[tmtranscripts] Olfana's Prayer of Praise to the Father

Susan Kimsey hmbtm at home.com
Thu Feb 14 00:45:14 PST 2002

A Prayer of Praise to the Father        Olfana   02/15/00

There are gifts in life, Father, which we so cherish, now,
And offer You praise in having provided to us.
We understand the ways in which You seek us out and touch our lives.
We wish nothing more than to understand and perceive this
Even better than we have come to already perceive it now, Father.

We are grateful souls who applaud your efforts
In pulling us toward Your Great Light.
Your Desire to have us near You is an overwhelming gift, Father,
And we are awestruck at the way in which You are capable
Of loving us as part of Your Great Creation.     Amen.

Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group

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