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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Visitaion, Presentation, Teacher Intention/Human Task
Teachers: Elyon
January 20, 2001

*	Elyon (Jonathan TR):  My greetings to you.  My greetings to all of you who
receive this communication and who pursue the contact of my associates as
well in
the interests of promoting truth and of demonstrating goodness and of enhancing
beauty upon this world.  I am Elyon.
	It is always -- and I repeat it tirelessly -- wonderful to witness your
dedication and diligence in the pursuit of light and your re-presentation of
discoveries to those in your lives, be it in small gesture or be it in direct
conversation or ministry.  You are among those who have been observing and
participating in our mission in this phase of contact, of teaching, and
preparation.  We have approached you in the role of visitors, for many in this
Correcting Time outreach hale from numerous worlds, all spanning diverse levels
of spirit attainment.  This visitation is an effort to enfold you in the
awareness of our conjoined efforts at upliftment and growth throughout this
entire system and its constellation above, even to the entire universe of our
Michael Son.  Where we are the visitation of light and life to your world as we
seek to minister and to uplift, you are the presentation of this same ministry. 
No better role can be had in this Teaching Mission than the ones you are in now,
that being embodied in physical form, engaged in the activities of this world,
and presented with every opportunity to reveal the Father and to demonstrate
	I know from your discussion that you are anxious to be of service, to
extend that recognition of spiritual brotherhood to everyone.  You have
foretasted the morontia delights of brotherly love, that concern and care
for one
another that stems from that recognition of your common spirit Father.  This is
the way of the morontia lifestyle.  Every effort we make to be of value to
you in
our contact is for this end, that you foretaste more deeply of the way of
life of
the mansion worlds and the worlds beyond them.  Together we bridge the gulf
between that which, to your human senses, is invisible and intangible into your
realm of concrete discernible objects, of pleasure and pain, of sorrow and joy.
	The commission that promoted and presented The Urantia Papers to this world
knew full well that their efforts would lie on dusty shelves were it not for the
fact that within every human being is the Divine Spark which will ignite the
words that will create living in the mode that was presented, intended fully to
be in step with the evolutionary standing of the world and the culture to which
it was given.  We come with like intention, to give lessons knowing full well
that you enliven our words with your actions, that you broaden the meaning
of our
small presentations by applying them to the many episodes that you experience
week after week in your daily goings on.  You have the monumental task.  It is
easy for me to assemble a line of thought, to infuse it with imagery, to implant
inspiration, to trigger your emotions, to activate your minds with curiosity and
wonderment and hope.  But the true artistry begins when you leave our meetings
and you're faced with the ordinary, hum-drum, repetitive cycles of life of a
human being on an evolutionary world.  Here is where the talent emerges, the
skill of conversion, of translating what we present into a demonstration
that has
living qualities.  I know often my associates and I have reminded you of this,
but it cannot be stressed enough how vitally important it is that the manifested
forms you are in are the true uniforms in this project of bringing the Father
closer to the hungry children on a world such as yours.
	I have had the privilege of ascending to the lessons and life presentations
that I am able to absorb at this point in my career and progress seeking
Paradise.  I once lived as you live, and I have volunteered to be in this
ministry surely to be of service but adjunctly to broaden and deepen my
experience of that one single episode of the Paradise career, living a human
life.  I do so enrich this experience by drawing close to those like me, that
being you.  This is the best I can do in the emulation of our Master Son who has
the power to bestow himself in your very form and to walk your very world.  I
would, of course, accept such an assignment, but this is not the plan for our
order of being, at least not as Michael presents it to us at this time.
	Every parent enjoys the re-presentation of themselves in the maturation of
their children, the development of their skills and accomplishments.
Likewise is
this the case for myself as I observe you making those strides, taking those
leaps, which prove that you are understanding and absorbing the meanings
that are
given in our contact meetings.
	Not all worlds benefit from the securities of Light and Life.  When human
beings engage themselves in behavior patterns which foretaste a culture of Light
and Life, it thrills all the celestial observers attending to that world. 
Nowhere is such beauty manifested in such contrast as it is upon Urantia.  I
delve into some imagery once again.
	Imagine a room full of people all speaking to one another; a din of sound
pervades the chamber.  It is a pleasure to be engaged in so many people's
thoughts and expressions, sharing, trading insights.  This circuitry is
uplifting; it is a music to the spiritual ear, the fellowship.  But also imagine
a room where no one says a word, for they know not what to say.  Then one voice
steps forward and proclaims the truth, demonstrates the reality of the light and
the love of our Divine Parent.  How well heard that message is, for there are no
extraneous noises that would prevent its reception.
	This is the outreach that is taking place on Urantia.  This world has done
well on its own, lacking the administrations that were meant to be well rooted
here guiding all the hungry souls.  However, there is still far too much
confusion, much ignorance, darkness.  You are that shouting voice, the ones who
proclaim it from the mountain tops.  I know you may say, "Little me?  What in my
life can I do to be of such note, to be of such service, to make such a loud
exclamation?"  If you could but step back from this planet and take a tour of
worlds that have functioned in the normal plan, you would see how noticeable
demonstration of righteousness is in contrast.   Many variations of the same
color blend and appear to be one, but one uniquely different color placed among
that series of same colors stands forward and is noted.
	Do not expect to be noticed by those around you; that is not the goal.  The
goal is living the life the Father stimulates within you, that Michael
of you.  That is all that is the obligation of a spirit believer.  The
transformation of the lives that you touch is the Father's work as He works
within them.  You need not keep track, to enter in your ledger the quantity of
souls you transform, for that is not the goal.  You are to present yourself as
one who has known of the riches of the kingdom with the full faith that those
riches you have experienced have the ability to touch those reality-responsive
mechanisms in another being.  They may not recognize it; you may not recognize
it, but that small revelation that you were a contributor giving may burst forth
even so far along as in one of their mansion world experiences.
	You have read the story of Van, his farsighted comprehension of the plan
for this world and his faithfulness and dedication to contributing to the
establishing of the new epic.  Few have such an expansive perspective.  He took
on a role that gave him the opportunity to become a system level being walking
upon an evolutionary world.  He had that breadth of perspective.  You who wish
and have dedicated yourselves to helping this planet while you are sojourning
upon it can receive the same panoramic view of system affairs through the simple
act of stillness.  Your conscious mind may not feel it in your exercise of
but your super-conscious mind in association with the Father's presence is
developing that understanding, that intuition.  It may never come to the
formulation of words to express this perspective, but it will color, it will
flavor and in many ways enhance your actions.  It is the undertone that will
vibrate and compile your external actions into a meaningful form of ministry. 
That foundation, that intangible experience deep within you, nourishes your
expressions, even formulates them such that they will have appropriate avenues
wherein they may reach another, not unlike how I visit you today to give you
form of upliftment.  You may never be able to turn around and repeat what I have
said to another, and it does not matter, for the flavor, the undertone, that
vibrational sensitivity, will stay with you.  You will create the appropriate
expression to present to another at the right moment when the need is there.
	I have finished my expression.  If you are interested we can converse.  I
will take questions and always enjoy your comments.

	Kirk:  I pictured you and us like Van and Amadon.  Van was able to portray
those ideas and ideals to Amadon, a loyal mortal.
*	Elyon:  I am touched at your comparison to these two noted figures, for
they do stand as heroes, and they do exemplify those great qualities of a
faithful life.
	Yes, it is true you do take on the role of Amadon.  Imagine a mortal of
those days without the structures of education that you have now in place on
world.  Much which you consider ordinary lifestyle was not his.  Yet he could
taste those ideals that Van expressed to him.  I say this in order to encourage
you all when you become disheartened over your effectiveness at spreading the
light.  You have what is needed.  It is innate in the human soul when faith is
there to foster it.

	Kirk:  Have you been in the presence of Michael?
*	Elyon:  Many times.
	Kirk:  What a treat, huh?
*	Elyon:  It is divinely enjoyable.  You all have expressed the desire to
better manifest Michael, to follow him.  This urge will not end after you have
left this world, for his inspiration is universe-wide.  You will discover more
about Michael than his life as Jesus could possibly reveal.  You will
be inspired and seek to emulate this creator personality.  

	Evelyn:  A lot of us find it encouraging that we could be effectively
shouting from mountain tops and not realize it.  Our life situations don't often
involve much publicity or attention.  We don't seek that, but we want to be of
service.  In the past you have said to be bold, to to be ready to be
demonstrative when the spotlight happens to swing our way.  Meanwhile we can
assured that we are having some effect.
*	Elyon:  This is quite true and you need not manufacture instances when you
can shout from the mountain top, for the opportunities are many already round
about you.
	It is true that one man's mountain top could be another man's hill.  Yet to
the one who needs to hear it from the small mound it can be a life transforming
revelation to receive your cries, your proclamations.  You see, those like
have ascended mountain peaks that are from your perspective very high, and our
shout becomes quite faint in the valleys below.  Those who stand in the nearer
ridges have the better opportunity to translate what they hear from the higher
mountains to those who seek to receive.

	Evelyn:  Today we read and discussed a transcript of Rantarason in 1996
about preparedness.  Given the interval of time since then, is there
anything you
would like to add to that lesson?
*	Elyon:  I have no new thing to add but to reemphasize the importance of
being prepared, of being that calm voice when the storm hits.  You can still the
waters with a spirit command, and this calming influence can only be had
when you
have experienced calm yourself.  Thus the importance of quiet time.
	Otherwise, you have witnessed the small bubbles at the bottom of a pan as
water comes to a boil, how it can remain that way for a period of time before a
full roll is experienced.  This is the interval of time we are in.  It is
up.  The circuits are maturing.  Emplacements are firm.  The many like
are undergoing the training.  Let not the time of this message of our
cause it to lose its import, for that was but just a few short years into your
past.  To us it is still a very current message.
	I would, I guess, add one note and that is that it could be taken that his
message meant that there would be some upheaval, some calamity, though I do
perceive that you did not interpret it that way.  His expression intends to
convey that those who are unprepared will experience upheaval, confusion,
disorientation.  The actions of the revelations of circuits, broadcast circuits,
even materializations of beings, these are not disruptive.  I use the
bestowal of
Michael and even of Machiventa on this world to illustrate they are never
calamitous; they are quiet.  The value is in preparedness.  That is how you
the disorientation, the panic.  By applying yourselves to the refinement of your
frameworks for conceptual thought, you will be flexible, adaptive, to sudden
changes that you even may not have foreseen.  This habitual application of
refining and adjusting will be valuable when things are presented to you
that you
had not conceived of.  To those who have applied themselves to the fixation of
their conceptual frameworks, there will be much tearing at their minds and souls
as they have to grapple with the presentation of very real changes as contrasted
against their theological and philosophical frameworks.
	So the change, the approaching events Rantarason spoke of, will actually be
beautiful and beneficial to this planet.  Your flexibility and practice of
stillness, developing that inner ear, will make your encounter with these
thrilling and enjoyable and will also make you valuable at stabilizing those who
must quickly accomplish the change of perspective to adapt to the new way upon
this world.
	I will take my leave now.  I give you my love.  We share so much throughout
your days.  My role is the quiet observer, formulating what I hope to be
meaningful lessons for you as I witness your undertakings throughout your week. 
We share much more than this short interval of transmission/reception contact. 
Enjoy your days.  We will be together in communication again.

[Editor's Note: The transcript of the message from Rantarason can be found
at www.spiritfest.com.
The lesson is dated September 13, 1996 and was first posted on Sunday
September 15, 1996.
Subject line "When That Time Comes".]

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