuals on this world and that Michael is a
son of mercy.

	Tom:  Last week's lesson on circuits painted a whole new framework for me. 
Physically you spoke of plugging into circuits like into a toaster, or like
a key
for an automobile.  Perhaps everyone in a swimming pool shares a circuit, or
everyone who has eaten a certain fruit perhaps aligned in a similar circuit. 
Philosophically everyone who has seen the same movie, read the same book, etc.,
has availed themselves of the same circuit.  I assume you access spiritual
circuits through, one, stillness and prayer, two, by service and, three, by
asking.  How do I access spiritual circuits?

*	Jessona:  I will turn you over to Elyon who gave that address to answer for

*	Elyon:  Greetings, my friend.  We have taught you about the circuits so
that you may grow in awareness of their reality and learn to access them and
leverage them for the benefit of your fellows and the world in general.
the term, is convenient, for it implies network.  It also gives the conceptual
vision of individuals distances apart who have connection independent of that
distance.  You understand electricity better than the many years that preceded
its discovery on this world.  You understand the flow of energy, and these
qualities of circuitry apply well to the spiritual circuits that we tell you
Yet, the term does begin to fall short of all that is contained in the
reality of
circuits, for there is another word that would expand the concept, and that is
circles, arenas.  It could have been said that you ascend seven psychic circuits
for seven psychic circles.  Where I am heading in this response is that in order
to avail yourself of another circuit, one that is higher than your current
incircuitment, you must maturize your experience in the circuit, circle, you are
	You have given three techniques, and I approve; these are helpful in
carrying you, bridging you, into the next circuit.  Asking is of great
importance, for, just like electricity, without the ground the positive has
nowhere to go.  By asking you are setting up the want and the need, and it will
be filled.  By praying you are seeking the greatest source of wisdom that could
ever be.  In ministry you are standing as the wires of the circuit.  There
may be
a plus and there may be a minus and a potential between, but your engagement in
service to your fellows connects the two poles and allows the energy to flow. 
All through the universe we place beings in functions; not much is automated
mechanically, and this is particularly true of the ascent of the mortal creature
to Paradise.
	I will return to a prior lesson of circles and remind you that circles
overlap and create new circles, subcircles, and circuits do likewise, for you
know of the grand universe circuits and the circuits of various levels of the
architecture of the grand universe.  It has been revealed to you that there are
even more circuits that are established through personality contact with one
another.  Each one is a layer among the many layers of circuitry.
	I will draw upon your understanding of the cosmology of this universe
presented in the Urantia Papers and bring to note that much of the universe is
made of circles.  Each one is clearly defined and marked as separate because of
circuitry.  That circuitry is a bonding force for each circle.  As you ascend
circuits will be available to you that you had long hoped for when you were in a
circle of attainment that was not advantageous to have access to that circuit. 
Therefore, do all you can at the level you are on and you will receive
incircuitments at the next level in due time.
	Has this been supplementary?

	Tom:  When observing a physical phenomena, the more senses I incorporate,
the stronger the imprint.  Considering mind a sense, perhaps better
comes from incorporating as many circuits as possible?  Is that on the right

*	Elyon:  Indeed it is and well said, for you know the eye functions
independent of the ear and the other senses likewise.  They each have their own
circuit.  However, you the experiencer correlates each circuit into an
experience.  By using this same integration you can perceive in a more morontia
sense what is transpiring in your life .... signals gathered by you and
processed, composed, become vision or insight which you then can apply in your
ministry.  Also, as you demonstrate the ability to correlate
multi-circuitry, you
become eligible for the reception of further incircuitments.

	Mark:  Stillness is probably the organization of our switchboard for
sorting incoming information.

*	Elyon:  Yes, it becomes your control room.

	Tom:  We are tempted to study circuits one at a time when they don't
operate individually.  They all operate at the same time, right?

*	Elyon:  Yes.

	Mark:  It would be difficult to tease one out.  They all impact each other.

*	Elyon:  Indeed.  As illustration let me point out that your circulatory
system in your body feeds valuable nutrients to your neural circuits.  Yet
without the neural circuits the heart would not pump.  They are interrelated,
interconnected.  That pattern repeats itself throughout the universe.

	Tom:  That's why they study a living frog rather than a dead one, right?

*	Elyon:  Suffice it to say that's why I study you now.

	Mark:  I appreciate all the effort you and your team put forth on our
behalf.  It sweetens our lives.  Thank you so much.

*	Elyon:  I appreciate your expression of gratitude, and my life has likewise
been enriched by our association.  There are no plans for us to terminate our
project, and so we look forward to many more years ahead, much work to be done,
many circuits to enliven and circles to climb.
	I will take my leave.

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