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Wed Jan 9 21:54:20 PST 2002

S.E. Idaho TeaM
TR: Bill Kelly

Minearisa: Greetings, my friends, this is Minearisa, your Instructor in
Residence.  Welcome to the New Year as it is celebrated on your planet.  We
are pleased to see your jovial faces and to share in your celestial
delight, as well as your mortal sense of humor.

You are becoming more familiar with the unseen realms, the worlds which
intersect with yours.  (I refer to reality levels rather than alternate
universes.)  You are very familiar with the physical time-space level.  You
are uncertain as to the transcendental level and you cannot grasp at all
the absolute level.  Despite your lack of familiarity and your intellectual
difficulty you are nevertheless experiencing more than the physical and
mental levels.  You are now much more aware of the spiritual level.  I
realize I have presented levels in two clusters of three and these are not
identical one to one.  They are different faces of the one ultimate unified
reality, all of which takes origin and sustenance from the Paradise
Trinity.  So, as I was saying, you are becoming more familiar with the
spiritual level and beginning to realize that it has equal solidity with
the physical and the mindal levels.  

You are also becoming more convinced that the mindal level has equal
validity with the physical; that your thoughts are real and that they have
power.  Physically you are all present in this room and with your eyes
open.  You can envisage each other and see representations in your brain of
the presence of other persons, other physical bodies.  You are also
becoming aware of your connections which are mental and spiritual, where
for the spiritual connection you have often used the term, "heart".  So I
will use it tonight. You are beginning to really cherish your heart
connections with each other.  
We have touched on this before in different terms.  It was pointed out that
your mental connection does not imply that you all think alike, that your
politics are different, that your understanding of reality is not the same
as your neighbor in this room, although there are great areas of overlap.
But on the spiritual level you are alike for your spiritual connection
grows out of your divine nature which is given to you by the Paradise
Father, Himself, His Fragment within you.  That is the same for each of
you. Hence your goals and your yearnings, your desires and your purposes,
your great End of Existence share the same turf, are, in fact, the same.  

When you observe others in their activities, people that you do not know in
the same intimate fashion as you know each other in this room, what we wish
to help you accomplish is to gain easy access to their heart connection; to
look past the physical, to transcend the mental/mindal differences of world
views, etc., and perceive that you are truly united at the spiritual level
of the heart connection.  This is another way of saying that you are
brothers and sisters to each other because this heart connection is due to
your relationship to our common Father, to our God.

I know that some of you long to share the intimate knowledge which is yours
with so many people.  You wish to open your arms and embrace the world and
tell it, "Look!  We are all the same!  We are children of God.  We are all
brothers and sisters.  Let's focus on that and not our differences".  Yes,
we celestials also share this yearning, for this is the definitive problem
of this planet: It does not know its spiritual heritage!   I realize that
you have each in your own way, and to the best of your ability, been
attempting to get this message across to others You have made great efforts
and you have had successes.  Indeed, you are commissioned by Michael
himself, by his Spirit of truth to reveal God to other people.  As your
level of God consciousness rises your emanation of His presence will be
that much more clearly shown.

My friends, you are somewhat unique.  Because your planet has had the
heritage of darkness you share more intimately with the Creator Son in his
goal as the Bestowal Son to increase the light and dispel the darkness.  On
a normal planet you would have Adam and Eve and the Planetary Prince long
in residence and there would not be this pervasive darkness.  So you have a
somewhat different role than a mortal on an average planet.  You are
sharers in the Bestowal Mission of Michael.  I wish to conclude my remarks
at this time and allow you to ask questions around this topic.  Are you
confused and uncertain as to what I mean when I say that you are sharers of
Michael's Bestowal Mission?  You are not the Bestowal Son himself, but you
do share his bestowal mission.  Questions about this or any other aspect of
my commentary.?  

Gwen: I have a question.  You were talking about mindal.  Is that your
conscious or subconscious level.  Can you explain mindal?

Minearisa: Yes, Gwen.  The term, "mindal", is used in the Urantia Book to
designate a level of reality which includes all of what your culture
describes as mind: conscious mind, unconscious mind, and we also include
superconscious mind, the realm of the Thought Adjuster.  The term,
"mental", in most people's understanding refers to conscious thought and
therefor the term, "mindal", more accurately presents the whole area of
conscious, unconscious, and superconscious mental functioning.  In
addition, there is included in the concept of mindal the whole circuitry of
the mind which is the result of the mind circuits of the God of Mind, as
that third person of Trinity is manifest on the Local Universe level as the
Mother Spirit.  

The human mind is much greater than most of your students of the mind
understand.  It is not the product of the activity of the brain.  It is
definitely a reality level which is connected completely from one person to
another in certain ways and not limited to the planet earth, but embraces
the entire universe of Nebadon.  Have I left you in greater confusion, or
has this helped?

Gwen: It has helped, thank you.

Minearisa: Would you like to ask further questions?

Gwen: No, that answers.

Minearisa: When you say, " like minded people" you acknowledge the
circuitry like connections of the mindal arena..  It is fairly well
approximated by the collective consciousness and the collective
unconsciousness postulated by some of your psychologists, but very little
has been known about "superconsciousness".  Many people are confused when
they hear of this for they think that the uprisings of the unconscious mind
into the conscious level constitute the superconscious intervention of God.
 Often severe fanatical reactions occur because of this confusion.

Gwen: Thank you.

Minearisa: You are welcome.  I believe I sense that there is more that you
would like to delve into.  I cannot coerce it, but I would encourage it.

Ken: May I ask you about this connection of the mind...that the mind is
connected not only at the material level but also on the upper levels, the
higher levels, also.  Is that just for those individuals who are so
spiritually conscious that they are seeking this connections, that they
want to do this?

Minearisa: Your Thought Adjusters communicate with each other whenever they
wish .  Therefore, on one level the answer is that everyone is connected at
that spiritual level.  But your question asked if there was an aspect of
human intention which elevates this connectedness, the higher spiritual

Ken: I believe your statement was that the minds are connected.

Minearisa: Yes.  The mindal level is more like a mosaic or a computer
network.  You have an access terminal into this network which is your
individual nervous system and acts as a receiver/amplifier of the mindal
circuitry; and in analogy, you have your own hard drive with a certain
amount of memory which records your experiences, your thoughts, etc.  But
you are part of the network and you can share information.  This is a
limited but relevant analogy, I suppose.  The mindal realm is much greater
than a computer network.  When you leave this planet, either through
natural death or translation, you unplug from the network.  Your surviving
morontia mind is the soul that you have created with the cooperation of
your indwelling Spirit.  The soul does not remember everything, for it has
been filtered and the transcript that continues in your Adjuster contains
only that which has value for the future.  Your morontia mind, therefor, is
on a different level.  But you didn't ask specifically about that.  Have I
cleared up this network, this web, this mosaic concept for you, Ken?

Ken: Somewhat, yes.

Minearisa: You see, the hundredth monkey concept is not a fluke, it is a
reality.  Those that think that the mind is nothing but the activity of the
brain see the mind totally locally, as sort of a fuzzy area around the
brain.  Despite that it is viewed this way by many people, it is not
accurate.  Mind is more accurately described as a receiver and an
amplifier, or a terminal in a computer network.  But I hate to limit it to
such a paltry comparison.  

Ken: That raises another question.

Minearisa: Proceed.

Ken: When an individual runs into those situations and cannot handle it
adequately to their way of thinking, we are told that we can ask the Master
for his mind, to exchange minds for that period.  Is that the same
circuitry?  The same terminal?  (Laughter)

Minearisa: Yes and no.  The no is that when you request the mind of Christ
what you are really asking for is a better interface with the Spirit of
Truth that dwells within you.  You see.

Ken: Yeah.

Minearisa: The Spirit of Truth dwelling within you is not synonymous with
the mindal realm, but interacts.

Ken: Thank you.  You clarified that.  I was having trouble with that
exchange.  Thank you.

Virginia: You had touched upon something that a previous teacher had said,
that as we pray for individuals that we can pray to their Thought Adjuster.
 With you saying that our Thought Adjusters talk to each other all the
time, communicate or whatever it is that they do, your statement is a
verification that, indeed, we can ask our Thought Adjusters to talk to the
other TA of the individual that we would seek to influence for God's love
that would then be the impetus for truth, beauty, and goodness.

Minearisa: When I made the statement that Thought Adjusters can communicate
with each other whenever they wish, I was describing the Adjuster
circuitry.  When you pray to someone else's Indwelling Fragment you must
pray in the same manner as you pray to your own indwelling Presence of God;
which means you say, "Nevertheless, not my ideas, my proposals, my plans,
my understanding, my smart this or that, but Your will be done".  When you
pray for another to the Thought Adjuster, be assured, my dear, that their
Adjuster does not need suggestions.  (Giggles)

Virginia: Perhaps the suggestions should come my direction, is that what
you are saying?  To my Thought Adjuster?  I am not sure.

Minearisa: (Sighing)  Let me see if I can give you a picture.  (TR gestures
with hands) Here is you and here is the person you are praying for.
Surrounding you is your Thought Adjuster and surrounding them is theirs.
You desire something for this other person of a spiritual nature: personal
growth, improved communication, greater self esteem, forgiveness, whatever
it may be.  As you have that prayer you say in your soul, without words
probably, "Nevertheless, not what I wish, but Your will be done".  It goes
through the Thought Adjuster surrounding you, over to the other person.  If
you are praying to that Thought Adjuster then that prayer passes through
the TA presence and your qualifying prayer applies there as well.  Then,
that prayer impacts the soul of the person you are praying for, through
their mind, perhaps, but ultimate to their soul.  They may not or seldom
will get that thought that you had, popping into their head.  But something
will be impressed into their soul.  I use these very inadequate
descriptions in order to let you know that your prayer for others is not
wasted time.  

Now the text emphasizes that the greatest value of prayer is what it does
for the one who prays, and that is correct.  As you offer your prayer for
others contingent upon the will of God, your life becomes more contingent
upon the will of God.  But it is also true that your prayers for others
make a difference.  They impress the soul.  There is research showing that
prayers for others can affect their physical well being and result in
enhanced healing.  Does this illustration clarify for you this business of
praying to the Thought Adjusters of others?

Virginia: Yes, Minearisa.  That does help.  I certainly believe that prayer
moves me as much as it does someone else.  I think that God's love from the
other person's Thought Adjuster is able to love that other person more than
any mortal can do.  So I think that is why I was thinking to know for sure
that my prayers were heard.  Certainly They don't need suggestions

Minearisa: Yes, indeed, your prayers are heard to the degree that they
transcend selfishness. As you pray unselfishly for others, those prayers
are very effective.

Virginia: Thank you Minearisa.

Minearisa: We have granted permission to our brother, Paul, to interact
tonight with this group.  As you have reviewed his words he is willing to
answer questions and fraternize with you further.  One moment please.

The Apostle Paul:   Dear brothers and sisters, I am your brother, Paul.  I
am grateful that you listened with the ears of the heart and not merely
with your minds to my offerings in this group in the past.  I am not saying
that we shall converse on a regular basis, no.  But I have been granted one
more opportunity to interact with you.  I appreciate your sensitivity to my
loving intentions and I am grateful for the mercy which has been extended
to me as a result of our conversation.  So, my friends, (and how I wish I
had been able to have friends like you when I was on this planet) so my
friends, I am here to interact with you.  

Ken: First of all I would say "thank you", Paul, for all you have done.
Thank you for being here.  The insight you have given us, the love you have
given us, perhaps will make our light a little bit brighter.  Thank you.

Paul: Thank you, Ken, for welcoming me and being one of those who listened
with the ears of the heart.  Are there questions that you have, or others
of you have that I can answer?    (Long pause) If there are not questions,
are there comments?  Things that you would like to say to me, for I am
eager to hear them.  

Virginia: Perhaps, Paul, I can tell you how much I appreciate the fact you
have indicated growth beyond this mortal life and the fact that we have so
much more information than you had when you were on earth.  I am very
encouraged that we will become more than we are now when we enter the
reality zone where you are now residing.

Paul: Yes, Letah, my friend, to grasp with faith that which eyes cannot see
is a very courageous act.  To experience that which you have been promised
is also a very satisfying experience.  Faith, hope, and love do last.  They
carry on.  And while love is the greatest of those three, the other two are
not the lessor.  By this I mean that it is not smart  to throw away faith
and hope, as some people have done, and say that only love matters.  Then
you have a stool with one leg and it will not support your weight.  Faith
and hope, as well as love, are necessary to make your mortal career a

The cementing love of the universe is the expression of God toward all that
is outside Himself.  Faith is your trust in the reality of that loving
expression; and hope is believing in the promise of its fulfillment.  To
try and discard faith and hope, as some humanistic philosophers have done,
has been to wreck the reality of love itself.  So I am glad that when you
hear me speak from my station on Jerusum and tell you that everything that
I was told has come true, that I was not deceived by my spiritual mentors,
that this confirmation on my part gives you encouragement,  this is very
satisfying to me. 

You see, my friends, I really was treated very mercifully by our Lord
Jesus.  When that light and that voice came to me, there was at a
subconscious level, or unconscious level an inkling that it was Jesus
before he said the words.  Somehow I knew that it was going to be him!  My
mind said, "Who are you, Lord" but my soul already knew.  So dramatic was
that encounter for me and so dramatic was the change in my life as it was
witnessed by others that  I literally wanted to reach out to everyone and
instill faith and hope and love into them!  I wanted them all to share what
I had.  I know, I know that you all have those moments of that great
desire.  So, don't lose faith.  Don't give up hope.

Virginia: Paul, may I make one other comment?

Paul: Please.

Virginia: I am reflecting on what you said tonight, that you wanted friends
such as this group.  I was thinking of how when I read about you in the
Bible, you seemed pretty independent and powerful, and not needing personal
relationships.  It was like you had a goal, you knew where you were going
and sent away anybody that might come between you and that goal.  Am I
misinterpreting what I remember about you?

Paul: No.  Your description is pretty accurate.  I had closed off half the
human race for intimate fellowship, the female half.  Now, I had
connections with women.  The deaconesses I ordained and worked with.  But I
did not experience the complete unity which, if I was in the flesh with
this group, I could now experience.  Yes, I was a very strong minded
person.  I was very opinionated.  When my opinions shifted, the intensity
did not diminish.  True.

But, you see, I do not regret my mortal life...well... I do wish I could
have done things differently, yes, but regret is a futile emotion, for it
is unrealistic. One cannot change the past.  So regret to a certain degree
reflects an incomplete acceptance of one's self.  Remember, we are in an
evolutionary universe.  We are supposed to make mistakes and learn from
them, yes.  Have I responded to your comments?

Virginia: Yes, you have.  Thank you very much.

Paul: I believe my time has reached its conclusion.  Is there one more
person who wants to say something to me before I depart.  I am not
expecting to return.  (Pause) Thank you, my friends.  Yes, we will meet one
of these fine days.  Be at peace.  Good day.

Daniel: I am Daniel.  Hello, my friends.  Long time no see, it seems.  How
unusual has been our times together of late.  Abraham made an assignment.
You diligently completed it and we never continued past that point.  So I
am coming to you not only as your teacher of ten years, but now as a
messenger of Father Abraham.  Here is the message.  Please review your
analysis of your time.  Calculate roughly how much time you spend in each
activity and then run it past your value system and see if it fits.  If you
have "square peg in round hole syndrome", that is, if your values are round
and your behaviors are square, get the sand paper out and start rubbing on
the rough edges of the square behaviors so they will fit into your value
system.  You are not required to report this to each other.  This was not
an assignment of that nature.  It was for the sole purpose of getting your
attention about what it is that gets your attention and how you spend your

We wish to start the new year, our eleventh year, next week.  This
assignment was preparation for that new year.  It wasn't exactly a list of
resolutions, but it came somewhat close.  Very well, my friends.  I wish
you a wonderful week until we meet for our anniversary.  Let us stand and
close with prayer.  Altern will lead us.

Altern: I am Altern.  Let us worship God.  

Holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, heaven and earth shall praise Thy name in
earth and sky and sea, yes!   Loving, gracious, merciful Lord God Almighty,
in three persons, Father, Son, and Spirit, You send out Your love, mercy,
and overcare to the farthest corners of the universe.  We receive this
energy, this love.

Strengthen these children, that they may not lose faith; that they may not
become discouraged; that they may relax and float upon the clouds of
divinity which are their centers, their very essence.  At the same time may
they look with eyes that see true reality, that see the brother and sister
in their essence as one with them and strive with all their spiritual
strength to do Your will.  May we who are their teachers strive equally
with them.  Thank you for life in Your glorious universe.  Amen.  



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